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Stan Van Gundy Wonders: Was Scottie Pippen Truly a Superstar?

Pippen’s controversial comments regarding LeBron James and Michael Jordan have put his name back in the news, which has led some to consider his own career in the NBA. According to Stan Van Gundy, Scottie may have a been a tad overrated. From the Orlando Sentinel: “Van Gundy noted that some of the greatest teams in recent NBA history weren’t exactly loaded with superstars. He first listed the Detroit Pistons of a few years ago – a team that went to six straight Eastern Conference finals and won one championship. ‘Was there even one Hall of Famer on that team?’ Van Gundy asked rhetorically. ‘Debatable.’ Then he went to Michael Jordan’s dynastic Bulls and their six championships. Van Gundy speculated that perhaps Jordan was the only superstar on that team. ‘I have always wondered, as good as Scottie Pippen was, would he have been considered a star if he hadn’t played with Jordan and had to carry a team on his own,’ Van Gundy explained. ‘We’ll never know, but my point is that sometimes we make the determination after the fact. In other words, after Chicago won championships, we branded Pippen a star.’”

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  • http://twitter.com/smileyoufckers Bryan

    22-9-6 and 3 steals and an ECF without Mike.. just saying.

  • sigmaman

    Pippen proved himself a star the year Jordan was playing baseball. He did damn near everything for that team

  • bull22

    if stan van gundy is saying that pippen is not on the level of james,wade or dwight howard i think he is right… because jordan is in a class of his own, but pippen mainly made his living at being a versatile player and did help the bulls push the knicks and lakers to a seven game series respectively, and in his prime i would place money on him to at least slow down lebron….

  • el_larsen

    yeah but a loss.
    and he refused to reenter a playoff game vs the knicks cos the last play was not called for him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    so he watched tony kukoc hit the gamewinner.
    sitting on the bench.

  • robb

    I think Scottie would have been considered a superstar without MJ, he was a phenomenal player.

  • http://www.slamonline.com Max

    Stan is on crack…

  • Orlando Woolridge

    I can’t believe any would even question that. Having watched nearly every game he played, he was truly a special player.

  • All Day

    “I have always wondered, as good as Scottie Pippen was, would he have been considered a star if he hadn’t played with Jordan and had to carry a team on his own”……Can someone please remind SVG who carried the Bulls for a season and a half after MJ’s first retirement.

  • tavoris

    Pip’s defense on Stockton and Magic cemented his superstardom, even if he didn’t score a point.

  • madterps

    Ron Jeremy needs to stop smoking crack. Scottie Pippen was the defensive stopper, the point-forward and he was also a scorer when he had to be. When MJ retired for the first time, who lead the Bulls to the ECF? Pippen would’ve gone to the Finals if it wasn’t for that punk Starks.

  • http://www.nba.com/celtics lights out

    cosign madterps except for one thing: the bulls got knocked out by the knicks in the conference semi-finals in 1994. still, it took 7 seven games, so they were close to the ECF.

  • el_larsen

    i think he s great for sure but not a star.
    dominique,clyde were way better.
    and again how can you be a star and act like that?(94 east semifinals game 3 )
    ps :bryan without mj the bulls only reached the eastern conference semifinals.
    pippen reached the western conf finals with the blazers where they collapsed on game 7 despite holding a 15-point lead in the fourth quarter of the final game.

  • Gman

    Credit that to MJ. Phil Jackson mentioned in interviews that MJ made Pippen into the best MJ clone he could.


    Ok. Now this whole “piling on pippen” is gettin a bit out of hand. Granted, Pip deserves sum of it due 2 his outrageous comment. But Van Gundy is just being ridiculous. If it weren’t 4 Hue Hollins and his ridiculous foul call on Pip, Bulls would have had a gr8 shot of reaches the finals that year and very well could have beat Houston.

    Also Pip lead the Bulls n points, assists, steals and mins played n the 93-94 season. Won the All-Star MVP and finished 3rd in regular season MVP voting. Very marketable off the court as well. Some of his shoes r considered dope classics. So…yeah. Pip was a star w/out a doubt

  • Myung

    The Van Gundy brothers love saying things for shock value. C’mon, Stan. Pip was one of the best SF’s of all time. Like others have pointed out, he wasn’t just riding MJ’s coattails. If he was, his numbers would’ve plummetted from 1993-95. They obviously didn’t. Eventually (when a lot of these younger guys take their place) he will find himself outside of the 50 greatest, but as of now, he certainly deserves his spot. I’m as big a Jordan fan as you’ll ever meet, but just like Pip never won a ring without Mike, Mike never won one without Pip. Was Mike more valuable to the Bulls? Obviously. Is Pip on that MJ GOAT level? Of course not. But there’s no reason to question Scottie’s value, just because Scottie spoke like an idiot 2 weeks ago. I love Pip, but Scottie and Stan should both shut their mouths and stop trying to steal the spotlight from the Mavs and Heat.

  • Myung

    Hmm. After reading some of the article, I think Stan does have a valid argument. Apologies to Stan for basing my original point on just the title of this column. I think what he’s trying to say was, in a vacuum, if Pip didn’t win 6 rings with the Bulls (let’s assume he stayed with the team that drafted him, the Sonics) and didn’t roll with MJ, would he have been a superstar? If I was to be completely objective (again, I’m a huge Pippen fan), I doubt it. I think he would’ve been a very good player. A few All Star appearances. All Defensive Team. Definsive POY awards. But I doubt he’d be a Hall of Famer, and he would not have made the 50 greatest list. If you look at his career numbers, they are solid but not eye popping. The 6 rings definitely take him to another level. Again, I love Pippen and think he was a vital key to the Bulls dynasty but Stan’s point is actually solid. I still think Pippen was a superstar, but the rings validated his superstar status, which they should. Rings separate the good from the great. So while I think Stan makes a solid point, in the end, I think he’s wrong because we don’t need to deal with hypotheticals (in his own words: “we’ll never know”). What we do know? Scottie DID play with Michael (which made both of them better players). Scottie DID win 6 rings (which makes him one of the greatest winners in NBA history). Scottie IS a superstar. Period.

  • http://hoopism.com airs

    meh, this stan van gundy we’re talking about right?
    yeah, not worth my time.

  • T-Money

    Scottie is not a superstar, I’ve always believed that. He’s an all-star but not a superstar. What is a team with Scottie as its best player? 2nd round, conf finals sometimes?

  • http://hoopism.com airs

    Tmoney- in the jordan era? yeah he wouldn’t get that far at all. but i think he would have fallen in with the dominiques
    but put pippen in his prime as a leader in today’s league, i see a superstar.

  • http://slamonline.com Allenp

    Depends on the talent around Scottie.
    Dude was an elite defender and all around talented offensive player.
    The second best player on that Bulls team that lost to the Knicks was Horace Grant, a very solid role player.
    If you only judge superstar by offense, then nope, Scottie wasn’t it. If you judge by overall game, then Scottie is rightfully one of the 50 best players in NBA history.

  • http://www.fiba.com Darksaber

    Wipe those crumbs off your turtleneck before committing such blasphemy, Stan Van Jeremy.

  • http://slamonline.com 1982

    Let’s not forget that MJ played a huge role in molding Scottie as a player. Scottie played under MJ and learned from him, not to mention played him on D and O every practice. If Scottie had went to another team, he’d still be a great player because of his physical attributes, but I don’t know if I’d say he’d turn out to be the same person. But, is Scottie a star? Yes, of f’n course! A superstar? No, but remember that wasn’t his role on those Bulls’ teams either, until MJ left that one year. Who knows what would’a happened if MJ didn’t un-retire the first time…

  • L

    Stan should worry about how to integrate agent zero in a more effective way to his offense rather than saying BS. Scottie was a superstar and he proved when MJ chose to ride the bus.L

  • Chris Andersen

    It amazes me how people could spout such ignorance. Scottie Pippen was a superstar. He would be a superstar in today’s league as well. There’s no forward in the league today that has his array of skills and complete game on both ends of the floor…not even Lebron (until he has some kind of low post game he can go to)

    And I’m sick of hearing how Pippen couldn’t win without Jordan in ’94. It’s the dumbest argument ever. You take a duo and split them up without a worthy replacement and what the hell do you think is going to happen? They’re not winning sh**. The year before MJ retired he shot 35% against the Knicks in the ’93 ECF. With the Bulls down 0-2 in a must-win Game 3 Jordan comes out shooting blanks with a 3-18 game. Who the hell do you think was stepping up when Mike was down? It was Scottie Pippen with 29 points. When Jordan couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn in Game 6 of the ECF who was closing the Knicks out down the stretch to avoid that Game 7 in MSG? It was Scottie Pippen scoring 12 points in the 4th qtr hitting dagger after dagger. People don’t want to remember stuff like this for some reason.

    Scottie Pippen did the best he could with that ’94 Bulls team after Jordan left them high and dry 3 weeks before the start of the season. There were no more free agents for the Bulls to go after to replace MJ so they had to settle on scrubs Pete Myers and Jo Jo English. Never mind you had 6 new faces on the team in Myers, English, Wennington, Longley, Kukoc, and Kerr. Never mind Scott Williams was injured for almost the entire season. Never mind Paxson and Cartwright were older than dirt, barely played any games that season and retired. Never mind the Bulls only had one consistent 20 point scorer on the team. Yeah, Scottie Pippen on short notice is supposed to take them to a championship…by himself…with no other legit scorer on the team who can create his own shot. GTFO with that BS.

  • http://hoopism.com airs

    chris andersen just shut the comments section down

  • martey

    Scottie was an all star but not a superstar? What does that even mean..stan must be bored already
    Since his team got ousted…the bulls have six rings and the best regular season record ever…you don’t
    Do that with one superstar…they’re not the tayshaun prince pistons…people need to stop with their revisionist history already and their shock value..superstar, all stars, they’re all subjective, based on
    Endorsements, profile, major markets and all star appearances based on votes by fans that base their opinions on factors other than game. If pip wasn’t a star than neither was dominique wilkins, who never made it to the finals as a leader of his team…and nique was a freakin megastar

  • LeBron de Con

    Pip didn’t win rings with MJ out

  • mj23

    Scottie Pippen rode MJ’s coattails. If Pippen went to Seattle who drafted him, he would been a good player but not great. MJ made him great as he taught him in their one on one games after practice. He taught him how to play the game with heart. Jordan didn’t accept less than 100% which is what made him so great.

  • http://slamonline.com Allenp

    Thank you for an informative comment Chris Andersen. I would have never known that since I don’t remember those games that well.

  • Clayton Bigsby

    if youre one of the top 50 and in the hall of fame, youre a superstar. period.

  • el_larsen

    chris andersen just told us what we already knew!
    when mj was bad pip stepped up.so what?is that a news?
    he lost to the knicks but hey it was not his fault,the team was bad!ok

  • http://slamonline.com Allenp

    If you believe the myth of Michael Jordan he never struggled in big games because he was just too freaking awesome.
    If you believe…

  • http://slamonline.com 1982

    @Chris Anderson Glad to see someone who appreciates Pip. But at the same time, it’s not like MJ was Lebron in that series. The game you’re talking about where Pip scored 29 MJ had 20+. The next game, Pip had 13 and Jordan had 50+. The next game Pip and MJ both had high 20′s. And the close out game 6 that you’re talking about, MJ came back in the 4th quarter after being taken out early and finshed with 25 to Pip’s 24. I don’t remember the games as vividly as you do, but I do own that Championship VHS tape still, LOL, when the Knicks went all Detroit Pistons on them and beat them up – that played a much bigger role on the vapid field goal percentages that series than MJ just suddenly going cold, except for Game 6, where he really did just come out shooting blanks. Pip was great, I would never say he wasn’t. But if MJ couldn’t do it alone, Pip sure as hell couldn’t either.

  • http://slamonline.com 1982

    And just so I can slack off the day job some more, Pip and Jordan routinely had games where he’d have high 20′s-low 30′s and Pip had low 20′s when they needed buckets. That’s because Pip was the PERFECT compliment to a dominant scorer, since he played A-grade defense AND had a wide array of offensive moves that everyone from Paxson to Jax will tell you he learned from the GOAT. I said that to prove a point about Bron – Bron and Wade are superstars, but not necessarily great role players for each other OUTSIDE of the transition game. The problem right now, to me, is that Wade hasn’t played like 2006 for the first 3 rounds, and Bron was able to be his dominant on ball self. With DWade punishing the Mavs on offense, Bron doesn’t know how to react as second option yet. Jordan used to say, they have 2 A-team defenders, 2 A-team scorers – so facing teams with 1 A-team offensive player and a few B-team shooters, they had no problem turning on the D and shutting guys down. Pip usually did the shutting down, and he also got the double team pass from MJ as a reward, and he knew how to wait for those and finish. MJ and Pip are the greatest 1-2 combo in the history of the league IMO. Am I a biased 90′s fan? Of course. But die-hard fan nonetheless. They needed each other, and hardly anyone who knows that team would argue otherwise. But Scottie didn’t come in and blow up. Jordan said himself that he saw a soft 6’7″ scrawny kid with potential, and beat him into a perfect compliment.

  • Myung

    the word “superstar” is a very ambiguous term. Some people think Joe Johnson and Ray Allen and Pau Gasol are superstars. Unless we know what people mean by “superstar,” the arguments are really kind of pointless. My personal take? I think if you use the term superstar, the guy should be, bare minimum, a hall of fame player. He should be one of the top 10 guys in the League during his peak. Multiple time All Star. Rings may or may not be relevant (ex. I think Charles and Karl and Ewing were superstars in their peak while Pip’s rings helped elevate him to superstar status). We throw the term around so casually these days that it’s hard to tell who the superstars really are (in whatever sport you follow). Is Scottie Pippen a superstar? Before we start throwing around rings and stats, I think it depends on your definition of the word, right?

  • http://www.facebook.com/joe.l.brewer3 BlackPhantom

    Chris Andersen won the whole thread.

  • MirChilly

    When people bring up Pippen not winning a finals or being a superstar, their arguments is always dumb. No he never had the explosive offensive ability of melo or wilkins, but he was a way better ball handler, rebounder and defender than they will ever be! Pip is a top 3 sf(bird and bron) and bron only because he is just supremely physically gifted. People forget in 94 he won 55 games with 6 new players plus lost to a knicks team that was fully intact from previous years in 7. also he had a depleted bulls team the next year in the playoff hunt in a deep east(horace left, paxson and bill retired, kerr was getting major mins, kukoc was young and BJ left). Also Portland was a team filled with headcases that didn’t get along, no wonder they collapse. Was Pip a superstar, YES! He would be bigger if he played today! If pip wasn’t a superstar, then neither was ewing or dwight howard

  • http://slamonline.com 1982

    Nice, I didn’t know internet threads were a game, or I would’a brought in a closer…

  • EtheKnickFan

    How many rings did MJ get before Pip arrived?

  • piq

    Pip was a superstar, not like Mike was but he still beats Bron in skill, speed, grace and what not. Charging, travelling, carrying, no posting up is where Bron beats all of them, and thats where he shines. If the Nba is more into respecting official rules of the basketball, Lebron would be seriously hampered, and it would be laughable how many charges and travelling calls he would be whistled for, but since the league is all about entertainment they let it slide.

  • JTaylor21

    Prime Pip at this very moment is better than current bron. Yeah, I went there.

  • http://slamonline.com 1982

    I don’t know why that’s not a two way street to people. How many rings did Pip get after MJ left? Scottie was 32-33 when MJ left the second time – same age as Dirk now. He wasn’t exactly scrub age yet…

  • EtheKnickFan

    Just sayin, if the greatest batman needed a robin…….


    you mean CHAUNCEY BILLUPS pistons duh he won a ring

  • Clayton Bigsby

    oh snap what up birdman

  • Red Star

    Pippen was a good player but he was no superstar! He would have been an average player if Jordan didnt take him under his wing! Pippen’s a fool to say those things! Talk to me when he has six rings! LOL

  • Chris Andersen

    @1982, you can’t really compare the age of Dirk and Scottie when it comes to mileage and the way they played the game. Those two players played entirely different brands of basketball and came up in different eras.

    Pippen’s health had been declining since ’96 and every single playoff run he from that point on he was beat up or injured somehow. In ’96 he had the back, ankle and knee problems by March and probably had his worst playoff run ever. In ’97 he had the ankle and foot injuries during the playoffs. He missed a ton of games in ’98 after getting surgery on that bad foot. Then after the ’98 playoffs he had his 2nd back surgery to remove two bulging discs he got from taking multiple charges on Karl Malone in the Finals (which hobbled him in Games 5 and 6 of the NBA Finals). Mileage, injuries and multiple surgeries start catching up with every great player by 33-34 years of age…especially when you’re going deep in the playoffs every year, playing in the Olympics x2, etc.

    Dirk has basically gone through most of his career injury free and has never played the physical brand of basketball Pippen did in his era (especially defensively) so he won’t have the same mileage on his limbs that Pippen did.

  • http://slamonline.com 1982

    @Chris Anderson, I agree – Pip’s injuries raided his quickness and agility, not to mention the migraines and constant back spasms. I was referring to how people still like to bring up that MJ didn’t win anything until Pip came along, but it’s not like Pip didn’t need Air Jordan in his back court. They needed each other, it’s false to think that Jordan wouldn’t have been a winner simply because of Pip, and vice versa. Neither one won past their primes (not to mention without each other), though arguably Pip’s Trail Blazers and Rockets teams were by far better than Jordan’s Wiz squads ever were.

  • JMart42

    You can’t question Scottie… Van Gundy needs to worry about keeping Dwight in Orlando. Scottie could’ve been just as effective and great on another team it didn’t matter that MJ was there.

  • http://shinefluid@aol.com JUST BCUZ


  • mdshuai33

    Here’s the thing: Pippen was as good as he was because he was taught how to play by Jordan, and his ability to constantly improve drove Jordan to be even better, so that his protege wouldn’t best him in practice. they made each other better than either of them ever would have been alone. So we can’t accurately say how good Pip would have been in a vacuum. Maybe he would have developed all the skills he did without Jordan but also develop more of an alpha-dog mentality. But that was sort of his game: he always ran the offense, sometimes to a fault, which is why in the season without Jordan he had a pretty low shooting percentage: he was running the triangle until the last 3 seconds of the shot clock when his teammmates, unable to score, would toss him the ball and he had to throw up a bad shot.


    That’s a good question JUST BCUZ. But u could ask “What ifs?” 2 just bout anything n life. But its nice 2 ponder what would a team composed of Pip, The Glove, The Reignman, Scrempf, Hawkins or Dale Ellis, McMillan and Perkins would have been able 2 accomplish.

  • http://slamonline.com datkid

    yeah chris andersen won this… but yes pippen is a superstar..in every sense of the word. w/o mj that’s a different story maybe.. but we’re not talking about that.

  • toinefan88

    I wonder what would have happened if they left Pip in Seattle when he was still a scrawny coyote sans Michael? I think his career would have been a lot different.

  • http://fivemag.de Speedy

    I remember how scottie brought his team to the playoffs without jordan by playing some of the best all around basketball.
    This makes you a superstar. Especially if you let Pat Ewing look helpless defending a dunk.

  • http://www.slamonline.com Slick Ric

    Stan would know what overrated look likes. master of panic. smh

  • http://www.slamonline.com Slick Ric

    who cares what Scottie learned from Mj, the man was a hell of a player. If yall gonna penalize him for a situation he had no control over, might as well say kobe would not be the five time champion and being recognized as a top ten player he is with out shaq and Magic would never be what he is without kareem.

  • EtheKnickFan

    This coming from the man who demanded Jameer Nelson be an all star. He wouldn’t know a star if it went supernova in his lap. Yep lookin forward to ‘melo missing a jumper n D12 rebounding n slammin it home

  • MirChilly

    These WHAT IF’S is stupid! What if Magic played in a half court offense or Bird didn’t have Mchale, DJ and the Chief, or barkley had KJ his whole career or A.I had a great player or stockton and malone never played together. Pippen was a superstar. Top 5 player in his day, greatest on ball and team defender ever(without a zone). Remember this, offense gets fans in the seats, defense wins championships.

  • http://www.bulls.com Enigmatic

    Is Stan Van Gundy truly a good coach?

  • http://slamonline.com 1982

    This got off-topic a long time ago, but without speaking for anyone else, the “with or without MJ what-if’s” for Scottie were brought up for one reason – Pip was a product of Jordan more than Magic was from his team, or Bird was a product of having the Celtics vets, or Barkley was a beneficiary of the 76′s vets, or Malone from Stockton, which was a partnership from the start. They came in starting for their teams, were forced into the spotlight and were in the running for ROTY respectively. Pip came off the bench with something like 7ppg – those are Deshawn Stevenson numbers people. MJ even tried to get him traded early on. Did any of the other players you mentioned get the same treatment from their stars? My point was just to say that Pip didn’t come into the league a defensive dynamo combo player that could put up buckets like his famous team captain. I digress…Pip’s a superstar, Chris Anderson won, bla bla. I never disagreed, I was pointing out that it’s not a clear cut case of “Scottie was the ish the moment he came in and helped lead the Bulls.” He was little bro who came to learn, worked hard to become one of the best complementary players in the L before becoming a superstar and it worked out for both him and MJ in the end to the tune of 6 rings. @MirChilly and slick Ric the players you mentioned had completely different careers, Kobe was good enough to be drafted from HS, Pip was lucky to play in college…Beef if you want. I probably agree with you anyways.


    yo stan… yes he was.

  • http://www.bulls.com Enigmatic

    Kobe was good enough to be drafted from HS, Pip was lucky to play in college
    Damn, I had forgotten all about that.
    Pippen was like the freakin’ equipment manager or waterboy or something for (then) NAIA Central Arkansas, and then caught a break and walked-on with the team.
    To go from that to Hall of Famer is freakin’ amazing.

  • italktrash

    well, not many stars are willing to sacrifice in order to help another star. but pippen did. so give him credit for that.

  • http://thetroyblog.com Teddy-the-Bear

    ^ lol yeah. He also grew 6 inches during that time though. He was 6’1 as a freshman; by the time he was drafted he was 6’7. Pretty wild (and insanely lucky) growth spurt, but he had the skills to back it up too.

  • http://www.fiba.com Darksaber

    Absolutely, Enigma. Inspiring story.
    Scottie is a superstar and Stan is an overrated, mouthy, coach.
    Good luck molding that group into a playoff team when Dwight walks.

  • http://fkjslf.com Jukai

    Here’s one thing I’m NOT liking:
    People keep saying “Pippen was only as good because he got trained by jordan! What if he stayed in Seattle?”
    Newsflash: He DIDN’T stay in Seattle. He WAS trained by Jordan. At the end of his career, he WAS a do it all score-pass-rebound-defend SF who is an all-time top-5 SF talent. I get the “take away the rings, is he a superstar” talk… but not the “Take away how good he got playing with Jordan” because he DID train with Jordan, and Jordan DID makehim into a guy who I consider a superstar.
    The end.

  • Gilles Vaudois

    Scottie Pippen was a monster. He never needed to be “made a star after the fact”, he had that length and superior athleticism combined with talent and the hard work he put year in year out with Michael Jordan among lots of people. He became a star in his own right in the game, because he could always score, defend with the best of them, and kept the team in tune. He reached superstar status in Barcelona, raising his level of play among the best ever.
    Stan Van Gundy, however, is only an NBA coach, and fortunately, not the guardian of NBA memories. He should stop talking like a legend, and actually improve his own résumé.

  • http://www.angryarab.com Tariq

    So by this logic, here’s a list of guys who aren’t “superstars”:
    Scottie Pippen, John Stockton, Kevin Mchale, Kevin Garnett, Gary Payton…
    I get mad when people say stupid things, which makes my fondness for Eboy inexplicable.

  • http://www.slamonline.com Slick Ric

    @1982, you need to save that, so kobe being drafted out of high school displays the player he was, but not pippen being a TOP FIVE pick(not sure,but defintely top 7) after his lucky college career in your words.

  • Ka

    I dont get all this train by jordan comment. Train is only applicable if u mean trying to kick team b in the a55 during practice. Does anybody see anything other jordan trying to show up pippen in terms of making him a better player? Jordan is more bird than magic when it comes to helping teammates develop, theyd sooner chew u out before giving u a pat in the a55.

  • Ka

    1982, just pointing out pip had chronic back problems by then even if he was in his early 30s. Think abt the legs on kobe n garnett despite their age, pip played in a lot off playoffs extended season.

  • Ka

    Great argumemt abt why lebron is struggling when wade is dominating, makes more sense than the hogwash lebron isnt clutch garbage writers are trying to feed us.

  • TP

    Bulls in 92-93 with Jordan: 57 wins
    Bulls in 93-94 w/o Jordan: 55 wins

    New additions to the team that year: none

    Pippen’s stats that year:
    22 points, 9 boards, 6 assists, 3 steals…per game

    Like usual, Stan should just be quiet.

  • Chris Andersen

    To give Jordan all the credit for Pippen’s development is not really fair to Pippen’s hard work to be honest. Jordan could only take Pippen so far. It was up to Pippen to have the ambition to want to get better and improve his skill set. Otherwise he may have just become another Lamar Odom which is not a bad thing but not a superstar either.

    Pippen wasn’t the complete player playing with MJ during the first 3peat…very good but not great and definitely not complete. Pippen made that transition from from star to superstar when Jordan left to play baseball. Instead of sitting on his 3 rings and not getting any better Pippen hit the weights and got bigger which aided in him guarding multiple positions 1-4. His defense and IQ went to another level. He added the pull-up three to his offensive arsenal. He worked on his low/high post game and footwork adding the jumphook, the turnaround bankshot on the block, the drop step on the baseline, up and unders, etc. He had none of this in his arsenal during the first 3peat and Jordan had nothing to do with that kind of development to his game. That was all Pippen from ’94 thru ’95. Even Jordan took notice of the change in Pippen’s game when he came back from retirement.

  • http://fivemag.de Speedy

    When I first read this I thought: Jeff van Gundy is talking such nonsense?
    Now I read the headline again and I’m like: Okay it’s Stan v. G. Now it all the nonsense makes sense.

  • Zabba

    One more thing, does anybody here think Pippen was the only teammate that Jordan tried to make better? Of course not. But where are those chumps now? Not in the HOF, that’s for sure.

  • http://Philosophervision@blogspot.com The Philosopher

    Van Gundy sounding a little paranoid.

  • Sean

    Some of you guys posting these earlier comments are dumb. The Bulls never went to the ECF while Jordan was playing baseball. Do a little bit of research before you just go shooting off at the mouth.

  • Harlem_World

    Evidently SVG wouldn’t know a superstar if he played c for his own damn team. He’s a terrible head coach and should have never been given a mic. How many players actually like playing for him? If orlando ship him out and bring in a new coach, get rid of the turkeyglue mess and pick up the right FA’s this year they can be right back up n the mix.

  • http://www.kb24.com The Seed

    Pippen was a superstar, he guarded the best player on the opposing teams. Was the best defensive player on the team, ask MJ, what Pippen did to Magic Johnson in 91 Finals. I believe Pippen helped MJ focus more on defense. I would take Pippen over alot of players now, including Lebron. Pippen was a great player and in 1994 should have played Rockets for ring. Pippen did state something stupid and you would have thought Lebron would try to back him up with play, but instead has flamed out. Pippen was a defensive juggernaut and point forward for the Bulls team and MJ never won without Pippen. BOOK IT!!

  • http://fivemag.de Speedy

    So Sean then please say how it’s right and not just that the others are dumb. You post nothing that has something to do with the headline of the post.
    That’s not dumb but poor.
    It was the ECF semis with a bulls team minus Jordan. The bulls lost in seven! games after a contoversial foul call turned the last game in favor of the knicks.
    One more.
    He was All-NBA-First team from ’94-’96 .
    Something that seams like a ‘little accomplishment’ for me.

  • Jsmooth

    Scottie was one of the best players to ever play to game. His stats
    don’t tell the whole story about his game and his impact on the court.
    Let’s face facts he played with the biggest glory hog of all time.
    And for all of you idiots who believe Jordan made Pippen, how come
    he did not make some more Pippen’s? That is the ultimate insult
    to all of the hard work that I am sure that Scottie put in to
    become a great player.

  • http://eyelovejerseys.blogspot.com bob

    Stan you can’t be serious…

  • Bankshot21

    Scottie Pippen is one of the greatest players to ever lace em up. Jordan made him a better player but if you think for 1 moment he didn’t help make Jordan better you’re as foolish as SVG comments. I remember Kobe’s initial comparisons being made to Scottie. Then he transformed his game to MJ 2.0. LeBron is definitely more Pippen than Jordan. I see LeBron as Pippen+Kidd. If Scottie is foolish for thinking that someone with so much talent can some day be the greatest then I guess I’m a damn fool myself. LeBron is equipped to be the best from a natural talent stand point and if he had Scotties drive and determination he would be right up there in the “GOAT” conversation.

  • B

    Scottie was a by product of MJ’s success… Never would have achieved it on his own. Pippen of Portland anyone???

  • Walter L Andrews

    How many other players did Mike coach up to Pip’s level. If his coaching skills are/were so great why wasn’t BJ, Myers, Kukoc et.al. turned into superstars? Also, both Pip and MJ needed Grant and Rodman as much as they needed each other. And yes, they were the greatest of the dynamic duos.
    Pip earned his entry into the NBA because of HIS hard work. He sure wasn’t a known quantity, except among NBA scouts, coming out of Central Arkansas. His story is truly the American dream. MJ was singleminded in his pursuit of championships. IMO, that was the lesson taught Pip. I remember when Pip called in sick during a playoff series, migraine or something of the sort, after getting his azz kicked by Rodman and the Pistons. MJ took him under his wing and worked on his toughness.
    Finally, Pip should understand by now that Mike is part of David Stern’s Mob. He should be very careful or he will pay the price for intemperate remarks about MJ, Majic, Bird, etc. See Isaiah Thomas and SVG’s brother for examples of what crossing the gangster Stern will do to your career.
    SVG is a pawn trying to get back in Stern’s good graces.