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Will Jerry West Advise Golden State Warriors to Trade Monta Ellis?

Reading the tea leaves, the Mercury News speculates about what new team consultant Jerry West might advise the Warriors to do, and it’s no small deal: “It’s nothing personal. It’s just basketball business. And with [Jerry] West on board as management’s newest, sharpest voice, it seems likely that West already has begun to survey trade options for Ellis. ‘I’ve seen teams trade players that score tons of points and people say, ‘How in the world can you trade that player?’ West said last week. Because he might score tons of points and the team doesn’t win. When I look at (the Warriors), obviously they need more size.’ Of course, West was not definitively referring to Ellis when he spoke those words, and throughout the conversation he added that he admired Ellis’ toughness and inventive scoring ability. But if West is instantly the team’s most influential voice in personnel moves, which I believe he is, and if he’s going to make a major move, which everybody in the NBA expects … whom else but Ellis could he trade? This is part of the West methodology; since coming to the Warriors, he has emphasized the need to take risks, and my assumption is that co-owner Joe Lacob understands and embraces this. West also mentioned two unpopular trades in his Lakers past — when he dealt Norm Nixon for rookie Byron Scott and when he dumped Nick Van Exel to Denver. Both moves, by the way, involved trading away high-scoring, ball-dominating smaller guards to clear the way for more versatile, younger talent. The point of the Nixon deal: Handing the Lakers offense, once and for all, to Magic Johnson … The point of a potential Ellis trade: Handing the keys of the Warriors offense to Stephen Curry, and, if possible, adding larger players who can play defense around him. ‘I love to watch them play,’ West said of the Ellis-Curry combo. ‘They’re so much fun to watch play. But at the end of the day, you want to win. Monta Ellis, a fierce competitor. He competes his fanny off every night. Love to watch him play. But to me, size helps. Size helps.’”

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  • http://www.slamonline.com Max

    This guy would make the Magic so much better..

  • MikeC.

    Sounds like Monta should start packing his bags. Every good thing West had to say about Ellis had a “but” attached to it. He might as well have said “Monta has been great for the Warriors, BUT, he’s outta here!”

  • MikeC.

    NOT to the Knicks. Don’t make it happen Walsh!

  • http://www.slamonline.com Max

    ^^ I thought the Knicks liked offensive players who don’t have a D in their name?

  • http://sohh.com teamplayer65

    The Bulls would do well with Monta if Rose is willing to become a purer point guard. If he makes passing his priority the Bulls will be legit threats to Miami. Of course they have nothing to offer the Warriors in exchange. Ellis and CP3 would also be awesome. Ellis on the Bucks would help them. Ellis in NJ would be dope with Lopez and Dwill. Ellis and John Wall would be dope. The teams who he can help the most have nothing to offer for him.

  • Jono

    This guy is cancer! Trade him!

  • starkylarky

    think he’d fit well in Chicago?

  • Jer dawg

    How much you gonna bet somehow West trades someone to Lakers. Imagine an under control Monte Ellis taking good shots, being super fast, and super exciting and always play hard? Sounds like someone needs upgrade at point guard/Shooting guard.

  • irondan21

    Teamplayer, what are you smoking? None of the pairings would work.Why would you pair a 6-3 selfish defensive liability sg with a smaller quard (rose,cp3,Jennings). NJ might work tho. I doubt the wizards would touch. Maybe they should trade him for D.Granger or something. He would pair better with Curry than Ellis does.

  • http://twitter.com/hurstysyd Hursty

    Bulls would be far better off with a player like Jamal Crawford vs someone like Ellis.

  • http://sohh.com teamplayer65

    Do you know of any points in the league who are much bigger than those guys? Only Tyreke and he’s not unselfish enough to work with Ellis. Those are pairings with pgs that are truly distributers, who’s teams need scoring. Defensively, he’ll be a liability wherever he goes.

  • connor

    i like the d granger call

  • IndyB

    Ellis playing the 2 on Offense and 1 on Defense could work well with Lance Stephenson… The Pacers would need Draft Picks if they were giving up Granger.

  • RunNGun

    Send him to the Timberwolves for the Derrick Williams (2nd pick). They need a SG and the Warriors get a nice 3/4 prospect. Move Wright to the 2.


    Monta Ellis doesn’t seem like a Jerry West guy. Monta better get his bags packed…he’s about to get Van Exeled by West.

  • fruizm

    ill take monta ellis ANYDAY! this guy is a beast…he just needs better coaching.

  • Warriors4life

    Trading him would remind me of the Cohan years. Giving away the best player for a bunch of players that won’t make any difference on the Warriors.

  • add

    milwaukee could definitely use some fire power

  • dsleepy

    monta in chicago could work if he’s willing to accept a lesser role and play some defense. he’s certainly athletic enough to make up for his size at the 2. monta for boozer straight up might be good for both teams.

  • ch

    he gonna end up trading him to the Lakers for Shannon Brown and a 1st round pick and retire again.

  • http://www.bulls.com Rigo Gonzalez

    I wouldn’t want Monta in Chicago.
    Not a fan of undersized 2-guards unless they play much bigger than they are, like Dwyane Wade.
    But that’s just me.

  • http://slamonline.com nbk

    Derrick Rose can guard 2′s. I think Chicago would be better then they are today if they added Monta Ellis. But not by trading Luol Deng.

  • fruizm

    d.rose + monta= HIGHLIGHT FACTORY.

  • http://slamonline.com Yknot

    @ch letshannonpracticejumpers.com


    Wherever Ellis goes he will not be able to add value unless he changes!! If he goes to the Bucks that would be a good look. Or I would try and get him if I was the Grizzles. Str8 up for Gay.

  • Dave19

    they could send him to the t-wolves for some players and the #2… So Derrick Williams

  • r2j

    Monta in Chicago, that’s not a good fit especially if he has to play defense and Coach Tibbs is not gonna allow a scorer like Ellis to play D. Monta in Memphis on the other had would make sense.

  • r2j

    Monta in Chicago, that’s not a good fit especially if he has to play defense and Coach Tibbs is not gonna allow a scorer like Ellis to play D. Monta Ellis in Memphis would make sense.

  • http://thetroyblog.com Teddy-the-Bear

    If Ellis can get down on defense, he’d be good for the Bulls. He’s a legit 25 ppg scorer, and the Bulls desperately need someone who can score besides Rose. Crawford can fill it up, but not with the consistency that Monta has shown. Besides, Crawford is more of a ballhandler too–Monta can play off the ball a lot better imo.

  • http://sohh.com teamplayer65

    Memphis would have to get rid of OJ Mayo for Ellis to play there.

  • Stainless

    pretty sure Mayo wants to leave anyways


    Damn Monta getting way too much hate.

    I think his lack of size and defense has been exasperated by Golden State’s lack of size and defense. Put him on a regular team and I think it decreases his few negative aspects.

    Just thinking of a team that needs him and has something to give up for him is hard.

    The Granger trade makes a fair amount of sense and is pretty even and helps both teams.

  • stayweird38

    My bulls would gladly take Monta!

  • Girt

    Jerry West is retarded, Monta Ellis has defense, you people clearly dont watch the warrior games. I would keep monta over curry(even though i like curry) and get somebody like Iguodala to be the 2guard and monta move to the one, and yes he can be a point guard.

  • Towelie

    Ellis at Orlando…make it happen, Walsh.

  • http://itsahardwoodlife.blogspot.com omphalos

    It’s funny but Ellis would have been a perfect fit next to Lebron as the “PG” while James played point-forward. Ellis would ideally work out next to a point forward like Lebron, or a play-making 2-guard like a healthy Brandon Roy. I wouldn’t mind seeing him end up with the Clippers, as Gordon can distribute too and I think Ellis could actually adjust his mentality in the right team.

  • El_Black_Mamba

    who else feels like the lakers are gonna benefit from west being a gm again with another team lol…i see a potential ellis for walton trade lol

  • Bill Sunday

    Nooooo! I went to a warriors game last season and bought a Monta jersey!

  • cutty

    D rose and Monta would not work because Monta ellis and Derrick Rose are literally the exact same player put d rose on warriors and monta on bulls, monta possibly wins MVP. Either get a purer PG and move d rose to SG or trade Rose for a Pure PG and a SG like Monta. Monta and rondo would be perfect or Monta and a younger Nash. I know West is gonna find a way to trade Monta to the lakers for some BS deal

  • Mike From Spain

    Monta for Boozer straight up would be good for the Bulls, Boozer plays no D anyway and has been disappointing in the offensive end too.

  • Youngindy21

    I would say trade him to the Indiana Pacers for Danny Granger but Paul George hasn’t proved that he can be an effective scorer yet so that would be a real gamble for Indiana. And plus i like Granger in Indy. I wish we could trade some of our bench guys like Stephenson for him.


    Blazers should trade for Monta.

  • JackieM

    I wonder how Monta will look in the purple and gold???

  • WarriorsDieHard

    Curry is the future.. Monta is the past.. Anybody want a selfish, undersized, overrated, overpaid, stat padder? Monta gave us some good years — but he is a bench player on a good team like Ben Gordon, Lou Williams, Jason Terry, Jamal Crawford, JR Smith etc.. He’s most valuable as a volume scoring 6th man chucker.

  • http://Supremenyc.com Waylonakolipse

    The Warriors should try for Marc Gasol or Lamar Odom at the very least. That’s how good Monta is. If they can’t get a strong Center then they should go for young big talent, like Enes Kanter.

  • Paul

    Wow, it’s pretty obvious that a majority of he people here don’t watch the warriors on a nightly basis. Ellis kills it, most underrated player in the leagues. The warriors would be fools to give him up. He not the issue, the issue is terrible big man and back up guards.

  • AKAYoungGoat

    He is a defensive liability b/c he is a point guard playing out of position. Thats why they got rid of baron davis and he became point guard for a year. If Monta leaves then they might win 15 games. I also watch all there games, and he has just many assists as curry, has to guard the toughest guard becuase curry gets beat by everyone, and defensives scheme against him not curry. H also is only 1 year older than curry so saying thats it is curry third year and is the future, well dont forget Monta came from highschool and has improved this much.

  • http://twitter.com MILBucksdraft

    Monta Ellis to the Milwaukee Bucks will be awesome it will help both teams and plus bucks should go get Rudy Gay