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Manu Ginobili Thinking of Retiring in Two Years

According to Manu Ginobili, when he turns 36 in a couple of years, it may be time to hang up his sneakers for good. From Hoopsworld (via the Argentinian paper Todo Noticias): “The truth is that I have set the date of my retirement, but I have two years left on this contract in San Antonio, and I will reach age 36. I think it may be an appropriate age to stop playing,’ Ginobili stated. Ginobili will turn 34 later this month and has been an integral part of the Spurs’ success since joining the club in 2003. San Antonio has recorded at least 50 wins in each season since his arrival and have captured three championships along the way. Ginobili, the 2008 Sixth Man of the Year, also closed the door somewhat on returning to play in his home country once his NBA days were finished. ‘I never had the desire to play in the country and retire at home. I always thought about retiring at the highest level,’ Ginobili stated.”

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  • DarkHorse

    That would be a sad day. He is truly one of the most unique players to ever play the game. Really did whatever it took to win. He’ll have games where he’ll score two points, but still put impact the game by getting a key deflection or steal, or flop at a critical moment. And you know he’ll hit the shots that matter. Whether he started, came off the bench, it didnt matter he found a way to win, period.

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  • Sean B

    ^^^ Are you kidding me? Ever hear of a guy named Dwyane Wade? How about Kobe Bryant? Which of those two is Many better then? Stop it, the guy was great no doubt about it, but he isn’t the 2nd best SG of his era.

  • Will Lee

    Manu is a winner. I agree he’s probably the top 5 SG in the 2000s

  • Tom

    definitely top 5. So here’s the question….who do you take Manu or Ray Allen, both players in their prime? I gotta go with Manu, just because he seems to be a better playmaker.

  • All Day

    @UNFROZEN: I know Ginobili’s your guy, but there’s no way he’s the 2nd best SG of the past decade…that should not even be up for debate. I will say that Ginobili was clutch and he was a winner. GINOBILI!!!

  • http://www.kb24.com The Seed

    The real MVP of all Duncan rings. BOOK IT!!

  • Rog23

    All of duncans rings? Even his first ring?

  • Rog23

    @The seed: all of duncans rings?? Even ring number 1?
    Your a hater or just an idiot. BOOK IT!

  • Marco

    Seriously, he is the 2005 nba finals mvp

  • Dru

    Wade is the better player but don’t front like you can’t make a strong case for Ginobli. Not only does he have more rings than Wade but he also led his country to a gold medal over Team USA in the Olympics. That being said he is arguably the 2nd best SG of his era.

  • jrok

    @The SEED-buddy, u realize… tims first ring was 99, and manu didnt start playing in the nba til 02…

  • bashmo

    @Tom no doubt Ray Allen. Not to knock on Manu but Ray in his prime was a pure scorer. He wasnt just a jumpshooter like he has been limited to with this Boston offense. He would go off the dribble and make plays as well. Ray Allen has also been a very underrated defender. Ray > Manu no question

  • 6marjons

    no.2? no no.3? possibly. ray ray was solid but never had an above and beyond game

  • http://www.twitter.com/gerardhimself Gerard Himself

    man watching Manu demolish the Pistons in the ’05 Finals, the guy was sometimes unstopppable. He was amazing.

  • giogolo

    @ Dru
    Would you take Manu over Dwade as the face of Miami from 2003 up until now? and lets leave duncan and the spurs,Popo and his coaching staff aisde for a minute.

    Dont front when you try to compare the two as who’s the best INDIVIDUALLY then try to back it up by attributing to thier number of chips which is a TEAM EFFORT. You just sound PLAINLY STUPID. just stoooopppiiddd..!!1! there’s no word to describe you.

  • Sean B

    Damn I was just about to go hard on Dru but homie above ^^^ said all that needs to be said. It’s easy to look great when you’re the 2nd best guy on the team AND coming off the bench to boot. Ginobli is a great player, Wade is a franchise player. Big difference.

  • Ka

    Not carrying a team work against him in discussions but his rep n swag certainly makes him in contention. N if were comparing skill set his is better than ray ray. Id personally put him in 2nd but being a spurs fan im biased, natch.

  • Rog23

    wade is a very great player and competitor. But let’s not even kid ourselves. What success did wade have in miami? (Without the stacked team) so its not a CRAZY thought that ginobili could’ve switched places with wade and had a similar outcome

  • Dru

    @giogolo You obviously lack basics skills like reading comprehension. The first thing I said was “Wade is the better player”. All that other noise you talking is irrelevant. Take a seat son.

  • rich

    wade has been better but lets its not that big a diff. ginobli has been a bench player for a very long time lets not forget, they played a slower style of offense back in the day, and wade didnt have to share the ball with anyone apart from shaq, where ginobli was spliting ball with tim and the wife snatcher. they play pretty similar except wade has a better crossover manu has a better shot. wade is more athletic, ginobli is taller and an excellent flopper.

  • rich

    in talent not production i mean

  • http://Slamonline.com Datkid

    Dru, you’re out of your mind… There’s no way manu is better than wade. I personally think Manu could’ve been a franchise player but I doubt he’d have been better than wade.