Friday, July 15th, 2011 at 9:15 am  |  6 responses

Rajon Rondo’s Left Elbow Still in Pain

Rajon Rondo still hasn’t fully recovered from the gruesome elbow injury he suffered in the Playoffs. From WEEI (via WDRB): “At his annual basketball camp in Louisville, Rajon Rondo took time to talk to reporters earlier this week. Among the things he discussed are his dislocated elbow, an injury he suffered in Game 3 of the Celtics playoff series with Miami. ‘It’s the worst pain I’ve ever been in playing ball,’ Rondo said. ‘I’m still in a little bit of pain right now, but the swelling is down. The only thing is there’s swelling in my joint. I’ll be fine, it just takes time. I’ve got a couple more weeks that I’m off, as far as rest and the repetition of weights.’”

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  • rich

    i hope this doesnt throw off his long jumpshot….. just kidding i think celtics would have smashed heat if he were healthy

  • Rog23

    the celtics need to grow a pair. Not to say dislocating your elbow doesn’t hurt, but come on people have played through worse . They act as if ever time they get fouled its as if they are dying lol

  • tRay

    @Rog23 I feel the same but that injury looked so d@mn ugly I’m not surprised it still hurts

  • geke


    comon give rondo abit of credit- he kept playing on after that incident happened. yes celtic isnt the fittest team, and they have a massive cry after a little injury. but in the end they are still warriors at what they do and how they CAN entertain us.

  • dee

    Playing with that dislocation made me respect Rondo as a player. Having said that, until Rondo can make defenders respect his jumper, I’ll continitue to say the C’s will never win another championship playing 4 on 5 ball!!! I’m saying he actually worked out with Mark Price and he showed no improvement. Work on that jump shot!!! Ray Allen & Paul Peirce won’t be there much longer. I’m from the Bean and can’t stand how they “big up” Rondo…like he’s the 2nd coming of Tiny Archibald. He’s talented but he’s not a complete point. Spend your time working on that jumper Rondo!!! Stay out the night clubs!!!

  • BostonBaller

    RR is a tough player so don’t get it twisted Bro Rog and it’s not just the C’s that whine about calls…who’s your fav team/player? You telling me they don’t complain? As far as injuries I think you should complain about the media who harps on the injuries..not the teams or players. YES, he does need to work on the Jumper and who are we to say he isn’t doing that? It was a nasty injury that he played through just like Kobe played with those busted fingers. toughness & grit is what we want from our players..