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Shaquille O’Neal, TV Analyst, Already Dissing Chris Bosh

It didn’t take long for Shaq to throw a jab at one of his favorite whipping boys in the NBA, as he said during the schedule release show on NBATV that the Miami Heat only have a “Big 2″. From the AP: “Shaquille O’Neal’s debut as a full-fledged NBA analyst had him raving about LeBron James and Dwyane Wade. As for Chris Bosh? Apparently, Shaq’s not a big fan of his work. During NBA TV’s show Tuesday to announce the league’s schedule for the 2011-12 season — one jeopardized by a lockout — O’Neal referred to the Heat as having a ‘Big 2.’ Since Bosh, Wade and James teamed up in Miami, they’ve been called the ‘Big 3′ in many circles. ‘The Miami Heat, they’ve got a lot of great players, the ‘Big 2.’ They will be back,’ O’Neal said from Louisiana during the broadcast, when discussing the NBA finals and how Dallas was able to beat Miami for the title. ‘LeBron James is taking a lot of criticism, but I know LeBron very well. He hears everything that everyone is saying, so I think he’s going to come back and have an MVP year this year.’”

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  • EmCee

    To bad Bosh was far more consistent then their 2 great players through the whole playoffs. He proved his worth for sure. Shaq is an OG and I have mad respect for him but lay off posh for a bit big man!

  • AT33

    and.. he’s absolutely right!! How can someone put Chris Bosh on the same level as DWade and LeBron?? Chris Bosh does not deserve to make the same amount of money as the Big 2. Chris Bosh is one of the weakest all-stars I have ever seen! He shouldn’t even be an all-star! Hell, I would trade him if I were Riley.

  • AD

    shaq is an idiot….. bosh is obviously not on the level of wade and james but he still is an allstar and they shu be called the big 3…. thats just disrespect…. mayb if the heat wuda went towards bosh they would of had a better shot at winning but that a diff story… anyway shaq is jealous cuz he knows thell prolly win more than 5 rings together and he’ll be stuck with 4 rings and eating kripy kreme’s wit charles…… Shaq needs to stfu .

  • apache

    agree 100%

  • http://nba.com GP23

    I agree with Shaq on the bit about LeBron coming back to prove doubters wrong and have an MVP season, (if there is one). I can see LeBron turning his legacy around like Kobe did.

  • mouba

    i agree with AT33,
    maybe they can say the big 2 and a half, bosh only know how to knock OPEN mid range shoots that’s his game nothing more than that if he improve his rebounding and defense yea defense then maybe he’ll be close to a superstar he’s named an all-star because he was playing with the raptors here’s are some PF that plays better than bosh: Zach/Amare/Gasol/Lamrcus/Dirk and for sure KG and TD if u picked any of these players and teamed them up with Bron and Wade the team will be much better, bosh really lacks defense seriously he can’t play D, i don’t maybe he should gain some weight and build some muscles but don’t think it’ll help at the end defense is played with passion from the heart if he don’t want to play D nothing can make him do it, he’s ranked 57 in BPG last season COME ON 0.64 BPG are serious rose average 0.61 and he’s a point, reily should bring BIG BEN to teach bosh how to play some D, i still think if they got amare instead of bosh miami would have been a better team.

  • Riggs

    @AD: kripy kremes? really? how about you stfu instead.

  • http://www.facebook.com/joe.l.brewer3 BlackPhantom

    Hahahaha Shaq joining in on the fun of picking on Chris Bosh

  • Jake



    a third option who averaged 19 points and 9 rebounds on 12 shots a game. Shaq is just mad Kobe got more rings and soon Bosh too. quit being a hater big fella

  • Red Star

    TG he didn’t get more rings than Kobe! Lakers 4 Life!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/joe.l.brewer3 BlackPhantom

    Bosh isn’t going to get more rings than Shaq. C’mon now.

  • saintsFan

    shaq was a bum for the past 6 years in the league, besides that little fluke he had in phx.

  • NBA_overflow

    I wish Shaq was talked about as much as he talks. The last time he was a factor, he was in Miami. He was a big second option there… but not even close to the LSU talent he once was. As a Laker he was a beast but after all those years, the stupid raps, stupid movies…. I wish he would stop whining about other peoples talent or careers. If he wants to talk non factor, he should just rewind his Boston days, they’re good for a laugh. He got old, early and benefited largely from being about 25 – 50 pounds heavier than opposing centers his whole life. He is a massive dude with NBA hall of fame stats, I would expect hall of fame responses from him, but he’s like Charles and C-Webb…. a F*ckin oversized mouthpiece now in the booth where ballers go to pretend they are still relevant.

  • bull22

    yeah LEBRON was hearing alot and making threats on his twitter on what he was going to do, shaq needs to find a new story because this one is real old….
    what lebron needs to do is SHUTUP and just play!

  • saintsFan

    wow, shaq. I really though you grew over the years. We know bosh is not wade/ lebron status. The only big man who is is probably dwight. But bosh is a 6-7 time allstar who was the only consistant player in all 4 rounds. First kobe then howard now bosh. Shaq has eaten his way out of the leauge and is mad because bosh is getting the attention that he hasn’t got sinse 2004. shaq had did nothing sense then. Wade carried him in 2006. Shaq needs to shut up and go back to making cheesy shows about being a cop or challenging athletes who he knows he cant beat. Come on big fella.

  • angus

    bosh is definitely not the same caliber player as james and wade ( although he did out play james in the finals) he is still an all star and a player most teams would build around, i guess hes not a wilt chamberlain to e baylor or jerry west but still, cmon ”the big annalitical”

  • Charles

    As much as I hate Rupaul,he was consistent throughout the finals for Miami.

  • kbj

    Being one of the Most Dominant bigs in the game , Shaq has the right to utter those words.

  • dee

    Shaq has too much hate in him to be a great analyst. Shaq is a first ballot hall of famer without a question but his words carry no weight…Shaq said Dwight Howard was the last of the big man. This was before Yao Ming retired. He ignored Andrew Bynum, Brooke Lopez…Now he’s going at Bosh by not mentioning him. If it wasn’t for Bosh’s play, The Heat wouldn’t made it as far as they did. So what he cries. He’s a emotional dude that hates losing. He’s also a 20-10 guy. The NBA has very few of those types of players. When Shaq was dominating, it was near the end of Ewings, Hakeems & Robinson’s career. That leaves Mutombo and Alonzo Mourning as the other 2 top center during Shaq play. that’s not much to brag about, still he runs his mouth as if he beat a young Hakeem, Robinson or Ewing for a championship. I called him “The Big Journey Man” for chasing championships in his later years. He was a great player but so far it looks like he’s going to be a below average analyst.

  • T-Money

    i wish shaq would not be so petty, this is borderline pathetic. bosh said THREE years ago that shaq often got away with 3 in the key. let it go, dude – you’re top 10 all-time.

  • EJ

    Bosh and Bron played at pretty much the same level during the finals.

  • robb

    lol he just couldn’t wait could he? Lebron won’t prove sh*t, last year he started all this “I’m taking mental notes” crap and he ended up doing what he always does: Not showing up when it matters. He may have an MVP season, but he won’t get it done in the end. If you know him that well Shaq, you should know better!

  • asd

    Kobe has the 2nd worst field goal percentage of all the players that are top 10 in scoring. Worst FG % for a Finals MVP. He’s a volume shooter with low field goal percentages. Not a special rebounder defender passer. And the whole clutch thing is a big-time myth.

  • http://www.optimabbc.be Max

    LIKE A BO$H!!!!!

  • http://www.bulls.com Enigmatic

    Bosh is soft as hell. His whining about Asik diving for the ball and his epic collapse aver Boozer’s elbow barely grazed his nose, among other things, means he gets no respect from me as far as him being tough.
    However comma pause for effect when dude is on, he can be nearly unguardable.
    As for Shaq, that “Rupaul” thing was funny years ago, now it just makes Shaq look weak to still be hating on Bosh after all these years.

  • http://www.facebook.com/joe.l.brewer3 BlackPhantom

    @ASD No one is talking about Kobe right now.

  • LA Huey

    It’s so sad to see a top 10 pivot be so petty.

  • AD

    riggs are you madd lol… why dont you go eat krisp kremesw wit shaq and talk about how ya wish ya can still play ball **** you and Shaq

  • bike

    This has to hurt Bosh’s feelings pretty bad coming from a guy who has not done squat in the league the last four years.

  • AD

    @bike ithought bosh was an all star the last 4 years


    Is Bosh a “Big 3″? Its a legit question. Obviously there r those that will say he is and those that will say he isn’t. Im stuck n the middle. But if I had a gun pointed 2 my head? I would say that he is……I guess. Cuz technically speaking, he is……I guess.

  • bike

    @AD was referring to Shaq. Shaq, for about the last four years, has been nothing more than a role player too hurt to play more than 30 games/season.

  • AD

    @BIKE o iight my fault lol

  • T-Money

    la huey: top 10?! wilt, kareem, russell, dream, shaq. that’s top 5.

  • yelzobar

    haha bosh will bash any hater in here. I love how none of you haters would say it to his face because he would whip you like the grandma boys u r

  • seriousblack

    @ asd: Who has the worst fg% in the top ten? I’m genuinely curious.

  • http://theurbangriot.com The NUPE

    Bosh is an all-star and will consistantly be one (or close) for the foreseeable future. A 19 and 9 guy on 12 shots per game, yes that deserves a incluion of ‘big 3′. You could seperate Bron/Wade by calling them an ‘elite 2′, but I think Shaq didn’t make himself look very good as his debut comentation. Hopefully he uses stats and obsevational analysis in the future to justify statements rather than just putting players down.

  • Celtics23

    Yeah Shaq knows!

  • coggie13

    @saints fan you dont think he is out of the league because he is nearly 40?

  • http://www.bulls.com Enigmatic

    @yelzobar – I’d have no problem telling anyone anything to their faces, but since the chances I’ll ever meet Chris Bosh are slim, I’ll never get the chance to tell him.

  • Charles Breen

    During the playoffs Bosh was good. Without him they for sure don’t make the finals.

  • Aizen

    Well, Bosh was more useful than Lebron during some parts of the playoffs, but I still agree with the Big Diesel. There better a season this year, I can’t wait for Shaq’s commentary on TNT!!

  • Hambone

    Miami’s big 2 = wade + bosh

  • flash

    1 on 1 bosh skill set would own shaq. bosh is more versatile, shaq relies on power post moves. how he gonna backdown bosh all the way from the 3pt line without being called? and we all know shaq doesn’t own a j. bosh would beat him in a game of 21

  • Ldub20

    Bosh is definitely not a 20-10 guy! Not in Miami. He got away with that in Toronto because he was the “MAN” there. I agree with Shaq. They shouldnt be a big 3. Is the reason they are the big 3 because Miami doesnt have anyone else beyond their 2-4 spots? No pg, no C, no 6th man? Bosh is a really solid player yes. All-star? Not so sure…who else played the 4 spot in the east? Diaw, Brand, Jamison,R. Lewis, beat up Boozer, Blatche? He’s going to be an all-star when the competition is Garnett and Horford (maybe josh smith down in atl).

    Shaq does run his mouth a lot, however much of what he says is legit. Has a lot of fact to it and at the end of the day, its really just his opinion. Same thing with any other person you talk to. Not always going to agree with everyone.

  • bigmike100

    bosh was gettin money wen he had dreads bout now he ok not as gud wen he was dreaded tho lol

  • Justin

    Ldub, you know he finished 19-9 as the THIRD option on that team right?