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Kevin Love Intrigued By Possible Rick Adelman Hire

There are rumors out there that Rick Adelman is already on the hunt for assistant coaches to take with him to Minny after interviewing with the Wolves, and Kevin Love sounds like he’d welcome Adelman with open arms: “Love: I know [Rick Adelman] very well, as far as a player-coach relationship goes. Obviously I played with his son, Pat, and got to know their entire family very well. I know Mrs. Adelman from being over at their house. SI.com: I like that you still call his wife ‘Mrs. Adelman.’ That’s respect. Love: ‘I’m just old school like that. That’s how I am. But I’ve been over to Pat’s house in Portland. I’ve had lots of conversations with Rick. I always got to talk shop and basketball with him. Obviously, we’re not best friends or anything, but we have had many, many talks. I always spoke with him after games when we played Houston, and I’d wait outside of the tunnel to say hi to Rick and his wife. Who knows — maybe that will turn into a player-coach relationship.’ SI.com: Have you talked to Adelman during the coaching search process? Love: ‘I haven’t talked to him at all. I have to let it be. Whatever the front office is going to do, that’s what they’re going to do. I am not partial to any candidate, but it is intriguing to me to possibly be coached by my buddy’s dad. I love his corner offense, with the high post player being a facilitator — to be able to pass from there, run pick-and-rolls and shoot from outside. It is very, very intriguing to think about. But I’m not partial to any side.’”

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  • http://twitter.com/BeezKneezy LA Huey

    As am I. Love with the outlet pass to Rubio, Rubio with throwing the oop to Beasley or Williams. I hope this team doesn’t disappoint with all its potential.

  • AL29

    Minnesota would be lucky as hell to get Rick Adelman, who is one of the most underrated and unlucky coaches of all time. He did a fantastic job coaching Portland for all those years but had the misfortune of running into the ’90 Pistons and ’92 Bulls in the finals. He also did an amazing job in Sacramento in the 2000s, and likely would have won a championship in 2002 had the league not conspired against the Kings in Game 6 of the Western Finals. 2003 also had the potential to be the Kings’ year, if not for Webbers injury during the Kings-Mavs series. The Kings were on fire without Webber in 2004, led by Peja Stojakovic, and potentially could have won that year too had they not been thrown off by Webber’s late-season return. Adelman did well in Houston all things considered, but that team was plagued by roster issues and injuries that were in place prior to his arrival (eg, Yao and T-Mac’s constant injuries). If Adelman ends up in Minny I hope he takes that team to the playoffs.

  • http://slamonline.com LakeShow

    I’m going to be watching allot of T-Wolves games next year.(hopefully i have that opportunity anyway) This team could/should be allot of fun. They have a player at every position that I am intrigued by.(eh nevermind forgot they had a Center position) Rubio, Wesley Johnson, Beasley, Derrick Williams, K-Love. With Ridinour, (yes i am a huge fan of his. theres not a nicer guy in the L, and he is a great back up PG) Anothony Randolf,(box of chocholates) Brad Miller, (might have a few more miles on him and should challenge Darko for mins) and Webster make this this team formidable. They have a chance to challange for a playoff spot. They have the talent, the question now is will they become a TEAM.

  • Jay

    Love needs a little work on his lying, not partial to any side? LOL!

    Wolves fans would be damn lucky if adelman’s their new coach next season (whenever that may be…) They’d at least become a respectable team relative to their past failures.

  • http://slamonline.com datkid

    they need rick adeleman… for kevin love and anthony randolph’s sake. don nelson, shouldn’t coach the wolves lol

  • vtrobot

    rick is the effing man.

  • http://dskjfl.com Jukai

    If this team can get a great center in the next draft, they may be a playoff force for years to come. Or a group of busts. Either or.

  • ATribefan92

    @Jukai-The Clippers own the Wolves first round pick that will be unprotected this season. Wolves need to get one in free agency. However, hey will give AR a shot before deciding who the franchise center will be.

  • ATribefan92


  • http://slamonline.com Neitel

    @AL29 you right!! he is a great coach..but an unlucky one…@LakeShow I dont think any of us will be watching any NBA..58 days so far…The season might be lost…it’s great timing in a way..to let kobe’s knees heal. I think right now, with the group they have, they are like a 6th seed in the west, 7 maybe…they need like a center, like DeAndre Jordan, someone like that…reliable and versatile…

  • http://slamonline.com Neitel

    i’m talkn about the wolves…not lakers