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Shaq: President Obama To Blame For Rajon Rondo’s Late Season Struggles

by Tzvi Twersky | @ttwersky

Over the course of a 19-year NBA career, Shaquille O’Neal dominated the ball—and headlines. A little more than two months into retirement, Turner Sports’ newest hire is still dominating headlines. The latest news comes courtesy of his upcoming memoir with Jackie MacMullan, Shaq Uncut.

Broken down chronologically, Shaq Uncut, published by the Hachette Book Group, is packed with O’Neal’s insight and anecdotes from his playing career. None of it is currently as relevant as Shaq’s take on what caused Rajon Rondo’s post-Perkins trade slump.

From the book:

In early March some of the guys went to the museum of Fine Arts for a fund-raiser and got to hang with President Barack Obama. Everyone was a little bit in awe. The President turns to Ray, points at Rondo, and says, “Hey, Ray, why don’t you teach this kid how to shoot?” Everyone starts laughing.

KG told me he saw the look on Rondo’s face and the kid was devastated, embarrassed. Dissed by the President, even though I’m sure Obama didn’t mean any harm. Rondo smiled and went along with all of it, but KG told me he could see it in his eyes. It bothered Rondo. It killed him.

The next day Rondo shot the ball horribly. He stopped taking shots after that. He’s so sensitive. I think it was a real jolt to hear the outside perception of a basketball fan who happens to be the President of the United States. It messed with his mind. I’m sure of it.

Well worth a cover-to-cover read, Shaq Uncut is available for pre-order now and debuts on Novemeber 15, 2011.

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  • lexluther757

    Can’t WAIT! Shaq Talks Back was an awesome read, i’m expecting much more of the same from the big fella this time

  • http://www.slamonline.com UNFROZEN CAVEMAN LAWYER


  • bike

    Rondo should have turned to one of Obama’s security people pointed at the prez and said “Hey dude, why don’t you teach this idiot how to run the country?”

  • Riggs

    bike, that makes absolutely no sense. since the security guy would know as much about running a country than you do.

  • Riggs

    also, is this jackie macmullan’s book? because she’s a great sportswriter.

  • R.E.

    I agree with Bike!!! LOL

  • nicholas

    deffinetly grabbing this book when it comes out its probably so goood and full of real gems

  • http://Slamonline.com Caboose

    I’m not sure if Rondo has realized this yet but…every single basketball fan agrees with Obama about your shooting. Get over it.

  • http://jayemmbee23.tumblr.com Clutch Performer

    bike your an idiot, hes doing a better job than you or anybody else could especially considering all roadblocks he faces

    but coming from a celtics fan obama is right rondos jumper is terrible, he needs to suck it up and step his game up and silence his haters. because you know your shot is bad when opponents stand feet away from you and dare you to shoot

  • http://slamonline.com Allenp

    Rondo didn’t know he couldn’t shoot?
    That’s like Eddy Curry not knowing he’s fat.

  • marc

    its different though coming from the president lol it hurts 10 times more. I even felt his pain after i laughed though because i can picture his face lmao

  • bigE23

    i agree with “Clutch Performer” most defenders would dare him to shoot a midrange jumper, Rondo knows he cannot shoot and i hope he works on his shot so he can be more of a threat on offense

  • John

    Agree with the assessment on Obama above, but not for the same reasons. Roadblocks? He just doesn’t exude power. Smart and rational people like him belong at roundtable discussions in academia, not power politics. Say what you want about borderline psychos like Nixon and Putin, but people don’t f**k with them.
    And yea, Rondo might not have a consistent jumper, but he’s got everything else in spades.

  • Ali

    AllenP you made me fall out my chair laughing at that dig…WUUUUWEEEE! Hahahaha….

  • LA Huey

    Yeah, Rondo would easily be the best player on that team if could at least get a consistent 15-foot jumper.

  • bike

    The last thing Obama needs right now. His approval rating just dropped another 5 percentage points.


    ^^^ no, he would not be. stop lying to your self.

  • robb

    Obama loves basketball and he just wanted to talk some trash with the players, he always does, but he’s still the president and it has a different effect on some of them. Obviously Rondo has to work on his shooting AND his mental toughness

  • http://SlamOnline BBallLover

    I wonder why Rondo took it that way, “everyone laughed” is the reason why he maybe felt dissed. But the comment alone to me illustrated that President Obama saw Rondo as a good shooter and was actually respecting his game!

  • the truth

    @ bike…yep the prez has a lot of say about fiscal and economic policy (not)

  • A Hood Certified

    Rondo can shoot, he just doesn’t have confidence in it. Once he builds that confidence up he will be a better in game shooter!!!!

  • AD

    shaq needs to shut up… he’s always sayn sumthn dumb………

  • MLK4Life

    Rondo was shaken most likely because he was in the midst of the most powerful man in the world and he took a slight jab at him. It was just a joke obviously but Rondo took it personally. Obama is a huge basketball fan, he knows the game. Everyone knows this. Republicans now have another thing to blame the President for though. From the bad economy to Rondo’s bad jumpshot. The man can’t catch a break.

  • Kid Dynamite

    Rondo Construction Co.-”BRICKS ALL DAY, EVERYDAY”. If only Rondo joined Ray in his shootouts 3 and a half hours before gametime he wouldn’t need a hug from KG.
    FYI It’s easy to pop off your mouth about Obama when you’re the one who’s sitting back expecting “results” on a silver platter, when was the last time any of you ran a country?

  • Soulquarian

    Is everyone forgetting the horse game versus Durant a few years ago. Rondo was hitting 3s like they were layups. I’m sure he puts in the work. He just lacks the gametime confidence in his shot.

  • Feez22

    Thanks a lot obama… rofl…

  • Feez22

    lol who knows if this is true but if it is obama might have contributed to the bulls demise in the playoffs this year as well haha. If the celtics get past the heat imo theres no way they beat the bulls but since the heat got past well we saw what happened in the conf. finals.

  • Samco

    Go bike!

  • Heals

    No doubt in my mind Rondo shoots better than OB handles the Repubs. Rondo might miss shots but Obama is too scared to shot at all…


    Rondo is a light weight. He needs to man up and get over it. As far as the anti Obama comments all i know is he is doing a better job than your favorite politician could ever dream of. He inherited a TERRIBLE problem and on top of that a BIGGER PROBLEM THAT HAS PLAGUED AMERICA SINCE THE “SETTLERS” OR THIEVES CAME OVER TO THIS LAND.

  • http://gmail.com z

    Heals with the line of the day. we can laugh at RR’s inability to shoot but he’s better at it than obama’s done with dealing with the conservatives

  • slamfan4life

    cmon Rondo, youre tough as hell; just work on that shot

  • http://slamonline.com LakeShow

    Every single one of you needs to stfu about politics. I’m jk because it’s free speech so shout your opine away, but none of us have any idea of the inner workings of being a president, or the US goverment in general. It’s not simple. Hell, it’s not complex, it’s whatever comes after complex. Everyone should know that there will never be any real “change” while a D or an R is resting next to a presidents name. Every single political comment pisses me off becuase none of have any idea what we are talking about.(some more than others)

  • T-Money

    that’s a cute story and all but it’s not like rondo was on fire before the fundraiser. did obama diss him before the finals with the lakers? because he shot 0 for everything then too.

  • Heals

    Lakeshow, do your thoughts apply to your post?

  • http://Slamonline.com Hossy

    “hey Ron Paul, why don’t you teach this fascist how to read the constitution?”

  • http://Slamonline.com Hossy

    Rondo could miss every shot he takes and he would still be better at his job than O-Bomb-a.

  • hiphopcop

    Of course Obama is to blame, Rondo makes a gang of money to play basketball to mentally and physically be ready for the NBA, so that’s not enough motivation???– but Obama is the reason why he was in a slump??

    One thing I do hope is solved in this NBA lockout is guaranteed contracts, which means none of them for anybody, and I 100% asure you, Rondo won’t have a slump and won’t blame it on the president, lol

  • anonymous

    Coming from someone so well-versed in politics, this is surprising.

  • KoBynum716

    Well, he IS right, Rondo’s almost as bad at field goals as shaq is at free throws. Also, he’s overrated.

  • bradley

    Maybe Shaq should teach the president how to spend money

  • C Da Tyrant

    dear rajon romdo,
    grow a set man. that is all.

  • TL7

    When it comes down to it, Rondo’s shooting had nothing to do with Boston’s woes. He’s on the floor for ball distribution and an ocassional drive. Bottom line is, their foward play is in decline namely Garnett, and has been for a couple of years now. Ray Allen kept the team in a lot of games, but that didn’t help when they played deep teams. Obama’s comment to Ray Allen should have been “Why don’t you tell KG to hang it up…He’s done.” Being a Lakers fan, I’d be more than happy to take Rondo over old man Fisher any day. I’ll take a good ball distributor anytime over a shooter, especially when you already have shooters on the floor.

  • simeon

    how do we know this is even true? not doubting shaq’s word but he wasn’t even there. this is third hand info at best. will check the book out tho.

  • http://www.rich-imaging.com Dutch Rich

    @ everyone. Obama got more done in his first 2 years than most in an entire term. Even after Ted K died, followed by the loss of the super majority he was able to push through major health reform.
    The guy literally declared war on banks and wall street through major regulation and then half the population abandons him by not voting in the primaries. As a result we won’t get anything done until 2014. Blame that ish on your non-voting selves, you know who your are. With the exception of China and Brazil the whole world is pretty much stagnating with some countries literally about to fall over the cliff. And some of you are ready to pin that on one guy, or just throw in the towel. He ain’t no marvel comic superhero. Write your congressmen to state your dissatisfaction. Stop watching the devils news. Your in the way of progress. Organize your anger and support a progressive agenda.
    now stfu and learn something

  • C Da Tyrant


  • http://www.acb.com A l a n

    Obama is right. Rondo’s been training and playing with Ray Allen for 4 years. He should do better imho

  • http://gmail.com z

    Lakeshow’s absolutely right on about politics–no REAL changes are possible while dems and reps are in power, the conundrum is that they’ve had control for so long that they’ve put in a bunch of “rules” that apparently make it near impossible for a third party to seriously challenge their monopoly on state power. what to do, comrades?

  • http://gmail.com z

    I think taht considering that republican leaderships stated goal since last year has been to keep obama from getting reelected, and that they’ve demonstrated that they’ll do ANYTHING to that end (you know, like let the economy go down the tubes), that barack’s done aight. Could show more spine, could actually continue to pursue CHANGE and call out the corruption of the political process, but no one else is doing those things either…Obama’s still not as good at his job as rondo is at his tho.

  • http://slamonline.com LakeShow

    Thanks z, glad someone can see the truth. People are still on that blame this guy thing, when the whole system is corrupt as fu<k. It isn't GWB's fault, or Obama's… or Clintons or Reagans. Quit with the blame game and see the truth people. Follow the money.

  • John

    LMAO at all the Obama apologists. Is he a brilliant campaigner and orator? Definitely. Does he have the heart or balls for high-stakes negotiation? Hell no.

  • http://gmail.com z

    wow, lotsa respect and props to you right now lakeshow, you’ve just become one of the most respectable authorities on this site, as far as im concerned–plus you seem like an objective fan of the game (which is increasingly rare). very few people seem to understand that not only are our politicians criminally inept (or corrupt), but that the whole system stinks, at this point. kudos to you lakeshow, you have made my day

  • http://bleacherreport.com/articles/791470-lebron-james-vs-dwyane-wade-who-is-the-better-player/page/8 nbk

    Not uncovering how corrupt the government you represent is, in effect, is the president’s fault. Eisenhower & Kennedy are supposedly the only presidents who even wanted to uncover the truth about our government. Whether or not it is or isn’t our current or past president’s direct fault for the situation we are in, it is their duty, to take responsibility. And it’s exactly what they signed up for. No guts no glory, no love without risking hate. All that stuff

  • http://bleacherreport.com/articles/791470-lebron-james-vs-dwyane-wade-who-is-the-better-player/page/8 nbk

    But I have no opinion of any of our presidents, I assume all politicians are just power hungry. Whether they want to help or not is impossible to figure out – just like lakeshow and z said, the “party” they represent prohibits them from making any kind of headway for legitimate, and positive change.

  • http://gmail.com z

    cosign nbk. Yknow what the saddest part of all this political debate is? that the only people who seem to have reasoned, clear views of the problem(s), the symptoms of the problems that are inherent to our current system, AND the solutions, are young folks like those who frequent this website, and not the older, more established folks (yknow, the ones who have monopolized virtually all the important decision making). and then people wonder where all the disillusion that produces the riots over in london (and the few that we heard a minimal amount of info about in philadelph) comes from. The system ain’t working FOR the YOUTHS! isn’t that supposed to be the whole point?

  • LD

    see george W. wouldn’t have said that

  • kbj

    damn we blame obama for everything..Rondos a competitor im sure he wouldnt agree. people just go thru bad times ,look at big baby in the playoffs

  • http://bleacherreport.com/articles/791470-lebron-james-vs-dwyane-wade-who-is-the-better-player/page/8 nbk

    I thought so. Well actually, I thought the system was supposed to work for everyone who followed it (& worked hard). — It’s just too bad that the whole that has been dug is deep enough to engulf us and our children through retirement. The United States needs to reinvent the internet (or create some type of new business/industry that is groundbreaking and ripe to cause a financial boom) Basically some American needs to put his genius cap on, and create something that makes us the center of the SPENDING world again.

  • http://gmail.com z

    Lol well nbk you and i agreed up until that last sentence. I think that sounds too much like a continuation of what we have going right now: capitalism! My solution (and im not saying that it’s any better than yours, i just want people to consider it) is that we all need to consider EVERYTHING on the table, including some political systems that were written off a long time ago as being too utopian, or farfetched…do you know what i’m talking about? the “C” word…

  • T-Money

    i wish that political argument had not happened. there’s nothing worse than a bad, misinformed political argument. yawn.

  • http://bleacherreport.com/articles/791470-lebron-james-vs-dwyane-wade-who-is-the-better-player/page/8 nbk

    Z – I do. I don’t agree, simply because, every positive has a negative. There is no “neutral” – so I don’t see how it’s possible, in nature. But I’m not saying whose right or wrong, I just feel it’s impossible to do “fairly”

  • http://bleacherreport.com/articles/791470-lebron-james-vs-dwyane-wade-who-is-the-better-player/page/8 nbk

    Uhm your in a comment section that revolves around the president. What did you except, we’d be talking about puppies?

  • http://gmail.com z

    @tmoney: what would an “informed,” and “good” political argument have consisted of in your opinion? i’m gonna assume you’re just apolitical in which case you probably shouldn’t bother reading articles that are about the PRESIDENT

  • John

    It’s just not American if you’re not living beyond your means. SMH

  • http://gmail.com z

    i wonder if tmoney thinks that a “good” political argument would be what we’ve seen in washington recently? is that preferable to you, tmoney?

  • http://gmail.com z

    also, let it be known that i want allenp’s opinions on this “political stuff”…i’m waiting, man.

  • http://thetroyblog.com Teddy-the-Bear

    High stakes negotiation? The man is running a COUNTRY. This isn’t a game of Call of Duty. I h@te when people just expect their presidents to go out and bomb sh!t and crack down on everyone. “Mr. President, DO SOMETHING!” “Like what?” “I don’t know… SOMETHING! YEAH!!!”

  • Heals

    I don’t think people are maligning what he has accomplished thus far, it’s just that he continues to give the other the side the benefit of the doubt that they will negotiate in honest (when their modus operandi the entire time has been to create as difficult a situation as possible for OB to win reelection). Personally my fear is that his continual attempts to seek middle ground (a trully worthwhile cause) will be his downfall as it appears to be a no-win situation (not enough to to keep his base amped and an opposition that can’t be placated regardless of what he does for them)…

  • http://thetroyblog.com Teddy-the-Bear

    And he’s overseeing enough wars as it is… And won the Nobel Peace Prize for it…

  • Heals

    By the way Lakeshow I think my last comment just proved your initial point…

  • sam schad

    haha i cant believe he got dissed by obama!!!

  • http://www.kb24.com The Seed

    Obama has done the best he can with this country. He just does not have the power he should have. Presidents have to answer to others. America operates under a seperation of powers (Legislature, Judiciary and Executive) The President is answerable to the Supreme Court and cannot pass legislation without approval of the Senate. Please note when Obama choose his Cabinet. they were given the Title for example Secretary of State NOMINEE. this means that Congress must first approve of the nominee before they recieve the post. Obama does not have any power, he is really a FIGUREHEAD. He got the job and probably is frustrated with what he can and cannot do. Also the current President is working with a deficit that he did not create, but inherited. So if you become President, yes you get the glory, but in the end your just a MAN with no power, because you have to answer to others. BOOK IT!!!

  • http://thetroyblog.com Teddy-the-Bear

    Ron Paul is the only worthy candidate from the GOP side. The Democrats and Republicans, regardless of their political rhetoric, are both owned and run by the neo-conservative lobby. The neo-cons own the media, which is why you won’t hear too much about Ron Paul. Instead we have Michelle Bachman and Mit Romney shoved down our throats.
    Dennis Kucinich would be the best option for the Democrats, but I don’t think he’s running for president which means Obama again. Not sure if Kucinich would win anyways, but he’s one of only a handful of politicians who actually exercises common sense and sees through the propaganda BS of the other candidates.
    Ron Paul isn’t perfect, but he at least has a plan that uses some iota of common sense. He’s against corporate fascism (which this country is headed towards, if it hasn’t already) and also against Western neo-imperialism. I’m not particularly fond of the idea of small government (outlawing abortion, privatizing more education and healthcare, etc.), but I’d take a libertarian over a neo-conservative so-called Christian ANY day of the week.

  • http://thetroyblog.com Teddy-the-Bear

    Also, NATO needs to GTFO of Libya. The only reason they’re there is because of oil and strategic positioning. Gaddafi was taxing NATO quite high, and wanted to re-negotiate oil contracts to give his country a larger share of the oil revenue (since it IS Libyan oil…), and when the West wouldn’t go for it, he threatened to nationalize the oil and replace NATO with Chinese, Russian, and Indian oil companies. Of course, whenever the leader of a non-white country taxes European or American companies a reasonable amount, so as to feed his/her country, there’s going to be a CIA-backed coup.

  • http://slamonline.com datkid

    bike’s retarded and i hate this political argument.. but to be fair obama hasn’t had a lot to work with. AT ALL. Also i don’t trust or like ron paul. that is all.

  • http://cnbc.com JTaylor21

    Political debates are useless. Republicans blame Democrats, Democrats blame Republicans, the population blames both dems and reps meanwhile the rich get richer and the poor gets poorer. Nothing is ever going to change that, so why waste your time arguing politics?

  • mr carovillano

    he shoots better then u run the country. nothing better to do

  • http://philosopher.view@blogspot.com The Philosopher

    Shout out to the Illuminati…

  • cd

    Rondo @ least play’s for a American team,lives in a American town,buy’s american car’s. When you have a d@m fool President who selling NEW JOB’S you DON’T DRIVE A BUS FROM CANADA,I don’t care how many branches of GOV’T you have,you are selling bringing job’IN A CANADA BUS!

  • ai come back


  • http://philosopher.view@blogspot.com The Philosopher

    Shout out to the baphomet.

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  • http://thetroyblog.com Teddy-the-Bear

    You may not trust or like Ron Paul, but the fact still remains that he’s one of a handful of politicians who don’t need a team of handlers to calculate his every step. The bottom line is, the US needs to stop worrying about the Middle East, stop these inane wars, stop catering to the lobbyists who put your young men and women in the line of fire, and worry about domestic policy for a change. Ron Paul, unlike so many other fickle politicians, has CONSISTENTLY voted in line with his beliefs–these beliefs. So yeah…

  • http://philosopher.view@blogspot.com The Philosopher

    They all seem to switch up after they reach a certain level.
    It truly seems to be out of their control.
    All of them.

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  • Clay

    I hate the Celtics. However, Rondo runs a basketball team much better than Obama leads a country.

  • Aizen

    So, hold on…Rondo decides to stop taking jump-shots because he let a joke get to him personally?
    I know it’s the President of the United States we’re talking about, and Rondo’s probably a big fan and supporter of Obama, but it’s stupid to feel sorry for Rondo in this situation; if anything, President Obama’s “diss” should have made Rondo more determined than ever to work on his shooting, not give up and start sulking. If Rajon was so hurt emotionally, he should’ve strived to win a championship by stepping up his game and becoming more of a leader on the Celtics squad, then, after winning a title, he could have personally gone to the White House and proved Obama wrong, and maybe he would have received an apology…

    Blaming Obama for this is plain dumb, and this is coming from a Conservative.

  • Luc

    isn’t this a basketball site…?

  • http://www.bulls.com Enigmatic

    Co-sign JTaylor at 7:21.
    I’ve given up on politicians. They all lie. They all suck.

  • http://thetroyblog.com Teddy-the-Bear

    I agree that MOST politicians suck, and it’s disgraceful because the US claims “democracy” but let’s face it, it’s really 2 sh!tty choices as opposed to 1 sh!tty choice.
    Saying they all suck, though, is a bit close-minded because there are a few politicians who remain consistent to their ideologies without being bought over by the lobbies. The problem with American democracy rests in the lobbies who control the government.
    @ Philo: I agree, and I’m not saying Ron Paul is a sure thing, but it DOES say something that the media absolutely h@tes giving this guy any coverage at all, even when he’s sweeping Republican polls over Tea Partiers and neo-cons. This guy consistently votes for what he says. What REPUBLICAN do you know of actually has the gall to criticize the corporations who fund his party? What Republican do you know of actually wants to get the hell out of the Middle East and NOT dominate the world militarily? I mean, if this guy is elected somehow, it won’t be because of the media (who Obama has a tonne of pull with), it’ll be because Americans actually care about what he has to say.
    Ron Paul is not the answer to all of America’s problems, and I do think he’s a bit idealistic when it comes to the free market. But the two things America needs most–a smaller defense budget and less corporate lobbying–are what he prioritizes as part of his campaign. He’s a bit iffy on abortion and he’s uber-religious, and I’ve heard he doesn’t believe in the Theory of Evolution, but the former two policies ALONE make him worthy of election.
    Keep in mind, I generally dislike conservatism because most conservatives are hypocritical of their own values. But the Christian Right and the neo-conservatives aren’t even true conservatives. Ron Paul, if elected, will be the only true conservative/libertarian America has seen in half a century…
    I’ve never even entertained the idea of supporting the Republican Party until now, but if Ron Paul gets the nomination, a whole lot of liberals, maybe even straight leftists, will be switching sides. Because he’s the lesser of two evils.

  • doyouwantmore

    Obama is a manager, not a leader. He is a hobbyist, not a fighter. He is an enabler, not an empowerer. He is a panderer, not a communicator. – - – It’s so crazy that all you liberal cats stick up for the guy who wants to make the government bigger, regulate everything, and control and monitor your life. Conservatives make small government that stays out of your business. If you like being on welfare, vote for Obama, because he will make sure that everyone is equal in their poverty and reliance on the welfare state. If you want the opportunity to sink or swim based on your own ideas, your own strength, your own ability, then vote conservative. You can even vote for a conservative if the media tells you not to!

  • Red

    Rondo, Derrick Rose called, he said HAH HA! D. Rose kills Rondo, Rondo sucks.

  • bakers’-dozen

    Shocked that Rondo didn’t realize he couldn’t shoot after losing that game of HORSE to Doc Rivers’ kid all those years ago. However, Obama is a horrible president.

  • flash

    i don’t mind rondo not having a jump shot from long range, i want him attacking the basket, it works for him much better. he’s a very skilled finisher with those nasty ball fakes and you get fouled if you do that. i think what he needs to improve is his free throw shooting when he gets fouled. plus when defenders give him the space outside he sees the floor better, that’s why he’s able to see the play running and find open guys. and do u really want him slouching outside? they got too many guys doin that already

  • kj

    After reading all comments, I came up with a conclusion: All politicians suck. Ok. Lets stop talking about politics in a BASKETBALL site.

  • http://www.slamonline.com UNFROZEN CAVEMAN LAWYER


  • BostonBaller

    Lakeshow is right about 1 thing…none of us know the inner workings of a presidency and 95% of us know the inner workings of being an NBA player yet we comment like pros every day. lol. RR does have mental toughness and I’m sure his J will develop (any of you ever read SLAM? heard of Ason Kidd? nuff said) Someone mentioned that RR should stop blaming the president…HE didn’t. It’s one thing to be able to read and another to be able to understand. As far as the president making that comment, think about it for a second. Which would effect your performance at work (if at all) a negative comment from a co-worker or from the president of the company? Regardless whether it’s true or not.

  • BostonBaller

    WZUP Philosopher, hope all is well.. quick question for you, Illuminati…baphomet. were those shots in the dark, just thrown out there, political beliefs, religious beliefs or shots to the heads of the weak? lol

  • http://gmail.com z

    @ enigmatic and jtaylor, you two are regular commentors, and i really respect your bball opinions (except for taylor’s conviction that kobe sucks), and i can see where you (and others) are coming from when you say “politics suck, so let’s not talk politics, because they’re all corrupt,” to that sentiment i say this: We should replace all of them. Dems, repubs, all of em. they all gotta go! Then maybe we could get real change

  • Eric

    He makes a good point!

  • BostonBaller

    It’s real funny to me since if a rep signs a bill the dems hate it and visa versa lol. the same bills the dems signed is the same one the reps wanted to sign before and the dems hated it. they all sit back and laugh at us…

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