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Gary Forbes FIBA Americas Diary: Week 2

Denver Nuggets forward Gary Forbes checks in from South America.

Denver Nuggets forward Gary Forbes is currently in his home country of Panama, training with the national team for the 2011 FIBA Americas Championship in Argentina, which is slated to begin next Tuesday. The tourney is crucial for Panama in realizing their hopes of qualifying for the 2012 London Summer Olympics. Forbes has joined the SLAM team as a guest writer and will be blogging live from South America for the next three weeks – providing exclusive photos and coverage of his experiences. – Franklyn Calle

What’s going on everybody, hope you guys had a blessed week. Its been a good week since my last blog. Went to the Panama Canal which is one of the seven modern wonders of the world. My father worked on the Panama Canal for 25 years and it was a an amazing experience being there and seeing how the whole process of ships cross from one body of ocean to another. We have been having good practices and I’m definitely very excited about this upcoming FIBA Americas tournament.

We have about 1 more day of practice then head to Mar De Plata Argentina It’s going to be a very competitive tournament but we are confident that we will have a good outcome. I’m sad I’m leaving Panama because the food here is out of this world!!!!!! I kind of miss home cooked food like that. Not going to eat too much though.

One of my favorite dishes in Panamanian dishes is “Beef Steak Picado con Patacones” it’s basically beef steak strips mixed with peppers and onions and fried plantains. So GOOD! Panamanian food is a mixture of Spanish dishes and West Indian dishes so a good variety of god food I must say. I’ve also enjoyed the nightlife here in Panama, the temperature is amazing at night with a tropical but city type feel.

Well until next week hope everyone stays healthy, blessed and inspired.

*Side Note* everyone cheer for Team Panama on our journey to obtain a spot in next years Olympics. LOL


Gary’s next game is today against Paraguay

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  • Papa Smurf

    Any chance we can get some tourney highlight videos with the next blog?

  • J Mac

    Go to FIBA’s website and check the video section…

  • Papa Smurf

    thanks, J Mac

  • J Mac

    No prob. Check out the Eurobasket too. Just finished watching Germany top Italy. A couple of good games already..

  • Aliyah

    Congrats! Congrats! and more Congrats! Sure im probably not a memory to you & I definitely never thought I would even see your face again but I must say I am so proud of you and hapy for you! the last time I saw you, you were playing in a tournament “Brooklyn vs. Atlantic City” & now look at you! Playing for your country and in the NBA! thats a blessing! keep up the good work and I pray GOD continues blessing you ! xoxoxo Singing off–An Old Friend!