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Jeff Van Gundy: Fan Support Might Decrease Following Lockout

Jeff Van Gundy knows that hardcore NBA supporters will always be there, but he’s not so sure about everyone else flocking back once the League resolves its labor issues. From the Star-Ledger: “What’s interesting to me is, when you’re in professional sports sometimes, you get the impression that more people care than really do,’ Van Gundy, the former Knicks coach, said. ‘And you better be careful, because there are other things people can do with their income.’ All work stoppages result in some degree of market alienation, that’s hardly a bulletin. But there was something about this message worth heeding, if only because a chief public advocate for the NBA doesn’t often warn the NBA that it is about to shoot itself in the foot. ‘I think you can be drawn a false sense of security that ‘they came before, so they’ll always come.’ But right now, I don’t hear anyone talking about the NBA at all, except for the diehards,’ Van Gundy said. So where are you going with this, we asked him. Are you suggesting that a protracted lockout could be fatal? ‘That’s the thing: We don’t know. But neither do the people that are covering the lockout, or participating in the lockout,’ he replied. ‘No one knows. If history is the best predictor on future behavior, the support will grow back eventually. But will it be to the same level? I just don’t know. I think sometimes you get a bit carried away with your own issues and don’t notice what’s happening on the outside.’”

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  • http://cnbc.com JTaylor21

    Captain Obvious.

  • Overtime

    At least he’s bothering to say it

  • T-Money

    he does have a point, at least in the u.s. i don’t know how it happened but in the last 5 years, the nfl has just dominated everything. people seriously start paying attention to basketball after the all-star game – when football season is over.

  • http://www.slamonline.com UNFROZEN CAVEMAN LAWYER


  • bike

    He’s right. When this subject of a canceled season comes up, many people are saying ‘who cares’. The labor dispute has nothing to do with fans or ticket sales but I don’t hear either the players or owners expressing concern about what a canceled season might mean to the fan base. They could at least show a little shame but we don’t even see that. This whole fiasco is another example of the widening gap between the haves and have not’s in this country.

  • JerseyJayhawks

    People care about Basketball over seas less than they do our beloved NBA. But lets face it…a majority of the people don’t give a damn about hoops. I live in Jersey and though i know people who thrive off the NBA, we are a minority in the sports world. The people that don’t normally watch hoops were only getting excited cause Melo and Mare are playing together but whenever the topic of the lockout comes up, their response is always the same, “I couldn’t care either way.” I just hope there are enough fans out there to pick the sport up after the owners (sorry but i gotta point the finger somewhere) beat the hell out of it. I need to watch the Knicks win a championship before they get rid of basketball or Stern will have some hell to pay!

  • trap328

    Hi All:
    Bottom line, M. Jordan retired some years ago! The economy will never be what it was a few short years ago. At the same time the standard of living for the average working individual continues to be clipped as evident by this impeding NBA lockout, let’s face it – sports in general are a rich mans paradise now as the average individual can no longer take their family to a game regardless of the sport. No, they don’t really care as the rich will continue to come, sports don’t depend on the everyday fans as it once was. They will come back, we will come back! and the owners know it – they could care less. Remember, all they care about is sucking more money, this is now the American Way… Sad yes! but true – defiantly! Yep, eventually we will all return… As a matter of fact – I can’t wait for the greedy bastards to finish up with their extraction of salary’s. Do you really think I care if a player makes a couple million less, do you care? I realize this isn’t the point! But, I also realize that all of this isn’t any of my business. I miss the game!