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LeBron James Ranked 98, Kobe a 94 in NBA 2K12

One of the things basketball gamers look for when they rip open the packaging and throw in a new game is the rankings of the different players, because, in a sense, that number determines how good the guys can be within the gameplay. Well in NBA 2k12, according to Pasta Padre, LeBron is ranked 98, while Kobe tops out at 94: “In NBA 2K11 both Kobe Bryant and LeBron James entered as 97 overall prompting discussion with each having their own factions of supporters but it was mostly harmless since they were tied atop the ratings. With NBA 2K12 though one has gone up while the other has dropped leading to some more contention between those who feel one should be above or at least at the same level as the other. LeBron James will begin NBA 2K12 as a 98 – the highest rated player in the game – while Kobe Bryant has settled in at 94. Miami also features the 96 rated Dwayne Wade and the 80 rated Chris Bosh (who drops from the 87 he started 2K11 with). Bryant and the Heat, who have no players outside the “big three” above 68, are the only ratings revealed so far.”

(H/T: EOB)

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  • EJ

    98 seems a little too much after the finals, but I’ll take it if his clutch sucks really bad.

  • MLK4Life

    Dirk better be at least a 91 or 92.

  • Idreezy

    I’d -2 Lebron & +1(or 2) Kobe

  • respect

    disrespect kobe wasnt able to three peat and now they act like hes lost it

  • EJ

    Dirk’s rating is always gonna be underrated, cause he’s a good shooter and ball handler, and those atributes aren’t important to a PF, so they’re not gonna affect his overall rating so much.

  • Jeremy

    Why is Chris Bosh an 80? That’s just inaccurate. 85-87. Lebron at 98 is odd, because he didn’t seem better at anything this year compared to last, he shoulda stayed at 97 and Kob gone down to 96. Kobe is more fun to play with anyways.

  • georgio yancy

    WHAT!!! THIS IS BLASPHEMY!! Im totally fine with Kobe being a 94, but Lebron being a 98 and Wade is a 96!!!!! THIS IS OUTRAGEOUS!! SOMEBODY DESERVES TO BE FIRED!

  • ZoomZoom



  • gubbins

    Balls to this game. Was looking forward to it until they announced it was a rookie free zone. Without the new blood it loses all the realism for me. Blargh. Lebron 98%?? Wasn’t MJ 99%?? Hmmm…

  • gdot

    I’m a huge Kobe supporter, but this rating is correct. Half way through the season, I ended up decreasing Kobe’s 97 myself because he really wasn’t as good/consistent in certain aspects of his game in real life as he was in 2k. I’d say at this point in his career, he’s 93 or so, especially since his defensive skills have declined. But the funny thing is, the man is 33 and still in 90s in terms of ratings. That’s longevity for you. Lebron should be at about 96 because on that team, he and Wade are virtually even. Bosh should at least be an 84.

  • Russell

    LeBron’s a 98 until finals, then his value is unknown.

  • kb24pr

    a 94 for kobe O.O ok but he still the best

  • http://sajkflf.com Jukai

    I mean… so Lebron should really be 97 and Kobe should really be 95… is there that much to get angry at? You can adjust it yourself.

  • http://sajkflf.com Jukai

    Actually the biggest gripe to me is that there is someone on the Heat outside of the Big 3 who actually has a rating of 68. That seems unrealistic to me.

  • http://nba.com GP23

    Update: Mario Chalmers and Udonis Haslem are both a 68.

  • Heals

    THANK YOU Jukai, at 1:11. Every year I hear people complaining about player ratings, as if they can’t be edited…

  • Anthony

    LOL som1 shud get fired lmao its just a game plus Lebron is a beast stop hating.. hes not clutch but cmon son hes a beast!!!!

  • KingWilson

    Sounds about right to me i mean think about? There doing this off the players individual stats so go to nba.com and look at the stats then come back and well talk about it lol.

  • brandon

    they both need to be 95

  • Will Lee

    i have no problem with Lebron at 98, but you have to auto program him to 60 whenever its 4th qtr to make it realistic

  • http://cnbc.com JTaylor21

    Are people really getting mad over player’s rating on a video game? Oh Lawd!

  • dubsgotups

    KOBE 5 rings
    LEBRON 0 rings

  • http://Slamonline.com Caboose

    So let’s make predictions on other rankings: I’ll put Rose at 94, Dwight at 93, Durant at 91, Dirk at 89, and Chris Paul at 89. Thoughts?

  • Barry Bowser

    Lmao Its not that serious guys!! Plus, we all know kobe is better!!


    Well haslem deserves better than 68 but oh well. That’s the right spot for Kobe as well. Everyone knows he no longer is better than DWade. And Lebron well he is LeBeast

  • BuddhaWearsNorthCarolinaShorts

    Another new feature in the game. If you beat the Heat in a close game you unlock the crying code. Tears. Lots of tears. Oh, and you can unlock a Kobe shooting session in the Heat’s gym.

  • BuddhaWearsNorthCarolinaShorts

    The beginning of the game is lockout mode. Where you play as David Stern.

  • Dagger

    Really, Caboose? You’d rank Dirk below all those guys? And consider how much Lebron’s improved as a defender/mid-range shooter this year, I’d say he deserves that 98.


    No way Rose will have better than Superman and Durantula. Even Dirk should have the upper notch. Im sorry bulls fan but the so called MVP was non-existent in the ECF.

  • Showtime

    Who cares really what the rating are, You still can ball with kobe cause we all know if your down by atleast 6 on the 2k. he catches fire and just jack 3 and bam your leading by two.. who cares.. but the rating are correct their no way in hell kobe at this stage is better than D-wade in his prime.

  • mp73

    I agree with what most are posting that after last season that Lebron should of either stayed at 97 or dropped down a level or 2. I dont think Kobe should of dropped to 94 while Wade is 96 unless its due to vertical and dunk rating points. Basically a player with flaws in their game especially when they viewed on the biggest stage (the Finals) shouldnt be a 98. And the player who did perform the best in the Finals (Dirk) should be getting a high mid 90′s rating.

  • http://Slamonline.com Caboose

    I didn’t say that’s what I’d rank those players, I just said that’s what I think they’ll be. I’d put Dirk and Dwight higher but 2K likes to skew in favor of MVP’s and popular players.

  • http://SLAM Jiggy


  • RaZkOL

    Rose Is A Beast. He Can’t help that his teamates all dissapeared ( Especially Boozer)94 is a good rating for him. I hope he gets his own layup set though. if anybody in the game deserves one its him!

  • Samco

    Such ignorance on the part of 2k.

  • http://www.slamonline.com Slick Ric

    Im cool with it, If you think kobe is on lebron or wade level, from now into the following season, your’e just a laker fanatic. Im with whoever said Dirk should be at least a 91 though, they had him rated low as hell last season.

  • jayrose

    @MUBWAR Neither was Lebron in the Finals, especially in the fourth but apparently that has no effect on his ranking.

  • http://www.twitter.com/gerardhimself Gerard Himself

    okay, comparing rankings to how many rings a player has won, doesn’t determine anything. For instance: Robert Horry was never a 98 in this game. When it comes to video games, why the hell is Haslem always ranked so low? A 68? Decent power forward, can play D, shoot a little, lame…

  • Jesse

    I’m a big Kobe fan and I have no problem with this. And yeah Dirk has to be in the 90s. Most curious to see what Westbrooks rating is.

  • hdballin

    lmao @ 2k, they better update this before it goes out of hand cause Kobe is obviously the better player

  • Heals

    I’m surprised none of the Kobe fans are irked by Kobe’s potential teams he’d be traded to…

  • http://slamonline.com datkid

    stop complaining about lebron’s rating… it’s exactly where it should be, as is kobe’s … personally i’d put bosh at 88-87. also yes dirk should be in the 90′s.. 91 NOT better than kobe

  • http://sajkflf.com Jukai

    Did anyone use Dirk in 2k11 though? He was a monster, it’s just that his defensive ratings were all mediocre… but his shot was automatic and he was amazing in the post. Great handles and passing too.

  • http://www.dunkingblog.com Im Dunking

    So it’s settled, lebron>kobe?

  • http://slamonline.com Tae

    I already put this out up here 2 days ago. Slam is late! But anyway, i know tha players offensive and def awrness is a big part of their rating, thats y i dont get y Kobe is a 94. If anything his off awrness should be a 98, def awrness should be a 95 or 94. Since his ovrall is 94 that means somewhere else he got ratings dropped. I know his mid range, 3pt, lay ups, etc better be deadly or me n 2k gonna have a problem. Still great game

  • AMPduppp

    10-11 season: Kobe Bryant- 25.3-5.1-4.7; Lebron James- 26.7-7.5-7.0. I love Kobe but pleaseee don’t even try to argue that Kobe should be ranked higher. Better stats=better player=better rating

  • http://Slamonline.com Caboose

    AMPduppp, really? Better stats make a better player? Ok, you take Andray Blatche (16.8, 8.2, 2.2) and I’ll take Kevin Garnett (14.9, 8.9, 2.4) or Tim Duncan (13.4, 8.9, 2.7). Blatche’s totals are higher so he must be the best right?

  • http://www.bulls.com Enigmatic

    @MUBWAR – Yes, Rose struggled in the ECF, but you really think that should affect his overall rating?
    I mean, LeBron was guarding Rose.
    Bron’s 5 inches bigger than him, outweighs him by 60 pounds, and is just as quick as him.
    A brilliant move on the Heat’s part, but it would be the equivalent of LeBron being guarded by someone who’s 7’1″, 310 and has the same speed and athleticism as him.
    I think Bron would be “non-existent” against such a defender as well.

  • Antbak

    (My Opinion)

    Lebron 96
    Dwade 97
    Kobe 95
    Dwight 95
    Cp3 94
    Melo 93
    Drose 92
    KD 91

  • bigboiismane

    @Caboose- Are you serious!!! Andre Blatche led duncan and garnette in only scoring. he was out rebounded and blocked by both. so therefore his stats are not better. 2>1. Next time you try to prove that point choose a better examples please.

  • Shawn

    Bullsheet!!! Kobe’s the best player in nba and u make lebron better than him? wtf is that! Ill change Kobe’s stats when i get the game

  • Rob Cooper

    Guys these are not ratings for last season, these are more like predictions for how good the player will be this season. All things considered, Kobe is wearing down, reduced role, older, new coach – his rating seems right. LeBron has now settled into his new role and will be looking for his next MVP, first ring. Both ratings seem right to me.

  • Rob Cooper

    Guys these are not ratings for last season, these are more like predictions for how good the player will be this season. All things considered, Kobe is wearing down, reduced role, older, new coach – his rating seems right. LeBron has now settled into his new role and will be looking for his next MVP, first ring. Both ratings seem right to me.

  • Drew


  • SogeKing23

    D Rose’s overall is 92. You can see it on insight #8 – defense on operation sports.com or facebook/NBA2k

  • Kyle

    I guess the guys who make these video games and rate players only watch commercials and don’t know the game of basketball. Dirk owned everyone, and he’s always insanely underrated. Bosh said it himself, he was the best player in the league. And if the game wanted to be accurate, Dirk would have a 90 and Kobe would have an 89 after last season. LeBron would still have a 92 or 94 even but they’d have to lower some stuff cause he’s not clutch and he’s an overrated defensive player. He couldn’t stop The Jet after he called him out and said he couldn’t… and while he stopped Rose, on offense with his back to the basket, he couldn’t score against JJ or Kidd. So does he really deserve a 98? You think Larry Bird or Jordan would have been stopped by those guys? Wade is also overrated, and Bosh might be a tad underrated as odd as it seems. Oh well… if you sell JERSEYS, your rating is automatically higher.

    They probably also screwed over Nash, Kidd, Grant Hill, and Kevin Love too. Glad I don’t play videogames since NBA Live 2004(both Nash and Dirk were underrated even then.) If Durant is rated higher than Dirk that might actually crack me up. For people who used to call Dirk soft… Durant is the softest player EVER. Calling for a flagrant where players hear it on a weak foul… and the official right there looked at him like, “do you watch a lot of musicals and Vampire Diaries?” I get that he looks like he’s never lifted a weight in his life with those little kid shoulders and wearing backpacks while sitting down, but he’s not made of glass. I just hope they drop LeBron’s rating to a 48 in the fourth quarter and make Dirk’s a 99 since they care about being so spot-on when it comes to sales, I mean actual skills. Dirk is a 7 foot beast who plays like a shooting guard and has the most unstoppable shot in the game today and makes it when the game’s on the line.

    Wade and LeBron can’t shoot or hit freethrows like most elite scroers(Jordan, Bird, West, Kobe, etc)who aren’t centers. They also can’t hit 3′s, get back on D late after crying about a no-call, and don’t know how to get other teammates actually involved in the game. They’re stat monsters who’ve never helped anyone raise his game. Dirk was better at defense than either of these guys in the Finals… and I’m not even lying. Believe.

  • Celticsfan1530

    98 is way to high of a rating for any player, Lebron or not. I think a 95-96 would be better, even if it means making Kobe lower.

  • JB

    98 for the first three quarters…65 for the 4th

  • jay

    man im more mad about the rest of the team….this is how it should be
    1.lebron 97 (98 a little too high)
    2.dwade 96 (he aint better than lebron….just more clutch)
    3.bosh 86 (80..2k? really?)
    4.chalmers 74 (playoffs was unbelievable)
    5.haslem 71 (at least..cuz he a good backup pf)
    6.miller 70 (yeah 3pt shooter….but also good rebounder)
    7.big z 65 (gettin old…)
    BUT MAINLY 8. Anthony 68…why? (amazing rebounder and defender…played defense on dirk like a pro)

    everybody else was pretty much accurate..(lol).. thats the real list


    i think it’s time people stop saying Lebron can’t shoot. Since he went to the heat, his interior per basket decreased by 2.5 but his field goal went through the roof at 51%.

  • http://slamonline.com Tae

    Kobe’s role isnt reduced…wtf u talkin bout? He still tha man on tha Lakers

  • JAdon

    lebron’s a 98? thats fine he was unreal untill the finals. hope there’s a season, i don’t feel like watching college basketball between football and baseball.

  • Nate

    in my opionion i think its fair that lebron gets 98.. see the difference between james n kobe is that lebron is a better all around player then kobe.. n lebron ACTUALLY plays defense n kobe doesnt so thats what takes half of the ratings added up to be lower than lebron.. n when u talk about CLUTCH.. kobe has his games that he is clutch n so does lebron.. so dnt think lebron hasnt done some of the things in the game that kobe has already done.. besides winning a championship.

  • polo

    rajon rondo will be a 89

  • Nate

    some of the players id rate would be having derrick rose at 93, d wade at 95, dirk at 92, durant at 95… n i think john wall should be 89 n d howard a 96.. sound pretty accurate? n if u read this u have to look at how each players game style is in the game of how dominant they are with it… n they play diff positions so thats y with gamestyle in how dominant they are in their position on how they play is y id give them in my opinion the rating…

  • http://www.slamonline.com Tritty

    After lebrons performance in the finals and also the playoffs in general i think he should be lower!! Kobe should be about 95 and Lebron should be 96!! Dwayne Wade about 94 and looking at Joel Anthony in at 55 after his playoff performances i think he played better than expected and should be about 62-63!!

  • shawn

    lol. cmon. The Finals are not everything. ANd if you knock Lebrons clutch too much just based off that, how do you explain the many other series where he has been pretty good. These ratings are pretty accurate. Kobe is statistically worse then he was at peak, and his defense and athleticism have certainly suffered. For those who say that “Jordan was 99, lebron should be much less derp derp”….. Jordan’s individual ratings(in the best Jordan’s in game) were so ridiculously high, that if ovr ratings could exceed 99 his would do so by a large margin. SO your argument is inert and pointless.

    Lebron is more efficient on offense then Kobe and is a much better and more consistent defender. Metrics show him as right there with iguodala for best wing defense last year Kobe has zero argument to be better in game, objectively. A bit strange that Lebron would be raised in ovr rating considering his offensive efficiency was actually down last year. That said, he should have been higher in 2k11. He is the best player in the league by far.

  • Yesse

    I really hope LeBron’s clutch is low, because the way he played in the finals was terrible.

  • Yesse

    As a matter of fact, if LeBron is 98, Dirk should be above that.

  • http://tempdog1 stephen

    Bosh is 80! hahahaha everyone hates on him

  • sportcenter

    lebron is the best player in the league so his rating shoulb be 98 and kobes should be 96 dwade 94 my opinion

  • Hessam

    Why is Chris Bosh an 80? That’s just inaccurate. 85-87. Lebron at 98 is odd, because he didn’t seem better at anything this year compared to last, he shoulda stayed at 97 and Kob gone down to 96. Kobe is more fun to play with anyways.

  • Sinclair

    Lebron a 98? That is just dumb. Should be no higher than a 94-95 in my opinion. Dude can’t even finish in the finals for God sakes! I wonder how much d*** he had to suck at 2k Sports for them to give him a 98 rating!? If D-Rose isn’t a 95 or better this game will officially be a joke. At least until the first roster update lol

  • http://facebook.com rj

    I’m a big LeBron fan but 98 is too much, I’d say LeBron is a 96 Wade is at 95, Kobe 94, Bosh at 83, D-Rose at 92, Dwight at 90, Durant at 93 Melo at 92, CP3 at 92, Dirk at 90

  • DieselMechanic

    I hope Kobe uses this as motivation. Wade AND Bron both rated higher than him. Wow.

  • Jaysmoove

    Ray Allen better be higher than 80!

  • http://slamonline.com Allenp

    Man, they shafted Bosh on his rating. And I can’t believe Miller and Haslem couldn’t crack the 70s.

  • Rugulose

    Co-sign JTaylor21 and Jukai.

    You guys do realize this is a game, right? And this is for a yet to happen (and possibly non-existent) season. It’s not based on last year’s results, specifically Lebron choking in the finals or his 4th quarters. If that was the case, by that logic Kobe should be rated even lower for getting swept and not even making it to the finals.

    2K made the game and this is what they picked as the rankings. As Jukai pointed out, you can adjust it if you don’t like it!

  • SLJ

    I agree with RJ, all those rating sound reasonible. I have my players I like but I’m a fan of the game. Lebron would be good at 96 and its normally because he has a high shooting rating that he gets rated higher so if you lower his shooting stats a bit he should balance out. And Kobe as much as all you faithful fans hate to admit it is GETTING OLDER! Hence that lower stats, but lets not get crazy 94 is still high!

  • http://slamonline.com LakeShow

    Pretty Simple

    LeBron: 96


    Kobe: 95

    Cp3: 93

    D-How: 93

    Dirk: 92

    KD: 92

    D-Rose: 91

    Melo: 90

    Dirk: 90

    Bosh should be a 84 or so.

  • http://slamonline.com nbk


  • Jake

    Its dunk, vertical, rebound, passing and blocking stats that puts him over kobe. Even speed. With wade its dunk, vertical, and speed. Remember, just because a player haS a 98 doesn’t mean he has 90s in the right places. There’s a chance that the stats for shooting are miles better on kobe than on lebron or wade. Besides if your not happy, CHANGE THE STATS!

  • http://Slamonline.com nbk

    The reasons LeBron and Wade are ranked over Kobe are 100% obvious. Seriously, you have to be either dense, dumb, or both (aka a Laker fan) to not understad that the stats are based off of how each player performed in the previous season and playoffs. NOt how they played 3 years ago, or based on what they accomplished, or even on what they “could” do. Kobe was less productive, efficient, and won less. Literally not a single legitimate reason to gripe unless its about the overall ranking of all players being too high.

  • http://slamonline.com LakeShow

    I didn’t know you were a Laker fan nbk ;)

  • bike

    LeBron is better than Kobe right now. LeBron is better than Kobe was at the same age. LeBron has to potential to be the GOAT.

  • http://slamonline.com LakeShow

    ^Stupid, stupid, stupid^ and a little more stupid. I don’t even want to get into it, it’s so stupid. How can a player who has never won the trophy that is the very reason you play in the L be the GOAT. Straight up stupid.

  • http://Slamonline.com nbk

    “Has the potential” – which is exaclty what you would say about Michael Jordan at the same age. Then you would respond the same way (because you’d be talking about a player who has achieved less) then you end up being the one who looks stupid stupid stupid.

  • http://slamonline.com LakeShow

    Naw, I’ll wait for some chicks to hatch before I start blabbing like a idiot about some eggs.

  • http://slamonline.com nbk

    that doesn’t make sense. Nobody said LeBron will be the GOAT, (That would be calling it a chicken while it’s still an egg) That’s like me saying your stupid because you haven’t learned how to properly use that analogy yet. Your saying someone having potential is stupid. Plus you are infact blabbing about eggs like an idiot.

  • bike

    I said POTENTIAL to be GOAT. He is NOT the GOAT right now, and he might never be. He COULD win several championships over the next several years. He HAS been in the finals twice. Name players that have averaged LeBron’s numbers or better by his age.

  • six

    bosh is not a 80…should be 85-87

  • Pelican

    Those who believe that Lebron,s shooting should be dropped need to get familiar with statistics. Last season Lebron shot 45% from 10-15 feet and 45% from 16-23 feet. Overall he shot 51% from the field which is the highest in his career.

    Lebron was clutch in closing out the Celtics and he carried the Heat down the stretch against Chicago. Those were back to back series of clutch late game play. He failed miserably down the stretch against the Mavericks (perhaps he ran out of gas)and that more then anything defines his “clutch play” /sarcasm/ (?).

    Why do clutch plays against Boston and Chicago get thrown out the window while the lack of clutch play against Dallas defines his play for the season?

    That,s just dumb.

    2K is a respectable sports franchise, they can’t just throw statistics and performance data out the window because people “feel” a player should be rated lower. Players are rated in relation to the statistics they produce and how those statistics compare to that of their peers.

    Lebron had better statistics then anyone in the league last season (by both standard and advanced measures)and he outperformed Wade and Bryant in just about every statistical measure.

    I could easily make the case that his 96 at the end of the year in 2k11 was too low (rebounding and defense in particular).

    Lebron did not out produce his Cleveland numbers, but in terms of skills represented as individual ratings in the game(defense and shooting), he did make strides last season. Those are the statistics that boosted his overall rating (I suspect).

  • Jesse

    btw folks the demo drops in a few hours on xbox live and presumably the playstation network also

  • Kyle

    Agreed with some of the people, but how do you rate Melo or Durant(who hasn’t won anything and doesn’t play any defense over Dirk?) And Kobe shouldn’t be higher since like Barkley said, Dirk was the best player in the series and proved it continually.

    Bosh is higher than a 80, Wade and LeBron are both overrated.

    LeBron maybe deserves the highest rating, but 98? 94 maybe.
    Wade – 93
    Bosh – 86 or 87
    Dirk – 93 – who stopped him in the postseason last year? NO ONE.
    Kobe – 91
    Paul – 93
    Howard – 93(maybe a 94)
    Durant – 90
    D-Rose – 90 (owned by LeBron when Jason “The Jet” Terry called him out and OWNED him.)
    Nash – 87
    Westbrook – 86
    Melo – 90
    Amar’e – 90
    Wall – 86 or 87
    Allen – 82
    Pierce – 84
    Gasol – 88
    Marc Gasol – 80 rising
    Gortat – 77 rising
    Duncan – 79 dropping
    Ginobli – 85
    Kidd – 80 due to his high IQ
    Kevin Love – 87
    Jason Terry – 82… does what Allen does but off the bench with less screens.
    Odom – 81
    Tyson Chandler – 79
    David West – 80
    Kyle Landry – 79 rising big time
    Nick Young – 82 rising probably
    Arenas – 70
    Mike Miller – 77 if healthy at this point
    McGrady – 70
    The Custodian – 99

  • Bobby

    I also believe that (player name) should be rated (arbitrary number plus or minus x). It is outrageous that (another player) has a rating of (arbitrary number plus or minus y)!!!

  • http://Slamonline.com Caboose

    Kyle: That looks like fun. In order of what I think should be the ratings:
    LeBron: 97
    Kobe: 95
    Dwight: 94
    Wade: 94
    Rose: 93
    Dirk: 92
    Durant: 91
    Melo: 90
    Stoudemire: 90
    Paul: 90
    Deron: 90
    Griffin: 88
    Randolph: 87
    Westbrook: 86
    Ellis: 86
    Wall: 86
    Aldridge: 86
    Rondo: 85
    Love: 83
    Manu: 83

  • $$$$

    Lebron: 97
    D-Wade: 96
    Kobe: 94
    Dirk: 92
    Durant: 91
    CP3: 92
    D-Rose: 92
    Dwight: 92
    D-Will: 91
    Melo: 90
    Stat: 90
    Blake: 86
    Aldridge: 86
    Ellis: 84
    Westbrook: 87
    Harden: 81
    DJ Mbenga: 37
    Rondo: 85
    Gasol: 88
    Z-Bo: 83

  • $$$$

    Oh and Bosh should be an 84-85

  • $$$$

    Bosh should be 85 and Stat should be 88

  • Jay

    I don’t mind Kobe at 94 considering his age.

    But Lebron at 98 is overrated. It must be because his Dunk his at 99. But I’m sure it’s because of his offensive awareness stat which should not be as high as it is.

  • tj

    im a long time heat fan and dwade fan but dirk owned everybody bottomline broy, durant, kobe, and the big 3 at the same time as of now dirk the best period….

  • Brah

    LeBron is rated just fine, shut it up people.

  • Rainman

    anyone who thinks Kobe who is slowly losing a step, is overall on the same level or better than LeBron who is in his prime now, needs to get out of i wish it was 2007″ mode.

    98? i’d say 97.

  • Rainman

    “Why do clutch plays against Boston and Chicago get thrown out the window while the lack of clutch play against Dallas defines his play for the season?”

    because it was the FINALS.

    LeBron has this thing of completely imploding at SOME point in the playoffs, and it ends up costing his team the series. 3 straight years now that has happeend. first against Boston. The next year agaisnt Boston, where a lot more ppl are familiar with, played his last game in a cavs jersey completley wide eyed and unresponsive to anything, and this past ear he actually was able to get past the east but oops, he did it agaiin, went back to being completley off his game and to the ponit where he was standing and watching(again.) no1 has been able to explain why this is, this guy is so talented, yet EVENTUALLY this always happens.

  • Pelican

    Why do clutch plays against Boston and Chicago get thrown out the window while the lack of clutch play against Dallas defines his play for the season? “because it was the FINALS”.

    That’s nonsense. If it were not for his play in those series there would not have been a FINALS for the Heat. If Lebron had not played the way he did against Chicago, the Heat would have lost, and the story would be about how Wade disappeared in the ECF’s. Lebron played poorly against Dallas in part because he ran out of gas. Asking a player to run the offense, lead your team on the defensive glass and be the primary perimeter defensive stopper for 44+ minutes per game is asking a hell of a lot.

  • hgjhgj

    lebron should be 99 d wade should be 96 wade kobe is a 92 dwight and chris paul are 93′s melo is a 94 and durant is a 95

  • idrees

    lebron has only ever hit one big shot in his career. kobe has hit many. kobe has won 5 chamionships. lebron has won zero. kobe has won the dunking contes. leron hasn’t even participated. stats may be a factor, but at the end of the day, its all success.

  • Uchiha_Madara

    LeBron 98? C’mon! His “clutch” attributes should drag his rating down.

  • Josh

    Has anyone noticed that there’s only 3 years left on LeBron’s contract meaning this is probably an association simulated game. That’s just my opinion.

  • http://Slam.com Illwill

    Anyone know the best way to play defense using only the shooting guard while playing on hall of fame ?

  • Terry_Ratchet

    Kobe’s 2004 finals performance was amongst the worst of all time

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  • XxMonGoosexX

    2k’s Biggest Question Y DO THEY MAKE KOBE’S 3 SO LOW.???? YALL KNO HE B WETTIN DEM

  • showtime

    wade county is 2k12



  • Chris beerz


  • Masterless Swordsman

    This is funny. If anything, Kobe’s rating in 2k12 should be higher, because last year he played with all sorts of injuries, and I’m betting that due to the R&R, this year he’d actually be even better than last year in real life. Did y’all see his Drew League video? that knee (and that ankle, and those fingers, etc…) looks to be pretty much fine.

  • Brian ‘The Beedler”

    That is some weak stuff!! Lebron aint no 98! he is at best a 95. besides the fact that kobe is getting old, he is still the best player of this era! so whoever made these ratings needs to get kicked in the balls

  • ballsackerhoopattacker

    You all are lame who think kobe is better than lebron james. Does he make 30 points a game??? No Does he block and get rebounds like a beast(No) can he steal like Lebron(Yes). Sad Face the facts Kobe is getting old.

  • ballsackerhoopattacker

    You all are lame who think kobe is better than lebron james. Does he make 30 points a game??? No Does he block and get rebounds like a beast(No) can he steal like Lebron(Yes). Sad Face the facts Kobe is getting old. He and wade should both be 99

    Before lebron and bosh wade was the only reason the Heat were winning

  • http://twitter.com/TheManTheMyth99 Supreme Being

    Lebron – 99
    Durant – 93
    Kobe – 91
    Wade – 89