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Manager: Allen Iverson Not Playing in Team Philly vs Team Melo Game

According to his manager Gary Moore, despite rumors hinting otherwise, The Answer will not suit up in the big game this Sunday. Reports CSN Philly: “After hearing there was a possibility that Allen Iverson might be a participant in Sunday’s ‘Battle of I-95′ at the Palestra, I had two thoughts: logically he could play for either team given his Newport News upbringing and Georgetown attendance for college (Team Melo candidate) or because of his accolades as a Philadelphia favorite son over his 10-plus seasons as a Sixer (Team Philly candidate). The second thought is he really going to play? The answer to that thought is no. Gary Moore, Iverson’s longtime friend and manager, confirmed that the now 36-year-old Answer will not participate.”

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  • RetrOhh

    Dammmmmmmnnnnnn!… Favorite player EVER
    If only he could have aged like Kobe -__-

  • Cameron

    Damn Allen….come on!!!

  • http://www.slamonline.com UNFROZEN CAVEMAN LAWYER


  • http://www.optimabbc.be Max

    C’mon AI!

  • Bmack

    Damn he’s got so much love around here, but I don’t know if he’s aware cuz he got blackballed so hard. I’d love to see the toughest player to ever play the game get some US court time.

  • http://gmail.com Z

    i hate to say it, but i don’t think al can get back in the L if he doesn’t participate in stuff like this, in order to show ppl that he’s still able to run with the younger players. It’s unfair, obviously, bc he never shoulda been forced outta the L in the first place (the man was/is a supertalent, ppl, a once inna lifetime player), but that’s the situation for al currently. Play in this game al!

  • http://nba.com GP23

    Surely one NBA team could use AI, he still has about 2 years left in him. I think the Heat should go for him.

  • http://gmail.com Z

    It just astonishes me, how disrespected al’s been over the last couple years. Like it was said, his last season in den he was still the same dominant offensive playa, but then he’s demoted to a no longer starring role overnight and supposed to just be okay with it. When he’s not okay with it from the get go, he’s forced outta the league. Man…I mean, no one told ali he couldn’t still be the best boxer in the world (well they did, but they still ok’d him boxing, and took their paychecks from it), even after he had fought those humiliating fights with mediocre guys like spinx. Al’s that type of athlete–one who’s got all the fight in the world in him, and too much pride to be a liability on the court. He deserves a chance, just based on what he’s done throughout his career (on court)

  • cramzy

    my thing with AI is I get that he got a raw deal in Detroit. But the way he handled Memphis and to a lesser extent Philly was non-sense. 3 games before he start acting up? I just feel like he should’ve at least tried to get his Jamal Crawford/Jason Terry on with the Grizzlies and show the L he still had it. The Detroit situation sucked tho cause it led to this notion that all of a sudden a hall of famer that’s still dropping 18 and 5 a night cant start in a league where Mike Bibby, Derek Fisher,and Jason Kidd old washed up a**es are running the point for contenders.

  • Jesse

    jason kidd is washed up? ok dude whatever you say.

  • cramzy

    the washed up was more for bibby and dfish.

  • ZoomZoom

    d fish is washed up? ok dude whatever you say.

  • b

    Iverson needs to be in this game. he’s the rocky balboa of the basketball court.

  • austcity

    Iverson ruined himself in Memphis. He missed camp with an injury and finds himself as the 6th man. Had he not complained he would’ve taken Mike Conley’s starting job in 2 weeks anyway. I never understood why he did that. I hope he gets back into the league but he just wasted two crucial years.

  • http://www.thestranger.com/seattle/deeply-embarrassed-white-people-talk-awkwardly-about-race/Content?oid=9747101 Allenp

    Yeah, the Memphis situation was egregious. Everything else was understandable, but that wasn’t. Yes, he was better than Conley, but he missed the entire training camp and preseason with a new team. He was wrong to expect to be handed the job.

  • matt

    Yeah Ai need to hoop in this game. No matter what he always will get love in philly he carried us for 10 years and provided so of the most entertaining basketball in Philly. The sad part is that i dont even pay much attention to the sixers now becasue they just arent that exciting. They grossly mistook Iguodala to be a number 1 guy and he is not and will never be. Can’t wait to go to the game sunday hope AI will play

  • Kieran

    Al has been my favourite player since I can remember and he was still putting up great numbers in Denver but lets not act like he was forced out the league. He has to take the blame for some of his actions and decisions.

  • http://sajkflf.com Jukai

    Allen Iverson doesn’t need a meaningless pickup game to get back into the league people. Allen Iverson needs to show up to a team during a private workout or camp, and show he can still light it up. This wont hurt AI’s stock at all.
    So, y’all can relax…

  • http://gmail.com Z

    kieran, i understand that al’s gotta take responsibility for his actions and mistakes, but let’s not kid ourselves: players have stayed in the league after doing much worse things than anything al ever did, players have stayed on teams after doing much more detrimental things to the team chemistry than al complaining about not starting anymore, i mean cmon. To pretend that the guy hasn’t had a lotta doors closed in his face that other, less visibly hip-hop guys havent, is asinine. putting it bluntly, if allen hadn’t been so defiantly hip hop, during the first decade of his career, then he’d have been given another shot in the league by now. It’s really that simple

  • http://sajkflf.com Jukai

    Z: Of course, it’s a weird clash of being something so urban and in-your-face that put Iverson on a plank much weaker and shorter than other NBA players, but it was Iverson’s own short fuse that broke the wood. He handled a super poor situation super poorly in Detroit, handled a good situation super poorly in Memphis, and handled an unfortunate situation in Phili atrociously.
    That being said, I don’t think AI has an “out” from the league like so many suggested. Simply no one wanted to give AI the money he asked for to start the game.
    I think Allen Iverson will be back in the league though. He’ll show up to a few team practices, burn up the B-Squads, and a GM will pop in an old Iverson video, drool for ten minutes and say “…. you know… let’s roll the dice!”
    And hopefully he’ll give us a few flashbacks of his greatness.

  • Jesse

    As a Philadelphia native who will be in attendance and loves AI more than any player ever even I must admit him playing in this game or not playing in this game will have zero impact what so ever in terms of a possible comeback. Would it mean a ton to us Philly fans? Yes of course but AI isn’t going to win over any team scouts in a meaningless exhibition game with no defense. Don’t blame the “powers that be” in the league for him getting bounced blame him for not being able to play a different type of role on a team. Even AI himself now that he is older and wiser admits he would be happy even coming off the bench, something that he wasn’t before.

  • LP

    AI isn’t washed up, he averaged respectable stats in his last full year…ridiculous…

  • http://redoftoothandclaw.ca/ niQ

    Why not, AI? He should play, at least try to get back some exposure..

  • ripslam

    I’m probably in the minority here, but I don’t think any team needs the drama that Iverson brings. I love him as a player, but the hype around bringing someone like that onto a team is not worth the 12-13 ppg he’s capable of at 36 years old. His showings in Detroit, Memphis, and Philly the past few years were just painful. Either he chafes at coming off the bench, alienates his coach, jumps ship after three games and never comes back, or all three.

  • http://gmail.com Z

    juks: i hope you’re right

  • brandon

    that would be so cool to see him play

  • Seven Duece

    If EVER he needed to play; this is the game.

  • http://bulls.com airs

    still never saw him fall off his game.
    i bet he’d still be dropping 20+ if he could play his game.

  • http://thetroyblog.com Teddy-the-Bear

    Iverson handled the situation in Detroit pretty poorly but it’s mainly Joe Dumars’ fault–just ask Rich Hamilton how he’s doing after that trade. He still feels the effects of it.

  • ai come back

    Ai come back

  • http://www.slamonline.com Pardeep

    Playing in this game would do him wonders, yeah the team managers won’t pay much attention because obviously there is no defense but AI hitting open jumpers and dropping dimes wouldn’t be ignored its impossible there is no way he could walk out on that court after a year and a half out of the NBA, telling the media that he is working on a comeback and not get looked at by someone. Just being around those players and running up and down the court would help him, AI would be all over the ESPN highlights as well he usually puts on a show in no defense games like the All-star game this is similar, if he is serious about his return he should play the crowd would be on his side that alone would show GM’s across the league that this guy still can fill out an arena.

  • http://slamonline.com Neitel

    DAMN!! i love AI game, heart, loyalty and passion so much, he is greatly missed in my basketball world. I always said this also…I want to be fast and crossover like Iverson, Dunk like Shawn Kemp, Jump and fadeaway like Mike Jordan, pass like Jason Kidd, and shoot 3′s like Reggie Miller, ALL rolled into 1.

    MIAMI, please get Iverson!!! PLZ, he can fill a big void Mike Bibby is carving in Miami. Get rid of Bibby and Get Iverson!!!! common!!!

  • Dale Greene

    the worst player I ever saw. A six foot guard has never led an nba team to the promise land.You need a hall of fame center or a league leading rebounder. LOOK AND SEE-WHERE Iverson finished his college career. Then find me an nba team he took to the championship. You cannot have a guard(not getting rebounds) shooting 39%. Taking 1/3 of his team shots.His basic skills were lacking for ex he does not know how to dribble the ball.He constantly carries the ball. The President of the 76ers went with Iverson and begged the Nba front office not to call these violations on him. Philly used to be the B-ball capitol of the United States. The 6ers built this team around him. The 6ers sold this brand to the people of Philly to profit at the gate. It will take ten yrs to right the ship.