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Zach Randolph Also Ready to Miss Whole Season for Fair Labor Deal

Ray Allen isn’t alone in his stance that missing a season is worth it if that results in a fair deal for the players. Grizzlies’ forward Zach Randolph feels the same way. Reports the Commerical Appeal: “With the ink barely dry on a four-year contract extension he signed in April, Grizzlies forward Zach Randolph knows exactly what he stands to lose if the NBA season is lost due to a labor dispute. But Randolph insists that collecting on the first year of a deal that pays $66 million guaranteed with $5 million in incentives isn’t his main concern regarding the league-imposed lockout. Randolph says he’s willing to miss the 2011-12 NBA regular season and a big payday rather than accept a bad deal. ‘If that’s a sacrifice we have to make (in order) to make it better for the future then, yeah, I’m OK with it,’ Randolph said in a telephone interview. ‘I’m definitely prepared financially.’ … Randolph will not attend the union’s regional meeting today in Miami. But he’s sticking by players association executive director Billy Hunter. ‘I sent a text to Billy Hunter two weeks ago and told him he has my full support,’ Randolph said. ‘I’m definitely supporting the union. And we all should. This is something I’ve never been through so it’s frustrating, but all of the players should stick together.’”

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  • bike

    What makes these players think that losing an entire season will guarantee them a fair deal? Ray, Zach, et. al. should be promoting solutions and more productive meetings between the two sides. Besides, nothing positive happens with Zach with too much free time on his hands.

  • poohead

    Without a season Ralph can smoke his head off and not worry about testing

  • Cizzo

    Yall can lay off my Homie Z-BO forreal… so what he has some off the court issue sometimes…Bot he’s willing to take a major lose for the greater good and yall want to take cheap shots at him? He’s trying to make sure everybody eat and yall just want to hate.. yall cats need to slow down on the Haterade?

  • http://bleacherreport.com/articles/670447-dwight-howard-and-andrew-bogut-a-tale-of-two-2011-all-nba-defensive-centers nbk

    Would someone let me know how guys in the D-League feel, and my doods who lost their contracts in europe? I don’t care about anyone that has made more then a million dollars in a year, if they aren’t ready for the lock-out then THAT would be newsworthy.

  • Mariano

    @ Cizzo: Are you serious? These players make millions of dollars while most of us make less than 50K every year and you’re gonna tell me that he’s making sure everybody’s gotta eat? When these hood kids go Hollywood they all become greedy

  • http://www.optimabbc.be Max

    ZBO is the man, will he be top 20 player on this years list? IMO he is.

  • Heals

    Bike, my man, you continue to confuse wanting to miss with willing to miss. They know better than us there are no guarantees (that’s why they won’t be paid this year). Their whole position is “missing the season is worth getting a better deal then the alternative of caving-in now just to save the upcoming season” (not saying that is how things will play out, but that is their current stance). NBK, c’mon now that is a flawed argument that keeps picking up steam here at Slamonline. All the types of players you speak of knew the lockout was looming and basketball is a profession with several more applicants than there are positions available. Lockout or no lockout they are on the outside looking in. Lastly the notion that guys like RayRay and ZBo have less to lose cause they already made money is preposterous. Ray’s got 10mil guaranteed, Z around 12mil, but you claim guys that will be fighting over roster spots and training camp invites will be hurt more. I say it’s just the opposite, Ray and Bo have worked a decade plus to sign those deals and now they are willing to give them up to ensure future players have the same opportunities they did…

  • http://twitter.com/BeezKneezy LA Huey

    As a weed kingpin, Z-Bo’s got other income streams than hoops.

  • bike

    Heals, these guys are saying they are ‘willing to miss’ an entire season rather than accept a bad deal. So, they are assuming missing the season will eventually get them a good deal. It might. It might not. The owners are billionaires, the players are millionaires, and the players have more to lose than the owners if the season is canceled so I am betting on the owners. And the players who have been in the league like Ray and Zach long enough to accumulate a fortune are in a completely different situation than those players that might have a career lasting no more than 3 to 5 years. When I start hearing the low-level salary guys and rookies echoing what Zach is saying I will believe otherwise.

  • Heals

    Yeah, yeah I hear ya, but I think that’s the issue with NBA players association structure though. Then the media compounds it by not asking those players you mentioned for their opinions or the NBAPA has told them to remain silent on the matter. Hopefully what I’ve read about the Players Assoc setting aside a large chunk of funds for those lower tier players if the lockout goes on as long as we expect is true. If so that makes the players’ stance on missing the year somewhat more legitimate…



  • http://Slamonline.com nbk

    Heals, what would you rather do, lose a year of money and still have enough in the bank to eat, buy cars, houses, invest, do whatever th f*ck you want, or have to move back in your parents house for a year and get a job pushing shopping carts at wal mart? Lol please, there is no way on earth you will ever convince me losing a larger amount of money hurts more then losing a smaller amount (which you DEPEND on) and living a whole different lifestyle….and it’s a ridiculous argument. Millionaires can lose Millions, broke people cant lose anything. These guys are often supporting families on 2 continents, making about middle wage. (The majority of european and asian clubs cover most costs of living in addition to whatever contract). And all of this is assuming you get paid on time, cuz that is also an issue apparently.

  • http://Slamonline.com nbk

    Not families on 2 continents, themselves and their families back home