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Carmelo Anthony Wants Chris Paul in New York

Everyone in New York wants Chris Paul to don a Knick uniform (and the feeling may be mutual). Carmelo Anthony is just the latest to confirm it. Per the NY Post: “The tampering gag order is not in effect during the lockout. So Anthony freely admitted yesterday how delighted he would be if Hornets point guard Chris Paul bolted the Big Easy for the Big Apple. Anthony has spent a lot of this summer hanging with Paul and even playing on his team during barnstorming exhibitions. ‘If it works out and he comes here and they allow him to come here, you’ll see a smile from ear to ear,’ Anthony said during an appearance in Greenwich Village. ‘It’s not just me. It’s everybody [in New York]. If he decides to leave New Orleans and goes somewhere else, they’ll be feeling the same way I’m feeling.’ Paul can be a free agent in 2012, and the Knicks could have enough cap room to sign him, pending the new salary-cap figure. Notice Anthony’s phrase if ‘they allow him to come here.’ Anthony traveled to China with Paul and was on his team in Miami for the South Florida Classic two weeks ago and in Winston-Salem, N.C., earlier this month when Paul staged an exhibition in his hometown. If the lockout drags on, they are expected to be teammates around Thanksgiving when Anthony stages a New York area all-star exhibition, possibly at the Meadowlands. ‘It’s fun,’ Anthony said of playing with Paul. ‘He’s such a competitor, even in games we play now. He wants the games to be NBA games — the intensity level. He wants everybody to go out and compete. It’s something I’ve really enjoyed.’ Anthony admits he has grown closer to Paul this summer, as well as with Miami’s star duo of Dwyane Wade and LeBron James. ‘It’s been great, man,’ Anthony said. ‘This summer — more than any — the time we’ve spent together and not just with Chris. LeBron, Dwyane. Us four, it’s the first time we actually worked out together. This summer brought us closer together than in the past.’”

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  • tomtom

    I’m sorry but i’m totally sick of this, why does everybody just want an NBA2K team where you pile as many stars as you can into a certain arena. I mean, you already have Amare and how do you think Billups feels about this, he is a respected player with a ring and a wealth of experience and at this point Melo is just another t-mac. If we want to go down this route then lets just have 4 teams full of the best players in the league and send everybody else to day jobs let’s see how entertaining that is. Melo is getting on my nerve big time, it just stikes me as cowardice that all of these ‘stars’ want to play on all star teams constantly. GRrrrrrrrrr.

  • http://nba.com GP23

    ^ this league is turning into European soccer leagues… where the competitive balance is, well, there isn’t one !

  • MikeC.

    @tomtom – I’m a total hypocrite on this issue. I slammed Lebron for joining up with Wade, but as a Knick fan, I’m totally for stacking the roster of the blue & orange. As for Billups, he’s not really an issue. His contract is up at the end of 2012, when Paul is a FA. NY isn’t going to re-sign Billups anyway, unless they luck into an All-Star calibre young PG and need a mentor who will sign for cheap and come off the bench. If Billups goes the mentor route, I can see him doing it in his hometown and working towards a move into coaching.

  • JEr dawg

    Tampering is 100% legal with this lockout. Wish away, Melo. “. I want Dwight Howard in Los Angeles” – Kobe.
    You can hear the whispers now.
    “I love Los Angeles. I would love to go home to sunshine and 75 degree winters”. -Brandon Jennings.
    Yep, tampering is 100% okay. So, start opening that can of worms nba players. Nobody can fine you.

  • Rik Smits Mullet

    European soccer leagues have no salary cap structure.So this is still totally different. Teams like real madrid,chelsea and Barcelona compared to the nba would be the Eastern and western all star teams and the rest of the teams would be filled out with pernial all stars till you get to the brokest teams who will have brian scalabrine as their star player.
    Also the talent pool for soccer is so much bigger then the nba talent pool,that you could put up 28 allstar soccer teams.So the nba is still far from as lame as soccer will ever be.

    Ps:Iam From the netherlands but think soccer is the lamest of sports, whenever a game can end on a regular bases in 0-0 your sport is lame as hell.

  • MIGZ

    Chris Paul should stay number three when he leaves its gonna happen and when it does thats just gonna push teams to go harder i cant wait till this lock out end hurry up im trying to get the rookie update…..seems like it wont happen though

  • BlackStar

    @ tomtom – I feel you chief. It goes to show you that people are so content with getting things the easy way. I’m sure everyone wants great talent on their team, but all this public crying for people to join their team is getting ridiculous.

    @ Rik Smits Mullet – Do you know that roughly 715 million people watched the 2010 Men’s World Cup final match? As much as we all love basketball, I think it’s safe to say that soccer is still the most popular sport in the world.

  • Aizen

    I hope MJ or Magic slap down Melo on this like they did to Lebron…

  • O

    I’d love CP3 in NYC, but i’d much rather Felton simply because we’d have the money left over to build a team around that. Even if CP3 took a paycut, he’d still be making more than Felton would be asking for. Look how good a skeleton bench did for Miami. No one knows if Miami would’ve advanced had the Celtics had Perkins and a 100% healthy Rondo or if Derrick Rose had a wing player or post up threat (you suck Boozer!!!). Imagine Stat would’ve met with Chicago after NY instead of blowing them off and signed over there. They probably would’ve been the reigning NBA champs right now. Simply put, we need a TEAM, not 3 cornerstones with no money left over to fill the roster.

  • T-Ray

    cosign everything @O said. Why not build a TEAM instead of a trio of superstars? Just build around Melo and STAT.

  • AD

    cp3 is stayn in N.O dHOWRAD IS GOIN 2 brooklyn…. Cp3 does not want to face dwill 4 times a season.. His ankles would look like collenflower

  • http://www.slamonline.com house

    what? having Amare on your team isnt enough Melo?


    what? having Wade on our team isn’t enough, LeBron?
    what? having KG on your team isn’t enough Pierce?
    what? having Gasol on your team isn’t enough Kobe?
    what? having McHale on your team wasn’t enough Bird?
    what? having Reed on your team wasn’t enough Clyde?
    what? having Kareem on your team wasn’t enough Magic?

  • Fat Lever

    If the 2011 Finals proved anything, it’s that a team in sync beats a team of stars. All you need is one superstar on your squad and you’re halfway there.

  • tomtom

    @MikeC. HAHA i’m guilty of the hypocrisy, totally hoping Dwight will be wearing purple and gold soon ;) . I didn’t mean the Billups thing contractually it meant as a team mate, it just seems a little unfair on a vet that deserves respect.
    Cosign Fat Lever, and that’s not just to be a Miami hater it’s just true, between 7-9 guys all understanding there roles and playing for each other.

  • For Real

    who wants Boozer?

    Chicago fan

  • http://www.slamonline.com house

    @IAMORANGE4EVER, 2 stars don’t equal team effort or a team syncing together to reach an NBA Championship. Those stars are only as good as the players around them, e.g., for the Bulls in the Jordan/Pippen era, They could not have achieved what they did if it had not of been for the efforts of players like Harp, Pax, B.J. Kukoc, Brown etc.

    Not sure if I misread the’point’ of your post but I wanted to reiterate my own point.


    ^^^no 1^^^


    If Chris Paul wants the Knicks, what’s Melo supposed to say? No, we don’t need you Chris. NY is not for you. Go to the Lakers, Kobe and Gasol needs you more than the Knicks do. I think not. Don’t get it twisted either, I love the floor general that Chauncey Billups is, however Chris Paul is younger and pretty darn good himself, and you and I both know Chauncey’s contract would have to be used to facilitate a trade. Anyways this is all just speculation during a lockout. No harm no foul. :)

  • furiousfunkfanatic

    Chris Paul to New York – I know how!!!

    1. Owners continue to lockout players.
    2. Players decertify.
    3. Without a union, games have to start again, but all contracts are nullified, do every player has to negotiate a new contract on his own with no rules at all
    4. Howard and Deron Williams join the Lakers. Chris Paul goes to New York. Blake Griffin and Kevin Durant go to Chicago. Every superstar earns $ 35 Mill per year, however, these 3 teams can afford it and are still profitable.

  • http://slamonline.com Ugh

    In other news, Nash would love it if Dirk came to Phoenix. Griffin would love it if Durant would come to LA. Rose would love it if Aldridge came to Chicago. Etcetera, etcetera, etcetera. The NBA Lockout, where obvious answers require publication.

  • http://www.slamonline.com house

    Cosigning your riposte there Orange. It sucks that all we have to do is speculate though, however much does appear to be twisted regarding the NBA today, at least in my opinion.

  • robb


  • http://nicekicks.com Meloman2.0

    all he said was he would be happy if cp was on his team… sorry, ut I don’t think theres a single player in the league that wouldn’t be happy with cp on their team

  • Drig

    If CP3 goes to NY and D12 to Nets with Lopez sliding down to PF…….damn! I’d pay to watch NY vs Brooklyn over and over and over again……

  • Yesse

    It might be cool, but it’s starting to look stupid when some teams have 3 to 4 all stars or superstars and some teams can’t even beat euroleague teams, no offense Raptors fans. I can just imagine what franchises look in a few years.

  • slam-man

    Over emotional responses for a mere opinion. Melo also wanted Selby on the Knicks, but he didn’t get that.

  • tavoris

    didn’t have to read all that. duh

  • http://myspace.com/gametimeweezy Gametimeweezy

    Drig.. Lopez is no power forward bruh. Slam-man… i’d rather have Selby too!

  • L-Dub20

    Ive always looked at it like this. If anyone had a group of guys they would “prefer” to play with, and the owners made that possible, you would definitely welcome the chance. Granted the talent of the CP3 is far greater than 95% of the league and all of the PG’s (in my opinion). But who wouldnt want to play with a close friend as well as a an awesome teammate?

    In leagues I have played in, my team and I were constantly under some sort of attack from the outside because we are all “good”, and its “unfair”. I have a passion for the game. I love winning (nobody wants to lose)…and right up there w/ winning is enjoying playing w/ your boys. If that friend increases your chances of winning, then to me it should be motivation to other people and other teams, to step their game up to contend!