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Deron Williams is Wearing the Wrong-Colored Backpack in Turkey

In addition to his struggles with the European game, Deron Williams must also tread carefully when it comes to sports rivalries and team colors across the pond. He blogs about his experiences with fans in Turkey: “Rivalries are big over here. If you know anything about European soccer, you know that fans take their rivalries very seriously. It’s the same in basketball. I had no clue, and my backpack almost got me in trouble. I have this backpack that I made on Nike ID a while back and it’s black, red and yellow. Black and red are my favorite colors, and yellow is in there for the black and gold to represent the Steelers. But, apparently black, red and yellow are the colors of one of our biggest rivals, Galatasaray. I’ve been hearing about it since the day I got over here; as soon as I got to the airport. Right then, like five people told me I had on the wrong color. I still wear the backpack because it’s my backpack. I like it and I haven’t had a chance to get a new one. Every day they tell me to take it off, that I have to get a new one. Our other big rival in the Turkish League is Fenerbahce and we play them coming up in a few weeks here. They’re the two-time defending Turkish Cup champions and last year they beat Besiktas in the finals, so that’s a big game. I’m told the fans always get amped up for those games. We don’t play Galatasaray until December. If I’m still here, I might have to bring a new backpack that day.”

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  • slamfan4life

    hope he doesnt get stoned at the next game…

  • Marco

    Must be kinda hard to simply get a new backpack if you’re a multi million dollar basketball player who is signed to Nike, huh?

  • orso94

    He still got it wrong. Galatasaray’s colors are red and yellow.
    And Fenerbahce’s are black and yellow.
    Careful while wearing that steelers jersey, DWill !!!

  • DieselMechanic

    I hope this can help people appreciate how hard it can be for international players to transition to the nba.

  • BlackStar

    Good point Diesel. We are quick to call foreign players “garbage” when they enter the NBA, but they have so much to learn and are expected to produce from day one.

  • LA Huey

    Isn’t he Dallas born-and-raised? Interesting to learn he’s a Steelers fan.

  • Zack

    Most bandwaggoners are…

  • http://redoftoothandclaw.ca/ niQ

    So D-Will will be hated on for wearing his favorite colors? Wack.

  • MikeC.

    @niQ – I get where the fans in Turkey are coming from. He’s playing for their team, while wearing the colours of a major rival. It’s not too far off of when Joe Forte was on the Celtics and showed up for a game wearing a Lakers jersey. It wasn’t long before that dude was shipped outta Boston.

  • http://www.bulls.com Enigmatic

    Not nearly as serious as wearing black and red in a GD neighborhood in Chicago…

  • AD

    ^^ cosign

  • http://redoftoothandclaw.ca/ niQ

    But that’s what I’m saying. It’s not like he’s sporting the jersey of the other team, it’s just the colours of his bag. But I digress.
    What’s GD stand for btw? Sorry I don’t understand that lingo…

  • stayweird38

    What happens if you’re wearing a bulls jersey in a GD hood in Chicago? Isn’t black and red bulls colors? Gangs are weak , not as weak as deron Williams tho I hope he never comes back hahah

  • http://www.bulls.com Enigmatic

    @niQ – Gangster Disciples.
    @stayweird – IDK, why don’t you go to Englewood, rock a Bulls fitted to the left, and find out?

  • krespino

    “Hope he doesn’t get stoned in the next game”? What an idiotic and ignorant comment…Has there ever been an NBA game where the players have been stoned? I guess not. It’s the same, there has never been a basketball game in the history of Turkey and Europe where a player has been stoned. Get out of your cave and learn about the world, other countries, what are happening there. Don’t assume.
    Rivalry between the three major teams of Turkey is true, and it is only normal and part of the sports; it’s not a big deal that during D-will’s 2-3 months in Turkey a total of five people around said hey the colours of yr bacpack remind those of a rival. Just friendly informings obviously; no fan or franchise representative has asked or even hinted he changes his backpack. Why should he be stoned during the game, for god’s sake, and by whom? Just go out and educate yourself, get rid of your ignorant racist conditionings.

  • TruthHurts

    Im pretty sure he meant stoned as in high.
    Not stoned with rocks,lol.

  • MikeC.

    @krespino – As per the “stoning” comments, dude isn’t too far off if what some international players are to be believed. I remember reading an interview with Peja and he said that it was nuts playing in Greece. Fans would throw batteries and sparkplugs and all kinds of crazy stuff on the court and at the players if the team played crappy or a player was dogging it.

  • J Mac

    I’v seen coins and lighters go my way. Not so far from the truth in some places.

  • golakeshow

    are you fu#king kidding me. This is considered news now?! Fu#k you life.


    respect culture, whether it’s yours or some other places

  • Krespino Latters

    MikeC – you shouldn’t make wrong generalisations. D-Will has been playing like three months now, did he report any instance? No. Iverson played a couple of months again in Turkey, any story of sort? No. FIBA world championship was played in Turkey last year and the host country lost to the US, have you heard of any unpleasant fan action? You have not. So you must base your generalisation and claim on facts instead of relying on some story somebody told. It’s no different in Europe than US, fans can not do those things because they would be punished. Then again, hasn’t there been cases in the NBA when fans threw things to the court? Drinks, foams? How about when Utah Jazz fans threw beer cups and garbage on San Antonio Spurs players in the court a couple of years ago, and in the conference finals game…