Friday, October 21st, 2011 at 9:00 am  |  38 responses

Labor Talks Fall Apart; More Games to Be Cancelled?

by Marcel Mutoni@marcel_mutoni

You would think that three days of interminable meetings with a federal mediator would be a lot, or at the very least enough to move labor negotiations in the right direction.

In reality, it’s nothing.

NFL team owners and the players’ union had every intention to get a deal made and start their season on time, so they did what was necessary to achieve those two goals.

The NBA labor fight is one where there are no winners. Everybody has lost here, and things promise to only get worse.

No future meetings are scheduled, there’s growing mistrust and acrimony from all sides, and it seems doubtful that reason and compromise between the two sides will see the light of day any time soon, if ever.

The only things we can be certain of, is that a full season is nearly out of the question, and a partial season is rapidly headed toward the same fate.

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  • http://Zogs.ca Zogs

    Pointless article

  • slamfan4life

    wouldnt be surprised….lost all hope yesterday

  • Sebastian

    Welcome to the NHL-style “lost season” ballers. As little pity as I have for owners who freely sign these huge deals, I hope the idiot that led the old 63/37 player/owner split is gone. I’m not claiming to know the details, but it seems obvious that 63% was a bad business decision. The players should have understood that it wouldn’t last forever.

  • Thomas

    just shut up and play hoops you b!tches !!

  • mj23

    Nobody will miss the NBA. With NFL, college football, NHL, World Series, and college basketball going on, who cares about the NBA. NBA will only be missed in late spring early summer. The only thing exciting about the NBA is the playoffs. The regular season is way too long, and over rated.

  • bull22

    even if there is a season, iam not going to bother until the playoffs… this is ridiculous to say the least and the biggest mistake that was made was allowing old nba cougars like billy hunter,derek fishe,kg,etc and all those who have already gotten theirs… its a shame because iam certain not all players are on board with this so called we need to be treated fairly bull.

  • Jake

    The only people that think the season is long and overrated are College hoops junkies and casual fans. For some of us, 82 games isn’t long enough. I for one don’t get tired of seeing people scoring 50 points in a game, throwing down dunks on each other, and hitting game winning shots playing the sport they love. Call me crazy but missing this season is going to hurt . I don’t like hockey unless I’m at the game, and I’m from Canada. Football is great once a week but what about the rest of the week? I’ll be stuck watching Jersey Shore re-runs with my wife, wondering where guys like DJ Mbenga, Samuel Dalembert, Ish Smith and Kwame Brown are spending their lost season. They’ll probably be doing the exact same thing as me.

  • Rik Smits Mullet

    @mj23 and @bull22
    why the hell would you even bother commenting.I know we are all annoyed with the lockout but come on. For me basketball is my favorite sport.To be more precise NBA basketball is my favorite sport.Hailing from the Netherlands I dont give a rats bum about nfl nhl or mlb and even less about the college variants.I know you guys are spoiled sports wise but for me NBA is my Favorite.And its never even televised in the Netherlands last time was a eastern conference matchup between Indiana pacers when Rik Smits was still playing.
    But come on guys why the hell is the league even structured this way and can lockouts occur.
    I want my NBA crack.
    Stop this lockout David Stern!!!!

  • bull22

    @ricksmitsmullet, LOL. chris broussard reported that wade yelled at david stern.. being from chicago and the same type of neighborhood we both grew up in. i would like to think that his parents did not raise him this way and taught him not to treat people like they are in the hood… funny thing is i think he is incredibly bitter that the league allowed both teams to play hard in the finals and is still whiny about stern not sending him to the free throw line more…. hahahahahahahahahhahahahahhahahha

  • LP

    @mj23: POINT BLANK, you aren’t a basketball fan if you aren’t bothered by the NBA missing games….get off this site… thats the dumbest thing i’ve heard since the lockout started…”NObody will miss the NBA, theres NHL MLB NFL blah blah blah blah s..t..f..u..”

  • LP

    i’d watch every last game from every last team, if i could…i really would…every night…why NOT?????

  • bike

    Nothing productive will happen until some trust is developed between the two sides. Sounds like right now, trust—especially on the player’s side—is down the toilet.
    What reps on both sides need to do is attend one of those retreats deep in the boonies where they sit naked around a campfire and stroke each other’s weenies.

  • robb

    @mj23 “Nobody”??? speak for yourself dumbass

  • http://twitter.com/Sylvanusuagbor Sylvanus

    The posturing continues on both sides. They’re gonna lose fans

  • LA Huey

    @bike, the question is, would said retreat generate any revenue and would it be part of the BRI?

  • Dick Changy

    It is so incredibly easy to see where this is heading.

    Before this is over the union and the media will be tarring and feathering the owners as racists.

    It’s the only tactic they’ve got and they will use it. Of course they will use it. They’ve already got one of their useful idiots, bryant gumball, to start the parade of accusations.

    If the players don’t get what they want, there can only be one reason. (so goes the unions rational)
    And it is that the owners are klannish racists.

    If you don’t think i’m right, where in the world have you been since 2008?

  • bull22

    @sylvanus, very true.. this really sucks because in 1999 when they resumed play i did not watch basketball for the entire year, including the playoffs,
    and next year i will watch when playoffs begin.

  • fruizm

    f the owners and f the players.

  • http://Www.imdb.com TheBigL

    I’m never buying NBA apparel again. I love the game and will download games for free. No league pass. I’m done.

  • Rik Smits Mullet

    somehow it seems you weren’t a real fan to begin with.

    I need the nba like crack.
    Iam such an addict i even watch the pre season exhibition games.
    So stop this lockout.
    Crummy Youtube highlights just dont cut it.

  • http://cnbc.com JTaylor21

    What’s funny, the same guy that superheaded DRose all last season is now in favor of missing the entire season, talk about a change of heart. What happened, Rose never returned your calls or did he place a restraining order on your stalking a**?

  • http://dodgers.com Joey E.

    this is so ridiculous. everyone spread the movement: unfollow the NBA on twitter! do everything you can to F them. dont buy league pass or go to games when they come back either

  • Shecky Shabazz

    Disgusted with all of this. Millionaires fighting billionaires. I love basketball, specifically the NBA. I can live with college ball, but it’s not the same. I might be selfish, but come on. If I were in there shoes, I’d take anything that was being negotiated (ex. 50-50 split, hard cap, etc.), except if non-guaranteed contracts entered the equation. And if I were the owners I’d stop handing out large contracts to those that aren’t TRUE franchise players and overpaying role players. For the players, you are getting paid millions to play a game. For the owners, you knew what you were getting into by owning a team. You don’t always make a profit. And don’t let me get started on the people that are losing jobs over this from not being able to work NBA functions. The REAL losers in all of this…

  • Jj

    I’ve been following the NBA for 20 years already, ever since I was a kid. But they lost a fan in me yesterday. Such a lack of perspective on things, it baffles me. With millions of people out of a job, the economy tanking, etc etc, these guys are fighting over 120 million of of 4 BILLION? You have got to be kidding me. Paycuts happen. Just shut up and play. When times get better, you will have a good cause to push for more money and I’ll support the players then. But now is clearly not the time. These guys live in their own billion dollar bubble, and I’m done with it. I’ll get my sports fix from the NFL and college games, and the money I would have spent on an NBA ticket, I’ll keep it and do something better with it, like buying food and paying the bills. Treated fairly? Palatable offers? WTF!? I’ll give you a fair palatable offer: Would you rather take a 13% paycut (that’s what going from 57% to 50% BRI would mean), and still earn MILLIONS, or get a real job, start earning minimum wagem and try to feed your family? I AM DONE.

  • Brahsef


    Stern is infamous for being a hothead beyond closed doors, so don’t just get at Wade about it.

    And I love the NBA haters on a NBA site. Ya’ll are the weirdest people. Like why will you not watch the nba when it comes back? To punish the league and players, like you’re some salty females with a grudge? The day the NBA comes back I’m watchin the first game.

  • Jeremy

    @bull22 See there You Go again with that racist BS

    What does Wade’s Upbringing has to do with This?

    You one coward ass person

    all that ish you type on how the players are “thugs” but you won’t say none of that In the players face and you damn sure wouldn’t say that to me

    You must be A Inbred child

  • http://twitter.com/Sylvanusuagbor Sylvanus

    Yo. I’m a basketball fan regardless of the nonsense going on between the two sides, but when that 50 game season occur in 99′, I thought it would never be the same. I mean still, basketball has regained there true fans back however, they’re not really into it. If it wasn’t for the Heat, I don’t know what last year would’ve turned out to be. If a shortened season is the result from this lockout, a team from the abyss may win the title then I would put an asterisk beside it because it wasn’t a full season. Thats how I felt with the Spurs in 99′.

  • http://slamonline.com Allenp

    I have never met an employee who took a pay cut when they had a legitimate way to prevent it.
    Everybody I know, including myself, takes a pay cut because they have to. I’m glad some employees don’t have to accept that, and I hope they maintain that right. That’s where I stand.

  • http://slamonline.com Allenp

    Thought I’d share this from a recent interview Raja Bell gave:
    I understand that and maybe I should have have prefaced what I was going to say about that. 50-50 is not an accurate depiction of what it breaks down to be once an owners has recouped all of his operating costs. You have to understand these owners are crafty. They are building in operating costs that they are paying to themselves. I mean some of these guys own their own arenas and they are paying rents in essence to themselves as they own other corporations and they are calling it a operating cost? When you are doing that over 82 or 100 games and then you are saying okay now I want to split whatever is left with 50-50… it’s not 50-50.”

  • dma

    I’m at the point where i don’t even care if we lose the season. my interest in the nba has dwindled so much in the past 5 years due mainly being out of college and working.

  • https://plus.google.com/photos/106403650426394352312/albums/posts davidR

    to go further into your raja bell interview, here’s an interesting read to give you guys an idea of how crafty owners can be with their accounting:

  • http://www.facebook.com/#!/joe.l.brewer3 BlackPhantom

    Man, these owners are so greedy, it’s nearly mind-blowing.

  • john

    man if only enough people like real true fans juss stop watching and going to games than i know the owners would regret even coming in to the lock out.

  • Van City BBall

    what pisses me off is that David Stern cant make it to any recent meetings because of the FLU… THE NBA SEASON CAN BE CANCELLED FURTHER BECAUSE OF A DAMN FLU!?!?!?! ever heared of skype or msn of something? please

  • http://www.triplejunearthed.com/dacre Dacre

    - – - –

  • http://obsessioncollection.wordpress.com grgeblck

    the only thing we as fans lose is the entertainment. the owners and players should know what they are losing much more than us, so they should get their ass goin.

  • Justin

    80-100 games? Who plays a full schedule at home? It’s 41 games plus playoffs but either way, it doesn’t matter. The players have had it way too good for a long time now and it’s time to give back. Plain and simple.

  • Justin

    There is also no comparison between the NFL and NBA situations. The NFL and it’s players were arguing over how to split the billions of dollars that were made. I’m not sure but I think pretty much every team made money. The NBA is trying to find a way for the majority of their teams to start making money. Huge difference