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Bill Clinton Offered Derek Fisher Support at NBA Labor Meeting

The former US president was in the same building as Derek Fisher and the rest of the players’ union reps (Clinton was there to promote a new book), and he offered words of encouragement to DFish and the gang. Per the NY Times: “After another tense day of politicking and diplomacy, Derek Fisher pushed through a crowded hotel corridor and found himself staring at a master in the field. Bill Clinton smiled and quickly enveloped him in a hug — two Arkansas-born presidents sharing a fantastic moment of serendipity. Clinton was in New York to promote his new book, ‘Back to Work,’ a title that must have struck Fisher as oddly appropriate. Fisher, the president of the N.B.A. players union, is desperately working to end a devastating lockout and to get his 400-plus constituents back to work. It has been a taxing four months for Fisher, who is taking on N.B.A. owners and Commissioner David Stern, while absorbing hits from bitter fans and second-guessing from some of his own players. So Clinton, who has known Fisher for 20 years, greeted him with a sympathetic embrace. ‘I went up and hugged up him and I said, ‘Now you know what I felt like all those years,’ Clinton, chuckling, said a few minutes later. … Clinton, who unsuccessfully intervened in the 1994 baseball strike, said he had not been following the N.B.A. lockout. ‘I hope it gets worked out,’ he said. ‘We all want to see basketball.’ As he turned to leave, Clinton gave Fisher his full endorsement. ‘I got a lot of confidence in him,’ he said. ‘He’s a good man.’”

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    I cant wait to read Clinton’s new book, “Back to Work.”

  • http://djfklsfl.com Jukai

    I shook his hand once when he gave a speech at my college. Asked him why he isn’t running for a third term. If Clinton is on the players side, no one can question who to support.

  • Patrick

    Why is Clinton supporting the players on this? I don’t support either side..I think they are both in the wrong..the owners are stupid imo for wnating all these regulations..and the players are stupid for not accepting a bit more of a paycut.

  • http://www.bulls.com Enigmatic

    Jukai, you know they can’t run for a third term, right?

  • ch

    Enigmatic, thats not really true. Its more of a tradition to not go past 2 terms. It’s not a law but it is understood by everybody that going past two terms could hurt the country

  • MaxIsNative

    then Clinton proceed to the prostitute he had in his bedroom. In all seriousness if Bill give his support, Stern would would go back to his cave in the underworld, and the NBA would be saved.

  • http://www.bulls.com Enigmatic

    @ch – Ever heard of the 22nd amendment?

  • Clos1881

    @patrick damn how much of a pay cut do you want the players to take they already have given back over 400 million the have given the owners 7% of the BRI to me it seems their the only ones negotiating the owners just taking. Your just speaking from a selfish fan stand point as must of you do I don’t care if the players do t play all season if thats what it takes for them to get a deal they can live with.

  • Brahsef

    Def against the law to go past 2 terms. That was determined after our greatest president.

  • robb

    that’s what he used to say to Monica Lewinsky. “back to work b*tch”

  • golakeshow

    bill cinton propably had sex with dwight freeney on jamarcus russells toilet. WTF

  • http://slamonline.com Allenp

    High school civics is clearly failing people.