Tuesday, November 22nd, 2011 at 5:31 pm  |  43 responses

Ron Artest Challenges MJ to a 1-on-1 to End Lockout

At this point we all just want the NBA lockout to end, one way or another. The League doesn’t seem to be willing to pick up the phone and call Billy Hunter anytime soon to restart negotiation talks and neither does the Union’s lawyers. So Los Angeles Lakers forward Ron Artest aka Metta World Peace took to Twitter yesterday to propose a possible solution. After expressing his disappointment over Michael Jordan’s hard-line stance in the labor negotiations, as “His Airness” is now reportedly among the owners looking to trample the players with the new CBA, the Queensbridge, NY native wants to play MJ, with an end to the NBA lockout at stake. At this point, any ideas or suggestions to bring an end to this mess are all welcomed.

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  • GC6

    Wow as if this would happen liking that first offer though just hope Metta could beat him so we can get this season going, clinging to any hope of a season

  • http://www.washingtonpost.com/sports/wizards/a-quick-guide-to-the-issues-of-the-nba-lockout/2011/10/11/gIQAon1ZbL_story.html unf*ckwitable

    Michael will stab you with a chair leg after he’s finished whopping that ass.

  • MikeC.


  • James Aka…

    Ron Artest did break Michael Jordan’s ribs once so it could be fun…

  • http://nbasobrietystrike.blogspot.com/ CoolWhip


    Ya, RonRon was on hot twitter fiyah last night. Talking about missing and wanting to hug Nicholson.
    Then some tweet like “miss shooting airballs, and dribbling ball off knee and Kobe yellin ‘Ronny, stop!’”

  • http://nba.com GP23

    I always liked the guy, but it seems the name, “Gotta Get More Attention,” would be more appropriate….

  • Eric

    Yes Ron Ron!

  • All Day

    Of course you would be MJ one-on-one, Metta. MJ is like 50 years old…and how did Latrell Sprewell get dragged into this?

  • Sean B

    In his prime Artest vs. In his Prime Jordan… haha… Jordan still goes for 37-7-5

  • bigmike100

    guess da lockout wont end den lol

  • whyhook

    He knows he cant beat Michael Jordan.That is why he is challenging MICHEAL Jordan. hahahaha. Come on world peace this isn’t a difficult name to spell wrong TWICE. too funny…smh

  • http://facebook shutup

    stop talking nonsense ron tell him that during his prime

  • http://nbaplaybook.com/2011/10/31/how-top-point-guards-in-the-pick-and-roll-are-defended-and-why/#more-16776 nbk

    Let’s be real. That bag of cheetos has better knees at this point than Michael jordan. But Then again Ron Artest can’t hit an open shot…….


    this is part of the reason the Lakers fumble in the second round last season.

  • Teddy-the-Bear

    LMFAO! Artest trash talking Jordan on twitter is pure gold!!!!!!

  • Teddy-the-Bear

    Yeah, why did he name drop latrell sprewell out of the blue? haha.
    Artest FTW, though. Why do so many MJ fans take these things personally?

  • robb

    you can’t defend no more Ron. And it’s Michael, not micheal.

  • Papa Smurf

    crazy, but i love it

  • http://www.nba.com VanCityBBall

    the ONLY time i would ever cheer for artest…. but after the lockout ends i will be somewhat back on team jordan

  • Evolutionary

    That is hilarious. Somebody (anybody) who used to play professional basketball needs to seriously work on starting his own league. It would be more funny if it wasn’t so sad.

  • http://knicks.com Gametimeweezy

    Ronron always been type crazy… he’s Rodman for the twitter generation

  • Drob

    I heard they’re planning a new dumber and dumber movie, Hollywood is calling Ron…lol

  • Heals

    The best part is apart from the comedy and publicity aspects of it, we all know deep down inside a part of him is dead serious…

  • http://knicks.com Gametimeweezy

    I seriously wouldn’t be surprised if he showed up at a book signing in a wedding dress

  • $tevie Ca$h

    go gettem Metta!

  • rob stewart

    I think Sprewell could get him. Seriously

  • LA Huey

    Who is “Ron Artest”?

  • http://shinefluid@aol.com yada

    refer to this man by his name METTA WORLD PEACE or dont refer to him at all

  • http://kb24.com x-DrEw_MaiN-x

    lol Ron Ron always be clownin man! haha

  • Robb

    yall are really taking him seriously? jokes must be on yall then.

  • BBaller

    How does this influence a lockout? Ron even in your prime you could not stop MJ!!! This comment is insane, even by Ron’s standard. MJ is an owner now and he he thinks that players who were worth millions while he was playing are being paid today’s bench players.

  • BBaller

    Why? Ron is an nba player, Mj would burn hm for 60 as a player. MJ is what 50? F off Ron, such a disrespectful comment, why not try to out rebound Russell while you’re at it.

  • Justin

    Serious challenge or not…Artest is an idiot

  • Metta WorldPeace
  • http://www.optimabbc.be Max

    I think no one would score bcause Jordan cant get by Mette and Metta sucks at open layups.

  • Brahsef

    Some people take twitter way too seriously.

  • http://www.slamonline.com Wayno

    ““His Airness” is now reportedly among the owners looking to trample the players with the new CBA” No bias there…if being “trampled” = getting paid millions to play a game then sign me up…

  • LA Huey

    Well, Wayno, you should have worked towards that opportunity starting at age 10. And wealth is relative; you’re rich compared to at least 60% of the world’s population.

  • GC6

    Cant believe how many of you wouldn’t want the lockout to end, just to protect Jordan. I’d probally be the only one but I’d root for peace want this lockout over I aint even watching the old highlights anymore rather watch college ball or euroleage.

  • Jer

    Everyday I wake up and there’s a new reason to love metta world peace more. You guys that are getting mad / talking about “disrespecting jordan”, are straight up idiots.

  • jbone23

    Absolutely hilarious!

  • BBaller

    All of today’s NBA players owe Jordan some respect, look at the pay structure of players before MJ graced the court. Even with inflation he made you all millionaires not 150k a season players.Jer you are probably 21

  • Yesse

    Metta should really get banned from twitter.

    I think MJ could still possibly beat him even though he has been retired for a while.