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Kobe Bryant: Lakers Will Play ‘Ugly’ Basketball

The Los Angeles Lakers experienced a major collapse late in their season-opening loss to the Chicago Bulls, and Kobe Bryant says that his team will play ugly ball on both ends of the court in 2012. From the LA Times: “In the final seconds of what had been three hours worth of jingle bell rock, the metaphor was as plain as the gasp that silenced it. Kobe Bryant was trapped. The Lakers’ best player held the ball and a chance to clinch a rousing opening-day Christmas victory against the Chicago Bulls on Sunday, but he was trapped. There were 20 ticks remaining. The Lakers led by one point. Bryant was surrounded by Bulls. His coach said he should have waited to get fouled. Bryant said he didn’t have a choice. Bryant tried to throw the ball to someone, but nobody was there. The pass was stolen. Derrick Rose sank a running hook shot. The Lakers lost. And Kobe Bryant is still trapped. For all the good Lakers feelings that emerged from their 88-87 loss Sunday — this Mike Brown guy has fitted them with fists and scowls and defense — there was one siren of doom. Bryant needs help, the Lakers need another skilled player, and they need one soon, or they won’t simply bore us to death, they will also lose a bunch of games while doing it. ‘It’s going to be ugly,’ Bryant said. ‘We’re going to be grinding it out.’”

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  • truthteller

    They need another skilled player? What Pau isn’t skilled enough? From what I saw last night, the demise of the Lakers has been greatly exaggerated! remember 2006 when all the “experts” said the lakers wouldn’t make the playoffs? They not only made the playoffs, and made the 7th seed but they went 7 games with the championship favorites (Suns)and Kobe got robbed of MVP that year too. Watch what happens this year!


    Kobe passing the ball to Gasol at the end was ugly decision making.

  • mick

    and kobe (the person who got robbed?) let his hole team down in game 7

  • http://www.twitter.com/gerardhimself Gerard Himself

    and Deng travelled before Rose made that shot

  • http://puu.sh/bxIE IAMORANGE4EVER

    @Gerard click my name to see a pic of the Deng alleged travel. It does appear his foot is touching the floor before he passes to Rose. Lakers really can’t blame that no-call for the loss though. If Kobe just hangs on to the ball, he’s going to the free throw line to give the Lakers a 3 point lead.

  • jose

    Kobe definitely will be carrying the load this season

  • robb

    Dumb article

  • Jackie M.

    The Lakers may have lost,but they didn’t look bad at all.

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PR6ULRp3Uqk Overtime

    The Lakers weren’t bad whatsoever. They just missed four straight free throws, which fired the bulls up to make the run.
    Plus Deng really made that win.
    Bad decision making, but it should never have got that point. Shame, because Lakers were two points away from a win that’d have everyone saying the opposite of these ‘Lakers are in trouble’ articles.
    Everyone will also forget the clutch layup Kobe made just before

  • http://slam.online house

    Wow a team loses one game and people are already throwing the toys out of the cot, get a grip people!

  • T-Ray

    I think the media is going to trip now when really they didn’t look horrid at all! We had a 60+ win team last year on the ropes without our starting center so if we face the Bulls again(not sure) it’ll be a different story.

  • Heals

    This is what happens when media folks try to cover hoops like it’s the NFL. Knee-jerk reactions for a team with 61 games left…


    We shall see!

  • http://www.kb24.com The Seed

    Lakers played well, if Gasol and Mcroberts hit at least one freethrow out of the four straight they missed. This is a different game. BOOK IT!!


    ^^^ He he . But they didn’t & it was same old (selfish) Kobe , turning over to Deng , not boxin out Deng & phukin’ it up all by himself at the end with 3 guys on him. Different game ? SAME STORY – Manhandled. Rose looked at Fish & he SHOOK IT !! BAAAM !!! :-)

  • shutup

    i clicked thelink at that pic is inconclusive at best. I think he traveled but the Lakers still had a another shot, Kobe made a bad choice 3-on one falling away layup, this team isnt headin straight for the basement but the 8th seed is lookin like it has the Lakers name on it

  • RandalJ

    As a Bulls fan, I was happy we snuck that win in. Lots of inconsistancy, and I thought the Lakers had it. They just didn’t have the dagger to finish it. Kobe came up big, Bulls came up bigger. We’ll have to play better if we’re going to be talking championships. What a start to the season!

  • Booo

    Shouldve shot a fade away or something.

  • brandon

    its okay clippers are in los angeles too


    Kobe scored 29 points on 24 shots tonight. Pau Gasol needs more shots.

  • http://www.moontain.org fredd

    old story ( Gasol needs more shots )

  • Bill Sunday

    Gasol is a cutie pah-tootie.. ;)

  • Mike From Spain

    Kobe: “I am determined to play ugly basketball to pad up my stats”