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Lamar Odom in Disbelief; Pau Gasol ‘Devastated’ By Near-Trade

by Marcel Mutoni @marcel_mutoni

One of the more stunningly bewildering developments in the League’s history took place in a matter of hours last night, and everyone came out of it looking like losers.

David Stern and the NBA’s owners took the biggest hit PR-wise, with their misguided and wholly transparent attempt to control the movement of star players, a decision that (amazingly) came just as they had ratified a new labor deal.

For the players involved in the canceled trade, things are more than a little complicated. There’s talk that Chris Paul might not show up today at the Hornets’ training camp, and that he may even be seeking to take legal action against the NBA.

As for Pau Gasol and Lamar Odom, they’re just saddened and confused by the whole thing.

From the LA Times:

Lakers officials were still hunkered down in a room at the team’s El Segundo headquarters Thursday night, trying to ascertain what to do next. With training camp starting Friday, they have another problem. In a phone interview with The Times, Odom said he was sad to hear he was practically traded and wasn’t sure he would attend practice Friday. “Maybe I’ll see you there,” Odom said, “but I doubt it. You don’t want to go to no place you’re not wanted. I’ll try to give them what they want as much as possible.”Odom also felt bad for his teammate.

“Imagine how Pau feels,” he said. “Pau came to the Lakers and played here for four years, went to the Finals and lost, won two NBA championships and then got swept [by Dallas]. Wow! Imagine how he must feel. Man, I’m just in total disbelief about all of this. They don’t want my services, for whatever reason. I don’t know what I’m supposed to do. I was proud to be a Laker, so I’ll try to help them in the process as much as possible.”

A person close to Gasol said the Lakers forward was “devastated” by news of the original trade, which was steered by team executive Jim Buss as much, if not more, than General Manager Mitch Kupchak. The trade would have symbolized the Lakers’ shift from finesse, precision and depth in the frontcourt to speed and athleticism in the backcourt.

The most amazing and hilarious part of this whole sad fiasco, is that Phil Jackson basically predicted the whole thing last year. It’s too bad the Zen Master’s no longer around reporters every day so that he could offer up some biting commentary.

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  • Natty dreads

    Ruining team chemistry hahaha awesome! LETS GO CHICAGO BULLS!!

  • http://www.slamonline.com Eboy

    Butthurt is such a funny word.

  • http://www.twitter.com/SylvanusUagbor OpineVain

    Damn. I would keep Odom for competitive purposes and what he brings to the Lakers. Dan Gilbert hated. He’s a female

  • http://www.optimabbc.be Max

    I think Pau right now is laying in his bed crying lol

  • ripslam

    Phil Jackson is a legend.

  • Morgan

    How are these guys that surprised? Yes they have done a great job over the past couple of years but they must be able to see this from a business standpoint..the team had a chance to get one of the NBA’s best and spend less money. Lamar needs some perspective, saying “they don’t want me”…they do Lamar otherwise they wouldn’t pay you so much – the Lakers just want CP3 more.

  • http://slamonline.com jumpman3224

    This seems horribly like a trade veto in a fantasy sports league. Regardless of how you feel about the Lakers getting Paul and losing Pau/Odom, this severly hinders the Hornets opportunity to build for the post CP3 era. Is this what came out of the lockout? No teams wanted to get LeBroned (ala Cleveland), but now every team will by losing their stars without maximizing value?

  • http://djksflfl.com Jukai

    Not sure Paul could do anything legally. I mean, it wasn’t his decision to make.
    Now, if the LAKERS wanted to take legal action….

  • http://forumblueandgold.com jbn74sb

    This is a horrible f’ing trade for the lakers. Suck it Lamar and pau. We’re the lakers, so we’ll always be okay, but I am glad the league nixed it.

  • http://djksflfl.com Jukai

    jumpman3224: That’s the big joke about this whole thing. Now the Hornets will be garbage because Paul is just going to walk for nothing next year. The Hornets get nothing to work with at all.
    Honest to god, the NBA should just rid itself of the f*cking franchise along with a few other miserable nothings (Bobcats, Pacers, and Kings come to mind) and just spread out the talent. This sh*t is getting miserable. Now the small market teams are crushing OTHER small market teams so no big market teams benefit. Atrocious is the word that comes to mind.

  • Bt

    If odom and pau stay at the lakers I’m predicting odom mails it in and has a terrible year while pau carves up to show young buss he’s more valuable than Bynum, who will still struggle to get on the court.

  • robb

    If they were gonna go against this trade then why the f*ck did they wait until the last minute to veto it? Everybody knew this was coming.By doing this they just screwed up a player and destroyed a team’s chemistry. The Lakers should definitely do something about it.

  • http://slamonline.com The Black Rick Kamla

    Malice in Wonderland

  • http://www.slamonline.com jumpman3224

    @jukai: It seems like the NBA is doing this under the guise of protecting smaller market teams by actually penalizing them and restricting their ability to better their situation.

  • http://www.optimabbc.be Max

    The Pacers were actually competitive.

  • http://www.slamonline.com Wayno

    Whaaaaaaa, I’m sad about stuff!!!

  • Jukai

    Jukai, couldn’t Paul sue over loss of potential income? I don’t know American laws but since the whole country loves to sue over meaningless things, I would think him losing potentially $30M due to loss of his Bird rights would be something to sue over.

  • KH10

    Ummm CP3 for Lamar, Scola and kevin martin sounds pretty good to me. lakers would have come off worse in this trade as soon as Bynum/CP3 got injured again.

  • bobbyD

    Seems like the NBA (Stern) is exercising the leagues mandate on controlling player movement and stopping the creation of so called super teams. If Paul can’t be traded to the Lakers, where can he be traded too? It looks like he won’t be traded anywhere this season. If he’s not traded won’t this affect his Bird rights and cost him substantial dollars if he walks away in free agency next year due to the new CBA?

  • http://nba.com/celtics lights out

    OpineVain: “Dan Gilbert hated. He’s a female.” And you, Opine, are a sexist a–hole.

  • robb

    Now if Dwight Howard goes to the Nets, that’s clearly an abuse of discretion and favouritism. The Lakers can’t do it but the Nets can? but if it doesn’t it’s also an abuse of power by Stern. That veto is a lose-lose situation for the league.

  • robb

    Now if Dwight Howard goes to the Nets, that’s clearly an abuse of discretion and favouritism. The Lakers can’t do it but the Nets can? but if it doesn’t it’s also an abuse of power by Stern. That veto is a lose-lose situation for the league.

  • http://www.slamonline.com Cheryl

    I agree with those who are saying that this was NOT a lopsided deal. The Hornets were getting some really good players in return; enough to make them as competitive as they were with CP. No, this was spite, plain and simple. And it does nothing to begin to repair the perception damage that was done during the lockout. And just to be clear, as a Heat fan, I’m glad the deal didn’t go down. But I am speaking as a fan of the league, and this sucks.

  • http://officialblogfamily.tumblr.com KG

    What could’ve been?…… Kobe and CP3……..

  • http://www.slamonline.com Eboy

    It still amazes me how many people forget how one sided the deal for Gasol was when it was made. Sure, his brother has panned out now….but at the time of the trade, it was horribly one-sided and Laker fans laughed under their breath at everyone else. Stop crying.

  • bull22

    the hornets were getting good players.. the problem is that is that now many star players want to copy lebron and cry about how they want to play with superstars because they can’t lead a team on their own… i wish the trade went through, i have never seen a team win a title with losing their star frontcourt. lakers are not winning jack this year with or without chris paul… GUARANTEED!!

  • http://slamonline.com Allenp

    The funny thing is I honestly felt like the Hornets got the BEST value in the trade, and the Lakers were actually getting shafted.
    It was an absolute masterwork by Demps to get four starters, three of them fringe all-stars, and get some picks.
    Clearly the owners don’t understand basketball, or they really don’t care about it.
    Which given the lockout we just endured should surprise no one.


    The ramifications of this ordeal are far worse than a year-long lockout would have been. While damaging, a sports league can make it back after a lock-out/strike (nfl in 87, mlb in ’94 etc) but no league can prosper with conspiracy talk actually manifesting itself like this. I expect the deal will go through over the weekend if only to put out the fire. That being said, Lakers gave up a lot of size. A lot of size. Now they have to rely on Bynum’s health or have to get Howard. And even so, what do they do about a Pf? For Houston its decent but hardly game-changing and for NO, well they prob came out the best. Yet, I still feel like the team is incomplete. Its not exactly an inspired roster.

  • http://slamonline.com Allenp

    The Hornets won’t sell many tickets with that squad until they start winning some games, but they would likely be a seven or eight seed, I think.
    The Rockets were fighting for a playoff spot all last year. The Hornets would have Odom, Martin, Scola, Jarrett Jack, Okafor, Ariza and Dragic. That is a decent core. And Monty Williams is a very good coach. If they actually resigned David West, which is still fairly likely, they would have a pretty deep, scrappy squad with two low post scorers, a great utility man in Odom, defenders in Ariza and Okafor, and point guards who can score points in Jack and Dragic.
    They would be championship contenders, but they would have pieces to compete now AND they could possible flip Scola or Martin into a better piece down the road with some draft picks. Dell Demps did a helluva job.

  • Darkside

    What I can’t understand is why in the hell would Stern stop the trade? It was OK for Melo & Amari to go to NY, just dandy for James & Bosh to end up in Miami. Somebody PLEASE EXPLAIN what the hell is so different now, and all those kiss ass owners of other teams not even evolved in the trade go crying to Stern ie..B#*@ ass Mark Cuban Really! didn’t he just win a chip.

  • JEr dawg

    Sadly this was all about business. The trickle down effect is bad because GMs have to bear the player’s wrath throughout this in camp while commissioner sits there. All I can say is if those guys are unhappy with franchise they should play for themselves: Make it impossible for management to make decision, keep collection checks and per diems on the road, and have fun. Those players are gonna be disinterested anyway. Let Kobe carry the team.
    CP3 basically horses around and turnover the ball time in time out. Sat down by coach and just sulk on bench. And collecting checks.
    Kevin Martin shoots 30 shots a game and Scola doesn’t pass the ball at all.

  • ALEX80

    The are not just a piece of meat

  • neaorin

    @Allenp: none of those players are part of any core. They are good players to have if you want to complement a real core, which the Hornets don’t have sans Paul. Yes, they are probably good enough for a 7th or 8th seed. And seven or eight seed is No Man’s Land – not good enough to go past the first round, not bad enough to have a chance at a high pick in the draft. Teams like that get stuck in mediocrity (see Indy in recent years).

  • neaorin

    and settling for a long term mediocre team is one thing – but playing through the nose to do it is not a good thing for a franchise who still doesn’t have an owner and a certain future in New Orleans. Scola

  • neaorin

    Er, “paying through the nose”. Scola, Odom, Martin, Okafor – all those guys are making a lot of money. And Dragic will be a FA after this season.

  • http://wikipedia.org Eddie1

    Illuminati. Illuminati of it all!

  • http://slam joshdin24

    It’s unbelievable that someone as dumb as Dan(I got made to look like a fool by LeBron) Gilbert can nix a trade that has nothing to do with him, or his team. I understand he’s still sore, getting nothing and all, but, why should Hornets get nothing when Paul leaves? Cause Gilbert says so? Make him look less stupid?

  • Mike Mihalow

    Whiny little babies.

  • http://slam joshdin24

    Or is it just me who see’s a bitter, mean old rich guy, who just has to ruin other peoples business cause he couldn’t handle his own? You lost LeBron, you got nothing! Get over it!

  • bike

    An epic lose lose for everyone. The Hornets are one of the best managed franchises in the league. This move would have been awesome for the Hornets but why in the world would the Lakers do something like this?
    Whatever. Now the Hornets are screwed, Pau and Odem are royally p.o.’d, and the owners just damaged their invenstment possibly beyond repair.
    The Hornets, BTW, need a new owner. Like, right now.

  • http://slam joshdin24

    Whatever. I guess.

  • http://slamonline.com Allenp

    The Hornets as presently constructed are in no-man’s land. With that core, you try to build a team like Detroit did a while back. a team full of fringe all-stars can win a ring and be a contender. You don’t have to have superstars.
    You just have to be deep and have players who do certain things really well.
    The fallacy that you have to have a superstar is why so many teams screw up.

  • http://slamonline.com Allenp

    Kevin Martin can score 23-25. Scola can give you 18. Odom can still stuff a stat sheet. Okafor defends, Jarrett Jack scores and runs a team.
    Those are not bum players man. I think people don’t realize how competitive Scola and Martin were in Houston and that was without a decent center (Sorry Chuck Hayes.)
    They would have draft decent picks and more importantly valuable pieces they could trade for better picks or players down the road. Right now, they have nothing and when Paul leaves they will have even less.

  • T-Ray

    I think the Lakers dodged a bullet with this trade because sure they get CP3 but they lose their size advantage that really was the corner stone of their gameplan and repeat seasons.

  • http://slamonline Brion

    The Kardasians squashed this trade. believe it.

  • neaorin

    Allenp: there’s a reason Houston is willing to give up Scola, Kevin Martin, Dragic AND a first rounder for Pau Gasol who is 31 years old. Have you checked out Scola’s contract situation lately? Or the fact that he is also 31? Odom is 32, and also not part of their future. Kevin Martin is (still) overpaid. They would be well over the cap even before trying (in vain) to resign David West. Yes you can build a contender with borderline All-Stars but NOT when they are already old and declining because you need a few years to gel first. Yes the Hornets are in No Man’s Land right now and it’s a bad place to be, as evidenced by their superstar wanting out. So the solution is to stay in No Man’s Land AND pay out a lot of money for the privilege? When you don’t even have an owner?

  • neaorin

    Bottom line, small market teams like the Hornets only have the draft as their realistic chance to build a contender. Chris Paul can attest to that. Doing the proposed trade seriously denies them that right and keeps them on a road to nowhere.

  • G Diesel

    You guys don’t understand that the Lakers have entered rebuilding mode. That size you keep talking about will not win another championship (there is a reason they got swept by the Mavs). Kobe is done, World Peace is done, Lamar and Pau are close to being done. Bynum is injury prone.
    The trade to bring CP3 was made in order to entice D12 to sign with the Lakers. Those two were going to be the new franchise players for the next 5 to 6 years at least.
    As Lakers fan, I have no idea where we go from here in terms of franchise rebuilding.

  • ClydeSays

    Those 2 are hardly rookies or even young. They should know the deal by now…

  • mick

    keep the frontline and trade kobe for paul

  • http://slamonline.com Allenp

    You’re arguing that the Hornets best bet for rebuilding is holding on to Chris Paul for the entire season, and then drafting low in the first round of the next draft and losing him for nothing?
    Instead of flipping him for legit pieces that can be kept or traded, pieces that will allow them to get the exact same record in the exact same draft and bring in another draft choice?
    How valuable are the Lakers picks? They are not valuable at all, so why is every one asking for their picks?
    As for young talent, the only talent the Lakers have is Bynum, and he’s a question mark.
    I can see your argument that it would suck to be stuck with this squad for the next four years, but why would taht be the case?
    If they really want to stockpile picks, why not flip all of those players for picks or other veterans?
    No crappy team is trading for Paul and giving up picks because they know he won’t resign. No good teams is gutting their roster for him because not only may he not resign, but he’s coming off a subpar year and some people have injury concerns.
    What are the Hornets options? They had their shot to build a winner, they failed miserably, and now they have to salvage the situation.
    What’s the better option?
    The Kaman deal? Clippers won’t include Gordon in that one.
    The Boston deal? Is getting Rondo and Jeff Green really a better option?
    New York?
    Golden State?
    Exactly what is the better option that people want the Hornets to wait for?

  • http://slamonline.com Allenp

    But, to be clear, I think you make a good argument for the problems with this trade.
    If this was the team they were going to have forever, it would be a bad trade.
    But it’s not. They can make other moves with these same players. Sucks for the players, but that’s the business.

  • neaorin

    I am arguing that doing the trade as proposed is WORSE from a rebuilding perspective than letting Paul go for nothing. The Cavs lost LBJ as a FA, got a trade exception and some picks from Miami (because LBJ wanted the extra year, something Paul might want as well), then bottomed out and got a high draft pick to show for it. Think about it, the Hornets drafted Baron Davis, and Paul with high draft picks, and who the hell knows what would’ve happened if Kobe had decided to play for the team that drafted him (yes, those same Hornets). The trading market is a mirage for a team like the Hornets if they want to build a core; they can only hope to add role players to an already established core, which can realistically only come via the draft for them.

  • Scoop

    If CP3 want to go to the Laker’s let that man go,Bryant need some help over there. Odom to busy worrying about the Kardashian and not focusing on the game. Gasol…..well all I can say is where ever he land at he need to be a little tougher.

  • http://www.kittywildeonline.com/ RunNGun

    Lamar Odom is on suicide watch… LOOK OUT!

  • http://slamonline.com Allenp

    So you don’t think they can turn Kevin Martin, Lamar Odom or Luis Scola into a good draft choice?
    And you’re arguing that they should let Paul go for nothing, which means he can sign with the Lakers anyway, albeit for less money? Or the Knicks or whoever.
    I mean, if that’s your logic, I can see why you believe it.
    I think the draft is the best way to build. But, the lottery is not guaranteed to net you a great draft selection, and if the draft is as deep as everyone says, I would want to get multiple picks in the same draft, which you could do by turning those vets into picks.
    But, if you believe the bottoming out route is the best one, I can understand. But that means the League owners continue to subsidize the Hornets, or sell the team at a loss which affects their team values in the future. Because nobody is buying a team for full value that has no superstar in a city that is football crazy.

  • http://slamonline.com Allenp

    And you’re wagering that Chris Paul will tank the season.

  • neaorin

    All those players are old (Martin is slightly younger) and overpaid. Chances are people won’t be fighting to give up any good picks for them. Like I said, there’s a reason Houston is moving them, and as good as Gasol is they know he won’t put them over the top. If they don’t move Paul, the Hornets will suck this season regardless because West isn’t coming back. Regarding franchise value, Paul is already out of that discussion so at least you don’t want prospective owners to look at a big payroll which would happen if they did this trade.

  • robb

    if the NBA is trying to sell the Hornets, they just scared away every potential buyer with that sh*tty move.

  • doyouwantmore

    I think the league did the right thing. Sometimes the right thing is unpopular. It would be f#ck*ng ridiculous for LA to have that many top-tier trades in a decade when 20 other teams haven’t had the same opportunities for 20 years. Shouldn’t teams have opportunities to get talented players based on basketball success, and not Hollywood success? As far as I can tell for the last twenty years or so the NBA has been partially controlled by millions of teenagers who like the shiny gold color on the jerseys.

  • DieselMechanic

    Is it me or is Jimmy Buss messing up the Lakers?

  • http://slamonline.com LakeShow

    My life be like oooh awwwhh.

  • http://slamonline.com Allenp

    On the next episode of Real Sports Bryant Gumbel should sign off by saying “Oh yeah NBA fans, how you like me now?”

  • http://www.2ksports.com showtime

    @ RUNGUN lol.. they both might be

  • Jrnygirl

    Oh poor Lamar, NOT. What an IDIOT. They were going to trade you away because you are acting too much like one of the spoiled Kardashian witches.

    You don’t just “not show up” that is completely UNPROFESSIONAL! You go there and bust your arse and proof that you are someone worth keeping.

    Basketball is a BUSINESS not a school playground where you get to hang out with your buddies and play ball. Suck it up loser, be a professional and do your FREAKIN’ job that you are so overpaid for!

  • MikeC.

    Since the league owns the Hornets, and the league is comprised of the other 29 owners, can we dead the talk about whiny owners meddling, etc? Since all owners own a piece of the team, shouldn’t they have a voice? Instead of lambasting owners for looking at their own franchise health first and foremost, why aren’t we all going bonkers over the fact that the Hornets don’t have an ownership group and don’t have a viable future in New Orleans? How can a competitive league allow one team to be owned by the other teams’ owners? The league needs to find a way to help the Hornets get out of their arena lease (divide the penalties amongst the other teams?) and get that team moved to Seattle, Kansas City, Vegas, Anaheim, Vancouver, etc. There are cities with NBA-ready arenas just waiting.

  • MikeC.

    Forgot to add that the Hornets would immediately become more attractive to ownership groups if the groups knew they weren’t stuck in a lease in a city that can’t support the team. The team would be easier to sell if the ownership groups knew they could relocate the team.

  • yvonne m

    get real!!!keep our 6th man of the year, whats wrong with the head office the Lakers need Lamar Odom and Pau Gasol has much as Bryant you killed my day and several millions other fans!!!!

  • http://thetroyblog.com Teddy-the-Bear

    Well… This is awkward.

  • http://thetroyblog.com Teddy-the-Bear

    @ neaorin: Houston is moving those pieces because they have a HUGE logjam at the 2-3 position, with a slew of young talent waiting to be developed. They are also in desperate need of a superstar big man, which the team was ALWAYS meant to complement. You’re essentially saying the Hornets should tank the season and lose Chris Paul for nothing… Because that will free up cap space, in a city that no one wants to play for?
    No management would be so inept as to NOT swing something in return for Chris Paul. The Hornets at present have a skeleton of a team.

  • http://thetroyblog.com Teddy-the-Bear

    The Hornets are not getting a better deal than that. Period. And if they somehow do–which they won’t–the league will have to veto it or risk legal action. So…

  • Yesse

    Well obviously the nba players are nuttin more then some dancing monkies in David Stern s insane power driven megalomaniac world!! Thus he sits there axing their desire to go somewhere where they can win while singing “3 little monkies sitting in a cage” This is what u get when u allow people that killed christ to run things!!

  • http://slamonline.com Allenp

    Romans are running the NBA?
    Who knew?

  • Chukaz

    The owners were tripping cuz the lakers got the best pg in the L AND dumped salary lol f*ck it! it didn’t happen. Gasol, if you wanna stay in LA you have your work cut out for you. Playing for the lakers is not a right, is a privilege. 6 ppg and 6 rpg in the 2nd round of the playoffs aren’t laker worthy

  • Yesse

    wait…didn t the jews kill jesus??

  • OTB

    Talks resumed again. WTF?

  • http://thetroyblog.com Teddy-the-Bear

    I always knew Darth Stern was Italian.

  • Teddy-the-Bear

    @ OTB What do you mean???

  • OTB

    New Orleans, Houston and Lakers are re-engaged in talks to find a new way to complete Chris Paul blockbuster trade, league sources tell Y!

  • irondan21

    Can you imagine the Kobe-Dan Gilbert icy glares that will occur next Lakers v. Cavs game.

  • http://www.offthebackboard.wordpress.com OTB

    New Orleans, Houston and Lakers are re-engaged in talks to find a new way to complete Chris Paul blockbuster trade, league sources tell Y!
    Not sure if everyone at SLAM is on Twitter, but Adrian Woj is a must to follow for anything NBA related – that man has the scoop on every story; EPSN reports everything after he does.

  • http://www.offthebackboard.wordpress.com OTB

    So apparently, Odom showed up to practice 1.5 hours late, talked to Kupchak, and got out of there. I think this is the first time I’ve ever seen a Lakers drama in 10 years where Kobe wasn’t somehow involved. At all.

  • Teddy-the-Bear

    Man, as a Rockets fan I’ve been getting so antsy about this trade.

  • Teddy-the-Bear

    thanks OTB.

  • http://fivemag.de Speedy

    So OTB, if I’m judging your last comment right, I’m pretty sure that the deal will go through.
    If not, Lamar would have practiced after talking to Kupchak.
    Thanks for the insight.

  • http://www.offthebackboard.wordpress.com OTB

    I’m not sure if it will or will not – Demps just recently said that the Hornets are allowed to make any trade now, apparently (Source = RealGM), so they’re fielding offers again. However, I think some terms of the trade will change, though I’m pretty sure the trade is going to happen…maybe some minor tweaks I guess. Unless another team can place a better offer, but according to Woj, rest of the executives are simply planning to low ball the Hornets every chance they get.


    dang this trade would have been interesting to watch! hopefully it still goes through…. and lamar! if OJ can take it like a man you can too!

  • http://slamonline.com The Philosopher

    So, Odom showed up and talked to the boss? That is a man’s move. Respectable, in my humble opinion.
    BUT, why are these guys so “hurt” about all of this? When it’s free agency, they tend to spin it like, “this is all about business”, and what not. Like they have or ever had power, or something. They have no power, or very little power, if one were to think in a non pessimistic manner…
    As is such, players are publically crying to the masses when they feel like their feelings are hurt. Not showing up to camp. (or publically threatening to do so) Get out of here.
    Are you kidding me?
    I love basketball. Our brethren up here on SLAMonline, (a real basketball site)and every basketball website (who call themselves real basketball sites) love basketball.
    At the end of the day, it all comes back to the money.
    I understand that to some, that view may be at least flawed, but I’m trying to side with the peasant’s (average fan’s) point of view.
    Get over yourselves. (speaking to players)
    The owners are going to do what OWNERS do.
    AND the players caught somewhat of a break, considering the logistical trajectory of this entire quagmire. (lockout)
    I mean, seriously…


    I dont know about you guys, but I think if anything, Lamar and/or Gasol should’ve been traded to a team such as Minnesota, or Utah. Those 2 teams have interesting pieces. For instance, they could gamble on Paul Millsap or Derek Favors and give Utah a strong veteran in Odom. Minnesota needs veteran leadership and could have possibly traded the likes of Mike Beasley and Martell Webster for Gasol. Minnesota is in a log jam at the 3 where Derrick Williams, Beasley and Anthony Randolph all are capable in putting up points. Throw in a couple draft picks, maybe some scrubs and some money and who knows. Imo thats better than the thought of renting out CP3 for a year

  • http://slamonline.com LakeShow


  • http://www.offthebackboard.wordpress.com OTB

    The ONLY reason LA is even trading these guys is because its Chris Paul. They’re not trading them for the sake of trading them – they’re trading them to get a superstar player that they’re hoping will lead the ship after Kobe is gone in the next 2-3 years. Paul is only what, 26? By the time Kobe retires, he will be 29 or so, which means he’ll still have some good years left, not to mention the fact that the Lakers might still be able to get Dwight.

  • http://www.facebook.com/joe.l.brewer3 BlackPhantom

    co-sign OTB

  • Holiday

    Wow how shocking…. Lakers don’t get exactly what they want or just handed a championship team and there fans start crying!!!! NOBODY could have predicted that!!!!

  • http://www.triplejunearthed.com/dacre Dacre

    didn’t they veto the trade because David Stern wants to move Chris Paul to Phoenix and bring in Steve Nash and Grant Hill….?? Just so Stern can have Nash a little closer to destroy…?

  • RandalJ

    co sign Allenp @10:21

  • http://thetroyblog.com Teddy-the-Bear

    @ Dacre: You may be onto something… Is Steve Nash is secretly Darth Stern’s son?

  • jdn41

    David Stern is worst than my fantasy basketball commissioner. I hate you SikWidIt88!!! lol

  • Drig

    Stern : Nash, I’m you’re father!…………..And Paul, you’re my bi*ch. Su*k on it. lol…..

  • jj

    “Is Steve nash is secretly David Stern’s son?” Wow, you are ignorant.

  • jj

    “Is Steve nash is secretly David Stern’s son?” Wow, you are ignorant.

  • http://thetroyblog.com Teddy-the-Bear

    But am I more ignorant than the guy who hasn’t seen Star Wars? =)

  • Justin

    Allen, I do disagree on one point. You say you don’t need superstars on your team to win the title because of what Detroit did? I’d have to say that the Detroit wins were more exception then the rule. I mean, I can’t think of another team outside of that lone Detroit team that didn’t have at least one or two bona fide superstars on them. I think that’s probably true for every team sport

  • Ali

    gotta get cp3 without sacrificing the core.

  • http://www.triplejunearthed.com/dacre Dacre

    Steve Skywalker….?

  • BostonBaller

    Don’t blame Stern…what “owner” wants to lose a superstar and get minimum in return? The LAL would have gotten Paul and gotten rid of millions off their books and could afford Howard. The deal was suspect from jump street but I respect the LAL for their business savvy. As far as hurt feelings??? Get over it and go “play” basketball and get paid millions for “playing”. Report to “work” and do what you do “grown men”. lol

  • http://thetroyblog.com Teddy-the-Bear

    @ Justin: You mean *2 or really 3 superstars, which most championship teams have had.

  • james

    Starting to think that the NBA was better off locked out. Stupid small market owners are still not happy and won’t rest until they ruin the league. This is particularly idiotic since the Hornets got a pretty good haul on this deal. I could see pretty competitive with a core of Martin, Scola, Odom, Ariza, Jack and Dragic off of the bench.

    If the owners can’t kill the whole season, they’ll sure make you wish they did. Can’t wait to see what stupidness they do next.

  • ryan

    lakers need to find his tempo to play as a team,i think with sign a talented guy with big name but he cant play with the team(lakers)..it would be nothing, plus with kobe ego on there..well,who knows…

  • Justin

    @ Teddy…Yes, that too.


    I hope Stern nixes the deal again. The Hornets should make everyone up their bidding like the way the Nuggets did last season, right up to the trade deadline. It should be about what’s best for the Hornets, not Chris Paul, the Lakers, and Rockets.

  • http://www.kb24.com The Seed

    Hornets won in this trade with pieces that can play now and can use them for trade bait. Don’t you think the Bulls would trade for Kevin Martin or someone trades for Odom. Hornets won in this trade, but Stern is trying to get more draft picks or younger not experienced players. So Hornets can have draft picks, who might not be anything in future and different players coming back. Sometimes you think to long, you end up studying wrong. I hope my Lakers now, trade for Howard and Paul walks to us after the season. But Lakers can not pass up chance to get Paul, with the offense Mike Brown will be running. BOOK IT!!


    @The Seed: The NBA and David Stern, while owning the Hornets, have a fiduciary duty to New Orlean’s to do what’s best for the future of the New Orleans Hornets franchise. Taking a deal now before the season starts, just because you’re being pressured to do so, is not a wise decision. The Hornets GM Del Demps should apply the same strategy Masai Ujiri of the Nuggets used last season, and that is be patient. Wait it out until the offers get better. Believe me, there is a better offer out there. The Lakers need to be raked over the coals by the Hornets if they want CP3 bad enough. This should be punishment for the Pau Gasol gift, and just because Marc Gasol turned out to be a good center doesn’t change the fact the Lakers got a gift from the Grizzlies (Jerry West influence) when they landed Pau Gasol without having to give up Lamar Odom and take back Brian Cardinal’s contract.

  • http://thetroyblog.com Teddy-the-Bear

    @ Orange: Come on man, you don’t like this deal because you want Chris Paul playing for the Knicks. I feel you, but the Hornets aren’t getting a better deal than this–much less from the Knicks.

  • http://thetroyblog.com Teddy-the-Bear

    They already are pulling a Denver Nuggets-type deal here. This trade will make as competitive as they were with Chris Paul, and possibly better. It definitely increases their depth and now they have actual trade chips. David West isn’t coming back.

  • Lakers-girl-for-life

    seriously this is rediculous They just crushed Lamar and Pau but how do u guys think kobe feels bout this hes getting old and is going to retire in a few years from what i think its just so aggrivating seriously think about kobe too. with paul gasol lamar kobe AND Chris Paul screw CP3 its CP4! haha “joken” and kobe was probably so exicted for this. Chris Paul is better then lamar and Kobe was thinking its genna be like him and shaq all over again except hes not the noob. in 2000 2001 and 2002 kobe and shaq had 3 consecutive wins together which is phenominal. that time in kobes life partially made him the player he is. and dont get all technical saying how so and so hates kobe cuz he assaulted someone ok its stupid i could care less about what kobe chooses to do in his free time in any time for any player its about how they play their sportmanship and aggresivness. Unlike Lebron where kobe or derreck rose anyone basically will go up to him during the game and brush his arm. overexadurate and MAKE HIMSELF forcefully fall for the free shots. thats unsportsman like and sure u can play that way but theirs a reason kobe has more rings. i dont understand why they would declare this trade then crush all the lakers fans just cuz the NBA owns this crap. its so irritating. the Hornets had a great deal from this and probably the best one theyll have. what happened to the NBA. this lockout was both the players and the coaches fault. but still its rediculous i mean right after the lockout when we think everything is genna be so great with the trade they juke us in this!?! the stupid small market owners r trying to ruin this organization. seeing the hornets actually got a pretty good deal for the trade. theyre just asking for trouble.if they cant kill the whole season their going to make it hell and just frustrating to see the teams we love and follow be ruined by something so eradicate.and from here all i have to say is that the lakers need to brush this off because crap happens to everyone and every team. even other sports or travel sports crap happens so all i have to say about this season is kick butt and beat chicago on christmas so that we dont start our a little more then half a season off well and not with a loss.

  • Lakers-girl-for-life


  • Vince5

    Aren’t they veterans? They should know that it’s business and they can get traded any time the GM/owner wants.

  • http://Bulls.com LittleDrummerKid

    David Stern – Defensive Player of the year 2011-2012

  • jj

    Just because i don’t call him Darth Stern doesn’t mean I haven’t seen it.

  • http://thetroyblog.com Teddy-the-Bear

    Whelp, according to David Aldridge, the Lakers got tired of waiting and broke off talks with the Hornets. They’re now dealing Lamar Odom to the Mavs, and probably going after Dwight Howard instead.
    David Darth Stern is a f*cking imbecile.