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‘Lob City’ Clippers Tee

Represent for the alley-oops going up in the red, white and blue.

by Eddie Maisonet / @edthesportsfan

The smoke has settled, the dust has cleared and the trade has finally processed. In a moment where we never thought this day would actually happen, where the Los Angeles Clippers would land the marquee player versus their intra-arena rival. Where the Clippers would be the new talk of the town versus their intra-arena rival. Where the Clippers would wrestle the power away from their intra-arena rival become the new Kings of L.A.?

Not so fast my friend.

Yes, the Clippers will be much improved and will have a buzz like none other. But the Lakers are still the Lakers, so let’s chill on the ridiculous hype that will surround this team beginning on Christmas Day.

What we can do is celebrate arguably the biggest moment in the history of this moribund and decrepit franchise. We have no idea how long this will last or if this experiment will even work, so let’s just band together and pray that “The Clip Show” can escape its usual wrath of injuries and evolve into the greatness that could be “Lob City.” Just imagine CP3, Chauncey Billups and Eric Bledsoe throwing oops to Blake and DeAndre…can’t wait.

Jeremy Biggers of The Unko and The Sportsfan Journal have collaborated to produce “The Lob City Clippers tee” and it’s available for pre-order starting at $20. Get yours now.

You can follow Eddie at @edthesportsfan or follow his newest project The Sportsfan Journal.

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  • Kadavour

    Chauncey isn’t known for his ability to throw lobs. I can’t see him fitting into an uptempo offensive system either. he can control an offense and dictate the pace of a game, but other than that he isn’t great at creating offense for others, though i must say he can create opportunities for himself with his back to the basket better than 90% of the PGs in the L. he shoots poor percentages and doesn’t finish well at the rim. he should be coming off the bench. start, Paul, Tough Juice, Gomes, Go Get It & Dre

  • http://www.twitter.com/edthesportsfan Ed

    Chauncey isn’t known for throwing lobs because he hasn’t been on an uptempo team in years. However, I agree that I could see Chauncey playing alongside CP3 in the starting lineup then maybe running the second unit as the point guard as well. Severely underrated pickup by LAC.


  • Pic

    Bled’s actually gonna be on the receiving end of these oops

  • http://slamonline.com quest

    wow…… people have short memories. Yall dont remember him throwing that thing up to the 6’9 ben wallace on a regular basis?

  • S.Hitch

    ‘Lob City’ has to be one of the cheesiest nicknames ever!

  • http://www.ebay.com/itm/Los-Angeles-Clippers-LOB-CITY-Large-T-Shirt-Chris-Paul-and-Griffin-Basketball-/220916154545?pt=US_Mens_Tshirts&hash=item336fa100b1 Halfway Crook

    Man, that shirt is pretty ugly. I like the concept but this shirt just looks like a kid’s shirt. I like this one alot better:


  • http://Slamonline.com Mars

    Yeah agreed….No SwaG

  • http://slamonline.com Ugh

    That’s some mighty fast market exploitation.

  • Michael

    Just got my lob city shirt on here. Sick quality highly recommended.

  • Kathy

    I don’t understand the whole “Lob City” thing? How did that come about? What’s the meaning? Lost…..

  • Lob City Tee

    Found this this Lob City tee aswell worth checking out – http://www.24-seconds.com/shop/basketball-tees/l-a-is-lob-city-tee/