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Magic, Howard Have Not Spoken Since Lockout

Dwight Howard has much to consider before deciding where he wants to play. Dwight has a chance to meet with Magic GM Otis Smith on December 9, so we’re not concerned with the lack of dialogue just yet. From the Orlando Sentinel: “Dwight Howard’s long-term plans still remain a mystery to the Orlando Magic — and perhaps even to Howard himself. As of 7 Friday night, Magic General Manager Otis Smith had not had any substantive discussions with Howard’s powerhouse agent, Dan Fegan, who also represents free-agent shooting guard Jason Richardson and advises point guard Gilbert Arenas. Smith cautioned that it would be a mistake to read anything into that. Indeed, Smith and Fegan could speak with each other this weekend. And even if they don’t, there might not be any immediate reason for concern from the Magic’s perspective. Howard and Smith will have the chance to speak Dec. 9, the day training camps are scheduled to open across the league.”

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  • Andrew

    Dear NBA,
    Your league is f’d. The inmates are running the asylum now and there ain’t no turning back. What the hell is the point of keeping all your small market teams around for them to all lose their star players to NYC or LA. Why the heck would small market joe blue collar want to shell out big money for season tickets to watch b & c list players try to compete with these pre-fabricated globetrotter superteams? Why cut the pretense pink slip these b&c list players to the farm leagues and go to a six-eight teams of superstars – that’s what they all want so why pretend
    the Millwaukees or Indianas will ever have a shot at winning it all? For the love of
    God Dwight dont join the Lakers

  • #6marjons

    can everyone just chill out. the lockout ended like a minute ago

  • thor

    Thank you Andrew, couldn’t agree more.

  • GC6

    If Dwight joins the Lakers he wont achieve the legendary big man status he wants, he will always be second to Kobe, Kobe likes to take allot of shots so it will be Orlando all over again. The best move would be to the nets because of D will, they could be a Malone Stockton combo D will like to share the ball but he can score when he needs to. But I think he should stay with the Magic to get rid of this Super team mentality I prefer the league where anyone can win not when its limited to a hand-full of teams.

  • http://www.slamonline.com Wayno

    Yeah, because Houston, Detroit, and San Antonio haven’t accounted for any titles in the past 20 years…How many titles has New York won lately?

  • rainman10

    Houston and Detroit are not small market. And San Antonio is the exception to the rule, but barely. They built their team through the draft, not big name free agent signings or block buster trades or players joining up to play there together.

  • O

    Andrew and Thor need to calm down. I don’t remember people being this upset when Grant Hill and Tracy McGrady signed to the Magic. They were ahead of their time. Nobody cried when KG went to Boston to link up with Pierce and Allen. Players JUST began realizing how much power they have. All this “inmates” running the asylum crap sounds like MF’s want players to be opressed and forced to play in places they don’t want to. Indiana, Cleveland and Milwaukee don’t know how to run their teams. On the other hand look at how well Oklahoma City and Memphis have done. Orlando isn’t a small market but they’ve put themselves in a hole witb those horrible contracts. My Knicks were in a HORRIBLE situation thanks to bad management before Saint Donnie Walsh came and cleaned house and left my team with two cornerstones and a little cap room to add another piece or two. Even though the Knicks are in a good position, I don’t like the idea of Super Teams either, but players are realizing that GM’s and Presidents aren’t the geniuses of past and can’t put together a decent team to save their lives or careers. So they’re picking and choosing their own teammates, and it just so happens that the big players are in the big markets.

  • http://www.slamonline.com Wayno

    @ rainman – they’re certainly not on the same level as NY, LA, or Miami…how many FA’s clamor to go to Detroit? I’m just saying that NY, probably the biggest market in the NBA hasn’t won a title in decades, and they’ve only come close a couple times. Good ownership/management is a much larger determining factor in putting a good team together.

  • http://cnbc.com JTaylor21

    How many chips have CHI, NY, and PHI won in the past decade? So stop all the crying about small market teams not having a chance, take that ish to ESPN.

  • http://Slamonline.com Caboose

    I miss a league where the team is above the individual.
    I miss a league where the Kings were the NBA darlings.
    I miss a league where the ABC game would read “Spurs-Knicks” instead of “Rose-Kobe.”
    I miss a league where team pride was something tangible.
    I miss a league where players were competitors first and friends second.
    I miss a league without ESPN’s sensationalist coverage.
    I miss a league where players focused on their game and not their own celebrity.
    I miss a league where >20% of the teams had a chance to win.
    I miss a league where every team had somebody marketable.
    I guess most of all, I just miss the NBA.

  • http://cnbc.com JTaylor21

    Caboose, when was that because except for the 70s, the L has never been that way. The NBA has always placed star players above everything else.

  • tomtom

    I may be wrong here but, isn’t that just the rules. Players not being associated with teams until the lockout finishes? Which was what, 5 minutes ago?

  • http://slamonline.com swagg

    That comment at 12:26 pm was dump. Lakers got all their legendary big mans through trade. There was an article on espn mobile that talk about when the Lakers got Wilt Chamberlain, Adul jabar and Shaq; all three times the Lakers traded a lot of players to get them and everyone said they gave up too much and it paid off. Why should they not do the same thing here with Howard. Trade anyone but Kobe and Gasol and let history repeat itself for a fourth time. Jersey doesn’t have enough assets to entertain him, Clippers are just the Lakers little ugly sister so why go there when you have a chance to go to the Lakers, New York seems to want Chris Paul more.

  • O

    I’m saying! Jordan, Bird, Magic. Aside from Miami, Detroit, Dallas and Houston, since the 80′s the title usually always went to the Bulls, Spurs, Celtics or Lakers. Now it’s looking like it’s going to be a future of Miami, Oklahoma City, Dallas, Chicago, New York, Lakers and even Memphis championships. I don’t know what the hell Caboose is talking about…

  • dahon

    same team. change team, whatever happens man. just start the season already….x

  • Andrew

    I ain’t looking to get into a war of words – (that’s not what I’m about) but O if you can’t see a distinction between McGrady (a young and then unproven talent) signing as a free agent to Orlando – from Melo; a proven superstar keeping his team, fans and management hostage almost all of last year – forcing them to trade to his ONE and only team of choice – than this isn’t really a discussion for debate.

    It ain’t about keeping anyone ‘oppressed’ but man (if playing a game for 10-20 mill a year is oppressed sign me up) trying being a fan of a small market team for a season – you finally draft a player to love and hope in – only to have them bolt to play with their superstar buddies. Why did all the legends dog Lebron for doing it – cos that’ not what real competition is about. You want to beat the best – not all join the same team to beat lesser thans. You’re right that management and owners are just as big a part of the problem – it’s just hard to watch as someone who’s loved the game for so long to see what it’s become in the past couple years

  • Brahsef

    All those legends played for those big market teams. GTFO

    If you’re small market team drafts well and doesn’t give out retarded salaries, you have a chance of winning. You might not win the chip but you’ll be competitive.

  • robb

    agreed JTaylor21. Besides, Basketball is not the only sport in the world where big markets get the big players. You have New York and Boston in baseball, Real Madrid and Barca, or Chelsea and Man U in soccer, I mean what’s new really?

  • http://nba.com GP23

    It happens in all sports, especially in Soccer.

  • http://www.slamonline.com Double J

    d12 not reaching legendary big man status in LA is a joke… kobe aint gonna be there forever, plus everyone gotta realize people gonna be pissed if he joins LA cuz they would be the west coast lock for the ship, smh. Lets do this.

  • http://thetroyblog.com Teddy-the-Bear

    The only thing that p!sses me off about the NBA being star-driven is their officiating. Superstar calls are absolute nonsense. There’s no reason a good player deserves an EXTRA advantage–I mean what kind of sh!tty logic is that??
    Other than that, it doesn’t make too much of a difference, imo.

  • http://thetroyblog.com Teddy-the-Bear

    Football is worse for players coming and going, imo. But that’s probably because the only two teams I follow are the Giants and Jets. I still thought Braylon Edwards was on the Jets when the season started. And it’s weird as hell to see Plaxico Burress playing for the Jets instead of the Giants–wtf happened?!?

  • http://slamonline.com Ugh

    Dear Slam – it’s interesting that you hardly got any bites on that troll-a-thon headline, but it’s equally interesting what a weird series of commentt did turn up in this thread. Don’t you think?

  • http://www.slamonline.com house

    fk’s sakes, I am ultra tired of all this ‘put all the stars on this and that team’ bs, (i.e the Heat and Lakers for example)I miss the old days when yes, there were stars but each team had one or two. Maybe I was spoilt by the NBA basketball of the late 80′s and the 90′s but I prefer the NBA of yesteryear to the NBA of today.

  • http://dsfjklf.com Jukai

    LOL at all the people talking about small market teams can’t compete when talking about ORLANDO….
    All of the 60s: Celtics.
    Early 80s: Houston, LA, Boston, Phili.
    Late 80s: Houston, LA, Boston, Detroit.
    90s: Chicago, Utah, Houston, Detroit.
    The good old days only had four teams that could possibly win… you guys must be 12-years-old.

  • http://facebook.com/tronjohnson Chief

    I don’t see why people have a problem with what Melo did. He could have gone to free agency and Lebroned Denver, he gave them a limited choice(I’ll concede that), but it turned denver into the number one offense in the league. To me this proved how much Melo loves the game of basketball. More importantly NY basketball, the motherland…He brought the Orangemen to the Final Four and now he wants to bring the big one to New York. Lebron never wanted that, he wants gratification, Melo wants his place in History.

  • eZ

    Didn’t dallas just won last year? And for the first time in nba history no less…jeezz people need to chill.
    Plenty of stars and talent in todays nba, good teams too. Mem, okc, lal, por, dal, san, chi, bos, mia, nyk

  • http://www.leaguelineup.com/welcome.asp?url=pawtucketymca Gametimeweezy

    the way the owners were trying to do the players wouldn’t any conversations with them now be slightly awkward anyways?

  • http://Slamonline.com nbk

    New York is not the motherland of basketball. It was created by a canadien, In Springfield, Massachusetts.

  • ab40

    Dear andrew do you know how many game changing players are playing in LA and NYC combined? Maybe 1 and that’s Kobe. Gasol, Griff, Melo and Stoudamire are all very good players. The rest of ther squads are so so. I just read CP3 is willing to go to the magic. I like that move. Just don’t know what the hell they can offer NO to help their rebuilding proces hehe.

  • http://nbasobrietystrike.blogspot.com/ CoolWhip

    Chris Paul ‘Likes’ this

  • Sam J

    The minute a player says they want to go to Team X, their team should shop them and get the best deal possible, wherever that may be. If it’s not where the player wants to go, TS. Players have been holding teams hostage for too long.

  • Chukaz

    Players have never held teams hostage. If joe johnson decided he would play like sh*t if he wasn’t traded to the knicks, than he’d be holding his team hostage. If Dwight decides he doesn’t want to sign an extension he’s NOT holding his team hostage. He’s contractually obligated to play for them for the duration of the deal. Once the deal expires he doesn’t owe the team anything, just like the team doesn’t owe him anything. If you go to a restaurant, and this restaurant isn’t the same where you ate last time, you don’t owe the last restaurant money, just like that restaurant doesn’t owe you food after you leave. You think when Dwight is 35 years old and way past his prime the Magic will give him a max extension cuz they owe it to him?

  • http://slamonline.com swagg

    @sam j, false, a team cant just trade their star player to anyone because there is no team that are going to give up assets if the star player that they receive in return isn’t going to sign an extension with them. Its funny how you say that the players are holding teams hostage, you act like the owners are innocent. Team have massive power in a lot of areas but as soon a players find an area where they have a little power in, they become the bad guys. for example; teams have the power to trade players without telling them to anywhere they want to, sometime players find out that they have been traded via ESPN…..I fail to see why people choose to support these owners so much

  • http://www.kittywilde.com/ RunNGun

    Dumb headline… no sh!t. If an NBA team spoke with its players during the lockout, they’d be fined.