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NBA to Introduce New Rules

by Marcel Mutoni @marcel_mutoni

The NBA regular season kicks off on December 25th, and the game will look and feel slightly different to fans.

Of course, it’s players, coaches and referees who will need to make the biggest adjustments.

The new rules center on the interpretation of offensive fouls, traveling violations, and most critically, speeding up the game (especially the last few minutes, when it usually degenerates into an interminable free-throw shooting contest.)

ESPN reports on the upcoming changes:

  • Substitutions will only be allowed before the final free throw of any trip to the line that is not for a technical or flagrant foul.
  • Two horns will be sounded 15 seconds apart after every timeout. Teams whose players are not moving toward the court as soon as the second horn sounds will receive a delay-of-game warning.
    Instant replay will be utilized only during full timeouts, not 20-second timeouts, when necessary.
  • Whether a player’s foot is on the three-point line or midcourt line will be determined by where it last touched the floor, meaning a player could have a toe on the three-point line but if he leans back on his heels before he releases the ball a successful shot would be deemed a three-pointer.
  • The eight-second backcourt violation will occur when the shot clock reaches 15 seconds, rather than 16.
  • The last rule is necessary because the 24-second shot clock will now be equipped to show 10ths for the final five seconds and work as a “true” clock. From a technical standpoint, the old shot clock began with 24.9 seconds and expired with .9 left. Now the clock will switch from 24 to 23 seconds after .1 second has expired.

  • According to Stu Jackson, NBA vice president of basketball operations, refs will be less likely to reward players who attempt the infamous “rip-through” move to draw fouls, and you can expect to see more Flagrant Level 2 fouls called when contact is made on airborne offensive players.

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    • robb

      more Flagrant Level 2 fouls???

    • http://www.optimabbc.be Max

      Was so hoping to see “”And gone are the BS technical foul calls”.

    • http://www.chicagonow.com/load-o-bull/files/2011/06/KD-rip-move.jpg The Cyborg

      Argh that is such bullcrap.

      The “throw your head back at any contact”-move? Performed by Paul Pierce,Mike Bibby, Vince Carter and others with declining ability…
      get rid of that weak crap too!

      They should just call less fouls, period.
      as I’ve said: more steals, more blocks -> more fastbreaks , less time/chances to whine to the refs.

    • @Ceehowelll

      Less Rip Through fouls? Idk it was a love hate move, kept the defender on their toes, but the shooter would use it as a bailout .. a la Kevin Durant, would like to hear others thoughts

    • MgDionisio

      So where are the new rules centered around the traveling violations?

    • MgDionisio

      Never mind. There was more on the original link.

    • http://www.slamonline.com Cheryl

      Sounds good to me. I hope they also do something about flopping.

    • MikeC.

      I like seeing a tighter crackdown on players who take out a dude when he’s in the air. That’s just dirty and can lead to major injuries. I want to see less flagrant calls on off-the-ball stuff. That will speed the game up. I’m glad they’re changing the “rip through” call too. As long as it was part of the rules, I grudgingly accepted it because it was a smart offensive move. I did think it was a little cheap, so I’m glad they’re getting rid of it. The offensive player is initiating that contact.

    • burnt_chicken

      agree with Cheryl. Can flopping get you a technical?

    • Lp

      That rip through move is a game changer. Durant will average 3 less points…. Good

    • http://www.twitter.com/gerardhimself Gerard Himself

      I agree with Max, it’s crazy

    • LA Huey

      They threatened to do something about flopping a couple years ago but never did.

    • Morgan

      Can we also get a crackdown on players who travel before a dunk PLEASE?! That is something you learn day 1 that happens at least once or twice a game and usually when there is no need to (fast break). I’ve only seen one player called for it (Gerald Wallace) and thats because he took a 4th step forcing the refs to act.

    • http://www.slamonline.com Wayno

      Additionally, LeBron will only be allowed to take 9 steps without dribbling the basketball instead of the 13 he was given before.

    • Bt

      ^^^ lame joke

    • Goode

      Why the hell would they take out the rip-through calls? I don’t care if you don’t like it, it is a high IQ basketball move and it is a foul. I expect to see a ton of technicals from Kobe this year, and rightfully so.

    • bdog

      interesting…the rip through done by kb, durant and dwade added some nice free throws for them…well those three will still get the call. the shot clock will be taking a little to get used to!

    • http://redoftoothandclaw.ca/ niQ

      Who jumps with their heels? Especially when taking a 3? It doesn’t even make sense…

    • Sam

      This is a step in the right direction for the NBA.

      SLAM doesn’t mention the specific rule here but shooting fouls will no longer be called on a drive to the bucket if the player hasn’t started his shooting motion yet.

      There are a whole bunch of players who rely on driving to the basket, bumping into somebody, falling back and taking a circus shot to get a 3 point play.

      These rule changes all sound great as far as I’m concerned.

    • jimbo

      I agree with Cyborg. Less foul calls overall please

    • jadams12

      bring back traveling please.

    • ryan

      LMFAO @ the pic.i thought the bottomline was about lebron travel.HAHA

    • Ldub20

      They should change the shot clock violation rule! Too many times does a defensive player catch an airball (that could result in a fast break) only to have the buzzer sound, whistle blow and have to take it out of bounds. As long as an offensive player doesnt touch it, it should be a live ball. No stoppage!

    • John

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    • http://thetroyblog.com Teddy-the-Bear

      Less “rip-through” fouls will impact Kevin Durant and Kevin Martin the most… Kevin Martin literally scores half his points from that 1 move alone. That sucks.

    • http://thetroyblog.com Teddy-the-Bear

      Drawing shooting fouls is an art–I don’t care if it slows down the game, like Goode said, it’s a high basketball IQ maneuver.
      Also, by “Instant replay” do they mean the refs checking their calls? Because last year’s instant replay was a HUGE upgrade and led to overall better officiating.
      F*ck all this speeding-up-the-game nonsense. Who wants to watch a college-length basketball game? I want my *evening* of basketball.

    • http://www.twitter.com/gerardhimself Gerard Himself

      nothing wrong with speeding up the game. Come on, a 48-minute game sometimes lasts OVER 2,5 hours. That’s ridiculous.

    • bike

      They should do something about those players that touch other players in a sexually suggestive manner. It’s not right and they should get ejected if they do it more than three times in a game.

    • Heals

      More Flagrant 2′s = more blown calls on contact at the hoop. The refs are too inept, inconsistent and eager to award Flagrant fouls accurately nowadays. Very little irks me more than refs calling the flagrant based on how a player lands rather than the amount of contact by the defender before the attempt…

    • LA Huey

      bike, while funny, your tolerance for fondling and groping in a basketball game is far too liberal.

    • hambone

      that means if one foot is inside the 3 point line and one outside,and you fade away off the outside foot, its a 3?

    • http://thetroyblog.com Teddy-the-Bear

      ^ Possibly, but I think only if the inside food is touching the line.

    • Goode

      Let’s just take this back to the 80′s, early 90′s when everyone wasn’t such a vajayjay. Call a foul when it is a foul (like the rip-through), leave flagrants and technicals out of it unless it is clear they deserve one. That crap last year with the T’s was too much for me to handle, and now I can just imagine how many Flagrant 2′s we are going to see. Do they not want the defense to challenge shots at the rim, or hustle back to try to block or change shots?

    • Justin

      They should give a personal foul for flopping. Knock that crap off right there, much the same way you get a penalty for diving in the NHL. At the very least you should get two shots plus the ball

    • shutup

      rip throughs should actually be called an offensive foul, by definition the offensive player is initiating the contact im glad they got rid of it, as for it being high IQ, yes and no you gotta know how to beat the system to cheat the system, it bailed the offensive player out by making it harder to play honest D, I hate that they took away hand checking, i used to love to see derek harper operate