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adiPower Howards Contest!

SLAM and adidas are giving away 8 pairs of adiPower Howard sneakers.

Ever since being taken Number 1 overall in the 2004 NBA Draft, Dwight Howard has been putting in work for the Orlando Magic. As fans, we have seen him develop from a braces wearing 17 year old kid into the most dominating force in the L in eight short seasons. On Tuesday night against the Pacers, D12 worked his way into the record books by becoming Orlando’s All-Time Leading Scorer with 10,657 points. Along the way, Dwight has blessed with a litany of memories. Whether it was his incredible Dunk Contest performances, leading the Magic to the NBA Finals or showing off his dance moves, Dwight has been one of the more polarizing figures in all of basketball.

As we all know, Dwight loves to give back to his fans. So, to commemorate this achievement SLAM is teaming up with Dwight and adidas and giving away 8(!) pairs of adipower Howard shoes, 1 pair of shoes for each year Howard has been in the League. To win a pair all you need to do is “Like” adidas basketball on Facebook and then tell us your favorite Dwight moment or memory from the past 8 years in the comment section below—it’s that simple. We’ll pick our favorite answers and contact those winners via email to get their size and address. PLEASE be sure you comment on SLAM via a working email address so that you can be contacted.

We’ll leave the comment section open until Monday morning. Best of luck to all!

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  • Mujeeb Ahmed

    My favorite Dwight Howard moment was vs Bulls last year. He caught the ball on the left low block, bullied Omer Asik down & just demolished Omer Asik with a facial dunk. True POWER he showed right there.

  • Tom

    Dwight’s best moment definitely has to be the clutch block and then the game winning alley-oop to win the game against the Spurs!

  • Kenji

    Favorite Dwight moment – Dwight Howards impromptu dance contest with Shaq and LeBron at the East Practice during 2007 All-Star Weekend

  • TK

    My favorite (funniest) D12 moment was the dance off between Shaq, Dwight, and LeBron at the East Practice during 2007 All-Star Weekend.

  • Craig

    Every block D Howard has is a great moment! LOVE to see him swat the ball into the stands!

  • Giovanni Dale

    When Dwight was playing the Lakers in the finals I actually thought he was gonna get a ring

  • http://www.facebook.com/gotgoodtimes?ref=tn_tnmn sean hamid

    mine is when cp3 dunked on him lol sorry hes still great tho

  • Mitchell steinfeld

    Slam Dunk Comp, Sticker on the backboard, no doubt.

  • Mike Cassano

    When D Howard changed into the superman costume during the dunk contest! absolutely epic!

  • http://teachmehowtomadsen.tumblr.com Homan

    My Favorite Memory is Kobe dunking on Him when he first came into the league. Then Dwight giving it right back on him In the 2009 Finals. But his dancing and adventures in Disneyworld with Jameer Nelson was always memorable as well as his pictures of planking. He never ceases to entertain fans everywhere. He will always be remembered for this but never forget that Dwight is a DPOTY GOD.

  • Nick Funk

    Not exactly a memory from Dwight playing, but my favorite memory has to be watching the clip of him, Shaq, and LeBron having their “dance off” during the 2007 NBA All Star weekend at an East team practice in front of a large crowd. Shaq kind of stole the show, but Dwight’s personality was in full effect during that display. Not to mention, he outplayed Shaq in that game. 20 points, 12 rebs for Dwight while Shaq had 10 points and 6 rebounds. Could the dance contest have been the passing of the guard from the most dominant big man of the 90s to Dwight? I’m not so sure about that, but definitely a great Dwight Howard memory (for me at least).

  • Russell Walker

    My favorite moment of Dwight Howard in the league is watching him in his frist dunk contest and seeing the 7FOOTER get UPPPPP !!!! SO HIGH! I was shocked for years !!!!

  • jordan

    My favorite dwight howard moment was when he set the record for most points scored by an orlando magic player, and when he won the sprite slam duck contest with his legendary superman dunk and his cape!

  • Russell Walker

    And Dwight Howards planking/pranks he pulls constantly, and his impressions have me in stitches !! Stan Van Gundy impression is jokes !!!

  • Michael

    Last year, while working with the Suns, I was pumped to see Dwight Howard up close when Orlando came to Phoenix. No one has a bigger personality or a better relationship with fans, even outside of Orlando. Most players just look right over me at games (I’m only 5’6”), but DH actually noticed me and said hello. I know it seems trivial, but even in a simple hello he showed why he is one of the nicest players in the league.

  • katrel ortiz

    My favorite D. Howard moment was when he shot the three in the All Star game and pointed to his coach like “I told you I can shoot the three. Trust me”.

  • nbafanatic

    this was in the 2005-2006 season when the magic were playing the celtics. orlando gets a steal and jameer nelson throws it 6 feet behind dwights head but dwight still gets the ball and slams it hard while paul pierce is behind him. alot of people have forgotten that play.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9RbV50jyyuY

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1282757503 Dragos Serban Pop

    My favorite Dwight Howard moment was when he won the Slam Dunk Contest at the All Star Weekend back in 2008, wearing a Superman outfit. That was SUPER crazy :) ))

  • Matt Bourgault

    My favorite Dwight Howard moment was his third dunk in the 2008 Slam Dunk Contest. Many people like to point to his “Superman” dunk, but I think this one required more skill. I remember watching the contest with my dad, and neither of us had ever seen anything like that dunk. The complete focus it must have taken to bounce the ball off the backboard in mid-air, catch it, and dunk is astounding. Whenever people talk about Dwight I have to pull up video of that dunk.

  • http://twitter.com/ThisIsMiindy Mindy Acosta

    My favorite Dwight moment was when he won the slam dunk contest, with the superman’s cape and another of my favorite moments is the Charity Exhibition Game he does to help :)

  • imTdub

    Fav D12 moment: When he appeared on Slam Magazine as a high schooler with a backboard he accidentally broke during the photo shoot. Born a beast and will always be a beast! http://www.slamonline.com/online/nba/2009/02/breaking-through/

  • Lexus Jerome

    Dwight’s dunk contest dunk on the 12 foot rim. Got bounce, I think so.

  • http://redoftoothandclaw.ca/ niQ

    I must say my favourite Dwight Howard moment was seeing him plank on a plane! That was definitely one of the craziest ones he did! But I remember when I first really started to take notice of Dwight’s game was when he brought his team to the Finals in 2009. Unfortunately they didn’t get far but his Finals record 9 blocks was a gem to watch!

  • James Herincx

    Dwight’s greatest moment must be when he posted a playoffs career-high 40 points, to go with his 14 rebounds, to smash MVP LeBron’s Cleveland 4–2, and lead Orlando to its first NBA Finals in 14 years.

  • Cameron mccargar

    My favorite memory was Dwight leading the league in dunks… And pranking billups during allstar week

  • kingf0x23

    My fav Dwight moment is definitely his dunk contest with Nate Robinson. He makes the contests fun and exciting.

  • jake

    dwight blocking bynum

  • Chris Fox

    My most memorable Dwight moment is when he DOMINATED my Cavs in the ’09 playoffs. He was unstoppable and just killed us on both ends.

  • Brandon Roberts

    My favorite moment in Dwight’s career has to be his recent game on Jan 12th 2012 against Golden State. He put up a monster game with 45 points and 23 rebounds. He also set a single game record for the most free throw attempts which was 39 and made 21 of them. Keep it up Mr. Howard!

  • Julie Hendrix

    I live in Orlando “O”Town I Love the Orlando Magic and Dwight Howard the memory that stands out is the Dunk Contest and Superman in full gear out of the phone booth to the hoop with his cape on. My Son plays Varsity Basketball now for his High School he’s a Sophomore. My Oldest Son played and my Daughter has her first Middle School Basketball game today shes nervous and excited too. I hope Dwight can feel the Love from his fans and stays in this beautiful State its 83 degrees in January where else are you going to get sunshine and loyal fans. If I win I will gift the new shoes to my Son Justin and hope he follows in Dwight’s foot steps so to speak. Go Magic! Go Dwight! Orlando, FL. Jules

  • http://nyill.wordpress.com Enigmatic

    Wednesday May 30th, 2009 – I was in a hotel room in Mitchell, South Dakota with my three year old daughter.
    We were ending our first day of the road trip from Chicago to Seattle that would ultimately finish with a flight from Seattle to my current location of Anchorage, Alaska.
    With my daughter finally asleep after a long day of us driving and getting some food in our belly and a warm bed to lie down on, I scrambled to turn on the tv in our room and locate the sporting event I was looking for.
    Game 6 of the Eastern Conference Finals – Orlando Magic versus Cleveland Cavaliers.
    Howard ended up with 40 points and 14 rebounds in a 103-90 Magic victory that landed them an NBA Finals berth.
    It was about so much more than his stats or the final score, however.
    It was about a franchise that had won just 21 games in the season prior to Howard’s arrival suddenly finding themselves in the Finals once more for the second time in their short existence, in just Howard’s sixth year in the NBA.
    It was about the Magic thoroughly dismantling a heavily favored 66-16 Cavs squad so much that the ripple effects were felt even beyond the lines.
    Gone with the quickness was LeBron after said game, infamously avoiding shaking the hands of the Magic.
    Gone were the “23 / Nah man, 24” Vitamin Water ads. Replaced by Dwight Howard jokingly saying “12…nah man, 12!!”
    Gone was the relevancy of the cover of SLAM 129.
    Gone were the hopes and dreams of millions of people who were salivating at the thought of a Kobe/LeBron matchup in the Finals.
    And I was happy. Because the Magic has been a team I’ve always rooted for on the side, my “other squad”.
    I didn’t even look ahead to the Finals matchup with the Lakers, I was just happy to see the Magic back in the Finals again, and Howard standing atop the Eastern Conference.
    Needing to rest up for day 2 of my road trip, I slept very, very well that night.

  • Nick

    My absolute favorite moment from Dwight’s career so far came on Feb. 9 2007 against San Antonio. The game was tied at 104 and Orlando had the ball with .8 seconds to go. Turkoglu threw an absolutely perfect lob pass to Dwight, and Superman caught the ball with one hand and slammed it through the hoop with power as time expired!! Very exhilarating win for the team and fans, and Dwight finished with 30 & 8.

  • David Bratton

    By far the best Dwight moment was when he threw in a BUZZER BEATING, GAME WINNING, dunk on the Spurs with only 0.8 seconds left on the clock off pass from Hedo Turgaloo. Never seen anything like that.

  • http://facebook chris guzman

    The best D12 moment has to be when he won the 2008 dunk contest after bringing the crowd to its feet with his ridiculous dunks!

  • Han Pham

    My favorite Dwight moment has to be when he dunked on the 12 ft goal. WHO DOES THAT?!?!

    ps. these shoes r sick

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=543861399 Barron

    My favorite Dwight Howard moment lies between the time he foiled Lex Luthor and saved the planet and the game during the 2011 season where Dwight literally flew, or at least that’s what it looked like, (I believe that some people still contend that special effects were used) into the air and slowed down time (a very important element of the physics of this event) as he snatched the ball out of the air at the same time that one unfortunate victim who shall remain unnamed for discretion, Jrue Holiday “cough! cough!,” and with the grace and majesty of a bald eagle combined with the strength, power, and force of a herd of stampeding elephants, stuffed it down Jrue’s throat, from behind. I felt so many things that night, it shook me to my soul and I’m sure Jrue was shaken even deeper than that. The energy was palpable. I’m serious, I took a bite out of it and it was one of the most indescribably delicious things I’ve ever tasted.

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qeLRym4Q-pg nbk

    My favorite Dwight Howard memory is when Kobe Bryant welcomed him to the NBA. Click my name.

  • chris guzman

    best dwight howard moment has to be when he won the dunk contest in 08
    crazy dunks!!!

  • http://www.youtube.com/nothingbutdrama11 Luke Jennner

    My fav Dwight moment is still to come, its when he gets traded to the knicks and wins a championship ring for every finger oooooossssssshhhhhhhhh

  • Jimmy

    My favorite was in 2006 when him and Allen Iverson were playing around after a call and Allen shot it and Dwight blocked it so Allen put it at least 50 ft in air and went in haha.

  • Carlos Moreno

    My favorite Dwight Howard memory is when he caught a really high lob (from an inbound pass) & dunked it one handed to beat the Spurs in the final seconds! First time ever I’ve seen an alley-oop buzzer beater like that to win the game! He did it in Orlando too, so the crowd went absolutely crazy!

  • Benjamin Epstein

    My faviorite Dwight moment, has to be when he showed the world why he’s nicknamed “Superman” at the 2008 all star game. It was his turn to dunk and all of a sudden him and jameer came out to the middle of the court. Then Dwight revealed he was sporting that superman shirt under his jersey and then jameer handed him the cape, man that alone was crazy!But then he came from the half court line and caught the oop from jameer and topped it off with a ridiculous two hand slam ! I remeber the building was going off and kenny Smith was Screaming ” it’s over!! you won it young fella!”. I was at home home with my friends watching it and I remeber all we could say was “DAMN!! It’s Superman! It’s Superman!” ahh dude i love dwight that dunk was truely crazy and a moment in history!

  • Jonathan

    So many memories of Dwight just to name one as a favorite, from his dance off with shaq at the 07 all star game, to him using lebrons baby powder move. His personality has to speak for itself but then his game is out of this world… dunk champ, defensive player of the year, a gold medal, most recent Orlando’s all time leading score… just too much to write!!! I just hope he doesn’t leave Orlando.

  • http://www.bf3ars.blogspot.com bfears

    my favorite dwight howard memory was when he won the dunk contest. his dunks were different and creative. and we share the same number!

  • Matthew Richardson

    2010 all star game Dwight Howard drains a threee!!!

  • Angelo

    My favorite Dwight Howard moment was the interview he gave after the Magic beat the 76ers last season and all the great quotes he said. The game in which Howard caught a lob from Nelson and destroyed Jrue Holiday. Dwight said that since him and Holiday are both Adidas guys, it would be a great poster for them to hang up in stores. Other things he said were “I don’t know why he jumped” and “let’s a have moment of silence for Jrue” Great stuff Dwight!!!!

  • jonathan “dwight” dimuccio

    my favorite dwight memory is his SUPERMANN dunk!

  • Ryan Vanvakaris

    My favorite Dwight Howard memory was definitely the 2004 draft where it was uncertain if he was going to be taken as number one. Looks like the Magic got the best pick of that draft!

  • Jeff

    My most memorable moment was in 2009, Dwight was having a autograph session at the local Adidas store here in Orlando, I live about 2 hours north but wanted to meet dwight so I got in the car and headed to O-town, when I got there I asked around to find out details about the signing, to my dismay, I found out I needed to buy $50 in Adidas stuff to even get a wristband but didn’t guarantee me a chance to meet him, long story short it was Christmas time and I was kinda low on funds but I ended up getting everybody on my Christmas list Adidas gifts and got to meet dwight, he signed my NBA live 10 with him on the cover and told me it was the coolest thing he signed all day!

  • http://Facebook Edgar

    My favorite Dwight Howard moment was when He signed with the Orlando Magic because if it wasnt for that we would not have had those memories that we keep with us today and all these memories people are talking about!

  • Juan Sauceda

    There is too many D12 moments to just pick one out of all of them! If i had to pick one i think it would be every time he blocks a shot!! he puts all the power he has into that block, that makes the person who shot it look like a little lost YMCA player! hahah

  • Hunter

    mine is when he won the slam duck contest with the superman duck

  • Anthony Desiderio

    My favorite Dwight Howard moment would have to be from the slam dunk contest when he came out of the phone booth and all you hear Kenny Smith say is “Superman is in the building!” and his ferocious free throw line “dunk” in the dunk contest is by far my favorite D12 moment.

  • Omeed

    My favorite Dwight Howard memory has to be his impersonations of Stan Van Gundy and Shaquille Oneal. They’re spot on and hilarious! Dwight is the funniest player in the league!

  • Griffin schroeder

    During this season, when Glen davis fell out of bounds and he went over to him and pretended to bring him back to life.

  • Javid Mohammed

    Big Dwight Howard is third. And he’s starting from out of bounds, behind back of the right side of the basket. He bounced it off the back of the backboard, caught it, soared from behind the basket to the front side of it, and missed — but the attempt itself was awesome. And then did it again, this time putting it down, almost hitting his head on the rim. He caught it off the back of the backboard with two hands, swung it around, and put it down with the left hand. Absolutely beautiful. Judges gave him a perfect 50. That was my favorite Dwight moment. Perfect 50. TREMEDOUS.

  • Shane

    I think my favorite moment was last March when Dwight won the Community Enrichment Award from the Orlando Magic Youth Fund for the 5th time! Dwight Howard does a lot of great work for the community and I think that is more rewarding to me than any dunk, block or win he has had.

  • Mo yousif

    My best memory of dwight Howard was the slam dunk contest, when he kissed the rim then dunked it. Also the superman dunk was awesome! Dwight howerd is not just known for a all star, but also a good comedian, named also he is a good imitater. He can imitate anyone! My two favorite people he copied was shaw and beyonce. He can dance real good, but he’s just very funny. I may say Dwight howerd is the best big man in the NBA! I remember the game when he stopes like 40+ points! Also he got like 28 rebounds in this other game! Now that’s amazing!

  • Noah molina

    My favorite Dwight Howard memory is when he, Lebron James and Shaq danced off during the east practice of the 2007 NBA all-star weekend

  • David

    Dwight Howard’s game winning dunk February 2009 against the Spurs has got to be the best moment so far in his career.

  • Adam Francis

    My favorite Dwight Howard moment was the 2 dunk contest that he participated in but the one against Nate Robinson really brought the dunk contest back after a few slow years.

  • Alexander G

    My favorite Dwight Howard moment was the time that he was playing against Shaq and the Phoenix Suns the Big Traitor flopped and Dwight dunked on him. I was at the arena that day in my Blue and White pin stripes and as the Superman music swelled and the crowd of the old Amway Arena roared even though I was all the way up in the nosebleed seats, I was still able to see that our Superman had finally erased the memories of our old friend and now most hated villain. We love you Dwight.

  • Ramin

    My favorite Dwight memory is when he blocked 9 shots in the 2010 finals. He was blocking everyone left and right.

  • mario leal

    my favorite dwight howard memory is when he put on the superman cape and came out of the phone booth during allstar weekends dunk contest! that is when he (in my eyes)dethroned shaq and became superman!

  • http://www.facebook.com/TheWarmanator Austin Warman

    My favorite memory of Dwight Howard? Well, besides him doing all those dunks and Shaq impersonations, my favorite memory of Howard has got to be him punking D-Rose and Tony Parker! He calls room service and orders tons of food to Tony Parker’s hotel room and THEN he ding dong ditches Derrick Rose?! The man is a basketball player AND a comedian!

  • http://Www.facebook.com Isaiah Philippe

    My favorite was when in the 2008 slam dunk contest Dwight Howard proved that he can fly doing the super man dunk

  • http://Facebook Luke

    Comin out of the telephone booth with the cape and dunking on 12 feet and all of his many impersonaitions and dances

  • Daniel Hardy

    My favorite D Howard memory was when he was the youngest player ever to break Shaq’s rebound record from 19 years old to 21 in a season and then break Wilts at 22! That made him the best rebounder ever!!!

  • Noah molina

    Another one of my favorite moments of Dwight Howard is his “Giraffe Dunk” while sporting those blue Adizero Crazy Lights at Roppongi Hills in Tokyo,Japan I didn’t think he was gonna make it at first, but he shows with true POWER anything is possible

  • Curtis

    Slam dunk contest superman costume and skit.

  • Lino

    My favorite moment is Dwight Howard putting on the superman cape in the dunk contest and showing shaq in a round about way he’s the real superman!!

  • Zhi Tao

    My favorite memory is when he broke the record for Freethrows attempts.

  • Brice Robinson

    This year i sported the Dwight Howard #12 for school ball. I was the MVP and had multiple points, rebounds, and my favorite… Blocks per game. This is why my all time favorite Dwight Howard Play is his monster block on Mehmet Okur of the nets. I really need another pair if adidas and those howards are pretty fly.

  • Jonathan Mallak

    my favorite dwight howard memory is when he ally-ooped the ball to himself of the back of the backboard and windmilled it in the 2008 dunk contest!

  • http://dodgers.com Joey E.

    My favorite memories of Dwight are a little different. I love watching him black shots like crazy, but a few years ago TNT had a fundamentals thing going on. THey went to different players and had them talk about the fundamentals. Dwight talked about rebounding of course. He said something that stuck that I’ll never forget. He said 70% of rebounds go to the opposite side of the rim from where the person shoots it from. No wonder he gets so many rebounds. He’s more than just an athletic freak of nature. He also responded to me on twitter. I told him I wish you made a few more FT’s so you could have beat the Lakers. He responded “I didn’t lose the Finals homie”. He called me homie! It was soo cool to see that. no celeb since then(2009) has responded to me on twitter. Thanks Dwight, keep putting up that HOF career. I’m rooting for you no matter what the future holds.

  • Kevin

    Knocking down half and full court shots sitting down!!!

  • Aaron

    This is very recent, when he blocked Mehmet Okur’s shot and it went all the way into the stands, he is just that good and does all kinds of other awesome things on the court, and off.

  • http://twitter.com/jamesblair06 James Blair

    My favorite D12 moment would be his performance in the dunk contest from going into the booth and coming out in a superman suit to the sticker on the backboard the man is not just an amazing athlete and person but a true entertainer and thats what us fans like to see!

  • http://www.twitter.com/vfree12 Vanessa Friedman

    My favorite Dwight moment was the superman dunk! Most recently I was proud when he became the all time leading scorer for the Orlando magic. another great moment was turkoglu’s olley loop pads to Dwight for the game winning dunk against the spurs in 09. I <3 Dwight! Just watching him play every night in Orlando is a good fun and funny moment.

  • Jonathan Mallak

    Or when he blocked dirk nowitzki of the backboard!!! oooooowwwww

  • Cam

    My favourite moment was seeing Dwight transform from a skinny kid who could be messed around in the paint, to the beast he is today (with the most enviable shoulders!!). It has made me work harder personally to get better.

  • http://www.twitter.com/vfree12 Vanessa Friedman

    My favorite Dwight memory is most recently when he became the Orlando Magic’s all time leading scorer! I also love his “SuperMan Dunk” and the alley loop pass from Turkoglu to Dwight off for the game winning dunk off the inbound pass to beat the spurs in the 2009 finals. I <3 Dwight and watching him play makes me happy because he is always smiling! So anything he does whether scores, or grabs the rebound is a new memory for me!

  • Trevor

    Defiantly when he was drafted to the NBA in 2004 and played on the U.S. Olympics 2008 basketball team!!!! And brought home the gold medal!

  • Sergey Baklykov

    My favorite dwight Howard moment was during last years all-star game where all the East starters did the lebron chalk toss!

  • http://Facebook Luke

    When he got drafted by the magic. He will be the greatest big of all time. The funniest too. D12 is a beast

  • Jordan Quiles

    My favorite Dwight Howard moment is when he blocked mehmet okur. WOW!!! Dwight sent that ball into the crowd!!! That was AMAZING!!! My name is jordan im a HUGE fan of Dwight Howard and his authentic wear!!! I hope you pick me as one of the people who get the shoes! Thank you.

  • http://www.facebook.com/jkychan00 Jimmy Chan

    Favorite Dwight moment – Dwight Howards doing impersonation of Charles Barkley and Shaq and Arnold Schwarzenegger on Jay Leno’s show “LISTEN LEBRON JAMES IS THE BEST PLAYER IN THE WORLD”, “EVERYONE GET DOWN, DO IT NOW, ITS ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER, THE GOVERNOR” lol

  • Jake Goldwasser

    My favorite memory of Dwight Howard was when he dunked on Tre McFarlane at the Galloway School Gym before getting drafted straight out of high school

  • ab40

    The tip-in Alley-oop game winner vs the spurs in 07 or 08? I was watching that game and I thought there was no way in hell the Magic were gonna win that game. Duncan was under the basket and I thought he saw him. They ran the play threw the ball up. I threw a wtf at the screen Dwight went up, dunked it in and that was the game. What an ending and what an impresive athlete hadn’t seen stuff like that since vince and I had never seen that from a big at a point and time in like that in a game. Now that is my favorite memory of Dwight Howard.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=753553826 Damion Magnuson

    favorite Dwight Howard memory was when he dominated OKC for his first triple-double, scoring 31 points, grabbing 19 rebounds and 10 blocks! thats when he was truly worthy of the name superman!

  • Tyler

    My favorite D-Howard moment was when he blocked the mess out of andrew bynum a couple years ago

  • Olivier

    My Fav moments of Dwight’s career is from this year. It was his 45 pts and 23 rebounds against the Warriors. Even if his free throw % was low, he still broke an NBA record of Free Throw attempts with an amazing 39! He also tied his career high and was at 3 rebounds from his career high in rebounds. I still remember him getting 3 big dunks in the first half an hitting all those hook shot during the game. Dwight was simply amazing WOW !

  • Hubert

    My favourite moment is watching D12 improving through the years. How he changed his game and made his dreams come true.

  • Mitchell TRESSLER

    I am 12 years old…I love basketball.. It is my life.. I was given the greatest opportunity to go to the All Star game thanks to a great person.. I have a seizure disorder.. I got to go to the All Star practice and the All Star game and After the game I got to go and get autographs and Dwight signed my All Star book.. I will never forget this.. I would love to have a pair of his . He is always nice when he comes to our town..

  • http://Facebook Isaac Rodriguez

    My favorite moment was when it was the 2007 slam dunk competition and he jumped from the free throw line and threw it in wearing a cape

  • Nate C.

    I don’t know where to begin. I love Dwight Howard because he’s one of the most funniest guys in the NBA!He’s an all around funny guy. My favorite moment when it was at the NBA All-Star Weekend and Shaq & Dwight were having a dance battle along with Lebron. Super hilarious. When Dwight was prank calling and impersonating people. He should be comedian. Dwight is also one of the best shot blockers I know that people would say that he should play volleyball. But probably my favorite moment is when Jameer Nelson threw an ally-oop to Dwight Howard and he dunked over Jrue Holiday! Amazing dunk.

  • dma

    my favorite dwight moment is when he tweeted me.

  • Eric

    My favorite Dwight Howard moment was when he got into the phone Booth and changed into Superman during the 2009 dunk contest in Phoenix. My first year watching basketball that year and the moment i saw Dwight come out I laughed like crazy! It was like i was on laughing gas. Dwight easily became my favorite player and just the creativity of deciding to come out of a phone Booth as Superman is the reason why that moment was my favorite Dwight Moment.

  • Ben Bauman

    When He Beat Won His First Dunk Title. He Is A Complete Beast And A Super Human Athlete..Nuff Said!

  • http://www.slamonline.com/online/nba/2012/01/adipower-howards-contest/ Amer Idris

    my favourite dwight moment is when he came to the nba and still now

  • CP31

    1.My favorite moment of D12 was when he lead the Magic to the Finals in ’09 bringing dominance all over east. 2. Being a DOMINANT player all over his career by averaging double-doubles with his 20 12 2 per night ~ thats DOMINANCE.

  • kyle olejniczak


  • Charles

    my favorite was the superman dunk.

  • Kelvin James Almanza

    My favorite moment was when Gilbert Arenas shot a half court alley-oop and slighty missed while Dwight Howard was at the rim for the buzzer beater alley-oop dunk!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=675022429&ref=tn_tnmn Alvin

    My favorite Dwight Howard moment was when with 0.8 secs left dwight howard hit an alley oop dunk game winner against the spurs! And from that moment on he became who he is today! Greatest big man in the NBA!

  • James

    My favorite Dwight Howard moment was his game winning alley-oop dunk against the Spurs back in 2007. With 0.8 seconds left on the clock and a tie game, you just don’t expect something like that to be pulled off when the other team knows you’re likely going to try a tip-in at the rim with so little time on the clock. Hedo’s pass looked like it would sail way out of bounds and Dwight just appears out of nowhere, manages to somehow reach back to corral the ball and in one motion throw down a vicious one handed slam to end the game. The play left me speechless and I had to watch it over and over from every angle, which made the dunk even more impressive. On top of all that, he did it against Tim Duncan. It’s just one of those plays you never forget. Maybe only a handful of people in the world could ever pull that dunk off if that and it showed just how impressive of an athlete Dwight Howard really is.

  • Nick Nanan

    My favorite is when he finished the alley oop over Tim Duncan to win the game.

  • William Ross

    My favorite dwight howard moment of all time is when he broke the all time record for magic scoring thus forever proving himself as the best center of all time!

  • Julian

    MY favourite moment was when Dwight Howard got a record 9 blocks in the game 4 of the finals in a loss… Showing the Lakers, that they are not going to win that easy against him :D LOSING WITH DIGNITY FTW

  • Brandon

    my favorite moment was last year vs the bulls when luol deng went up for a layup and dwight howard jumped above the rim and spiked the ball out of bounds and almost hit his head on the rim.

  • Ivan

    MY Dwight Howard favorite moment is when Dwight pranked Derrick Rose and impersonates other player. Most hilarious player of all time!

  • Steven Hadianto Sulaiman

    The best Dwight Howard moments for me is when he get that defensive player of the year award and the SUPERMAN things on the Dunk contest.. that was Super Cool!!!

  • sk

    My favorite Dwight Howard moment would be everytime he does an impersonation :) Notable examples include
    Charles Barkley: “LISTEN! LeBron James is the best player without a hairline! The ring is shaped like a donut, dunk it, eat it, y’know”
    and notable other instances :D

  • Fady F

    So many moments to choose from for me, cause to me D12 is now what Shaq was the beginnning and middle of his career, huge force that couldn;t be matched. there was the “Superman Dunk”, Finals and playoff performances, dancing with Shaq and Lebron, Dreamteam 2, and the first and third slamdunk contests, impersonations of Van Gundy Sir Charles and more, and the countless unbelievable blocks and dunks. But for me the best moment was the one not many saw, the one that got away so to speak. In his first slamdunk champianship D12 planned out all of his dunks and saved the crazy ones for the finals, but unfortunatly he didn;t make it to the finals and some dunks went missing, others he did the next year (off the side of the backboard dunk). this dunk he didn;t repeat and i wished he did because it really shows his personality and where his true love lies. You can see it on YOUTUBE if you look it up, its called the “Kiss the rim dunk”, where he jumps up pumps the ball way back and kissed the rim and dunks the ball. Simple but effective. now if i only explained it as simple as he dunked it.

  • Fady F

    So many moments to choose from for me, cause to me D12 is now what Shaq was the beginnning and middle of his career, huge force that couldn;t be matched. there was the “Superman Dunk”, Finals and playoff performances, dancing with Shaq and Lebron, Dreamteam 2, and the first and third slamdunk contests, impersonations of Van Gundy Sir Charles and more, and the countless unbelievable blocks and dunks. But for me the best moment was the one not many saw, the one that got away so to speak. In his first slamdunk champianship D12 planned out all of his dunks and saved the crazy ones for the finals, but unfortunatly he didn;t make it to the finals and some dunks went missing, others he did the next year (off the side of the backboard dunk). this dunk he didn;t repeat and i wished he did because it really shows his personality and where his true love lies. You can see it on YOUTUBE if you look it up, its called the “Kiss the rim dunk”, where he jumps up pumps the ball way back and kissed the rim and dunks the ball. Simple but effective. now if i only explained it as simple as he dunked it.

  • Liam McDermott

    My favourite moment has to be his block on Tony Parker into the stands against the Spurs. There was a photo of it which if I remember rightly Slam included in its Season in Pictures article a few years back. The picture was perfect in summing up the play and what people think of Dwight’s shot blocking abilities. Tony’s just coming down, and Dwight’s still mid air, arm extended, looking like a beast, with the ball just sailing into the stands. I loved the snap shot because the looks etched on all the players and supporters faces was like: :”Ohh no Tony just don’t be going there, just don’t… damn”. I don’t think anyone could see that photo and keep a straight face, the picture says it all.

  • chris morgan

    favourite offcourt moment is his mcdonalds tv ad with lebron james, starting with the bet, saying “no jumpshots”, lebrons digitally enhanced dunks and dwight “actual” dunks lol, then smashing the backboard, and they dont know who larry bird is.
    favourite oncourt moment is in the 2010 allstar game i think, when he shoots a three and hits, then stares at his hand! its on fire! then looks to van gundy.

  • Todd Diesel

    Best Dwight moment ever? hmmm…so many, but one of if not the best was the statement he made last week against the Lakers and Bynum, 23 rebounds and 21 points. Shaq had been dogging him and he needed a statement game and thats exactly what he did. As a long time Magic fan it seemed as if it was a defining moment in his career as it was the first time i saw him play with a huge chip on his shoulder and silence those who said Bynum was the better player. Had to have made Mitch “Cupcheck” rethink his long term plans and best of all he made Shaq eat crow. The real Superman, D12…

  • Greg

    My favorite D. Howard moment was when he used a Superman cape in the NBA
    All-star dunking contest few years ago. It was one of the most applauded
    & entertaining event in an NBA dunking contest throughout the years.

  • Sammy

    My favorite Dwight Howard moment is when he got “dunked” on by Nate Robinson.

  • Erik

    I’ve been a big Dwight fan since he came into the league (I wear #12 on my college team). Dwight really started to take off after this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3gHs6SsvbnE nasty one-handed oop from Jameer 5 years ago.

  • rimatyoshoes

    My favorite moment of Dwight Howard was the slam dunk contest. I mean the moment where he “transformed” into superman and went for that crazy dunk was simply overwhelming.

  • sam bishop


    this has got to be my best memory he deserved to win with his amazingly insane superman dunk!!!and the judges faces when he pulled the cape out, unforgetable keep up the good work dwight#12

  • http://www.optimabbc.be Max

    That oop from Jameer against Boston back in the day.

  • Baby Shaq

    Don’t get to hyped up about these shoes because if you twist your ankle in them it can make it a high ankle sprain or even worse. That is what happened to me and I was out for 4 weeks and couldn’t play basketball or jump on it and I had to go to therapy over it so if you win these shoes I would recommend you not to wear them to play basketball in.

  • Jerry

    I think my favorite Dwight Howard moment was in the 2005-2006 season in a game against the Boston Celtics. After a DeShawn Stevenson board, the Magic were running the fast break when Jameer Nelson threw up an alley oop on the break to a sprinting D-Howard. The pass was a little behind Dwight, who reached way back to get it only to throw it down HARD! The Magic fed off that dunk and eventually won that game after trailing the Celtics going into the fourth quarter. Dwight finished with 18 points, 13 board, and six blocks for the game.

  • william prokop
  • Vasilis

    The superman costume on all star weekend

  • http://www,slamonline.com S-Mills

    My favorite Dwight Howard moment has got to be the video of the pranks he was pulling at all-star weekend! The “rookie hazing” and ordering all the food for Chauncy was hilarious and showed just how real a dude he was and how being an all-star was still something special for him!

  • Madterps

    Definitely the pass off the backboard to himself during the dunk contest.

  • J Blackburn

    My favorite Dwight Howard moment was during his rookie season talking with him at his hotel while he was in town to play the SuperSonics (r.i.p.). He was so friendly and approachable that I continued trying to see him each year and sure enough as he got more popular and famous his friendly and funny demeanor continued. He is one superstar that I definitely miss getting a chance to see play in person.

  • Fran A 23

    My favorite Dwight Howard moment was in an All-Star Game. When he, before the game, at the hotel, called room service, first saying that he was Tim Duncan and then ordering as if he was Chauncey Billups. He ordered a lot of food for both players. Unfortunately we’ll never know what were Chauncey’s and Duncan’s reaction when the food arrived!!! Dwight best Center in the league!!!

  • Tho 12

    My favorite Dwight Howard memory was when he nailed the game-winning buzzer-beater dunk off Hedo Turkoglu’s lob !

  • Dogg187

    Favorite DH moment was when he did the dunkn with the sticker to show how high he was…SICK!!!!!

  • Brad N

    my favorite Dwight Howard moment?? gotta be when Brian “the White Mamba” Scalabrine blocked him! go bulls!


  • https://www.facebook.com/nathan.apolonio Nate A

    My favorite Dwight moment would be when he impersonates Stan Van Gundy. “Why can’t you get a rebound with 2 hands? Patrick!, talk to Dwight! he’s not making freethrows! ughhhh” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LsTtrG5_IaM

  • http://qiixii@gmail.com qiixii

    My favorite D12 moment has to be the Superman dunk; what an impact, considering the state of the dunk contest pre-Superman.

  • Nathaniel F

    My favorite moment of Dwight Howard has to be in the 2009 NBA Finals. After Game 5, when the Magic lost the series, he stayed on the court and watched the Lakers and Kobe get the trophy from David Stern. He knew he wanted to be in that situation so he stayed. He was hurt but he knew it was a humbling experience to see how it feels to be up there as being CHAMPION!

  • Mark E.

    My favorite moment of Dwight Howard was when he beat LeBron to the NBA Finals in 2009! I watched every single game of the Finals series and I’m ALWAYS supporting him 100%! I’ll always be waiting for that time to come when he wins his first championship! Whether he wins or loses, I’m always pulling for him to win, but also to be the best and he’s also my inspiration and whenever I play basketball and why I play because his play is just too good to ignore!

  • Liam

    My favorite Dwight moment was when he did the “Hakka” with the All Blacks.At the time i started following Rugby and i thought it was hilarious through the enthusiasm and energy he was showing . I now follow rugby because of him.

  • http://slamonline John H.

    my favorite DH moment was when he was selected by Orlando in 04′ to become the future HOF know as “the real Superman”. His Allstar dunks were freaking crazy wicked, also.

  • Michael Torres

    My favorite Dwight moment was the ’08 dunk contest where he caped as Superman and pulled of the behind-the-backboard dunk. For a guy that tall to do that was amazing.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1175078718&viewas=1175078718&returnto=profile James Fernan

    James Fernan my favorite Dwight(superman)howard moment was when i first seen him take his jumpshot i was excited he develop that part of the game at first i thought it was just the adidas he had on helping him out until i seen how hard he works when no one is watching in pratice with pat ewing keep up the great work you will be a champion soon in the L

  • Eric

    My favorite Dwight Howard moment was when he introduced the Eastern Conference All-Stars at this past allstar game in Los Angeles. Hilariously EPIC! Dwight’s personality made that moment my favorite Dwight moment

  • Eric

    My favorite Dwight Howard moment was when he introduced the Eastern Conference All-Stars on TNT at this past allstar game in Los Angeles. It was hilariously EPIC! Dwight’s personality made that moment my favorite Dwight moment in the three years that I’ve been a basketball fan.

  • jaychau

    When Dwight impersonates Shaq. Now tell me really, can you get enough of that? Superman impersonating the OG Superman, cool stuff.

  • BEN


  • Heein Choi

    I HATE Dwight Howard. At least I thought that 8 years ago. No I was not a hater, I was actually a fan of the Orlando Magic since I was born. I stuck with the team through thick and thin. I really wanted to believe in the Magic BUT then they drafted Dwight Howard. At the time I was in shock. I couldn’t help but think, “Why would they pass up on the polished Emeka Okafor over the risky Dwight Howard! Big men from highschool to the NBA just dont work! (Kwame Brown)” I thought Dwight would send the Magic into peril. Even after the first season Dwight seemed like a worse pick than Emeka Okafor, the eventual Rookie of the Year. However, he eventually won over my support and that was my favorite moment of Dwight Howard in the last eight years. It was against the 76ers that he won me over. He showed great strength, footwork, and even displayed an array of post moves that he had worked on. By the end of the game believe he had 28 points and 26 REBOUNDS (or close to it). 26! That almost brought him to the rare 30-30 game that a big man dreams of. He was absolutely dominate, a man among boys, and a beast that game. I was now convinced that the Magic drafted a big time player that will be the future of the NBA. Even though I doubted him, I was glad that Dwight Howard was brought to the Magic. When Dwight Howard changed me into a believer, that was my favorite moment of Dwight Howard.

  • jack boutchard

    when he sunk a 3 in the last all star game


    I love all of his dunk contests. He entertains his fans all the time. He is just fun to watch. And yeah the favorite moment was in 2008 slam dunk contest When he took his jersey off and unveiled his superman shirt while jameer was holding his cape (i laughed so hard at the time XD) and then he throwed that alley oop down. It was really fun to watch :)

  • quinn

    my favorite moment was when dwight unveiled his superman cape and shirt. what a beast!! favorite moment in the history of basketball.

  • Chris Mars

    Dwight’s presence in the paint you can’t match it/
    Superman cape and all of his allstar antics/
    Beast on the boards no second chance when he grabs it
    But he might leave O-town for LA like Shaq did/

    Its fine to Throw him the ball in the deep post/
    And he can SLAM on opponents and strike a neat pose/
    And have a big smile whEre his teeth show
    But be probably won’t hit both free throws

    So let me wrap

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    Heein Choi, Nathaniel F, Todd Diesel, James, Joey E, Jeff, Barron and Michael.

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