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Amar’e Stoudemire Accepts Total Blame for Knicks’ Loss to Magic

New York suffered yet another humiliating loss at home yesterday afternoon, and Amar’e Stoudemire (10 points, a ghastly 2 boards, and foul trouble) said the defeat was his fault. Per the NY Post: “Stoudemire said he was to blame for yesterday’s Martin Luther King Day matinee fizzle, a 102-93 loss to the Magic, because of his foul trouble. In truth, there’s plenty of blame to pass around the Knicks’ locker room. The Knicks proved yesterday they aren’t good with or without Carmelo Anthony right now. Coach Mike D’Antoni’s club went stone cold in the final minutes in a discouraging defeat at the Garden on an afternoon Dwight Howard could hardly pass as Superman, fouling out with 40.3 seconds left after eight points, 10 rebounds and six turnovers. But neither Stoudemire nor Anthony could pass for superstars right now. Anthony made a surprisingly early return from his twin sprains, posted a terrific first half, but petered out in the fourth quarter. Anthony, who tweaked his ankle again late, shot 9 of 27 for 33 points, but scored just six in the fourth quarter. The Knicks’ third straight loss dropped them to 6-7. Stoudemire was in foul trouble all game, finished with 10 points in 22 minutes and was phased out after a fourth-quarter dunk with 7:42 left. The superstar duo ain’t working. Still, Stoudemire wanted this loss on him, not Anthony or D’Antoni. There were a few fans chanting ‘Fire D’Antoni’ at the buzzer, but it was barely audible. ‘Basically [it was] my fault out there,’ Stoudemire said. ‘I’m taking all the blame for the loss. I got into foul trouble. I didn’t get many minutes in the first half. It definitely won’t happen again.’”

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  • Justin G.

    Of course it won’t happen again. Usually it’s hard to foul someone with matador defense. This keeps up and the Knicks will have trouble making the playoffs, let alone hold down a number 7 or 8 seed. I would love it if they finished out of the playoffs. Serves Stoudemire and Anthony right

  • http://www.twitter.com/_dfrance DFrance21

    I guess its admireable that he’s willing to say that, but its bullcrap. The Knicks have problems up and down the roster and on the bench. D’Antoni is in over his head and they need to can him. The “Carmelo Anthony ISO, with 6’10″ Amare coming off screens shooting elbow jumper” offense is NOT working.

  • T-Money

    i’d argue that neither of them are superstars. kobe, bron, d-wade, d-rose, dwight, durant, cp3. that’s the exhaustive list of superstars. that’s why i never thought that the miami model would spread out – there aren’t enough superstars to go around. the knicks has as much money invested in stat-melo-tc than miami in bron-wade-bosh…

  • http://www.gil1906.com Pve_2

    Repeated games where carmelo shoots sub-40% is unacceptable. He needs to be at least 45%

  • http://www.twitter.com/_dfrance DFrance21

    @T-Money no argument they aren’t superstars, but i don’t think the way they run their offense helps matters. They are both 20ppg scorers, but without fluid offensive sets, and a decent point to run them they’re just out there running and gunning. The Knicks as a team and Amare individually were playing much better ball with him and Felton playing pick and roll. With Melo being the black hole he is, Amare is lost out there.

  • Fat Lever

    At least one NY Nicks(Hakeem) performed well this weekend.

  • Da-Meat-Hook

    Well said Fat Lever!

  • Maniac

    How do you guys feel about DWill and Dirk being superstars? I think it’s no debate that the 7 guys named are top 7 in the league.

  • Pais

    @Maniac, how’s about Dirk’s a star and Dwill is a really good pg who on occasion plays great?

  • Maniac

    @hmmmm makes sense. Well my only thing is: would we be saying the same if deron were on a good team? Idk.

  • Ctk

    @Maniac …i dont think no PG is a superstar as a basketball player..Magic was a special case cuz of the size n u could move him all over the court to diff. positions on D dependin on the matchup…if u startin a team from nothing fantasy draft style..Cp3,DRose,DWill,or Westbrook shouldnt go top 10
    Just Bron,Howard,Kobe,Dirk,n Wade r superstars for me
    Durant n Griffin on the way n MAYBE LaMarcusAldridge

  • T-Ray

    How about you take some damn pride on the defensive end. When he apologized I’m sure he means I let my team down by not scoring because I was on the bench. This team is pathetic and it starts with the coach. They need a coach that will make them buy into playing defense for 48 minutes. That’s the real problem.

  • Maniac

    Wow you don’t think a PG can be a superstar? CP3 or Rose wouldn’t go top 10?! Are you kidding me? Smh…

  • jimmer

    Marbury 2.0 Team imploder extraordinaire, and I don’t mean Amare. I bet he wishes he never left Phoenix. What a mess.

  • JML-G


    yeah, Pheonix def got bright future ahead of them… *roll eyes*

  • http://www.slamonline.com spit hot fiyah

    amare makes brook lopez look like charles oakley

  • T-Money

    pais: you’re right, i would add dirk to the list but not deron. / dfrance: it’s really embarassing for melo that denver got way better and nyc got way worse since the trade. let’s hope it will make more fans realize that points scored are the not the only criteria to juddge a player.

  • http://www.twitter.com_dfrance dfrance21

    I didn’t have achance to analyze it when he was in Denver, but Melo is a team killer. That sounds harsh, but his brand of basketball is 99.9% 1 on 1. He has no interest in making his teammates better and it shows in their record. Box scores look great “Oh Melo scored 33 last night” but he also looked off 8 teammates and forced 10 shots. He’s not the only one to blame, but he plays a large part.

  • Backboard

    he accepts blame and cites Foul Trouble and Not enough minutes as the reasons?! that right there shows stoudemire’ s mindset and everything thats wrong with it: he doesnt think it was his Play, when really it was. this, coupled with his pre-season comments Show how far from Reality he really is…

  • ctk

    @maniac point guards dont win u titles as your best player ..Isiah got his 2 n at the right time..Magic n Scott was injured for the finals ..n Pippen was just startin out with the Bulls his 2nd n 3rd yr..Bird back was startin to act up ..Magic was a special case with the size n everything …if u buildin a team to win a title than no u dont take a pg top 10..big man n wings is the way to the ring ..LaMarcusAldridge isnt a better player than the top 3pgs n the league rt now..but more valuable to buildin a franchise

  • ShiQ

    Amar’e it WILL happen again…and again…The KNicks are not a good team..Signing Chandler did not fill all the many holes they have…and someone’s gotta understand that no defense isn’t gonna take you very far..

  • ShiQ

    @Maniac What Rose, Cp3 not superstars? I beg to differ….

  • ShiQ

    Sorry I meant CTK…

  • l2ising Phoenix

    They do play defense… It’s the offense …. Melo shoots horribly some nights ..under 40% . That’s turrible. Plus Stat is playing like a bum. 2 rebounds ? Hurrible.. toney Douglas plays bi-polar offensively and cannot run a offense. We need b diddy, or else were not makin the playoffs. Stat is playing likie a little gurl … That’s frustrating for a Knicks fan.

  • Maniac

    LOL ctk you are wrong on so many levels that it’s not even worth me responding…

  • bike

    Amar’e is simply not the player he was before that knee surgery. He still has a lot of game but it’s not franchise player game.

  • ctk

    @shiq n maniac im speakin purely on bein the best player n winnin titles ..not marketing n bein a playoff team yr in n yr out

  • Justin G.

    ctk, it doesn’t matter what you’re “speakin’ purely on”. You’re just straight up wrong.

  • ctk

    based on what?