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Carmelo Anthony Wants the Knicks to Start Having Fun Again

According to Carmelo Anthony, who plans on suiting up today against the Orlando Magic despite an ankle injury, one source of the New York Knicks’ problems is a lack of fun and confidence. From ESPN: “Injured forward Carmelo Anthony is worried about his New York Knicks. ‘We’re not playing with a high level of confidence right now,’ Anthony said on Sunday.’ … I think we need to get back to that and get back to having fun.’ Anthony is questionable for Monday’s game against the Orlando Magic due to a right ankle injury. He missed Saturday’s 104-92 loss to the Oklahoma City Thunder. With Anthony sidelined, the Knicks (6-6) have struggled on both ends of the floor — but particularly on offense. Perceived to be a high-scoring club coming in to the season, they rank 18th in points per game (94.0) and 25th in assists (18.3). Coach Mike D’Antoni said they are suffering from a lack of cohesion, with spacing between Amare Stoudemire and Tyson Chandler affecting Stoudemire’s play at the offensive end.”

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  • DerekG

    “Having fun”? You really think that’s the answer to the Knicks’ issues Melo? More lumps to come! *sigh*

  • http://www.kb24.com The Seed

    Need a new coach, old players that left, since Melo back to Denver and get Deron Williams instead of Melo and Knicks are better. Melo and Amare are me first guys and don’t know how to involve teammates. They fight over scoring points to lose a game each time they play together. BOOK IT!!

  • robb

    you need to start playing defense actually.

  • neaorin

    winning is pretty fun

  • Tami

    Welcome to New York, Melo was all about himself in Denver, we DON”T want him back!!! Won’t be long and he will be wanting OUT of New York!!

  • the_unknown

    the denver nuggets are having fun.

  • Philo71

    How can you have fun with Melo on your team. He is a cancer to any team. A me first offensive player that refuses to play Defense.

    You want to have fun. Then get rid of your diva attitude, share the ball, learn to hustle on defense and start winning. You can’t have fun when your team sucks and you are the number one reason why.

  • aries

    if he (carmelo) leaves, they will go back to having fun. he and amare are somewhat the same type of players. his attention wh:), kim k wannabe wife wanted to be in NY. knicks lost 2 good young energetic players such as Felton and Galliano for Carmelo. knicks were looking good before he came. he wanted to get attention like lebron. sorry, had to vent.

  • mike

    you guys sound stupid..melo may be selfish and self centered but guess what..so is jordan, and kobe, and just about every great player in any sport. you have to want the moment. you have to want the ball. those guys have rings. what does steve nash have? what didnt jason kidd have until recently? guys that demand the ball in high pressure situations win rings. the feltons and gallanaris come every year. melo is not as easily replaced.

  • crooklyn

    Fun, comes from winning, and winning comes from defense. What else is there to say. NY has a coach who doesn’t have a clue, he basically lived off his pg in phoenix, and rode the bench to a college coach, in international play. Are you kidding me? This dude gets paid to coach pros and he constantly “hides” behind someone else on his ways to wins. Sorry this is new york and everything is magnified, bright lights, NO SHADOWS to hide. In his defense though, amare’ needs a clue, dude can’t stay outta foul trouble and his numbers are very misleading. Homeboy needs some post up moves and can we please give the landry fields experiment a break. Melo is gonna be himself and he is not the problem.