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Derrick Rose Unhappy With the Pacers’ Post-Win Celebration

The Indiana Pacers and Chicago Bulls had one of their usual close, gritty showdowns in the Chi last night, with the Pacers emerging victorious. Derrick Rose was upset not only by the Bulls’ first home loss of the season, but also because of the way Indy celebrated on his court. Per the Daily Herald: “The Bulls (16-4) lost for the first time at home this season, dropping a 94-90 decision in this suddenly intense Central Division rivalry. The Bulls beat the Pacers in the first round of last year’s playoffs in five tough games. ‘I’ll never forget how they celebrated just from winning this game,’ Rose said in the locker room. ‘I can’t wait to play them again.’ The next meeting is back at the United Center on March 5. The Bulls visit Indiana just once this season and not until April 25. The Pacers, obviously, couldn’t wait for this contest to be played. ‘The guys are just thrilled to get the win here,’ Indiana coach Frank Vogel said. ‘They were crushed that we didn’t beat (the Bulls) last year in the playoffs.’”

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  • Justin G.

    I didn’t see the game or the highlights. What were they doing?

  • http://www.boogiewilliams.com Boing Dynasty

    Ya, 8 seeds are always “crushed” when they dont upset the #1.

  • http://cnbc.com JTaylor21

    The pacers might be the bulls’ toughest opponent outside of the Heat.

  • sean

    Bulls were minus Luol and with half of the team carrying injuries – kinda silly to be celebrating like that! Hopefully, Thibs sees the light – lets guys recover and the Bulls come back and dominate in the playoffs!

  • north

    don’t want someone celebrating on your home court then win the game D Rose. You’re turning into a baby with all your whining this year.

  • http://www.nyill.wordpress.com Enigmatic

    Whining? It’s called expressing your opinion. Or I suppose to expect all NBA players to be emotionless robots?
    Funny how when Rose was quiet and kept things to himself before he was perceived as being too stupid to articulate his feelings.
    Now that he opens up more, he’s constantly whining, according to some.
    Anyways, there’s no reason to celebrate an early season victory like this unless it was say, a buzzer beater or a double overtime win.
    But the Pacers were acting like they won the championship, kinda like the Heat were after beating the Celtics in the playoffs last year…which at least was in the playoffs.
    Roy Hibbert, who I admit is a good dude, on Twittet last night tweeting “IT’S A GOOD NIGHT TO BE A PACERS FAN!!!”
    Yo, calm the hell down, man.
    No Deng, no Taj, you got Brian Scalabrine playing in the final seconds of a close match, not exactly a victory worth celebrating like that over.

  • http://www.fullc0urtpress.com K.Holiday

    co-sign Enigmatic

  • http://slamonline.com Jones

    Pacers were happy cos they beat a (albeit injured) team that they faced last year in a chippy series that was a lot closer than a 4-1 result suggested.

    The Pacers are a young team that beat one of the best in the east. On the road no less, with Granger still shooting an abysmal percentage from the field. Good for them. Exorcised some demons. Or something.

  • 23

    Boing, did you even watch the playoffs last year? The pacers had the opportunity to win that series. There were many close games. Whenever you lose close games in the playoffs its always “crushing”

  • 23

    Enigmatic, Wow unless the pacers got in the bulls faces or talked some nasty trash, I don’t see what’s wrong with celebrating. Why can you only celebrate buzzer beaters? Why can’t you be happy and celebrate beating one of the best teams in the league? Ok yeah the bulls had some injuries but rose(defending mvp) was playing. Teams love beating the mvp. That’s the way its always been. Let these dudes be happy about the game they love.

  • http://www.nba.com Gman

    What would the reactions be if Bosh said this? lol

  • dsbarber30

    It was a big win, heaven forbid players actually show some heart and excitement, they came back from 10 down on the road…. I think they r just excited about the whole season, and this game although not a buzzer beater came right down to the wire. D. Rose stop cryin!!

  • Gene

    No Deng, no Taj, no problem. Two of the Bulls’ best defenders right there. They acted like they just won game 7. Corny, but let them celebrate how they want.

    Hopefully the Bulls are at full strength for the next meeting… we’ll see how the matchup pans out on the 5th.

  • Joblo

    Pacers were that happy cuz they beat a banged up bulls team…really? What they don’t realize is that they just lit a fire in the mvp and I don’t think he’ll b passing to the white mamba next time, so thank u indiana.

  • ThaWindy

    In this league “a win is a win”. The Pacers fought back and got a game the Bulls clearly had in control going into the third.
    Pacers feel they are the better team and play with a edge everytime they face Chicago.
    Bulls couldnt capitalize and the ball ended in the Pacers hand.
    You dont know a teams goal and how hard they work. A good confidence booster for the Pacers.

    Somebody tell Boozer to quit yelling at his teammates to grab the ball and get it ya damn self!

  • coolassrob

    i like this match up… its always exciting to watch both these teams go head to head..
    Rose could have easily taken over the 4th quarter but idk what happened…
    hopefully Chicago gets it back in March.. good game though

  • robb

    the Pacers are a good team but they could never win a series against the Bulls. Derrick is injured, Luol didn’t play and the white mamba is so magnanimous he didn’t want to sink that three. Chill out Indiana.

  • bull22

    as long as you are the lakers,celtics or bulls and are winning games, somebody is going to want to hang a loss on you at home or on the road and celebrate like they just won a title so it does not bother me.. a loss can help a team improve anyway and the pacers still have to beat the bulls in the playoffs.

  • shutup

    @matic Rose should be mad that he lost and they celebrated, but only because he’s one of the games fiercest competitors, I dont however think the Pacers should be vilified for celebrating, they’re a young team and even though the bulls are banged up (but who isnt?) the Pacers are coming together, taking steps towards being a force in the east. Cant praise Rose for speaking out and showing emotions and cast judgement on a team for doing the same. It was a hard fought win, me personally I believe its just a regular season game and the Pacers should act like they’ve won before, but dont see anything wrong with a team celebrating.

  • freddychops

    I love Derrick Rose. Makes the right plays, trusts every one of his teammates, and hates to lose. Without Deng, or Gibson, it’ll be tough for us to compete against the best teams in the east, but with them in the lineup, Indiana, Atlanta, Orlando and New York will be tasting our dust all season.

    When healthy, the only real threat is Miami. The Pacers are most likely the third best team in the east, and they play really physically. They’re legit. But they’ll struggle to beat the bulls, when we’re injured. If Chicago is healthy, the pacers don’t scare me at all

  • MLK4Life

    Gman has it right. How many of you, enigmatic included, would be all over bosh if he said this? But its rose, who can do no wrong. Rose is crying like a little girl here. Win the game and pacers can’t celebrate, its simple. Its fine to be upset over losing the game but don’t whine like a biich about it. Some of you fuccers are so hypocritical, enigmatic chief amongst you. Bulls fans are the worst I swear.

  • http://nyill.wordpress.com Enigmatic

    I really wish my comments would show up so I could roast MLK4Life right about now….

  • charliewinning

    Win the game and they can’t celebrate. Everybody criticising the Pacers for expressing themselves while defending Rose for expressing himself needs to get off his sack a bit. Wtf is he your boyfirend ?

  • http://slamonline.com Fut.

    Everyone knows a small fistpump is all the celebrating one should ever need in the NBA. Stone-faced and expressionless is the classy way to win.

    1/ We are now being angry at people being happy (and showing it) over winning. Nice work. Sounds healthy.
    2/ Winners can do whatever the hell they want (to the limits of basic social conventions ie. no fan bashing, world peace) They earnt it. By winning.
    3/ There is ALWAYS way more emotion when you play and beat the team that knocked you out the previous year. Can you imagine how nuts Chicago would’ve gone had they beaten the Celtics after that 7 game a couple years back? They would’ve lost their s***

  • anynomous

    @sean better get used to it. the bulls are not the only team dealing with injuries. the situation is not likely to get any better and injuries are never an excuse for losing.

  • anynomous

    @north exactly.

  • http://nyill.wordpress.com Enigmatic

    OK, let me try this ONCE AGAIN –
    MLK – how in the hell can I be “chiefly among” the “hypocritical fuccers” when other Bulls fans on this site have displayed their displeasure with me at being one of the most, if not the most critical Bulls fan on here?
    You must think I’m some kind of Rose stan, but I ain’t the one.
    There’s no comparing this to Bosh. NONE.
    Bosh HAS LITERALLY CRIED after regular-season games.
    Bosh actually blamed a rookie for causing his injury cause the guy went for a ball and “it was too close to his leg”.
    F*ck that, you ALWAYS go for the ball.
    Maybe Rose shouldn’t have expressed his anger about this publicly, although I’m sure he didn’t expect this to blow up the way it did.
    Honestly, what upsets me is actually the fact that the Pacers really should be embarrassed for celebrating like this.
    They’re the real deal, and they should’ve come into the game expecting to win it, real talk.
    Instead when the buzzer sounded they acted like they were a middle school squad that just beat a Division I college team.
    And Jerry Sein…err, I mean Frank Vogel is right there with them, fist-pumping and all that.
    BTW, I hope the “MLK” in your name is for the street you grew up in.
    Cause you repping Dr. King and then going on your little profanity-laced tired on me would be, well, “fuccing hypocritical”.
    And f*ck outta here, Knicks fans are the worst. Heat stans too.
    @Fut – Bulls did beat the Celtics once in the season following that 7-game series. I don’t recall anyone going nucking…um futs about it tho.
    @ShutUp – yeah, you’re right, for the most part. Valid points, all of them.

  • charliewinning

    Waaaay too emotional.

  • Rick

    I don’t get it… I was 10 rows up from the P’s bench that game and they didn’t do anything unusual. I walked up to the court while some lady was interviewing Hibbert and he was real gracious. He talked about how good the Bulls were and that they were glad to be able to come in and get a win. Then he walked off. Dudes were glad for the win and all, but I think they should be.

    This is just either Rose or the media trying to get himself or the fans all worked up. Get worked up, but keep it in the locker room man.

  • Corey

    he definatley wasnt whining or crying simply a competitive mthing he held in side mof him until they met again and we all know what happened in the second matchup im pretty sure they wont be celebrating like that again.