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Eric Gordon: Clippers Lied About Trade to Hornets

Eric Gordon thought he had assurances from the LA Clippers that he wouldn’t be dealt away, but of course, he’s now a New Orleans Hornet. Gordon and former Clipper Chris Kaman trashed the organization in an interview with Yahoo! Sports: “All you do is take the man’s word and take that he said that no one is going to go anywhere,’ Gordon said. ‘To completely lie like that is something unprofessional.’ After trade talks with the Hornets stalled Dec. 12, Clippers general manager Neil Olshey and coach Vinny Del Negro gathered the team’s players who had guaranteed contracts and told them the franchise planned to move forward with its current group. Gordon and Kaman now think they were deceived. Olshey disagrees. ‘I’m not deceptive enough to look players in the eye and tell them something that is not true,’ Olshey said. ‘And I can tell you from an ownership level, the president of our company, myself, we made a corporate decision Monday morning that when the deal didn’t go through on Sunday night we would no longer pursue the trade. And that’s when we notified our players, to get the elephant out of the room during our abbreviated training camp.’ [...] ‘They came back to us with what we felt like was a more appropriate compensation package and we decided to do the deal,’ Olshey said. Said Gordon: ‘They literally told me as an organization that they wanted to keep me, and [the trade still] went down?’ News of the trade broke via Twitter and other social media outlets while Gordon and Kaman were at community events with Clippers season-ticket holders. Gordon found out while he was on a bus for the event and tweeted, ‘Wow.’ Kaman found out from his real-estate agent’s son. ‘He said, ‘Hey, you got traded.’ I was like, ‘C’mon,’ Kaman said. ‘Then everyone started talking to me like, ‘Hey, what happened?’ I was like, ‘I don’t know.’ Then my agent wasn’t calling me. I couldn’t get ahold of him. Then Farouq talked to his agent and said it was done. The Clippers didn’t tell me anything. They didn’t tell me I was traded or nothing after eight years. They didn’t have the guts to come tell me they traded me.’ Olshey said he and Del Negro were in the lobby of the Clippers’ practice facility waiting for the players to return from the events to discuss the trade. ‘Unfortunately in today’s social media it didn’t matter if they were home, on a bus, shootaround, out to dinner,’ Olshey said. ‘We would never get to them before other people got to them or it ended up on Twitter.’”

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  • http://justinmaller.com Justin

    It’s called a phone. I’m sure it still works regardless of the fact Twitter exists.

  • http://redoftoothandclaw.ca/ niQ

    ^cosign. Excuses.

  • AD

    if I was in the nba I wouldnt trust noone in the organization. This happens to many times. Being lied to is messed up too .. I hope gordon can stay healthy and drop like 50 on the clippers ..

  • http://slamonline.com tolo64

    Very unprofessional. Just tell the guys straight up they’re all grown ups here.


    Spoiled GM’s.

  • Ldub20

    Feel bad for someone to be in a situation like this. Getting traded isnt necessarily the issues. Saying we are going to keep you, then going back on your word and trading you away is the issue. A simple explanation prior to pulling the trigger I think would have sufficed. “Hey the Clips came back with a different deal, that we feel is better for the organization. Its nothing personal, and I wish you luck” is better than having your real-estate agents son tell you youve been dealt. The phone call should have been made right after the deal was signed!

  • http://juan.garcia@computershare.com Marcelus Wallace

    Most teams do this to avoid a “Lamar Odom butt hurt” consequence if the trade doesn’t go through.

  • Jay

    I expect nothing more from the Clippers organization. No class.

  • anthony y

    No class whatsoever smh.. What a copout. The organization owed them a phone call at least.

  • http://www.slamonline.com Tarzan Cooper

    I’d like to rent an apartment from sterling, he seems like a straight shooter

  • http://thetroyblog.com Teddy-the-Bear

    ^ lol.

  • bignoname


  • Clipped

    I’m a clippers fan but dam they should have kept eric gordon out of the deal and thrown either bledsoe or more picks into the deal instead.The way it was broken was b.s though the media heard about it before he did that and the fact he was told eric gordon isn’t going any where(if they were going to move him they should have at least told him behind closed doors 1st).It will be ironic if chris paul doesn’t resign there after this as he has now seen how loyal the clippers are to their players.

  • Sean B

    ^^^ And people complain about how LeBron handled his Decision with the Cavaliers? Players get jerked around like this all the time and everyone says “it’s the business”. When a player does it… “now the league is broken… all stars wanna play in big markets etc”. What a load of malarkey.


    ^^ WORD ^^