Friday, January 6th, 2012 at 10:51 am  |  8 responses

Eric Gordon Out 2-3 Weeks to Rest Ailing Knee

Tough news for the New Orleans Hornets and their fans. The team announced today that star guard Eric Gordon will be out for a few weeks due to swelling in his right knee: “Eric Gordon has experienced swelling in his right knee and will miss 2-3 weeks.”

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  • Ldub

    seems to me like this shortened season is doing more harm than good. Not enough time in training camp. Back to Back to Back games. 4 Games in 5 nights, the list goes on and on. Too much wear and tear on the body. Wade foot, Lebron foot, Curry ankle, Ginobli hand, Billups was out, Kobe wrist, Gasol shoulder… Almost every team has had some sort of injury already. Too much too soon IMO

  • Homie

    Fack. Between Gordon and DWade, my fantasy team is not off to a good start. Get well soon!

  • owlow

    Wow E.J is hurt again? I can’t believe it

  • Ldub

    @homie…i was thinking about trading for dwade…i have melo, but idk if i wanna do that because of all his injuries. plus bron bron is taking away alot of his mojo this year. his % has dropped a bit in the past week and hes not even gettin 20 pts. might keep melo

    @owlow EJ? or EG?

  • Waggle

    Ouch, he should massage the knee with a jet from a high-powered jacuzzi

  • http://www.kb24.com The Seed

    Stern, great move, EG is injury prone. So New Orleans gave up Chris Paul for just Eric “injured overrated” Gordon and Kaman-injuried-sucks and Aminiu who is a bust and a top 10 pick that can turn out to be a bust. New Orleans and Stern–EPIC FAIL!!!

  • Clipped

    @ The Seed:
    Please dont tell me you actually prefered that the Hornets got shafted like the raptors/cavs did by letting their team get nothing except a trade exception and maybe some useless 2nd round picks for their franchise player??-Sten had to get something for him to make the team worth something for future owners.
    The deal that the hornets got was the best they could get for the places paul would deal with La and Nyk(the only two openly mentioned anyway)or would you prefer to see them end up with an old injury prone-kev mart,disappers-pau,average-LO or scrubs/nothing from NYK.
    Where as what they got instead was a serviceable center when healthy kaman which upgrades your frontcourt,Eric gordon who is a top 10 sg in the league of the future and wants to be the face of a franchise(the hornets are just playing it safe with their investment and are probly trying to avoid a b-roy like injury/pointless reoccuring one due to rushing back now),a 20+ppg scorer,clutch factor,allright rebounder for a guard,international experiance-Team u.s.a and has openly said he will resign with hornets-unlike Paul,Aminu will be a good role player maybe a starter at best,the biggest part of the deal is the pick of either clippers or wolves-dependent on whose is higher which will be a top five most likely in a supposed deep draft class-I’m guessing the wolves pick will be higher.
    Which now gives you 3 younger players and one older player in comparrison to 3 older player and maybe a bad 2nd round pick that would have been thrown in.
    Where as the Clippers get Chris Paul who could a have an injury as well:his history isnt exactly the best either look it up as I believe his missed alot of time to,He could choose to not resign if he doesnt like where the team is going and could only have him as a two season rental and end up with nothing.

  • ai come back