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LaMarcus Aldridge Slated to Make Cameo on IFC Show Portlandia

NBA stars have been making their way onto the small screen as of late, and now LaMarcus Aldridge is doing the same, as an upcoming episode of the IFC show Portlandia (scheduled to air at some point in late February) will contain a cameo from the Trail Blazers big man. Here’s the episode description from the show’s site, though you’ll have to pardon the reference to the “Portland Timbers”: “‘Sanitation Twins’ Marcus and Madeline Harris take separating trash to a whole new level; Portland’s feminist bookstore ‘Women & Women First’ commemorates its 10th anniversary, but the celebrations are cut short (with Penny Marshall and LaMarcus Aldridge); Uptight couple, Kath and Dave decide to go for a hike but get sidetracked as they prepare for every possible scenario; Peter and Nance go to their first Portland Timbers game and design a sign to root for the team; A risk-averse dance instructor ensures there is no chance of him being sued.”

(H/T: The Big Lead)

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  • Riggs

    this show is actually kind of funny, fred armisen is desperately needed back on SNL though.

  • http://dodgers.com Joey E.

    i wish i had IFC

  • Rashiodonics

    Fred Armisen is still on SNL though.

  • dma

    It is a great show. And yes, Armisen is still on SNL…

  • Heals

    Looking forward to watching, but I dunno if it’ll work out though. I mean Parks and Rec is centered in hoops hotbed Indy, plus they already have Hibb’s and Detlef on board. Let me see who else Portlandia fills the roster out with before I start goin all in on them…

  • scott

    Bill Walton might be available.

  • riggs

    really? i havent seen him in the longest.

  • Dr. DL

    Yeah Armisen is still on SNL. He hasn’t been featured enough lately, I agree. They seem to really like to push Kristen Wigg, who is funny but not like Jason Sudeikis, Armisen, Samberg, or the new guy Jay Pharoah (whose Denzel Washington impression is killer). But anyways I’m glad Lamarcus is appearing on the show. It’s pretty funny, especially if you have ever spent any time in Portland. Given that it’s my hometown I feel like the rest of the country is being brought in on our local in jokes. It’s a pretty funny parody, loving and very accurate. And one of my favorite things about Portland is that as much as it is every bit the hippy-driven weirdfest portrayed on Portlandia, the city is also home to some intelligent and flat out rabid basketball fans. I would stake a wager that the Rose Garden is among the loudest arenas in the league.

  • Damion

    I Love LaMarcus Aldridge