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LeBron James’ Defense on Derrick Rose Effective Once Again

We all saw LeBron James put the clamps on Derrick Rose in the Eastern Conference Finals last season, and when the Heat asked James to slow down Rose in the fourth quarter yesterday, he came through again. Per the Miami Herald: “With Rose surging late in Sunday’s game, Spoelstra once again had James guard Rose. And it worked. Rose went off for six points and two assists in a 2 1/2-minute stretch early in the fourth quarter. With James on Rose for the final six minutes of the game, Rose managed only three points and one assist. ‘[Rose] is an unbelievable talent,’ James said. ‘He’s a great player, and a great person. I always take the challenge, and it’s good to be out there playing against him knowing he’s one of the best in the league.’ After a pair of Miami three-pointers to begin the fourth quarter, the Bulls went on a 13-2 tear. Rose sparked the run with a pair of assists and two free throws, then finished it with a 10-foot jumper and an acrobatic layup after slicing through three Heat defenders. That’s when James clamped down. Rose is most effective when he gets into the lane, either bulling his way to the basket or connecting on off-balance teardrops. James used his length and quickness to stay in front of Rose and force the ball out of his hands.”

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  • AD

    lebron IS clutch

  • clutch

    Rose shot 11-28 for the game. The only reason that game was even close was because he shot 12-14 at the line getting most of them every time Miami would stretch their lead. If the heats big 3 all play good, which they did with and exception of wade who shot worse than rose at 4-16, they can’t be beat. Simple as that.

  • MLK4Life

    Not that simple at all. The Heat can be beat. Its unrealistic to expect 30 from LeBron, 20 from Bosh and 25 from Wade against a defensive team like the Bulls. One of them will struggle. We saw that in the playoffs last season. Either Bosh plays well or Wade does. Never both. The Thunder and Bulls can beat Miami if they’re 100% healthy.


    Yes they can, but they won’t. Go Heat !

  • stlheatmaniac

    ummm No the bulls wont beat the Heat even at 100 percent. why cant bulls fans realize that they are basically the exact same team from last year while the heat got deaper and better as a team. as we saw Rip was useless and as usual when the bulls are down its all on his back and he got zero help. in the playoffs itll b the same way and he gonna b worn the hell out by the time he even see the Heat plus our D would of gotten even betta by then so dont expect rose to b droppin plus 30 everygame either. LETS GO HEAT

  • Red

    Heat lost to the Bucks..stop it. Deng wasn’t there & Watson wasn’t there to give Rose a breather. Heat suck.

  • swagger on a finni

    @ MLK4Life it can go the same way for OKC and the Bulls, Drose had an outstanding game yesterday and was the only reason the Bulls even kept it close. It is unlikely that, if the Bulls and Heat do meet in the playoffs, he will be able to put forth perfomances like this for 4 games, even so, if he is able to, his team still is not guranteed to win. With OKC, their situation is so volatile, with Wesbrook, being so out-of-control at times, it is likely that he will either have a bad game himself or cause KD to have a poor performance. Even so, MIA is capable of locking at least one of them down so that the other has an increased offensive load

  • bike

    LeBron has the ability to stop anyone in the league if he puts his mind to it.

  • stlheatmaniac

    @swagger on a finni… U SO GOT DAM RIGHT AND UR NAME FLY AS A MOTH FUKA BUT BACK TO THA TOPIC… Deng Will b slowed down or shut down when he gets back and he is only averaging wat like… 15, watson aint finna b this huge scoring problem either like the bulls think. and westbrook in the playoffs last year is one of the major reasons they loss!! then okc give him a contract justifying that they like his play style so i see all kinds of future failing when he need to b feeding Durant the rock. Rose is the soul of the bulls and when LJ D him up he way less effective thus the reason while the bulls may stay close but never take ova tha game. LJ is unstoppable this season and he gonna get his buckets regardless but ROSE CAN B STOPPED OR DRASTICALLY SLOWEd down so ummm dis our yr HEAT LETS GET IT!!

  • MLK4Life

    The Heat still have no idea what they’re doing at the end of close games. Its either LeBron or Wade in isolation which is easy to defend. Until they fix that, they are beatable. Westbrook and Durant along with Harden are capable. Rose and the Bulls are also capable. Rose doesn’t need to score 30 every game against them if Deng is in the lineup. 15 points is nothing to sneeze at. Deng can annoy LeBron a little bit on the defensive end. If Boozer mans up and plays well, the Bulls can get to the Finals. I never said Watson needs to be a huge scoring threat. But he’s a good shooter and he can spell Rose a little bit so that he can be fully energized at the end of games. If one isn’t on the Heat bandwagon, all these things should be easy to see. Turn LeBron & Wade into jumpshooters. Zone up if necessary. They can struggle in the halfcourt. And you stand a good chance of beating them.

  • robb

    C’mon, Rose still scored 34 points, dished 6 assists and led the charge late in the game and Lebron couldn’t do sh*t to stop him.

  • stlheatmaniac

    i agree that it is possible but in a series for all these hypothetical “possible” situations to occur it just dont sound realistic. no matter how many points Deng can score we all know that when the pressure on rose getting the rock and Deng wont show up. weve all seen how horrible rose shot in the playoffs against us cause of our defense. the bulls are a fantastic team but the Heat aint worried. its a war everytime we play but its a winnable war that we can win and we know it. i hope they whole squad at 100 percent next time we see the bulls so we can beat them again without all the sorry excuses

  • MLK4Life

    Like I said, get off the bandwagon and be objective. It will be a battle. But do not sleep on Chicago. If they’re smart, the Heat know that their only competition in the Eadt is Chicago when they’re completely healthy and with the addition of Rip. Don’t discount Rip. You’re foolish if you do so.

  • T-Money

    robb: bron actually did do sh– to stop him. rose didn’t attack the basket in the last 6 minutes (actually he didn’t even look at the rim), and was 1-6.

  • http://nyill.wordpress.com Enigmatic

    LeBron on Rose reminds me of Pippen guarding point guards that would give the Bulls problem back in the 90′s.
    Can’t hate on that.
    People who are saying Deng aint sh*t and wouldn’t have made a difference don’t know Dengs game.
    He defends LeBron as well as anyone does, combine that with the fact Rip defends Wade about as well as anyone, and that would be enough to bother the two.
    Deng is averaging 15 a game because the Bulls played the Pistons twice early in the season. And Tayshaun Prince defends Deng ad well as anyone else, therefore Deng had two horrible scoring games against them, but if you take those two Detroit games away, he’d be averaging 18 a game.

  • http://cnbc.com JTaylor21

    Deng is important but let’s not act like Brewer isn’t a great defender also.

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qeLRym4Q-pg nbk

    Brewer is an offensive liability. That’s the difference between him and deng. He might actually be a better defender. it’s close

  • mike

    @clutch didn’t you watch last years NBA finals?

  • LA Huey

    Honestly, the outcome of the game didn’t matter to me. I’m just glad it was a great game. There’s nothing to measure between these two teams until the playoffs.
    Enigmatic, I feel you about the Pippen flashbacks. I remember against Indiana, Mark Jackson’s playing time = 48 – [Pip's minutes]. Coach Bird had to put Travis Best out there because Pippen was putting the full court press on his starting PG.

  • robb

    @T-Money 1:06 pm comment wasn’t me. But I don’t disagree entirely. If Rose had scored those 2 ft’s maybe we wouldn’t be talking about Lebron stopping Derrick. Rose needs help that’s for sure.

  • http://shinefluid@aol.com yada

    i GUARANTEE you!! a healthy bulls team will win it the championship. if that was the heat best shot yesterday?

  • LA Huey

    I guarantee you that the Heat’s best effort didn’t come in a game during the 1st half of the regular season

  • the truth

    The heat dominated last year’s postseason series, i don’t expect anything different this year. And yada you’re an idiot

  • http://slamonline.com. datkid

    why does wade always play so bad against chicago?? I thought it was it was just bc keith brogans was getting into him at first, but now…… I don’t know tho… I doubt wade plays this badly against them again. He’ll be healthier later on and I’m not sure a Rip Hamilton can consistently contain wade in the playoffs.

  • JT_tunechi28

    Aww man, alot of these heat fan commments are coming from pure ignorance. Don’t get me wrong, heat have a great group of guys. Notice how I did not say team. Miami is not a good team, there offense comes from their speed and quickness of either lebron or wade. Imagine the team without lebron. You think Miami could hold itself up with their fast pace mentality. Sure they have wade. But wade needs a rest sometime right? Likely he’ll be injured too. No no no, Miami is not a “good team”. Now let’s take out our ONE superstar, Derrick rose. Chicago is still a playoff contender, very unlikely that their a championship team, but chicago is just like the Denver nuggets. A good team. That’s why I do not like seeing Miami win. A team full of superstars. You may say “what about Boston then?” no, they brought together a bunch of players who were good at specific parts of playing. Allen-3pt, garnett- post, pierce-ballhandler. AND They are a team, and taught how to work through each other and their teammates. Miami is just lebron, wade, and bosh, the rest of the team is pulled along for the ride. Miami fans, PRAY YOUR HARDEST, that Chicago does not grab Howard. Their would be Absolutely no possible way for Miami to stop that type of defensive and offensive power if Chicago plays Chicago basketball with Howard involved.

  • ferretluvah

    Howard will not be a Bull, let’s not worry about it. But, if he did, MIA would be finished-not even an afterthought. As is, it’s hards to say if Deng being there would have resulted in a different outcome, but to those who say this is the same Bulls team MIA beat in the postseason last year, they are very mistaken.

  • quest

    omgosh with all of derrick rose’s missed layups dwight would feast on the offensive glass it would be like getting an assist. it was the same when mutombo had iverson to clean up after except it would be all emphatic dunks

  • don the GSW fan

    i’d rather have dwight finish my misses instead of mutombo

  • LA Huey

    JT_tunechi doing his best impression of a pot calling a kettle black.

  • iknowmybasketball


  • lemskiz

    3 all-stars vs 1 all-star. do the math. at least Rose doesn’t need 2 all-star backups to become a Finals contender. ^^