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LeBron James: New York Knicks Need Time to Figure Things Out

Drawing parallels to his own’s squads struggles last season, LeBron James says Knicks fans and media should give the team time to come together, and that success takes patience. I’m sure both groups will take LeBron’s advice to heart and react to the Knicks’ ongoing failures accordingly from this day forth. From the NY Post: “LeBron James compared the Miami Dream Team’s slow start last season to the Knicks’ current malaise, but stopped short of calling them contenders for the Eastern Conference title. ‘It takes time,’ James said Wednesday night from Detroit, where his Heat played the Pistons. ‘It’s never going to work right overnight, and we were the prime example of that. It took us time. We were 9-8 at one point, but it took us even longer after that to become a good team, to know each other, to learn each other, what works for each other, what don’t work. I think they’re going through the same thing right now but people want results now. That’s just the league and the world we leave in.’ […] James didn’t go overboard in predicting big things for the ‘Broadway Bigs,’ featuring Carmelo Anthony, Amar’e Stoudemire and Chandler. In fact, James was the one who triggered that famous Chris Paul toast at Anthony’s 2010 wedding when he kidded to Paul that he could form another superteam in New York with Stoudemire and Anthony. Paul, now with the Clippers, made his toast, but the sentiment is now shattered. ‘That’s really not for me to answer,’ James said on whether the Knicks can compete for the East. ‘I feel they got some really good pieces, but as far as righting the ship, I don’t know. I’m here with my teammates and I got to worry about what we have going on here.’”

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  • 23

    except the heat have the best player in the world. the knicks dont. period.

  • bull22

    after taking a dump on NY and the other teams that he just jacked with knowing he was signing with the miami heat. now the ringless one continues to give out free advice to the eastern conference teams.. i think he has been sitting on his LEJOHN too long.

  • Da-Meat-Hook

    Somehow, haters are gonna find a way to spin this story into Lebron being an arrogant classless choker.

  • 23

    lejokes are old. let the dude be. i swear if jordan played in todays game he would not be as beloved as he is now. magic would be hated, guaranteed. nobody can say anything without the opinions of 1,000,000 people disecting it into someting negative

  • http://www.reverbnation.com/tray24 T-Ray

    ^That’s been a reoccurring theme since July of 2010.

  • Da-Meat-Hook

    bull22, what’s it like to read an article and then post a comment displaying that you have no grasp of what the article was about?

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  • LA Huey

    The Knicks are victims of unrealistic expectations. They overhauled their backcourt and have had no time to practice in this compressed schedule. On top of that, they’ve been hit by injuries. NYK does have the talent to be in the East’s 2nd tier with Boston and Orlando though.

  • channing tatting

    who cares Lebron sucks, he can only drive and dunk thats it

  • Mo

    Dam, looks like Melo caught the “LeBron Flu” and will not play tonight to “rest his injuries.”

  • Rik Smits Mullet

    zogs thinks typing stuff with capslock on makes it more true.
    Lebron speaks the truth on the knicks. But you cant really compare the heat and the knicks. Knicks bought all the superstars not known for playing defense.
    Also amare probably plays better with anthony out. We will see tonight looking forward to it.

  • AD

    most of these haters on this site cant even play bbal so their credibility is whack…. plus he’s right

  • http://cnbc.com JTaylor21

    LeBron needs to stop kissing a** and man up. The Knicks with Melo have been together for over 40+gms now, that’s more than enough “time to figure things out”.

  • Brion

    The “ringless one” still sent the bulls packing last year as I remember. Why are dorks still putting “LE” in front of words to make lame jokes? lejohn, legarbage…how about Lenotfunnyanymore.

  • http://slamonline.com. datkid

    cosign T-ray… also we really should’ve blocked bulls22 a long time ago.

  • clutch

    Lmao dude said all lebron does is drive and dunk. Wow guess he didn’t watch the playoffs against boston and chicago when he closed both of those series out with jumpers.

  • Da-Meat-Hook

    How does the MOST VERSATILE player in the L “only drive and dunk”?

  • dev0

    The Heat’s supporting cast is better than the Knicks right now, and the Heat struggled early last year even with a whole training camp. This Knicks team has kind of been slopped together quickly and they don’t really know how to utilise their collection of talent at this point. They’ll come together eventually and it won’t be this year. The Heat were remarkable for their ability to reach the Finals their first year together. The Heat also have better coaching coaching for their team. Erik Spoelstra gets lots of hate, and yes he’s still improving as a coach, but it seems to fit the Heat better than D’Antoni does for the Knicks. Who does LeBron think he is to speak about this issue? Simple. He was ASKED

  • MeloMan15

    @Mo The “lebron flu”? Melo scared of lebron? check your facts homie. Lebron’s all time record against Melo is laughable… Lebron has won like 25 percent of the games he’s played against Mel

  • http://www.reverbnation.com/tray24 T-Ray

    After that statement channing doesn’t deserve to have an opinion in life.

  • http://idunkonthem.blogspot.com albie1kenobi

    i don’t have any problem with Lebron saying what he said, i have a problem with the writer calling the Heat “Miami Dream Team”. there is one dream team only: Team USA at Barcelona in 1992.

  • Mary

    It’s real nice of Bron to say that te Knicks need time to gel and everyone needs to get off their backs for a while, and that Miami needed time, too, but let’s all remember that when my dudes in Boston came together to create their big three they meshed instantly, playing together unselfishly like they’d been doing it all their lives and went on to win the championship against the Lakers. Yes, they were older and with age comes maturity, but they also played like grownass men and didn’t cry about needing to learn how to play together because they just DID it. These fools don’t get paid multimillion contracts so team owners can be told to have patience, they get the big money because super talent + super talent is supposed to equal rings.

    Boston…do or do not. There is no try.
    Miam and New York…slow and steady wins the race – because eventually all of the other talented players in the league will need to retire.

  • robb

    Today Miami’s gonna win by 24 points and Lebron will have a monster game.

  • Mo

    @MeloMan15 – To be honest I do not belive Melo is scared of Lebron, but why take off tonights game? Might ass well sucked it up and played tonight and take the next two games off vs Hou & Det. But he’s taking the MIA game off and might play on Tuesday vs the dam Pistons? That doesn’t sound right.

  • Drunyce

    ^ If you follow the NBA. You would know Melo has been playing through wrist & ankle injuries for weeks. The idea that he is ducking MIA is asinine. He has a winning record against LBJ & has owned that match up since high school. NYK need a PG, period.

  • bull22

    the “LE” was not even coined by me and whoever came up with it did a good job of coming up with something funny. you can go to any website or even recieve text messages with the phrase and find it. because of the decision that will follow LEBRON until he retires from basketball. so those lebron fans like brion who are overly sensitive and find victories in series wins instead of rings can do us all a favor, GET THE FREAKOUT out of internet or put your cellphones down forever crybabies! if you don’t like it.

  • neptuneniq

    heres the thing though, Amare and Melo don’t play defense…

    Miami Heat worked out because they’re a defense first team. Lebron and Wade are one of the top perimeter defenders in the league. D’Antoni preaches offense, outscoring the opponent. Melo has to work on his overall game, Tyson Chandler can’t be the only defensive presence on the court.

  • http://www.coachesclipboard.net/FlexOffense.html nbk

    bull the only person that would be doin us a favor by leavin the Internet is you

  • jayrose

    They just need to get a point guard to run the show and some role players. Bet you once they get those pieces they’ll be off and running

  • piratewannabe

    Very well.lebron does the drive and dunk cos nobody can guard him.if there is someone good enough he will do some sstepback, spin, or his passes which made him good at assists now. Don’t forget of his jumper even do its not really good tho..

  • Justin G.

    Mary, I think the Celtics worked out for the reasons you said plus they all play different positions. Lebron and Wade are guys that are used to dominating the ball and it took time to figure out when and where each would be getting the ball in their spots, things of that nature. Also, the Celtics are a rarity in that department. Not many championship calibre teams have gotten there right away after being thrown together and made it work instantly. Bottom line, Lebron is right. The Knicks need time. JTaylor, 40 games (half last year and a bit this year) is not a lot when you figure there’s really been no training camp and other players have come in as well. It’s not enough time to figure it all out but not a lot of people seem to understand that in today’s age of wanting instant results. It just doesn’t happen like that

  • Ldub

    ^^^co-sign Justin G.
    Money isnt going to make it easier to gel with someone (Mary). Only time will. The Heat have a full season and some change (including the playoffs) together and they still dont seem to have figured it out yet. Granted, sooner than later would be ideal, but you cant force something. That is where the “patiene” comes into play. You have 2 people that NEED the ball to feel they are making an impact on the game in Melo and Stat, a rookie that shoots like hes a vet, a good PG but no where near ready to run a ball club, a solid C, with only D on his mind. Chemistry plays a HUGE, HUGE, HUGE part in a “team”. And without that, you might as well be the Nets! I mean look at the Lakers. New players, new coach, new playing style and they look as lost as ever. All teams with new pieces need time.


    Hatas lay down & stay down. Long live the King !!

  • Cuba

    Don’t forget that the Knicks actually had a true point guard last year (Chauncey Billups) and now they don’t.

  • Brian

    For the people that say Melo is scared of the ringless wonder….I don’t understand that at all…He is not going into a cage fight!! It is a basketball game and I highly doubt he is “scared”. Melo has had wrist and ankle problems from the begining of the season!! Unless you think he has been faking them for the past month just to sit out vs Miami..Lebron is a great player but to call him the best in the league is debatable. Knicks need someone to dish the ball and they will be a formidable force in the east…Untill that day comes they will struggle in every aspect of the game.

  • Carmen

    Ok, who ever says Lebron “sucks” is obviously ignorant as f_ck and doesn’t watch basketball, so please shut up! That fact that he left the Cavaliers doesn’t mean he “sucks”, it means he wanted to go to a team were he wasn’t the only one playing!