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Report: Dwight Howard Rethinking Trade Request, Wants Deron Williams in Orlando

It’s impossible to know whether or not Dwight Howard truly wants to be traded—until the seemingly inevitable trade does go through—so in the meantime, we have to settle for reports about his flip-flopping desire to be moved one day and to stay the next. This comes via WKMG Local 6: “Local 6 Sports Director David Pingalore has learned that Orlando Magic center Dwight Howard may be rethinking his trade request. In December, Howard told the Magic he would want to be traded to either the New Jersey Nets, Dallas Mavericks or Los Angeles Lakers. Multiple NBA sources confirmed to Pingalore that Howard has been heavily recruiting New Jersey Nets point guard Deron Williams to play with him in Orlando. Pingalore has also learned the Magic are trying to trade for Williams. Pingalore’s sources confirmed that Howard would rather stay in Orlando, and the sources said that it’s an ’80 percent’ chance Howard stays.”

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  • Taylor

    Wonder why the report is only coming from one source.

  • T-Money

    man, make up your mind already.

  • gubbins

    Report : Dwight Howard changes his mind every 3.6 seconds.


    man i cant believe this dumb a$$ wanted to play for the garbage Nets.. now he is seeing how crappy they really are and he is changing his mind. hhahahaha wow

  • GTK

    Is Deron Williams really that much better than Jameer Nelson that it would make a difference in Orlando? I’m not sure the PG spot is the key to making that team a championship contender, I’d be looking at other positions instead…

  • http://www.optimabbc.be Max

    DWill in Orlando wouldbe nice though

  • Jono

    My NBA 2k11 team is becoming a reality!

  • shutup

    so how should Jameer Nelson take this? You think getting a better scoring pg is gonna improve is chance of winning? Its just gonna give Van GUndy another option instead of Howard. I think he is a great player, but his team and coach have no faith in him, I think it speaks volumes on his dedication to develope an offensive post game, he should be making leaps and bounds, but instead his offensive game is taking baby steps, its truly sad because there is such a lack of quality post power players in the L. Just imagine what a young Shaq would be doing right now. Seriously who do you think the best post player in the league right now? I cant think of one….Bynum, maybe, well see.

  • Heals

    ^^^I dunno who to blame more; the players’ who feel the need regardless of whether they’ve been asked or not to give their opinion of where they wanna play, who they wanna play or what needs to happen for them to stay/leave their current team or the media members who feel the need to report these anecdotes as if they are noteworthy…

  • ARL30

    Just make like Denver and Utah and trade this guy. The franchise should show some self-respect.

  • D12FSU

    Offer Anderson, Redick and I guess Nelson for Williams. I think NJ accepts that if they know Williams is already out the door

  • http://www.mycampingmall.com WildWilli

    Rather than trade Dwight, why don’t The Magic offer JJ Redick, Jamer Nelson and Quinton Richardson to the Nets for the Nets Deron Williams. Throw in a first round draft choice if necessary to get him

  • orl.chris

    nah man, if we keep dwight we should try to keep anderson. dude is a good compliment to d12. if dwight leaves, then we should look at moving him, cuz i dont think anderson is a good traditional 4. he found his niche with this stretch 4 thing he does with dwight.

  • http://www.facebook.com/P.Y.Y.B.L Gametimeweezy

    if he’s recruiting Williams during the season isn’t that tampering?

  • http://www.slamonline.com spit hot fiyah

    @gtk yes he is that much better, not saying they would win a ring, but he is way better

  • Startown

    If he wants to contend for a championship long term he needs to go to a team with young up and coming stars….oklahoma city, Minnesota, LA clippers.

    Short term…Boston or LA, Dallas

    New Jersey? Maybe, but not enough talent

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PR6ULRp3Uqk Overtime

    If Golden State are really willing to do it without Howard agreeing to an extension, I say do it. Show that you’re not just going to lay down and let him run your team

  • Saami

    Redick won’t be traded, Stan loves him and when he plays well he is a key part of the offense (ball movement etc, obviously he is not running the offense). It seems really weird to me that pure shooters are always offered to beef up a trade proposal, when there aren’t that many out and out gunners around in the league.

  • http://www.t-mac.com/tmac/index unf*ckwitable

    Man nba stars are b*tches these days.

  • SoCalHoopsFan

    Another day, another Dwight flip-flop…

  • http://dodgers.com Joey E.

    Dude comes across like a massive douche by running his mouth to the media. No one cares anymore (and I’m a Laker fan). He was all singing in front of reporters. He’s not charismatic like Shaq was. Dude needs to snap out of it.

  • Larian1983

    At this rate, Dwight Howard situation will turn out exactly like the Lebron James situation, and at the end, Pat Williams will be in the same shoe as Dan Gilbert, although Pat Williams went through this 15 years ago, but looked like this franchise has no self-esteem. As tough as Otis Smith sounds like, there will be 80% chance that Dwight Howard stays and leave as a free agent.

  • zero

    Dwill and D12 in Orlando that would be cool!

  • robb


  • http://slamonline.com sa

    deron williams would make a difference in orlando

  • http://www.facebook.com/P.Y.Y.B.L Gametimeweezy

    @unfckwitable… I don’t think its Dwight being a b*tch… it’s these ‘reporters’ riding d*ck for a ‘scoop’ and ‘reporting’ anything and EVERYTHING they hear… obviously

  • Max

    Yeah Howard just isn’t very smart. I really hope this doesn’t become a trend where superstars can’t stop creating drama just so they can have the cameras on them and feel important. What really irks me is how Howard seems to believe that when he says he likes a certain player, management should do whatever they can to get that guy. There’s a reason there are GMs in the league: it’s not easy to evaluate players or make trades. Otis Smith is a pretty awful GM, but Dwight should nonetheless keep his mouth shut. The same thing happened with Lebron back in Cleveland. He made such a big stink about leaving that the team rushed and overpaid to get talent around him: Larry Hughes, Shaq, Jamison. If the Cavs had been a little more patient, maybe LBJ coulda won a championship there. I don’t blame James for this exclusively — the management in Cleveland deserves most of the blame — but being an egotist just made the team building process harder.

  • 12ising Phoenix

    Dwight is a big baby.

  • http://www.facebook.com/P.Y.Y.B.L Gametimeweezy

    no thats glen davis lol…
    did anyone else catch dwights statline tonite?

  • http://Slamonline.com Caboose

    This Magic team really is better than advertised. They beat the Kings playing essentially without Dwight. Baby and Von Wafer(!) stepped up in a big way.

  • http://Slamonline.com nbk

    He’s leaving. I don’t believe any of this b.s. if Deron Williams goes somewhere it’ll be Dallas.

  • http://dodgers.com Joey E.

    SMH slam you gotta fix this commenting stuff. that Joey E. up there isnt me

  • Anon

    Way to go in on an unconfirmed report

  • David

    Are you guys retarded? “Is Deron Williams really that much better than Jameer Nelson?” “You think getting a better scoring pg is gonna improve is chance of winning?” Yes and Yes. Anytime you match put the best point guard in the league with the best center in the league everybody else on the team is going to seem a lot better. Deron Williams isn’t just a better scoring option than Nelson, he’s a much better passer and playmaker, better ballhandler, better decision make, better defender.

  • Sniper

    I see many of you do not understand how important a good point guard is when you have an awesome big man in the center. If our PG doesn’t make his shot hes not a threat if he’s not a threat they leave him opened more and double on Howard or don’t respect the pick-n-roll between the 2 which makes it more difficult for the big man to do his job. That’s why magic made it to the championship that on year Jameer was injured cause skip to my loo was just owning it. Getting double doubles and get us to the Lakers, we put Jameer in after that long injury out and lose it all.

  • Al

    I’m an Orlando native and I gotta tell you guys that this Ping guy is a joke. Google him. The man has made the most insane predictions in the past and never once got ‘em right. I remember he once stated the Magic had Chris Paul in the bag.

  • John Peck

    everyone should stop whinging and just enjoy the fact the nba is back on and focus more on the actual results than “what could be…”