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Lakers Coach Mike Brown Spoke to JR Smith

Chris Paul may feel supremely confident about the Clippers landing JR Smith, but the other team that plays in the Staples Center is also interested in Smith’s services. From the LA Times: “Coach Mike Brown spoke with free agent J.R. Smith, a forward-guard who could solve two problems at once for the Lakers. Smith could help them at small forward and also provide backup support for Kobe Bryant at shooting guard. Smith, 26, has played in China since the NBA season began. He signed with a Chinese pro team during the NBA lockout and was obligated to honor the contract until this month. There are some problems for the Lakers as far as Smith. They can offer him only a comparatively small salary of less than $1 million, a prorated portion of the veterans’ minimum, because they are over the salary cap and spent their entire mini-midlevel exception on Josh McRoberts. Smith made $6.8 million last season with Denver. There are several other teams pursuing Smith. He listed them on his Twitter page: New York, Chicago, Indiana, Orlando and the Clippers.”

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  • Jer Dawg

    Pipe dreams. No way he plays for pro-rated $1m salary. This is moot story. He comes only if housing, food, and transportation is handed to him. And free tattoos.

  • robb

    1M? Forget it

  • Donatello

    How desperate is MBrown really?

  • http://www.nba.com Red

    If he starts at the 3 that ain’t too bad.

  • Ryan

    He will sign with one of these 3 teams. Lakers, Clippers or Knicks. Money is not an issue right now because the Clippers & Lakers can only offer him a bit over 1 million. The knicks can offer a little better at 2.5 million. This year wouldnt be about the money to him though he just wants to play on a title contender and he will be compensated a better contract next year with whichever teams are interested.

  • Ldub

    LOL thats a joke. You want him to come to the Lakers for less than a mil. Than to go with different lockers for more money, and to play with 3 old teammates? SHEEIITT! NOT!

  • http://slamonline.com LakeShow

    F/G…. Really? Try just a guard.

  • mick

    with kobe on the team! no chance. KEEP JACKING KOBE

  • TTapp

    I think JR would be a perfect fit here in LA.. Someone needs to take MWP minutes and help us put a lil more IQ in our game!.. JR would put not only a great amount of offense for us, his defense is very superb as well!.. I remember when he used to always give Kobe hell!.. But we’ll see what trip he’ll take very soon!.. What is his biggest accomplishments he wants to bring to the table as a team or is he just playing to only better himself in the NBA for bigger contracts!.. Come to the Lakeshow and the team might be his when Kobe hangs up the jersey!.. Nevaknow?..

  • http://staticseth.blogspot.com/ Seth

    Ryan is apparently our source for what JR really wants to do. We’ll wait to hear from JR, thanks.

  • Ryan

    It’s been heavily reported the Clippers, Lakers & Knicks are favorites, and its not hard to look up information on what teams can offer what…dont be a dumbass

  • krenman

    don’t forget Lamar Odom trade exception

  • http://yahoo nhank60

    JR Smith should & will sign with the Knicks, who can offer more money, a starting position and with the emergence of Jeremy Lin a run at the Eastern Conference Title. Not to mention a larger market, playing in a run & gun system fits him more then the Lakers Brown boring offensive system which dates back to the early sixties. The New York Knicks will again become a very exciting team to watch…finally! The bench would be strengthen, placing Shumbert in the six man position and for defense.

  • http://nbasobrietystrike.blogspot.com/ CoolWhip


  • Play4rings

    Money is not a problem 4 LAL to land Smith…put Walton in the amnesty clause then whoala problem solved.

  • BigSancho

    Aw heck, I thought we could use that damn Lamar Odom “token” to sign him. 1 Mil? No way! He would be a perfect fit. Instant offense, fearless, competitive. And you have to think that his China experience did a *little* to help with his maturity issues.

  • Gary Arakel

    That is not right. The Lakers have $ 8.9 mil TPE from Lamar Odom and can offer J.R.Smith more money than NY,Orlando or the Clippers although, they are over the salary cup.That is the benefit of the TPE.

  • http://staticseth.blogspot.com/ Seth

    @Ryan, you said “he just wants to play on a title contender.” Where did JR say this??? I’d think he’d want the money more if I were a betting man, but who knows what he really wants? Only he does, so let’s wait and see.

  • ClydeSays

    Brown probably has the best sell of any coach. “JR in my system, as long as you play D YOU CAN JACK UP ANY SHOT YOU WANT!”

  • tyquez

    its between lakers clippers and boston people not thing boston need some quick off

  • tyquez

    i mint not thinking

  • http://jazziztg@yahoo.com Tony D.Gainer

    JR Smith would be a great addition to the Lakers. The Lakers need scoring from other than Kobe. Lakers blew it when they traded the players they traded, not to get anyone yet for them. Let’s go Lakers! It’s your move! Clock’s ticking!!!

  • http://jazziztg@yahoo.com Tony D.Gainer

    Lakers need to reconsider Iverson. He still has what it takes to be a excellent pro. To this day, there are still few players that can hold him. He still can score! Give him a chance!!!

  • matthew reynolds

    I think jr smith should come to the lakers. Me being a laker fan it can help us a lot.