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Chris Paul Very Confident the Clippers Will Sign JR Smith

Chris Paul confirmed that he’s been leading the recruitment of JR Smith, and as the mercurial swingman prepares to return to the USA, CP3 says the chances of the two re-uniting in LA are “very high” (with Smith seeming to indicate on Twitter that this is, indeed, the case.) From ESPN: “The New York Knicks are the presumptive favorites to sign free-agent swingman J.R. Smith when he returns from China later this week, but Los Angeles Clippers guard Chris Paul likes his team’s chances of convincing Smith to take less money to sign with it. ‘I think our chances are very high,’ Paul said Monday night after the Clippers’ 96-92 loss to the Dallas Mavericks. Smith recently announced via his Twitter feed that he expects to be back in the States by Wednesday. Although the Knicks can offer a prorated share of the $2.5 million mini-midlevel exception for the rest of the season, whereas L.A. can’t pay more than the veteran minimum, Paul believes the presence of three of Smith’s former teammates on the Clippers’ roster and the minutes and shots opened up by the season-ending Achilles injury suffered by Chauncey Billups will be strong lures. ‘Who knows J.R. better than me?’ Paul said of Smith, his teammate for two seasons with the Hornets. Referring to Kenyon Martin and Billups, both of whom played with Smith in Denver, Paul attributes his optimism to ‘my relationship with J.R., Kenyon’s relationship with him and Chauncey’s relationship with him. Also he knows he’ll have the opportunity to play here,’ Paul said. ‘He can only make us better.’”

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  • http://www.twitter.com_dfrance dfrance21

    I’m sure Mo Williams is thrilled.

  • RobbieJay

    ^ exactly.

  • robb

    Maybe he’s crying already

  • Ldub

    Mo will be fine…he can run point at let JR run 2 which would benefit the clips more. With billups out for the season…it allows the clips to have a starting and bench squad. cp3,foye/smith,butler,griffin and jordan….then mo, foye/smith,gomes,martin,and evans. Great pick up for the clips..especially with Smith having the ability and chemistry of playing with 3 former teammates in NO and Den!

  • http://slamonline BossTerry

    Williams is as good as gone, which is fine, he can help another team in need of a point guard.. Clips are getting some major fire-power, did they ever ink KMart yet?

  • http://slamonline BossTerry

    Actually, I’m gonna back-pedal a little bit, they will probably hang onto Williams, I forgot about the Billups injury..

  • al

    I’m confident JR smith banged somebodies mom in China..
    just giving him the assist, you can’t tell me he probably didn’t…

  • http://dodgers.com Joey E.

    BossTerry, KMart has played in 3 or 4 games already


    Face the facts, Chris Paul, playing for the Knicks is a better business decision for J.R. Smith. More money, bigger role on the team, more eyes on him in NY market, closer to his family, and he’ll have a much better chance to contend feeding off of the defensive attention the Knicks frontcourt generates. Bulls and Heat right now are both on their hands and knees praying J.R. Smith doesn’t come to the Knicks. LOL

  • Ldub

    Orange you are a fool. You still trying to have every decent player come to the Knicks. You are a true fan thru and thru. However…Smith going to NY might not be better. You have Lin playing good, Stat (iso player) comes back tonight, Melo(iso player) comes back in a week, Fields, Walker, Douglas, who all love to get shots up. Smith wouldnt have a lot of shots. As opposed to coming to the clips where he can be fed from CP3 and MO. Market size is better in NY…playing wise is better with LA…I guess it boils down to what Smith wants, and where he wants to play. Dont forget he played with CP, Billups and Martin. 3>1(melo) in Denver.

  • Paul H

    @Orange, I didn’t think even the most ardent and, lets face It, delusional Knicks fan could make the argument you just made. He is heading to the Clips.

  • http://google c_cantrell

    I love this move, I expect the Clips to suprise alot of people come playoff time.

  • http://slamonline BossTerrry

    Thanks Joey E (also for not being a jerk about it) I work the swing shift, so the only NBA I get to watch lately are weekend games, or ones (important enough to me) that I record. :)

  • TSmoove

    Don’t forget he also played with Balkman in Denver so its Clippers 3 former players to NY’s 2 haha

  • al

    probably banged lebron’s mom while she was in China, just sayin


    I’m telling you right now, J.R. Smith joining the Knicks will happen, because it’s the best business decision and fit on a team for J.R. Smith. Call me what you want, but I’m not delusional baby.

  • http://bleacherreport.com D’Asher Chance

    sORRY MY FRIEND…@IAMORANGEFOREVER, but JR going to the knicks WILL NOT have them be a contender. Yes he will fit that offense, but with Melo and Amare getting the bulk of the shots and Lin not exactly a pass-first point guard, then Landry Fields trying to make a name…might not be enough balls to go around. The Clippers are lead by CP3, a point guard who knows how to get others involved and at the same time take over when need be. Also, one factor about why HEAT nor BULLS are not worried about the KNICKS even if JR joins….can any one of those players aforementioned play defense? Both of those teams, even the Celtics, play much harder and better on D, and would ultimately beat them in a series. JR going to the Clippers is his best bet to contend this year…and MO williams stays fellas…it’s be stupid to let him go…they all stay…remember…Bledsoe is a part of the future..now in the off-season…if JR came, they’d have to decide on Mo or Foye, but not now

  • Bloop

    Amare isnt a ISO player

  • al

    ^ did JR bang yr moms too? where is he gonna fit in in the rotation? not over Fields, that’s for sure

  • quest

    as a role player hed be wicked for the knicks he dont hold the ball very long he either goes str8 to the hole or shoots a 3 thats great for the knicks. the clippers would use his full skill set more though either is a good situation for him though

  • jpm34

    Hed have better shot at a chip with da Clips.

  • Ldub

    Amare not an iso player? Do you watch basketball? He catches it in the post, turns, faces up, and tries to take his man off the dribble to the baseline, or hit the mid range jumper. There are no screens set for him, he isnt running around like ray allen or rip. Both Melo and Stat are in fact ISO players! And that is why the knicks offense somewhat struggles when they are both in the lineup. You see the points they have put up with the 2 of them OUT! Tonight they have 77 half with 4min left in the 4th!! The offense slows down and doesnt move when Stat and Melo play.


    Lin for the WIN! LMAO at the DELUSIONAL Knicks haters.

  • riggs

    why would they get rid of Mo? he’s a point guard…

  • http://www.yahoo.com The Fury

    CP3: JR, this is Bar….
    JR Smith: (cutting) where do I sign?!?!

  • Justin G.

    I have never seen a more delusional fan than IAMORANGE. Saying the Knicks are better contenders in the East than the Clippers is just stupid talk. You can talk all you want about the supposed attention the frontcourt generates but the bottom line is not one of them can play an ounce of defense. And in the playoffs, as most of us know, that’s what’s needed to get to the next level and ultimately the championship. Sorry, but the Knicks are not contending for a long time unless they can dump Melo or Stat’s huge contracts (ie. Melo for DWill) or something to that effect

  • b. angus

    now that the knicks are finally gettin’ their act 2gether, it would seem silly 2 get smith into the line-up, only to press the reset button on what seems to be an ideal situation 4 them. i’m thinkin’ he’s on his way to the clip show but it doesn’t matter as much bc lebron is way on his way 2 figurin’ out that miami is now his team…u’ve been warned

  • b. angus

    *well on his way…(that’s what i get 4 non=t proofreading)

  • BBaller

    J.R please sign for the Clippers, this will make for some competition against the Heat. OKC are unable to beat the Heat but maybe, just maybe if the Clippers sign J.R that might push them over the edge towards beating any team.It’s not that i don’t like the Heat but James and Co. are disappointing to me as a 30 year fan of the NBA, it will depend on their celebrations of winning the title (which they probably will) that will either endear me or completely turn me off. If their parade was anything to go by, i’ll turn the TV off quickly. Bosh was a disgrace( liked him T.dot)but the muscle flexing and arrogance was so cheap and degrading i felt sorry for ‘our ‘NBA.

  • zero

    I think Orlando have better chances than the Clippers.