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Mark Cuban Thinks NBA Refs are Doing a Very Poor Job

Mark Cuban used to complain about the refs on what seemed to be a weekly basis a few years ago, but he had calmed down some lately. So, it was almost surprising when he ripped into them following the Dallas Mavericks’ emotional loss at home last night. From ESPN: “The Mavericks’ 95-86 home loss to the Western Conference-leading Oklahoma City Thunder — which featured Dallas coach Rick Carlisle’s ejection after being called for two separate technical fouls early in the fourth quarter, the second of which was whistled after he inadvertently kicked the ball into the American Airlines Center crowd — caused Cuban to complain about what he considers an epidemic of poor officiating in this lockout-condensed season. ‘Look, I haven’t said a whole lot about the officiating in a long, long time, but I haven’t seen it this bad in a long, long time,” Cuban said. ‘Guys miss calls; that’s part of the game. You’re not always going to have a great crew. Officials have got to learn that’s part of the game. But these were officials that have been part of the league for years, and it was just off-the-charts bad. And, if no one ever says anything, nothing ever happens.’ The crew of Ron Garretson, Michael Smith and Mark Ayotte called Carlisle for his first technical 27 seconds into the fourth quarter, when he stepped into the path of an official to protest a no-call when Dallas guard Delonte West crashed to the floor after Thunder forward Serge Ibaka registered one of his career-high 10 blocks on a driving layup. Carlisle’s second technical foul was called after he kicked a ball that landed in the stands while he was angry about a no-call with a little less than 10 minutes remaining, when Oklahoma City’s Nick Collison stole the ball from Mavs guard Jason Terry in transition, leading to a breakaway dunk for Thunder guard Russell Westbrook. ‘Those weren’t even the worst calls,’ Cuban said, citing crunch-time no-calls on drives by Terry and point guard Rodrigue Beaubois among other plays in a game in which the Thunder had a 33-25 edge on free throws attempted. Carlisle opened his postgame news conference by apologizing for kicking the ball into the stands. […] Cuban said he didn’t have a problem with Carlisle’s actions and was not concerned about the NBA, which fined Utah Jazz forward Derrick Favors $25,000 for throwing the ball into the stands near the Dallas bench in a recent loss to the Mavericks, possibly suspending the coach. “No, because it wasn’t an intentional kick into the stands, right?” Cuban said. “I think he was just trying to drop kick to the officials and it got away from him. It was just wide right.’ Cuban is concerned about what he considers poor quality of officiating this season, which he said might be affected by the stressful travel schedule of the condensed season.”

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  • robb

    very poor indeed

  • Red

    Surprising? I knew Cuban was going to say something soon as that no call on that foul on West.

  • http://slamonline.com The Philosopher

    Well, I’m winning a lot of money. So, the refs have been good to me.

  • LA Huey

    The NBA officiating crew in bad need of some major reform.

  • http://www.slamonline.com Cheryl

    I’ve noticed this the last couple of weeks. At first, it was just a game here or there that the officiating was off. Then I began to notice that it was happening across the board, not just to my team. There’s a lot of new faces, I wonder if these newbies have not been thoroughly trained.

  • http://nba.com GP23

    It’s the travelling violations that aren’t being called enough.

  • http://www.slamonline.com the_unknown

    I bet he wasn’t thinking that in the NBA Finals last season.

  • davidR

    did anyone catch the celtics magic game a while back? the magic only had 4 players on the court, then jason richardson literally comes off the bench in the middle of the game and almost gets a steal? i can’t believe none of the 3 refs caught that

  • Mike Mihalow

    What about the Spurs-Mavs game where the refs reviewed the same out-of-bounds play for 10 mins in overtime, and still got it wrong. I guess Cuban wasn’t complaining about that, since it helped his team win that game.

  • burnt_chicken

    I think the quality of the NBA ‘product’ is a bit down across the board this year- player-wise,officiating crew-wise, and Stern-wise.

  • bike

    It also seems like bit#hing, whining, and complaining is up across the board this season. Probably the result of the delayed start of the season. Or the economy.

  • http://www.slamonline.com Cheryl



    30K for carlisle and 100k for Cuban.

  • http://www.slamonline.com Slick Ric

    you aint the only one mark.

  • shutup

    or the heat bulls game, when dwade saved the ball and they didnt review it just jumped the ball up. or Drose traveling but still getting the timeout, they also gotta cut down on the flopping of post defenders, ronny brewer didnt even fall down and got a offensive on Lebron, the refs should make em man up a lil more.

  • Dixy

    I thought Carlisle was kicking the ball out of frustration, not trying to pass it back to the official on the baseline and miscuing. Thanks for clearing up my misconception Mr Cuban.

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  • Justin G.

    You know, while we give a lot of latitude to the players for having to play so many games in so many nights I think we tend to forget that the referees are pretty much in the same boat. From what I’ve read in some reports, sometimes these guys are reffing 5 games a week and with all the travel it’s bound to take it’s toll. While a player will have an off night and shoot 3-16, a referee might not get back in position to get the proper angle on a call, or he just plain misses the call. These guys don’t all work with the same crew every night either and that’s also a factor.

  • Justin G.

    By the way, as for Derrick Rose getting the timeout when he was backpedalling, a lot of people were calling timeout after he had secured the ball. That’s probably why it was granted

  • shutup

    I though they changed the rule that you stationary to get the timeout, like so you couldnt jump in the air while falling out-of-bounds and call timeout, I could be wrong though

  • Conor O.

    The Los Angeles-Denver game that was played yesterday evening was probably the worst officiating that has happened this season. In accordance with what Cuban accused the League of, that is saying a lot.

  • Justin G.

    @shutup…yes, if you’re the one calling a timeout and you’re falling out of bounds you won’t get the call. I’m saying that when Rose has possession of the ball anyone can get the timeout. For example, as soon as Rose grabs the ball Boozer or any other Bull could have been calling for the timeout right away, before the backpedalling, and the timeout is still granted.

  • http://slamonline.com Mic. A.

    the nba officals stink!!!! It is so hard to watch a game where the calls are not being made, and the players cannot say a thing because they will get fined. Unreal!!! I was looking for a site to complain, since the players can’t, the fans should. If you saw the last two Laker games you would understand what I am talking about. all the officals are against the Lakers,and I am so sick of it. I wish there was more we could do as fans. The radio commentators even said that the officals were not giving the Lakers the right calls. the re-plays prove it all. Some one should get fired!!!!

  • david fambrough

    the philosopher said hes making a lot of money off the officating.seems like maybe the officals arfe too. maybe the league should actually investigate the officals because it seems they affect the out come of far too many games, not just the playoffs but the regular season too. i am a mavs fan but i have noticed even no calls against the other team are really bad. maybe they need to figure some way to see if these officals are BETTING on the games even though its illegal and they sat they arent.in days gone by if you didnt hear much from the officals ut meant they were doing a good job. they added an offical to help pick up fouls away from the ball that were almost impossible to see with @ officals. now it seems we are back to tose days .som eone needs to clean this s*** up and get back to solid officating not this crap we see every game. i have done some officating and played ball, not on this level but i do know how difficult it is to officate. these officals , in my opinion have no credibility. if mark cuban gets fined maybe the officals should too because they are the cause.

  • Saleen

    Watching the NBA playoffs have been very tough. I love the game, but get frustrated when watching Refs make calls that ultimately change the outcome of the game. Watching the Conference Finals, Joey, the ultimate bad Ref made a call on Durant when the Spurs were in a major run. It was an accidental elbow while creating space for a shot. Every player in the NBA does this move. It gets called with only a few minutes left and ultimately the Spurs win. Good for the Spurs, bad for basketball. If you can only win with Referee interference their should be an * next to your win. 8 on 5 in not very fair. I respect Cuban, because he is one of only a few that questions authority and pushes bounds where everyone else is afraid to speak.

  • James baker

    The Refs. so bad They allow walks. It not just two step am talking about 4 and 5 steps,on highlight reels. James every time set a povit foot before he puts the ball on the floor he take a step,every time!!!!! Thats just the start of it all.The all as bad grade school refs. That send a message to the high school kids it ok!!!!!!

  • Lori

    Mark Cuban is totally correct. They have always stunk. But these days, they are more blatant on their bias. Tonight’s Clippers game comes to mind (well lots of them do) but Caron Butler shoots a 3 pointer and gets his arm brushed as he releases the shot by a Trailblazer and instead of what everyone thought was a possible 4 pt. play, they called an offensive foul on him????? And close games, momentum, etc. that is huge. Refs cost us 4 points. Teams have to step up and get past that cause it happens to all of them but when it is that blatant, pretty hard to get out of your mind and definitely can affect the way you play the rest of the game wondering when the next whistle’s gonna blow with another sucky call