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Mark Jackson: Warriors Don’t Regret Giving Up on Jeremy Lin

While New York Knicks fans continue to delight in the Linsanity of it all, Golden State Warriors head coach Mark Jackson insists that he’s at peace with the club’s decision to part ways with Jeremy Lin. From CSN Bay Area: “Warriors fans might be bummed that Lin has put two consecutive good games together, but the Warriors as a team are more than happy with backup point guard Nate Robinson — the man who eventually came to replace Lin. The Warriors waived Lin at the start of training camp in order to get as much money off their books as possible so as to make a run at DeAndre Jordan, a restricted free agent center. The Warriors didn’t get Jordan because the Clippers matched the four-year, $42.7 million offer. But in the process, they also lost Lin. ‘It’s a stretch, it’s a stretch,’ Warriors coach Mark Jackson said of those comparing Lin to Robinson. ‘The fact is Jeremy Lin was let go so we could clear money to get DeAndre Jordan. So, it’s not fair to say ‘Why did you go get Nate?’ That had nothing to do with Jeremy Lin. Jeremy Lin is playing great. I wish him nothing but the very best. I hope he continues to play great basketball because in my short time with him, he was class and quality … At the end of the day, Nate Robinson won games for us,’ Jackson said. ‘And it’s not a fair comparison because it’s not either/or. We went and got Nate when Steph (Curry) went down and we needed help at the point guard position.’”

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  • Jono

    Nobody, I repeat NOBODY, is taking the ball away from Monta Ellis.

  • LP

    theyve got Steph Curry and Monta 48 Ellis…i woulda let Lin go also…he’s only played 3 games…

  • da real

    ^ LP – Curry and Lin would have been the most regionally popular backcourt since stockton / hornaceck. the bay LOVES Curry, Monta – not so much. Combine that with Lin’s aian backround and you have a competitive / sellout crowd type product. Warriors could get serious value back for Monta and/or Bierdrins.

  • da real

    ^ btw, he has killed 3 games, not just played in them


    The Warriors tried to sign Tyson Chandler as a free agent, but they lost out to the New York Knicks, because Tyson wanted to play in New York at the World’s Most Famous Arena to from an unstoppable frontcourt trio with Carmelo Anthony and Amar’e Stoudemire. This resulted in the Warriors then shifting their attention to fill their big man need by making an offer to the Clippers restricted free agent DeAndre Jordan. In order to make this offer to DeAndre Jordan, the Warriors had to release Jeremy Lin for salary cap room. The Clippers matched, and the Warriors signed Kwame “Butterfingers” Brown and Nate “Summer League Goat” Robinson…Thee New York Knicks ended up with both Tyson Chandler and Jeremy Lin! These additions were the catalyst that brought the Knicks team together in the knick of time to start a championship run. The End. “Tell me that story again daddy”, said kid Knicks fan before bedtime.

  • http://www.slamonline.com megatron

    LOL ^

  • http://redoftoothandclaw.ca/ niQ

    Well, its true. 1) They let Lin go to try and make a run at DeAndre. 2) Lin wasn’t going to get the same oppurtunity he has in New York playing behind Ellis and Curry.

  • Jason

    Here’s the thing – any competent FO would have known that they really had no chance to get DeAndre Jordan. He was restricted and the Warriors should have known the Clippers could go higher on the money and that they would since Jordan was their only center. So what was the point? Plus who would DeAndre Jordan rather play with? Monta Ellis and Steph Curry OR Chris Paul and Blake Griffin. It was a dumb move and in the end all we got was 9 games out of Kwame Brown for $7 million. Unbelievable.

  • nynotes

    Mark Jackson lives in another universe. The guy is clueless and lucky… He gets the Warriors job without any prior head coaching or coaching experience and immediately declares the W’s will make the playoffs. Yes, Golden State made a good move by picking up my Rainier Beach/UDub guy Nate Robinson, but another reason Lin was cut is someone with the woeful Warriors thought rookie Charles Jenkins from Hofstra would beat out Jeremy. A week later, Golden State pick up PG Ish Smith and he is waived after Nate is signed. As for playing time, Curry has shown he’s injury prone and Lin would have had the opportunity to get playing time, but it’s obvious Jackson had no faith in Lin like previous coach Keith Smart. Again, I’m happy for Nate, but Jackson is delving into that Mike Singletary territory and at least Singletary had previous coaching experience. For once, I’d like to hear someone say, I made a mistake…

  • Jj S

    Well, all the names post Lin era are unknown to me and I do care less.
    I have fun watching Knicks now.
    I’m just glad I can watch them on my cable from silicon valley!

  • Jono

    @Jason word

  • davidR

    da real, this aint 2007. warriors wouldnt get isht for biedrins, cuz he has no value.

  • davidR

    jason, to be fair, kwame was doing very well for the dubs before the injury. $7 for 1 year is a great signing, versus signing a rim protector at an inflated value.
    also, lin was straight terrible whenever he was on the floor for the dubs last year.

  • DerekG

    3 games and this? Linsanity indeed! @ Jason condolences dude but Kwame Brown is one of the best bandits in the NBA. As a former #1 pick he just steals money from club after club!

  • southswell

    Agree with Jason above. Mark Jackson’s justification about clearing cap space for Jordan is ridiculous. Deandre wasn’t going to leave griffin, chauncey, cp3 and the new mgmt at the clippers organization who was vocal about keeping all their talented players and building a winning team. Even b4 clippers actually signed Deandre and cp3 there were plenty of excitement around the team that they were going all out this year and load up on talent…I understand that Warriors front office is in the crisis management mode for their “team management” or lack thereof but don’t cover up your total failure to assess talent on your supposed earnest effort to obtain a star center…to anyone with access to the internet that can google deandre’s free agency situation this excuse is pure bs and sheds futher light on mgmt’s ineptitude in covering up/hiding their other incompetence.

  • http://www.kb24.com The Seed

    Monta is a ball hog, I hate his game. He would rather get points, than let Curry show his game. Free Curry.

  • Free space

    Mark Jackson is shifting from the truth, where he got Jenkins over Lin. It’s got nothing to to do with Nate.

  • hoopstopia

    This kid is amazing. Awesome example of perseverance and dedication. Check out his highlights!


  • southswell

    This remark from Mark Jackson is going to be one of the stupid quotes that will be forever associated with him. It is better to say that Lin never showed any remarkable talent at GSW instead of ANY other excuses (ie…cap space, roster depth…) because everyone knows that if you truly valued a player mgmt would do whatever it takes to make room for that player. However, the classiest way to address this failure to assess Jlin’s talent is to say…SORRY WE MADE A MISTAKE

  • shutup

    @orange thats a nice bedtime story, but my kid would wake up screaming from nightmares of Patrick Ewings fingeroll and John Starks going for the win and getting blocked by Hakeem.


    Lol shutup.

  • Jerome

    I think what Mark Jackson meant is: “I’m glad my Knicks have a superstar.”

  • LP

    Jeremy LIN has had 3 good games….3! Three! That’s it! He’s not even in teams scouting reports! RELAX!!! wow….

  • shutup

    Game 6 of the Finals was the day I stopped rooting for the Knicks, that ish broke my heart. why didnt they just go for the tie? Had my outfit planned for the parade and everything, brought that sh!t right back to moddells had to keep the fitted though they wouldnt let you return hats lmao

  • LP

    They Beat the Wizards, the Jazz, and The NETS…cmon. RELAX, don’t tebow the kid….

  • http://Slamonline.com 1982

    Lin is showing up a lot of people, but seriously it’s been 3 games. I’m excited to see what he can do against better teams, but I’m not going to believe Mark Jackson has a reason to be sorry. Lin wouldn’t be getting any PT in GS because they are way too stacked at the 1/2 spots as it is. They needed (still need) a big man and went for DJ in a desperate attempt to outbid the Clips, which didn’t work. If Kwame Brown was their next option, you have to be seriously out of the loop to think a go at DJ wasn’t a good idea – just like how Dwight’s going to get mad offers from teams without a chance of landing him as soon as he’s actually in a position to leave Orlando. Stop acting like every other team is willing to trade for Lin after 3 games – just let the kid play and see how it goes. Right now he’s full of potential, but Mark Jackson isn’t covering his ass at all.

  • http://nbasobrietystrike.blogspot.com/ CoolWhip

    Dunno how many of you saw Lin with the Warriors, but if you did, you woulda swapped him out for Nate Robinson in a heartbeat.
    Hell, I’d still do it now, no question. Nate’s been putting up numbers for awhile in this league and with several teams/several systems.
    Lin, who I’m a fan of, has given three good games on a horrible team. Even Mike James (who?!) put up big numbers on an inept Raptors team. Basically, anyone can put up big numbers on a sub-par team.

  • projectphantom

    @ LP you’re right Lin is the new Tebow lol. Simmer down people

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5k1jx3r4y1E dfrance21

    So what its been 3 games, what’s wrong with people being excited??? No truly sane basketball fan believes that Lin is the Knicks savior, and for the ones that do, more power to them. It has only been 3 games but its been 3 20+ point games. Sure they haven’t been against elite teams, but they are still all professional basketball teams. It sounds cliche, but if it was so easy to put up the numbers he’s putting up, EVERYONE would be doing it. He may not continue at this pace, but its obvious to me that he’s got some skills so give him credit for seizing the opportunity.

  • LP

    only in NEW york….Kyle Lowry been killin all season and I don’t see 1 article on Slamonline.com about lowry, correct me if im wrong, i might be…… its that BIG MARKET, right???

  • LP

    except the battery case

  • http://redoftoothandclaw.ca/ niQ

    cosign dfrance21.
    Iman Shumpert, Douglas, and Bibby did NOT put up 20 pts 8 assists in 3 consecutive games this year. All have been given that chance this season. Yes, people understand it might not stay that way, especially once Melo and Amare return, but how could you not appreciate the work he’s putting in out there?

  • http://redoftoothandclaw.ca/ niQ

    @LP, for what its worth, Kyle Lowry has been mentioned in a lot of MIP discussions, and has been mentioned even more in a bunch of Fantasy Basketball articles. I think he was ranked number 2 overall at one point this season. So there’s that.

  • Maniac

    I really like both Kyle Lowry & Jeremy Lin

  • Fitzwilliam

    the Warriors have a knack for letting go of talent. We can start with Al Harrington, then move to Jamal Crawford and throw in Gilbert Arenas, Jason Richardson and keeping Andris Biedrens over Rony Turiof.

  • MikeC.

    @ CoolWhip – I watched Nate “Chucker” Robinson on the Knicks. I don’t want him back.

  • http://slamonline.com Allenp

    The fact that DeAndre Jordan signed an offer sheet with the Warriors is proof that he was willing to leave Los Angeles people. He didn’t leave because he’s a restricted free agent and the Clippers have the right of first refusal for any contract he signs. So, he signed with the Warriors, but the Clippers decided they were willing to pay that much to keep him.

  • Richard Fox

    Mark Jackson was clueless. Being his 1st year as coach, he could not see talent. That is what happens when you get a rookie coach. He should of gave Jeremy a chance, just like the owners of the Warriors gave him the chance to be head coach with relatively no coaching experience. Mark is in denial…he doesn’t have the vision to see the big picture!!!!

  • Andrew

    So… Lin’s winning streak is 4 now… 38 points against the lakers !

    Knicks are going to make tons of extra money from selling live broadcast to Asia

    800k well spend..

  • J1

    Can someone please explain something for me ? I understand that a team may have to release a player to sign a free agent…..but why do they have to release BEFORE they sign somebody new ? I mean why should I have to release players if I am not guaranteed a new one is signed ? It seems like a process that should be done simultaneously.

  • startown

    Good point on the asian money, might have been a good reason to keep him, that does help your franchise

  • Bulgaricus

    Jackson doesn’t know s**t from Shinola! He dumps Lin for basically nothing & gives a very stupid reason why. This is just the same old same old from the Warriors-bad FO, stupid drafts, bad trades & just horrible management. Teams like NY must be laughing their butts off at the Warriors. Things like this make me wanna dump the mentally challenged Warriors for the Clippers! Something I never thought I’d do!