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Report: Lakers Owner Unhappy With Kobe Bryant Over Dwight Howard Rumors

According to SI, Jerry Buss is less than pleased with talk around the League that Kobe Bryant has supposedly alienated (and potentially scared off) Dwight Howard: “For starters, the Magic appear undecided on which direction they’ll go. Now that the All-Star festivities are behind them, it appears they still might hold on to him until the end with hopes for a change of heart. Among the many complications here is that any and all hopes of landing Lakers center Andrew Bynum — the best big man in the league to fill the Howard void — appear to be dashed because of Howard’s view of the Lakers. Close friends of Howard say he was, in fact, informed that Bryant sees him as a second or third option on a championship-caliber team if he came to Los Angeles. And while the stance has its merits on the surface, it simply didn’t help matters to engage in any sort of alpha dog discussion if that’s what indeed went down. The Buss family that owns the Lakers, in turn, is said to be irked by Bryant’s alleged role in the matter and hopeful that Howard — who they see as the business and basketball draw for the next decade — can still be convinced otherwise. But Howard’s focus, one source close to him insists, was on the Nets regardless of Bryant’s perceived influence.”

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  • AD

    why does kobe want dwight so muc when bynum has bee balln all year…. dwight is better than bynum but that team will not be so much better with him

  • Justin G.

    Because it’s only a matter of time with Bynum’s knees. I still don’t understand why Dwight would want to go to the Nets though. If he does it’s purely because he wants to be a number one option and doesn’t care about rings no matter what he says to the contrary

  • Zabbah

    He can win rings with the Nets. Dwill and Dwight is pretty scary. Two players that have potential to be unstoppable on any night.

  • AD

    @Justin G he wants to go to the nets because he will play with a pass first pg and not a shoot first aging sg. plus the lakers will not have enough money to sign dwill if howard ended up in LA…. the current nets team with dwight is an decent team that can scare some ppl in the east…

  • MLK4Life

    Who cares? Kobe’s unhappy with Jim Buss trading Odom away for basically nothing. I’m with Kobe on this. Jim Buss isn’t half the owner his father was.

  • LaKid

    DWill and Dwight aren’t enough to beat Miami, Chicago.. they would need to upgrade their supporting cast significantly before they were “scary”. If he wants to win and win now, LA is his best option. If he wants to be the man, well, enjoy Brooklyn.

  • startown

    Agree with LAKid Dwill and Dwight is not enough in NJ, although I do like Humphries and their rookie is good, probably not enough.

  • http://www.reverbnation.com/tray24 T-Ray

    D12 to the Nets would make them a second round team at best IMO. DWill and D12 is a good start for star power but it takes more than that. Veteran leadership off the bench is a key component to winning a title.

  • AD

    if dwight and dwill team up in BK I see wilson chandler joining

  • http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/vault/article/magazine/MAG1122425/index.htm nbk

    oh Kobe. I can’t believe how much of a pass you get for being a horrible teammate, and potential teammate, while other people in the league get criticized for much much less damning behavior.

  • OTB

    omg! no time for this kiddy spit, bro! I highly doubt Kobe would tell Howard he was going to be the 3rd option. Kobe’s arrogant as hell, but he’s not that dumb.

  • OTB

    That report by Amick had Utah as one of Dwight’s “preferred” locations. I’ll take the report with a grain of salt.

  • robb

    The Lakers need a PG and a reliable bench. F*ck Dwight Howard, if you wanna build a team for the future I’m sure there will be plenty of opportunities ahead. Right now the Lakers can compete with a reliable bench and a good PG, if they had a decent coach it wouldn’t hurt either, but as Pau Gasol would say, it is what it is.

  • http://www.kb24.com The Seed

    Kobe is right, Howard is not a 1st option, but for the Lakers owner to act like its Kobe fault is sad. If Howard is smart he comes to LA and wins some rings with Kobe, then LA becomes his city in six years. BOOK IT!!

  • Mo

    Kobe probably wants LA to struggle for a while after he retires so he’s REALLY missed.


    @ ROBB You got that right. People dont realize that even if the Lakers get Howard without a point guard the team will be no better. Howard can’t shoot free throws and that’s a big liability during close playoff games. I’d rather have Bynum. Use the Odom trade to get a point guard and the team will improve.

  • bdogg

    not sure what role kb played but LA is kobe’s town..bar none! dhoward does not want to follow shaq as shaq will kill him in the press..that should be the main issue and what d howard is thinking!

  • Jos

    Simple minded will read this rumored article as if true fact and post comments of idiocy and “troll hatred” as seen above instead of using common sense. If I want a franchise player on my team I’m not going to ask them to join me only to defer them as if they’re coming off the bench. So the Lakers organization, known for being lowkey, decided to come out today Feb. 28 and say Kobe has ruined their chances greatly of obtaining Howard even though we’re not even in the deadline month and show desperation with fear of losing Howard then get very upset with their star Kobe? Let’s not act like they’re the Orlando Magic. Too much typing and I’ve wasted time breaking down how uncommon common sense is to the commons.

  • AD

    cosign @nbk i seen a video when kobe wanted bynum traded for jkidd years ago. Kobe is a terrible teamate but like they say, winning cures everything.

  • jim parker

    players from days of old were mature thats the big difference todays players are imature and acts like kids old players much better

  • Ronnie

    Simply put if Dwight Howard goes to Jersey he lied because he is not chasing a ring. He and D Will CANNOT win a ring with the team they have now and will need significant pieces in order to do so. The Lakers are his best bet to win now and if Kobe did say he would be a THIRD option behind Pau SO WHAT!!! What team wins with Dwight Howard as your first option on offense….

  • alebaba

    If Dwight goes to the Nets, what he fails to realize is that he would be fighting every year for 3-2nd place in the East with the Knicks, Bulls and Heat sure to knock them out of the playoffs year after year. I don’t care who they get as complimentary players, the Nets with Dwill and Howard will never beat the Heat out of the East. His best bet would be to come to the West and compete with SA, Dallas and Okc each year and have a much smoother trip to the finals year in year out. Plus everyone wants to see the Heat vs. Lakers finals match up before Kobe retires.

  • Mr B

    Does any one really care what the owners think? Now that we have to put up with his son the jerk. As I stated before, I was in a bar with him not being all that far from me, and he was the biggest self centered jerk you ever want to meet. It was all about him and how great he is. Many in the bar just shook their heads. I heard one guy say in somewhat of a loud voice, ‘another rich men kid that has done nothing for himself, showing off with daddy’s money. I believe he heard it.

  • fupayme

    The amount of comments coming from people that don’t know basketball is staggering. The Lakers never needed Howard. He came out before the season and said he wanted the Nets. It was never the Lakers deal to make. It always belonged to the Nets. I believe by the end of this year, and beyond, Bynum will be the better center. He has better footwork in the post, use of either hand, developing a short range jumper, passes extremely well, does well with help and recover, and grabs over 12 boards a game next to another 7 footer who grabs 10 boards a game. If the had a point gaurd how can create, his numbers would increase from easier baskets and we wouldn’t be having this conversation folks.

  • Ill Smith

    I take it I’m the only one who believes a DWill/Dwight combo could outdo the Heat. What are the Heat’s biggest weaknesses? PG & C. Hmm….what position do these two play? Not to mention MarShon Brooks on board, a high lottery pick in a loaded draft along with a boatload of cap space even after they pay Howard & Williams (only $17 mill committed to next year’s roster). The role players will flock to the Nets for a shot to star in Brooklyn & win a championship. If it goes down write them in as serious contenders.

  • Big A

    Dwill, Dwight and Humphries won’t win a ring immediately together, but they are young, and if you add some more young pieces the Nets will compete and could win. People act like the Heat will be healthy during the playoffs. The Heat are just a Dwade twisted ankle away from being vulnerable. If anything were to happen to Lebron, that team is a wrap. This is the NBA, stranger things have happened.



  • bike

    Kobe will not allow another alpha dog on the Lakers. Kobe looks at it like there is only room for one and that’s him. He’s telling Dwight, ‘yeah it would be great to have you, but you will bow to my greatness. Just like all the other swinging di*ks on this team do.’

  • http://slamonline.com datkid

    d.will and dwight would compete w/ the heat. but it would take a while. however… if d will and dwight were to go to dallas then they’d rejuvenate an already deep team that JUST WON A RING. They would blow right through OKC,Lobcity, the lakeshow and the spurs and walk to a ring.

  • http://slamonline.com datkid

    also D.will is kinda injury prone too.. just saying.

  • bnets

    Dwight Howard is Brooklyn bound.

  • Joe Black

    Setting aside Muffy’s self deceived comment above and deluded opinion of himself as some kind of superior upper class 1 percenter royalty princess above commoners, this is still just totally unsupported intentional rumor.

    The “reports” of the supposed Kobe/Howard phone conversations were started by a Springer stlyled Orlando talk radio jockey citing “unnamed sources. Take it at it’s true value, nothing more than meaningless manipulation and homer dreaming of keeping Howard in Orlando.

    Sure, Biff sounds like he is from India and believes in the caste system, but he has no clue that his religion defines him coming back as a sewer cleaner for his ignorant arrogance.

    Stern sent the message loud and clear to the Lakers w/ his veto fiasoo for his buddy Cuban. Buss will get nothing, Cuban will steal Howard and Williams this summer free and clear w/ no compensation to their teams.

    Stern has stated for a long time now that contraction is his dream. Cut out these small markets that the big markets have to carry financially. With the terrible Clipper trade disaster he forced on the Hornets (Gordon, Kaman and Imanu will be gone quickly), Stern’s contrived machinations have New Orleans and Orlando set firmly in his contraction sights. With New Jersey soon to follow.

  • http://bleacherreport nikita johnson-woods

    you can not believe anything anyone say or hear we live in a world of everyone is a critic or have a opinion the bottom line is we need a qualified owner who can make sound and beneficial decisions at the end of the day and knows who are beneficial in this business, the players! so what if dwight howard wants to head to the nets, please do not use your bread winner and most god gifted ball player as the fall guy keep it real! be a real man/owner, of one the greatest teams and get what your franchise need someone who can score regardless of their already big headed staus.We, meaning the fans, who pay are hard earn monies to enjoy and celebrate good basketball do not care a rats ass who said what or who cause what get off your wallets and egos and get your business in tact. oh, by the way ,I heard that Jim buss do not know stank about the game of basketball, but, I want to say, so what, He needs to ask somebody!

  • Mike

    Our opinions don’t matter

  • Mike

    Dwight stays in Orlando and dwill goes to la to play on the Kobe’s in free agency. Then they still need to pick up some new pieces, I’d trade Bynum, seems like a douche ass of a team mate. LA needs better chemistry and more players on Kobe’s level. They just need work done on the bench, sf and pg that’s all hahah

  • http://www.nesn.com/2012/02/kobe-bryant-says-hes-better-than-michael-jordan-second-to-wilt-chamberlain-as-best-nba-player-ever-v.html shutup

    Lmao Kobe is right Dwight is the second option or third option on a Championship caliber team, even when Orlando made it to the finals You had Turk and Lewis then Howard, but only because Nelson was hurt. Anybody that tells Dwight different is lying to him.

  • point guard

    dwill to orlando or d12 to NJ or both to dallas all feel like a better fit for those two than to LA
    lakers fans have an inflated view of who they are.
    clippers are the new sheriff in town anyway.

  • xx_JOMMOMA_xx

    dwight howard should have went to college to learn how to shoot….

    its like shaq shooting free throws except its every shot..

    how can you be a go to guy without a go to money shot..

    you cant..

    and just because you go to the nets doesnt mean you get to kick it with jay n beyonce

  • J.King

    I understand why people would instantly say they want d.howard in la because he’s an upgrade from bynum but the center position is not the lacking position for the lakers it’s mainly the point guard,small foward,and bench.

  • hellomanameis

    i dont understand how people think lakers need dwight howard… THEY already have a beast center!! what they really need is a point guard, derek fisher just wont cut it. hoping deron williams could come

  • tomtom

    Report: Lakers fans unhappy with Jerry Buss handing the team to his incompetent, petulant, spoiled, little moronic brat of a son.

  • charliewinning

    Why would Howard want to sign a long term deal with a team whose best player is an aging, selfish shooting guard? He can win long term with a pg that can get him the ball on the Nets. He’ll have a better foundation there than in Orlando. He’d be stuck in LA with a mediocre team when Kobe soon retires should he sign a long term deal with them. He’s not stupid.

  • anynomous

    Currently nj has a good starting point guard in dwill, a good backup point guard in farmar, a nice rookie in brooks that has some good trade value in order to add more pieces or just to keep him as an asset off the bench, a nice starting or backup PF in humpries, and a good leader whose been to the finals as both a player and a head coach (dallas, 2006). Getting dhoward would only make them a 2nd round team but they wouldn`t be that far away from a contender. Adding a defensive-minded SF like ariza, a physical PF like varejao, a decent backup center, and a good 2-guard who pairs up well with dwill will put them right there.

  • http://www.facebook.com/joe.l.brewer3 BlackPhantom

    I sincerely doubt Kobe would be as stupid as to tell Dwight some BS like, “you’ll be the third option here.”

  • http://thetroyblog.com Teddy-the-Bear

    @ datkid: Dwight and Deron (with Dirk) in Dallas would be insanely awesome. Best team in the West for sure.

  • Joe Black

    Kobe has always been and will continue to be a much greater player than D Will for at leat 3 or 4 more years. Try to grasp some reality, the Lakers have Kobe signed for years. New Jersey has never got Williams to sign even one contract. There is good reason that they can’t even sign him for next year. Wiliams is not stupid, his actions show that. Neither is Howard, get a clue.

  • http://Slamonline.com Mars

    Kobe is Kobe. Personally I don’t think D12 = rings in LA. They messed up when they gave up Odom and Shannon Brown. 3 pt shooting and a defensive stopper. Now they put all the weight on Bynum and Gasol to guard athletic 3 & 4′s in the west. Whoa. Not happening. Here’s how I’d make it happen. First, get a PG. (Brandon Jennings). Then get a 3 or 4 like Andray Blatche (hint). Ship Bynum and Fisher to Indiana for Hibbert and Collison. Gasol and Morrison to the Bulls for Boozer and Korver. Dwight to LA for Jennings and Boozer and Collison. Get Agent Zero. Whow..that easy bruh. Geez.

  • djb

    @mars nobody wants fisher and that includes indiana. it would make no sense for indiana, an up and coming team, to trade collison for fisher. lmao

  • Joe King

    Deron and Dwight on the same team would make NJ look a lot more attractive to other talent around the league aswell

  • LA

    Hello everybody!

    I believe if the lakers have a good to get a top of the line point guard, D-Will; monster center; DH are landing in LA n there is no any question that the team will champions with alongside Kobe Bryant sixth rings:)!

  • Shawty

    Please…I like Bynum, but better than Dwight….OOOOOKKK. Dwight leaves Orlando most likely. His best option is neither L.A. or the Nets. Chicago with the right trades would be best for him. Now I’m not a Chi fan, but you have to see that this could change things in the east. Btw…it’s funny to see certain people putting others beneath them on this blog with some sort of skybound opinion that is only true in their own minds. I admit, there are some crazy comments but isn’t that alright?