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Reports: Jeremy Evans to Replace Iman Shumpert in Dunk Contest

Fan favorite Jeremy Evans will reportedly take the place of Iman Shumpert (and Jeremy Lin … oh no!). From the Deseret News and Hoopsworld: “Iman Shumpert of the New York Knicks will no longer compete in the dunk contest, according to sources close to the situation. Shumpert missed Monday’s game against the New Jersey Nets due to a knee injury and he’ll rest during the weekend. While he wanted to compete in the dunk contest, getting healthy is his top priority. Shumpert will likely be replaced by Jeremy Evans of the Utah Jazz. On Tuesday afternoon, the Utah Jazz’s official website announced that Evans was added to the dunk contest. They also released a video of Evans dunking and encouraging fans to vote for him on Saturday night. However, the video was removed shortly after being uploaded on the website. The NBA didn’t want the news leaking out until an official announcement was made. A press release will likely be distributed on Wednesday, officially announcing that Evans has replaced Shumpert.”

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  • Bravo


  • Dirtybird

    So no passes from Lin? awww.

  • http://www.thesmashbrothas.com zen garden


  • Sactownking

    Human Pogostick!

  • http://slamonline.com Jones

    Well deserved. Didn’t think Shump made much sense in the Dunk Contest anyway. It was like when Brandon Jennings was in the contest a year or two back.

  • http://bedotwater.bandcamp.com BE.water

    did u watch summer league? shump can jam with the best

  • BigRose174

    @Jones, u obviously didn’t see any of the Iman Shumpert highlights during the summer when he was playing in the lock out league in vegas. Thats dude was doing through the legs and windmills like it was nothing. It sucks he wont be able to show everyone what he doesn’t get to do in games.

  • http://www.optimabbc.be Max

    He and PG will have some nasty dunks..

  • Jeremy

    YESSSS, the human pogo stick gets in. Doesn’t Jeremy Evans have the highest vertical in the league?

  • Hart26

    Josh Selby for Dunk Contest!………

  • fruizm

    Shump is an athletic beast!! He coudlve won it!

  • http://www.slamonline.com spit hot fiyah

    jones is trippin. now just add like 2 or 3 more guys and this will be good. for example alonzo gee, eyenga, deandre jordan, will bynum

  • Ill Smith

    ………who the hell is Jeremy Evans?

  • tonsoffunk

    @ill smith Jeremy Evans aka the human pogo stick plays for Utah, so of course you may not know him now… but he has like a 70% field goal average because almost every shot is a dunk… the problem is he doesn’t get any playing time behind milsap favors and lantern and whoever else is in his way… but just like lobe and d-will didn’t recognize lin and got b-slapped. Well… jeremy evans will own!

  • http://slamonline.com nbk

    Wish he would have replaced Budinger or Williams. Shumpert is one of the top 5 athletes in the league.

  • Holiday

    Let Jeremy Dunk!!! Hope he wins ;)

  • wjl

    this is good jeremy evans has super long arms so his dunks will look good sort of like when javale mcgee did his thing couple years ago. and shumpert is not a top 5 athlete in the league maybe top 15