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Washington Wizards Struggling to Get Home Crowd Support

In addition to being an atrocious basketball team, the Washington Wizards have had to deal with a increasingly antagonistic fan base. The WaPo asks the players and coaches for their take on the ugly situation: “The supposed comforts of home are often absent when the Wizards take the court at Verizon Center, where fans can purchase tickets on the black market for the price of a call from a pay phone, Andray Blatche gets booed every time he touches the ball, and large crowds only come out to support the opposing team. [...] ‘We’ve played enough games, we know what the crowd is going to be,’ rookie forward Chris Singleton said. ‘Seems like they are against us the first three quarters and they’re on our side for the fourth. I guess that’s how Washington is.’ With a 4-11 home record and several dreadful displays of basketball, the Wizards haven’t exactly allowed the locals to cozy up to them. But it doesn’t make it any easier to deal with. ‘That’s tough,’ Coach Randy Wittman said. ‘That’s our job to play to have those guys on our side. Everybody that pays a ticket has a right to root for who they want. But obviously, at home, you want the fans on your side. We’re going to get to that and it’s going to be that way some day.’ That day hasn’t arrived. [...] ‘Most of the time when teams come inside, we’re battling to get the crowd on our side. So, we make it a good game, the crowd start to turn over and come to our side,’ [John] Wall said. ‘When you got a crowd on your side, playing against these type of teams, it helps motivate you. You get more energy and more life to do certain things. We got to do it even when the crowd might now be on our side that day.’”

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  • http://www.youtube.com/user/officerbarbrady what

    No dude, that’s not “how Washington is”. That’s “how any fan base that has to root for a dysfunctional and terrible team is”. If you provide a good product, the customers will show more support. It’s not that hard to figure out.

  • Madterps

    When you lose by 26 at home, there’s no reason why the home crowd can’t boo you. When you’re 4-11 at home, it’s your teams fault for letting down the home crowd. Don’t complain about the home crowd when you’re sucking, maybe you should be working on defensive, offensive sets and keeping the knuckleheads in check.

  • Paul H

    This Is about as surprising as a headline that reads “Joseph Fritzl struggles In his bid for father of the year accolade”.

  • RunNGun

    Get rid of the knuckleheads and start calling up the guys from the D-LEAGUE who really want to play. That’s how you start. Then, get rid of the coaching staff and bring Kurt Rambis. I kid on Rambis. :)

  • bike

    The DC market is a tough environment. There are so many games in town where a sports fan can turn to if their sport/team isn’t cutting it. And the typical DC area fan isn’t usually a sympathetic and supportive figure. They can be pretty ruthless for both the home and visiting team.

  • DerekG

    “Washington Wizards Struggling to Get Home Crowd Support”!!! I wonder why hmmm. Maybe because their record is 4-11 AT HOME! Maybe because they constantly show that they’re more about their own stats than winning games. Why on earth would anybody, far less the people who have to suffer that every night, want to support them?

  • Ldub

    Some teams have it, some dont. They are now the clippers of the NBA. They have alot of talent, thats a given. But no chemistry, no vet, poor coaching staff, no defense, no offense, alot of selfishness…this list can continue. Everyone would like to see their team do well, but thats just not how sports work. You are going to have your outstanding, your mediocre, your below average and then your WIZARDS.

  • bull22

    washington fans need to be patient, it was sucky having a sorry bulls for many years after jordan left, but it happens.

  • http://slamonline.com/ Abe Schwadron

    *slaps forehead, swigs whiskey, changes channel*

  • LP

    If you win, they won’t boo.

  • http://slamonline.com YKnot

    The knicks (pre Lin) get booed at home, so does Sactown and so should the Wiz until you do something worth cheering about