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2012 NBA Draft to be Held June 28 in Newark’s Prudential Center

While the Nets will be moving out of Newark, NJ and into Brooklyn, NY this summer, we’ve got one piece of positive news for Jersey’s capital: like in 2011, the city will once again be hosting the NBA Draft in 2012. The event will go down on June 28 at the Prudential Center, where the Nets are currently playing. Via Cory Booker, the city’s mayor:

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  • Aizen

    Chancellor Stern’s payoff to Newark for assisting in screwing them out of a basketball team, like he did to Seattle.

    Oh, well. I suppose people in Newark wouldn’t be happy anyway without Dwight and D-Will likely leaving during the summer. Yep, sucks to be the Nets, who now have to compete for media exposure with the Knicks!!

  • AD

    if the nets win games the knicks will have to compete…… dwill brooks, wallace,kris and lopez will win games….. Dwill is gonna resign.

  • Canesta

    Uhh Slam, hate to break it to you but Newark isn’t the capital..Trenton is….

  • RunNGun

    This is news? o_O Isn’t that where it’s always held?

  • IndyB

    Neutral Site?

  • http://dodgers.com Joey E.

    the farewell tour. goodbye NJ