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Carmelo Anthony Discusses Knicks Coaching Situation

by Yaron Weitzman / @YaronWeitzman

GREENBURGH, NY — Carmelo Anthony denied reports that a rift existed between him and former Knicks head coach Mike D’Antoni.

Speaking to the media this afternoon following the Knicks first practice under interim head coach Mike Woodson, Anthony addressed the numerous reports that he and D’Antoni had been clashing over the former Knicks coach’s offensive system and said that he and D’Antoni had a “great relationship.”

“It worked for me in the Olympics when we won the gold medal,” Anthony said when asked about D’Antoni’s offensive scheme.

“I’m not a do-what-I-do type of guy and you-do-what-you-do type of guy,” he added. “Me and coach (D’Antoni) never had that type of problem where I said, I’m going to do what I do.”

Anthony, though, did say that he felt there were certain downsides to D’Antoni’s offensive system, which is predicated on spacing and ball movement.

“In that system, there’s a lot of open space… whoever gets it can shoot the basketball,” Anthony said. “That can help us, that can hurt us.”

Anthony also said that Knicks didn’t have any locker room issues, and that D’Antoni had been in constant communication with him all season, along with other Knicks such as Amar’e Stoudemire and Tyson Chandler.

“He (D’Antoni) said he lost control of the team, I don’t really understand what he meant by that,” he said.

Stoudemire also addressed the media and discussed the changes that he expects Woodson to make.

“I think he’s going to utilize his leading scorers, myself and Carmelo,” Stoudemire said.

The Knicks’ second game under Woodson will be tomorrow night against the Pacers. Danny Granger tweeted that the Pacers have “two winnable games” ahead, referring to the home-and-home with the Knicks Friday and Saturday—something that did not make Stoudemire too happy.

“He’s got to be careful what he asks for,” Stoudemire said. “I don’t think he’s really in a position to speak to boldly right now. We got something to say about that tomorrow night.”

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  • http://slamonline.com The Philosopher

    Speaking of Danny Granger;
    He is Sean Elliot Jr.

  • Dungeon Family

    Melo Please Just play Basketball

    You doin nothing but making folks Hate you

  • abaci

    Same old same old.

  • abaci

    good thing a team that is 19-24 this year and hasn’t done anything in the last what 7,8,9 years is getting so much coverage.

  • Sparker

    yes, wise man, with bigger biceps

  • http://www.slamonline.com/online/nba/2012/03/carmelo-discusses-knicks-coaching-situation/ NyBaller

    @Dungeon how he making people hate him? He was just answering the question asked

  • bull22

    melo is a LOSER who has been out of the first round only once. a ballhogging
    behind that plays no defense. has gotten booed by the fans in back to back home games. meet the NY knicks, the DALLAS COWBOYS of the NBA. LOL!


    I’m so glad Granger tweeted that. Makes me excited to see what the Knicks are going to do about it. I see two winnable games for “my” Knicks this Friday and Saturday night. Ha! Go Knicks!

  • http://slamonline.com The Philosopher

    Trade Anthony for Deron Williams, and get it over with.


    bull22 is SPECIAL.

  • Fat Lever

    There was a Melo trade that went down today. He traded in his “Stop Snitchin’” campaign for a “Start B!tchin’” motto.

  • RunNGun

    I love how the Knicks are settling for that ninth seed. THey couldn’t handle the Heat nor the running of the Bulls.

  • http://Slamonline.com nbk

    Philo, D’Antoni wanted that trade, later in the same meetin that he brought that up, he was no longer the coach of the Knicks…

  • djb

    @bull22 This is off topic, but I`m guessing you`re a bulls fan, and I was wondering, if you`ve noticed how well chicago plays WITHOUT drose. they loss to miami WITH drose (in chicago I believe) and beat miami WITHOUT drose (in miami). In addition to these 2 specific cases, chicago has played extremely well without drose for at least a third of the regular season. In fact, they haven`t missed a beat in his absences. Any thoughts??

  • http://slamonline.com The Philosopher


  • http://slamonline.com The Philosopher


  • Paul H

    Even the great Zen master would surely be apprehensive about involving himself In that mess…

  • http://www.slamonline.com house

    Jesus himself couldn’t resurrect the mess that is the NYK’s right now.

  • http://slamonline.com The Philosopher

    “Chris Williams ain’t do it right, if you ask me. If I was him, I woulda’ married Kate and Aaasshhley…”
    - Kanye West

  • http://Slamonline.com nbk

    Yea, James Dolan loves Melo

  • Moj

    Im still flabbergasted as to why so many people think the Knicks are a “mess”. They have star pieces, a deep bench, and an opportunity to give a new system a real go. Sure they’re underachieving, but they have a lot of potential, especially considering the fact that they have the pieces to make some valuable trades if they ever need to. They’ll be fine. Stop eating up all this media hype.

  • bull22

    @dbj, sorry man iam at work. but the bulls are built around derrick rose and tom tibbs. straightup i expected the bulls to lose last night without rose
    and was hoping for a close game and was stunned as how hungry they were and got an incredible victory.

  • bull22

    @orange, you are a true knicks fan and i had you guys at 3rd seed thinking melo would change his ways.. if jeremy lin’s development gets put on the backburner because of carmelo’s crying, that would be a doggone shame.

  • http://Slamonline.com nbk

    Jeremy Lin’s development should be put on the back burner for Melo. Ones a star type player, one isn’t. Jeremy Lin’s success hinged on an open, high pick and roll system. Like it or not.

  • http://www.slamonline.com Chubachuchi

    Just an observation: any Knick fans who don’t see that Melo is a misfit on the team doesn’t watch enough games. He always puts up difficult @ss shots and in a team that’s meant for a half court game that is deadly, you need to rotate the ball around.

  • bull22

    @dbj bulls won 55 games without MJ in 1994 and had a great run, but you still need a least one great player to get you over the top. i have asserted from the beginning that this bulls team as is deserves another shot at beating heat.

  • bull22

    melo a star?? please thats a laugher, you can remove that label off him
    with 2 six game losing streaks in the same season with tyson in the middle.
    with melo they are what 13-19.. then his own fans booing a native new yorker, yeah melo is truly a falling star.

  • http://www.nba.com JB

    trade melo! Bring Gallinari back!!!

  • http://Slamonline.com nbk

    See All-Star. Then see about using that thing between your ears.

  • http://www.slamonline.com Dagger

    One important point nobody seems to be making about Lin: he’s made the Knicks an incredible amount of money. In many respects made that team the centre of the American sports world for over a month. No way are they going to shelve him any time soon.

  • djb

    @bull22 MJ did not play a single game in 94, he returned to the L in 95. This is a totally different situation. That bulls` team O was centered around Pippen since there was no MJ as he was trying his luck at baseball. This bulls` team O is centered around drose who has been hindered by injuries throughout the season. Yet, when the very player in which the O is centered around is removed from the lineup, they still manage to play at the same level or near the same level. This is the same player who won the mvp just last season and was said to have been CARRYING THE TEAM ON HIS BACK. I dont think the bulls are better without drose, I just think Thibs system/style is more to credit for the bulls` turnaround. But as is (with drose of course), I don`t think the bulls are capable of beating miami unless bosh, wade, or bron get hurt.

  • Kent Kanada

    Melo is McGrady 2.0. Decent in his younger days, but a ball hog and will just rust with age. Next thing you know we will hear Melo pleading his case to be in the HOF.

    Trade Melo. Ball hogs, whether they’re great players or not usually never help your team progress.

  • robb

    Don’t talk like that about McGrady

  • http://slamonline.com Allenp

    It is Prince William. Not Chris homie.

  • http://thetroyblog.com Teddy-the-Bear

    The focus should be on winning ball games. With D’Antoni minus Melo, the Knicks were doing just that, which is really all that matters. The Knicks weren’t winning with Melo last year, and they aren’t winning with him now. I’m not sure what they will need to do to change that, but the D’Antoni-Lin tandem was working, and quite well at that. So no, I don’t think Lin’s development should be put on the backburner, especially when the team is already sucking as it is.

  • triyo

    People always call Melo a loser, but how many times has CP3 been out of the first round? I’m not even hating on him, but people need perspective.

  • Matt Park

    Am I missing something or is everybody forgetting Coach Calipari? Didn’t he want to coach the Knicks again a year ago?

  • coltraning

    we just got rid of our team-hurting selfish velcro chucker Monta, NYC! Hope you can do the same. These ISO players and styles make me sick…

  • Justin G.

    I agree that putting Lin’s development on the backburner is the wrong thing for the Knicks to do. Melo said when coming back from his injury that he would just try to fit in with what was happening while he was gone. He hasn’t done that at all. He gets mad when he doesn’t get the ball when he feels he should. And if he doesn’t like an offense predicated on spacing and ball movement he has no hope in the triangle if they somehow get Phil Jackson. If that were to happen, I don’t think Jackson would have a problem getting in Melo’s face when he starts to bring the offense to a standstill again. Then again, I think Melo will listen because Jackson is the one coach that everybody respects and the players know in a battle between player and coach, especially on this team, they go before Jackson does.

  • anita smith

    Hey get rid of Melo and Stod – give Lin the chance he deserves – ther other 2 are just rejects cry babies – get Jackson in there and start rolling the dice -

  • trueballer4life


  • Bash

    Melo, If I buy you some socks, will you stuff them in your mouth and shut up? Oh yeah, pass the damn ball too.

  • mike

    Anyone who gets on here saying that Lin was a better option to run the offense than Melo can’t be a real Knicks fan. I know there were alot of people around the country and around the world who enjoyed seeing Lin show out but having him as the team’s primary option was not going to be so good for the long run. We saw what Lin did against Miami and what D-Will did to him the 2nd time we played the Nets. This team needs Stat and Melo to be integrated and D’antoni wasnt doing that

  • http://slamonline.com The Philosopher

    It sounded like Chris Williams! lol
    And, I always wondered why he would Make Chris Williams famous again.
    **as I ponder retirement from the SLAM comment section with the greatest epic fail in The History of SLAM**

  • Mike From Spain

    Mike -> I am not a true Knicks fan, so I will risk being called a not true one. In a PG centric offense, Lin was better to run your offense. Now it is a different story so I don’t really know. But you mean to place a known ball hog as the distributor in your offense… hmm, nothing bad can happen right?



  • JD

    They should have fired Anthony instead of D’Antoni. Its worth buying out his contract to not have him on the team.

  • Donnell Jackson

    My Knicks need to contribute on the damn boards and play some f*@king defense! The defensive rotations are horrible. Lord knows D’Antoni never taught that. I won’t miss him. His system works only with a Steve Nash like PG. As for the ofense, Scoring is fine when the ball is not stuck on one side of the floor. D’Antoni put guys on the floor who all done the same thing. Difficult to get chemistry that way and it hurts the flow of the offense as well. By the way, whose gonna be the post presence to close games? Don’t you think that would help with ball movement? With the shooters and penetrators the Knicks have, 3/4 of the games played with the new pieces they have should have been won. Of course if some defense was played. That roster is too loaded to be sub .500.

  • Big T

    There is a difference between a b-ball fan and a person with knowledge of the game…With that being said, most of you on here are FANS…and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that…People whom has knowledge of the game knows Lin can do no more than “ASSIST” Melo, and Stodamire. How is a point guard with NO PRIOR experience in the nba gonna LEAD any nba team, never mind the Knicks….HE IS @ BEST A THIRD OPTION ON THIS TEAM…..I REPEAT, A THIRD OPTION……1. The knicks went on a 9 game winning streak I believe. But it was against teams that will not be in the playoffs….two of the teams had winning records… 2. Lins turnovers are KILLING this team…they are coming @ very crucial times in the game….and the results from one t/o can cost a 4 or 5 point swing for just one turnover….3. For everyone to talk about Melos defense, why has no one mentioned LINs, OR LACK THEREOF HIS DEFENSE….IT DOES NOT EXIST……4 AND THE MOST IMPORTANT, hate him or not, MELO IS A PROVEN NBA BALLER…….25 plus point average in 9 seasons is no easy feat….ballhog or not!!!!
    GO LAKERS!!!!!!!

  • Big T