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Dwight Howard Wants Steve Nash in Orlando?

The latest mind-bending report is that Dwight Howard has made it known that he’d like to team up with Steve Nash in Orlando. Wait, what?! Hoopsworld has the details: “The 38-year-old point guard is in the final year of his contract and plenty of teams will be placing calls to the Phoenix Suns in the days leading up to March 15. The Orlando Magic has made offers for Nash in the past and sources close to the situation say that they’ll attempt to acquire the 16-year veteran in the next two weeks. Dwight Howard has asked the front office to pursue Nash and sources close to Howard believe he won’t exercise his early termination option if the team is able to acquire Nash and re-sign him this summer. By opting in to the final year of his contract, Howard would make $19,261,200 next season and have more time to decide what his future holds. It could also lead to new potential suitors for Howard since teams would have another year to clear cap space. He would then become part of the 2013 free agent class, which includes many players that Howard has expressed interest in teaming up with such as Chris Paul, Monta Ellis, Andre Iguodala and Josh Smith. Not to mention, it would give Howard the opportunity to compete for a championship, playing alongside one of the greatest point guards of all-time. While Orlando would love to acquire Nash, it won’t be easy. Phoenix loves Nash and was hoping to re-sign him to a two-year deal this summer. Their policy has always been that they wouldn’t deal Nash, unless he asked for a trade. That’s not Nash’s style and he’s not ready to turn on his teammates, fans or close friends within the organization. ‘There’s no uncertainty about my future for me,’ Nash said. ‘I’m a Phoenix Sun, I want to finish the season with the Phoenix Suns. I want to see how good we can be and fight for my teammates and fight for my fans. That’s all I consider. I just try to get up every day and work hard so I can play at a high level and help my team. After that, I’m not really concerned with anything.’ Nash would understand if the Suns decide to move him and start the rebuilding process, but he’s not going to push for a trade. He wants to honor the contract that he signed with the Suns.”

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  • Justin G.

    Again, a refreshing attitude compared to today’s professional athlete. I think it’s hilarious that you’d have two guys on opposite ends of the spectrum in regards to how they compose themselves in interviews and on the court. I don’t see this happening and I don’t see it making Orlando title contenders, as much as I’d love to see Nash out of Phoenix. On another note, why doesn’t Dwight just say he’d love to play with any combination of players from the All Star game and be done with it? The list of who he doesn’t want to play with is probably shorter

  • Jetfuel

    Man, I`m sick of reading what Disney wants

  • Matt

    Yea Nash would be a good fit in Dallas with Dirk and Vince Carter and Shawn Marion all former teammates of Nash and Dirk is his best friend they had great chemistry. I think that could revive the Mavs offense. Dwight just wants to win a championship but saying you wanna play with everyone that comes to your mind won’t help.

  • http://www.borntocompete.com Money$hot

    I just thinking that Orlando has needed a good point guard for a long time now, because Jameer is not getting the job done. I mean I think Dwight should just leave or just stay and rott in Orlando and hope that they get better players around him.

  • James Aka…

    I think that well respected talent assessor, the Seed, has Jameer Nelson rated higher in his point guard depth chart.

  • dsleepy

    he is all class, that nash.

  • Groves

    I’m hoping we get Nash, Rondo, Williams, Felton, really just a good pg

  • angus

    Nashty thats loyalty brah

  • doombugg

    I think Orlando should seek Rando,, but also someone I who would be big Wilson Chandler her had defense and can create his own shot and score, so that would be my big 3, Rando, Howard and Wilson Chandler, Richardson my spot up shooter and Ryan Anderson as my power forward

  • http://www.fullc0urtpress.com KHOLIDAY

    Is it part of D-12′s contract to mention a new player or team that he’d like to play with every week? This is gettin crazy man!

  • floe

    nash to miami please.

  • misso

    ima magic fan & i don’t blame him & I’m not a big fan on calling out your team but i guess he has to cause obviously there starting to listen to him now

  • http://www.blogspot.com LLC#12

    My respect for Dwight has really diminished this season. The big O was right, who needs to know this stuff apart from Dwight and Orlando’s front office?

  • james

    hey i comend nash for being such a stand up guy i lived in phx for a period of time and i met him a couple of times and hes just an awesome person on & off the court

  • l2ising Phoenix

    Jameer is prolly sick of Dwight downplaying him. And lol @ “Rando”

  • Rainman

    funny how they’re on complete opposite ends in terms of loyalty, it really comes off in that article lol. But who wouldnt want one of the greatests passers of all time on their team?

  • retrobat

    I actually watch Magic games and I have to tell you that I have no confidence what-so-ever in Jameer Nelson. When I watch games where CP3 or Rondo are handling the ball, I never worry for their respective teams, but whenever Jameer has it I just get nervous. I’m not confident in him being able to run a team and apparently, neither is Dwight anymore. I think Jameer is a GREAT back-up point guard, but not a GREAT starting one.

  • burnt_chicken

    Nash: you wanna help the Suns? Ask for this to happen. Play out the string in Disney–pretend it’s all a dream if you have to–then resign with Phoenix having helped them reload a little bit in exchange for renting you out. Convince Dwight to tag along–you’ll have his ear for a couple/few months…

  • zero

    I think Nash to Orlando is a good one but for sure it`s hard to get Nash before the trade deadline

  • Your dad

    Nash to Orlando I hope this happens. Wake up Nash suns don’t want you to succeed outside of their organization.