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Jason Terry Unhappy With Crunch Time Minutes

Jason Terry barely played in the fourth quarter last night, and he was especially upset with being on the bench with the game on the line. Here’s what Terry told the media following the Mavericks’ loss to the Phoenix Suns, per the Dallas Morning News: “So when he played less than three minutes in the fourth quarter against the Suns Thursday night and was not on the court for the possible game-tying (or winning) shot, Terry was understandably ticked off. ‘What do you think my thoughts are about not being on the court? Are you kidding me?’ Terry said when asked about the move of Rick Carlisle. ‘You know how I feel if I’m not on the court when it’s time to win the game. I can’t check myself in and out of games. You got to ask the person that didn’t have me in the game. Ask him his thoughts. What I think don’t matter, really. I’m not trying to be a smart aleck. I’m just telling you the situation. I root my teammates on and wish we could have come out with the victory. It didn’t happen.’ Carlisle repeated several times that it was a coach’s decision. Terry played only 2 minutes, 47 seconds of the fourth quarter when the Mavericks shot 8-of-25 from the field. Carlisle went with Roddy Beaubois and Vince Carter. Carter was having one of his best all-around games of the season. Beaubois finished 2-of-9 from the field and got both of the shots in the final 15 seconds when the Mavericks were trying to force overtime.”

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    Your time has passed my son. Stop ur b!tchin & move on.

  • HeHateMe

    Dirk and JET are the two players on the Mavs that should be MANDATORY when the game is on the line, they both have ice in their veins.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=542782613 The White Steve Smith

    It was probably punishment for the mental errors he made at the end of the OKC game the other night during crunch time

  • Orlando Woolridge

    @AQWORD – Why do you say that? I don’t think that’s true at all. It’s more like Vince’s time has passed and I don’t see why the rotation has to be changed up to accomodate him when he decides to give some sort of effort out there, if that’s what actually happened. And I remember people hyping the hell out of Roddy B at the beginning of last season…what happened to that guy?

  • http://www.dfhggf.com cheema

    Jason terry makes alot of stupid decisions out there, he`ll shoot the ball even if it`s a bad shot.

  • SonnyB

    Terry’s an idiot. He runs his mouth too much & doesn’t think before he speaks. Look at what happened when he said Lin ain’t all that & just a product of Dantoni’s system… then said the defending champ Mavs have somethin in store for him. Next thing y’know? Terry & his Mavs got whooped. Hehe.

  • http://www.Facebook.com/juscallmechris Chris

    I wondered why Jason terry wasn’t out there as well, I thought maybe I missed him getting injured or something. I know I would have rather had terry shooting that same shot roddy had at the end of the game, it was a good look and who knows what the outcome would have been if terry would have shot that shot. I’d be pissed too. The west is too close to be taking a “coaches risk” like that.

  • SikhWitIt

    Quit hating on the man for speaking the truth. If you don’t think he should’ve been on the court during crunch time last night, you don’t know anything about the game and what this dude’s capable of. You don’t go from being the team’s best crunch time player during last year’s title run to playing 2:47 in the 4th. Carlisle messed up and I guarantee you it won’t be happening again anytime soon. Get em Jet.

  • http://www.fiba.com Darksaber

    Aaaaand they just got thumped in Sacto.
    Man all that championship goodwill has evaporated on my side, from Dirk’s letting loose pre-season, that wuss Odom, Roddy still incapable of contributing consistently, Vince & Kidd giving them 1 good game out of every 8 or so, Carlisle’s rotations, this team has NO chance to compete with the best of the west this season.
    Eff this.
    The multiple win streaks and wins against LA, SA, Den and Okc show they have the talent to compete, sadly i think the ‘curse of more’ has hit the champs bigtime.
    I actually get furious watching them nowadays.


    ^^^ Darksaber hit the spot like a chicken qesadilla in this mo fo. ORLANDO WOLL i say that because im still bitter after last years finals & because i can + its A.S.U. in the house baby so sit down & take it like a man. Sactown are the worst in the west & they still spanked dallas. So the moral of the story is even though Jason T had a nice game , he did put up an airball layup & it seemed Dallas had no chance so Its not all about JT & if hes dumb enough not to realise dat then hes just a mini mamba aka Jobby Tryant. :-)

  • DMC14

    Go SUNS!!!! yay.