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Kobe Bryant Didn’t Enjoy Playing With a Face Mask

To no one’s surprise, Kobe Bryant suited up last night, and played very well in the Lakers’ win over Minny despite a broken nose and a concussion. Bryant says that playing with a mask on his face was a strange, at times disgusting experience: “It’s been an experience. I’ve never had (a concussion) before. I understand the severity of the situation. You have to go through those steps. It required me driving around a little bit, but I had to get it done.’ On if he’s upset about getting hurt at an All-Star game: On playing with the #KobeMask: ‘It was fine. You start sweating immediately inside it. I felt like I had a sauna on my face, like I was drinking my own sweat.’ Bryant added that he didn’t take the mask off because his broken nose remains too tender. On if there’s anything he won’t play through: ‘Don’t jinx me, man.’ On how he feels now: ‘I’m fine. I have no headaches. Everything is kind of in the neck … (it) feels like a constant throbbing at the base of my head where the neck is. I didn’t know if it was a concussion or not, I have never had one before.’ [...] On Dwyane Wade, who fouled him from behind causing the injury: ‘I’ve known Dwyane for years … it’s always entertaining for me to have people talk about our relationship as if they know what’s going on. It was very simple – he didn’t mean to do it, he’s not that type of person. We’ve been close friends for a long time. Me, him and (Carmelo Anthony). He’s a nicer guy than I am, to be honest with you, but since 2007, the Olympic team, we became close.’ On if his teammates gave him any nicknames regarding the mask: ‘I wasn’t really in a good mood, so everyone just sort of stayed away from me.’”

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  • http://slamonline.com Brad Long

    He should paint a snake face on it. Them sh!ts would sell like crazy!

  • AD

    he should of wore the michael myers mask instead

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  • Heals

    Phantom of the Mamba…

  • quest

    thats like saying “i didnt enjoy my crutches”, duh

  • RunNGun

    Cosign Rip Hamilton.

  • http://slamonline.com nbk

    Cosign BLong.

  • http://staticseth.blogspot.com/ Seth

    “It required me driving around a little bit”… Poor guy, not able to use his personal helicopter.

  • Rainman

    Im No Rip Hamilton but…

  • bike

    It would be awesome, when LA plays the Heat, if all the MIA players came out wearing face masks for the whole game.

  • Realosophy

    Im starting to think Kobe may even have more heart and desire to win than Jordan. Appreciate every Kobe game we wtch cos this dude is a living legend, when he retires the NBA gonna be hit hard!

  • John Starks

    ^^ whats so awesome about that?

  • IamYou

    Wear jim carrey’s..