Friday, March 23rd, 2012 at 9:10 am  |  17 responses

Manager: Allen Iverson Will Not Play in the Dominican Republic

Allen Iverson’s manager, Gary Moore, shot down several published reports that Allen Iverson had signed a deal to hoop in the Dominican Republic. From the AP: “The manager for Allen Iverson says the former NBA star will not play for a team in the Dominican Republic. Gary Moore says Iverson has not signed nor is he considering signing with any team. Earlier Thursday, Pueblo Nuevo team president Milton Nunez told The Associated Press the 36-year-old guard would play for his team. Moore says Iverson is ‘shocked’ by Nunez’s announcement. Moore says Iverson is still working out, ‘waiting for another opportunity.’”

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  • colors

    Wow, I really care at this point.

  • http://www.slamonline.com spit hot fiyah

    another opportunity to do what?

  • Zabbah

    im waiting for the announcement where he retires.

  • Ranly

    Iverson still can beat 80% of these point guards playing today.
    If Steve Blake is still in this league, why cann’t Iverson.
    It’s like any job, if you are the best employee and the worst employee gets
    Promoted, wouldn’t you get mad?

  • Jesse

    80% ???
    get real
    his attitude, especially later on in his career, hasn’t helped his chances to come back but fact is if he was that good he’d still be the league so stop.

  • LA Huey

    How many MVPs you know play in the Dominican Republic?

  • Fat Lever

    Huey, depends on your definition of “play”.

  • anonymous

    I knew the initial story was flaky because why would AI wait until late March to return to the court. It made no sense. But, playing in any international league is the equivalent of playing in the d-league. The d-league just gives players a better opportunity to get back into the nba because it`s within the US boundaries. More players are joining the nba with international backgrounds. So, the d-league is in no way superior (in regards to basketball skills/level) than the international league. In fact, some international leagues are much better than the d-league. The d-league needs to be squashed and the ABA needs to be revived because there are too many good players who are better than many of the current players that are on the outside looking in. Hope to see AI back in the nba because he still has game. #FortheCauseAI3

  • Stillballin

    AI why not play in DR for a month, show the world you still can ball. I just hope to see you in the nba again.

  • John Wall Jr

    Dominican Republic? We talkin bout the Dominican Republic? I’z spose to be a hall of famer… and we talkin bout the Dominican Republic

  • http://slamonline.com The Philosopher

    He better not had went out like that…

  • http://www.starting5.com.au NM30

    For some reason I doubt he needs the $20000 that badly

  • Antonio

    ALLEN IVERSON MUST RETURN TO THE NBA, United as One #FortheCauseAI3 to “Save Allen Iverson”

  • anonymous

    Allen Iverson`s best opportunity to show nba teams that he can still ball (which they already know to be true) is playing in some pro-am games this summer along with other nba players or nba bound players (draft selections). Iverson had a tournament in Las Vegas that was set to go down with other nba players participating in November 2011 during the lockout but it was postponed and subsequently cancelled after the lockout was resolved. I know Iverson had to be bummed out about the cancellation because he really wanted to draw some positive attention from nba teams. Going overseas in late March, a month before the season ends, would not be beneficial. Participating in exhibition, AND1, streetball, and or pro-am games during the off season is where is at. But at the same time, Iverson doesnt need to let his desire to return to the nba take over his life. He needs to stay active in other ventures while still working out, keeping himself in shape, and stay open and positive about the opportunity to return to the nba. Being needy and jumping at any and all opportunities to play basketball anywhere isn`t going to get Iverson back in the nba. I would love to see Allen Iverson back in the nba next season after this pathetic, shortened season is over. The game isn’t the same without him. Miss you AI.

  • http://gmail.com z

    just a hunch here, and you can read whatever you want into why i say this: allen iverson won’t be back in the nba, at least not while david stern is the commish of the league. not happening. Doubt it happens when dstern finally steps down for adam silver either.

  • markymark

    This is the effect of blackballing at its worst. The sad part is, majority are convinced otherwise, as seen by the comments above.

  • http://safari heulitt

    you know america is the come back capital of the world. Im rooting for him