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Mar. 23: NERD Rankings (Player)

The NERDs are back with player efficiency ratings after a 2-week hiatus. Who’s No. 1?

numberFire is a sports analytics platform that uses algorithmic modeling to better understand sports—and they’ve developed the numberFire Efficiency Rating Derivative (NERD) to better evaluate every player in the NBA using offensive and defensive efficiency numbers. The nerdier, the better, according to these guys. A player’s NERD rating represents how many games above or below .500 an average team would be if they added him to its roster (based on an 82-game season). For example, LeBron James posted an 18.3 rating in the 2010-11 season, which means that if he played on a team with four league-average players, you would expect that team to finish 18 games over .500 (50-32). An average player has a NERD rating of 0, and to qualify, a player must play at least five minutes per game, based on the team’s total games. Visit numberFire to check out a detailed explanation of the NERD stat for player efficiency and see the full list of NERD rankings.

numberFire says:

The biggest mover in the last few weeks has been the Raptors’ Jerryd Bayless. Since March 11, Bayless is averaging 22 points and 8 assists per night (save for his 14 minutes combined over the last two games). He is 38 for 70 from the field and even better, 12 for 21 from downtown. Unfortunately, a few games does not a player make. Bayless still only scores 1.09 points per possession (slightly above average) while using a quarter of the Raptors’ possessions.

Amar’e Stoudemire is finally getting somewhat back to form, as he increased his NERD rating by 3.8 to a whopping 2.8 total. The Knicks have won five straight and Stoudemire’s field goal percentage is back up to 47.3% (way up from earlier this year). This would still be his first year shooting under 50% since the 2004-05 season, but what’s important is his recovery. Amar’e has scored 15+ in five of his last six games and shot 50% or better in five of his last six as well. Things could be looking up for the playoff-hunting Knicks.

Speaking of the Knicks, Toney Douglas has regained his prized bottom spot in the NERD rankings with a brutal -12.3 rating. Douglas is shooting 31.7% from the field including 23.5% from long range. He has the worst offensive efficiency in the League for anyone with at least 500 minutes, scoring a ridiculously poor 0.79 points per possession.

The NERD power rankings are powered by numberFire, a sports analytics platform that uses algorithmic modeling to better understand sports. Follow Nik Bonaddio at @numberfire, and Keith Goldner at @drivebyfootball. Check out numberFire on Facebook.

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  • http://slamonline.com/ Abe Schwadron

    Kenneth Faried!

  • http://slamonline.com nbk

    i picked him to finish top 5 in ROY before the season started (he was also my darkhorse to win it, but that’s dead). This is why i like advanced stats, they show the importance of a guy like Faried.

  • marlo

    Where is Kobe?

  • Drig

    Wait a sec……..did I just see this correctly??? If Andrew Bynum is on Orlando, they’d win more games on an average than with Dwight?!?! And where the hell is Kobe??? Y’all don’t watch LAL games if you guys think Bynum and Pau can help a team win more games than Kobe can. The first part of the season proved it.

  • Keith Goldner

    Kobe just barely above average: 3.6 NERD rating. Nothing against him (I’m a huge fan), but obviously he has not been even remotely efficient this year. Uses the most possessions in the League (37% of all Lakers possessions) second highest in his career and is only scoring 1.04 points per possession – 42.9% from the field, 29% from three-pointers. He’s not helping the Lakers as much as Bynum/Gasol who are scoring 1.13/1.11 points per possession respectively. Just means if he played at the same level (using same amount of possessions) for a league average team, and so did those other guys, those teams would win more games. But obviously if they were each on another team, that would affect their usage rates and other stats.

    Kobe can be really efficient if he doesn’t take as many shots, but that’s the role he’s in.

  • Nathan

    Damn russel Westbrook isn’t on here.