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Report: David Stern Expected to Retire in 2 Years

Having held the title of NBA Commissioner since 1984, David Stern is planning to tell owners at their April Board of Governors that he will step down in two years, according to the the New York Daily News. Adam Silver is expected to become the next head of the NBA, with support of nearly 90 percent of ownership: “Insiders say that David Stern is planning to tell NBA owners at their April Board of Governors meeting that he’s good for two more seasons, and that he’ll step down as commissioner then. “At one point, he had talked about doing it for one more season, but it looks now like two more,” said a league source. League suits say there probably won’t even be a search conducted to find a successor and that deputy commissioner Adam Silver is a lock to succeed Stern, with one source saying Stern’s lieutenant has the backing of almost 90% of the owners. All he needs is a simple majority.”

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  • jay cutler

    Damn. Love him or hate him a lot of us grew up with David Stern being the only “Commish” we ever knew.

  • http://www.facebook.com/joe.l.brewer3 BlackPhantom

    Good Riddance.

  • http://guyism.com/sports/michael-jordan-selling-chicago-area-home-for-29-million-dollars.html Caboose

    I suppose even tyrants get old. Go and enjoy your $21 million salary that you’ll probably keep earning well after you retire you greedy gasbag. The only problem is, will Adam Silver be any better?

  • http://www.nba.com Red

    Adam Silver looks like Lord Voldemort.

  • http://guyism.com/sports/michael-jordan-selling-chicago-area-home-for-29-million-dollars.html Caboose

    ^Except a little more bald.

  • Sonicproof

    Good-bye. I won’t miss you.

  • Conor O.

    After the Paul Veto disgrace, it should read “… In Several Months”.

  • http://Slamonline Jimbo

    Thank the lord

  • bdogg

    this could be great or terrible..not sure i love adam silver but stern has way too much power…he makes godell look good!

  • Hart26


  • anynomous

    it`s not soon enough. how about you retire within the next couple of days and take your flunky (adam silver) along with you. reigning in yet another dictator isnt what the league needs.

  • Sonics

    Good I can’t wait until he dies so I have a place to take a piss

  • burnt_chicken

    At some point, it would be nice to see a former player in the top job. Not gonna happen in my lifetime though. As for Stern, I didn’t know Sith lords could retire. I always thought you had to decapitate them.

  • http://guyism.com/sports/michael-jordan-selling-chicago-area-home-for-29-million-dollars.html Caboose

    ^ We should start either the Shane Battier or Tim Duncan for commish campaigns in about 10 years.

  • http://slamonline.com YKnot



    The growth of the NBA at home and abroad during David Stern’s tenure as commish, is why I consider the man the best commissioner in the history of pro sports. FANtastic job, David Stern! FANtastic!

  • MikeC.

    Anyone that dismisses Stern’s track record is amazingly ignorant. You can disagree with how some issues have been handled or not been handled, but the L is a better place because of David Stern. You may choose to disagree with me provided you raise valid points and back those points up with facts that prove Stern took the NBA to a place that was worse than it was before he became commissioner. If you can’t raise and prove those points, then you don’t have a point to make and you can be silent.

  • http://guyism.com/sports/michael-jordan-selling-chicago-area-home-for-29-million-dollars.html Caboose

    ^Arguing Stern’s resume is an impossible feat. Yes, the league expanded in a HUGE way during his time as commish. However, that tenure spanned over the entirety of the modern era, thus, we can’t place his track record next to anyone else’s in the same way that we can with presidents, etc. Has the NBA globalized under Stern? Sure. Would it have done the same under a different commish? We’ll never know (especially since Silver is simply Stern-lite).

  • http://www.nba.com VanCityBBall

    im not gunna lie, its kinda hard to wave and say “goodbye we will miss you!”

  • Yesse

    Thank God.

  • Colm

    Wonder if he’ll buy a retirement home in Seattle…

  • ttc

    i think the NBA would have expanded as much if it would have been another commish..how could anybody not see the potential the NBA had of being a global brand with players like Magic, Bird and especially Jordan being the stars of the show? Unlike other American sports Basketball has always been a popular sport around the world, u didnt need to be a genius to realize there could be a market out there..plus I believe that Nike had a lot to do with marketing the NBA around the world, if u look at how they marketed Jordan and his shoes..it other words David Stern’s role is way overrated, and no commish should ever b around for more than 7 or 8 years..good riddance..now FIFA needs to kick out Blatter and the world will be a much better place…PEACE….

  • JML-G

    Stern has done great job to keep NBA as great as it is – hate it or love it.. i see u, Laker fans – i understand yall will hate, since thanks to him , Clippers is the top team in LA now haha

  • http://Www.achtamsterdam.nl Phil

    He did good, he did bad things….as any human being would. He regrets the sonics and grizzlies moving, so he is remorsefull,another human trait. It gong to feel weird having him not involved in the nba, same as dick bavetta.

  • http://www.nba.com Red

    I think Adam Silver will replace the NBA with his own personnel and put Death Eaters in all the NBA teams.

  • iLL wiLL

    Damn, no more Sternbot?

  • MikeC.

    @ttc – good point about Nike’s role. I didn’t consider that. I believe there’s a great deal of give and take with Nike and MJ’s influence on the rise of the NBA. Jordan’s rise played an enormous role in the NBA’s growth. How much influence did Stern have in helping to shape that? Jordan’s influence was really unprecedented as no other great player in the L’s history played their entire career during the 24-hr sports news cycle. I think Stern and Jordan made the perfect storm. Jordan had the charisma, the talent, the work ethic, the drive and the brains to be a true partner in the expansion of the league. Don’t forget that bball really jumped off globally after the original Dream Team mowed down the world. Stern was a big part of getting pro’s to the Olympics. I disagree with many things he did *Seattle* *Vancouver* *CP3 veto* *suspending any Pacers player who didn’t leave the court during the brawl* The man made some mistakes, but it’s safe to say the man did his job very well.


    How many of the infamous Stern haters used to be Seattle Supersonic fans? Just curious.

  • fitzy

    the only thing i can explicitly state that I was against in Stern’s era is; how soft the game has become.

  • MikeC.

    @orange – Seattle, Vancouver and Charlotte Hornets fans all get deserve an opportunity to egg Stern’s car and TP his house.

  • http://thetroyblog.com Teddy-the-Bear

    lol @ Red and Caboose.

  • http://slamonline BossTerry

    I think Stern has done a pretty good job. I think he should have stepped in when a team with so much history was being relocated (Sonics), I think the dress code was a bit unfair, I can understand him wanting guys to look professional while injured and sitting on the bench, but on the team plane?!! And when he introduced the “new” basketball, yeah, horrible idea..

  • SikhWitIt

    ^^ Not to mention kowtowing to the casual fan by legislating real defense out of the game with the semi-circle under the basket and the end of handchecking.

  • Scot Peirson

    Not soon enough. He’s allowed the small-market owners too much say at the table. Dan Gilbert still believes that Kyrie Irving won’t bolt at first opportunity.

  • http://slamonline BossTerry

    Cosign Sik..

  • BBaller

    lets hope his replacement actually loves BBall, Obama anyone?

  • BBaller

    Cosign Fitzy

  • Justin G.

    Handchecking is real defense? No, moving your feet is real defense. Like MikeC said, anyone who thinks Stern was not one of the top 2 commissioners in the history of sports is ignorant. Yes, Michael Jordan along with Magic and Larry really increased the popularity of the league but don’t discount how Stern took advantage of it with the way he marketed individuals as well as teams to watch. Did he make mistakes in his tenure? Sure…what commissioner hasn’t? But his body of work over close to 30 years far outweighs those mistakes. As far as Sonics, Grizzlies, and Charlotte Hornets fans being allowed to egg Stern’s car I’m thinking Charlotte fans won’t show up since they have a team (sort of) while Memphis and OKC fans will stand in the way of those eggs. Not that the moves were right, but just sayin’