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Timberwolves Owner: Kevin Love Not on Kevin Garnett’s Level

Kevin Love’s spectacular season has everyone wondering about his standing in the NBA (today and historically), and especially in Minnesota. As far as Glen Taylor is concerned, Love has a long way to go before he can unseat Kevin Garnett as the greatest player in Timberwolves history. Per the Star Tribune: “Timberwolves owner Glen Taylor has now had two great players on his payroll — Kevin Garnett for 12 seasons, and Kevin Love, who is in his fourth season. Love, who won the NBA’s Most Improved Player award last year and is headed for it again this season, is breaking all sorts of team records, including some of Garnett’s. And he isn’t making anywhere near the money that Garnett made, some $200 million during his career here. At this point Taylor refuses to rate Love as a better player than Garnett. ‘Kevin [Garnett] did it for many years. Love is doing well now, but he has a long way to go to catch up with the long successful career that Garnett had,’ Taylor said. Garnett, who still has a home in the Twin Cities, doesn’t hold any love for this franchise, according to his quotes in the Boston press. This despite all the success he had and all the money he made here. Garnett said: ‘It’s always special to come back to true fans and your foundation. But as far as that franchise, I have nothing positive to say. So I’ll just let it be that. I think Kevin Love’s playing at a high level. I think he’s rejuvenated the city as far as basketball goes. Other than that, nothing else.’”

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  • ALD

    yea kevin love is leaving when that contract is up

  • Groves

    Love will be all Class About this

  • Justin G.

    Pretty much a no brainer here. I didn’t know about Garnett’s hostilities though. I’d hate for a team to pay me $200M like that.

  • dev0

    playoffs, then we’ll talk

  • FnF

    Why add the entire KG quote to ruin the article? Love is playing great, the owner agrees and mentions KG did it for over a decade, KG agrees that Love is also playing great right now by saying “I think Kevin Love’s playing at a high level. I think he’s rejuvenated the city as far as basketball goes.” The End.

  • http://www.reverbnation.com/tray24 T-Ray

    I think everyone knows this. KG is the biggest thing to hit Minny. K Love is a great talent but he’s got to carry a team to the playoffs at least a few times.

  • smoove

    hes only speaking truth, Consistency and longevity define great nba stars..not the moment. K Love will be there soon


    Win a playoff game.

  • http://slamonline.com Allenp

    This reporter was straight hating. Mad shots at Garnett like he should be grateful they paid him. If they didn’t want to pay him, they shouldn’t have done it. He doesn’t need to grateful for money he earned.
    People are crazy man. You should be grateful to God and family, not to the person who pays you to work.

  • Heals

    Always nice to be informed of something you already know, but it’s all good. They’re both special players, but the benefit for Klo is because of what happened to KG and the Twolves inability to be successful since has changed the focus from what can KLo do for Minny to what can Minny do to keep Love…

  • http://caseyvaughn.com AlbertBarr

    @AllenP I am not a religious man but am certainly not grateful to the people who pay me to work. They owe that to me. It is hard for people to see that sometimes.

  • abaci

    Good for the owner to have a honest opinion, it would have been easier to say Love is on his level.

  • http://slamonline.com Jones

    Seems fair. KG was basically an MVP candidate during the brief window Minny was actually legit. And he was a scary defender and unstoppable offensive player who played his heart out every night. Klove is equal (if not maybe even superior) offensively right now, but defensively and leadership wise he just isn’t quite there yet. But hey, he is really young so I’m sure its only a matter of time. Minny shoulda given this man the max for sure.

  • Shem

    Garnett averaged 24 13 and 5 on a WINNING team. I honestly don’t care how many 30 20 games this guy has until his team starts making the playoffs. He’s just a better version of David Lee at this point. How has that GS 80 million dollar contract worked out for him? Still 13th in the West with no sign of them making the playoffs anytime soon. Don’t get me wrong this guy is a top 5 power forward but I hate when people rate him over Dirk.

  • bike

    Glen Taylor might be a racist.

  • LA Huey

    Without Garnett, Love might not be playing for Glenn Taylor’s Minnesota franchise.

  • http://slamonline.com Allenp

    KG put up similar numbers to Love, with All-NBA level defense, and carrying bums to the playoffs. Man, it’s not evne close.
    And there is no way Love is on Garnett’s level offensively. He is a better rebounder though but that’s partially because he doesn’t care about doing the other things that can make rebounding more difficult.
    KG wasn’t didn’t score a lot of points because he was very unselfish, but he had way, WAY more tools in the toolbox than Love. He just didn’t shoot as many three pointers. Those three pointers are very important when considering his scoring numbers.

  • riggs

    word to AlbertBarr, at work you’re getting paid for services rendered you’re not doing your company a “solid”.,

  • Mike Mihalow

    Garnett couldn’t get outta the first round of the playoffs until he got help.

  • http://www.twitter.com_dfrance dfrance21

    Co-Sign AllenP. KG’s offensive game(in his prime) was miles ahead of where Kevin Love is now. The ONLY thing Love does better than KG is shoot 3s, and truth be told, KG probably would be just as good a 3 point shooter as him if he cared about shooting them. I’m actually baffled at how Love scores so many points. Not to sound like a hater, Love is a rising star and super talented, but other than the 3s he just seems to score an extreme amount of garbage buckets. I don’t know how to explain it.

  • RunNGun

    For anyone who didn’t read the article, read it again. SMH The headline is misleading. Glen Taylor said this: “Love is doing well now, but he has a long way to go to catch up with the long successful career that Garnett had.” In other words, a lot of guys can come into the NBA and have four-five good seasons but they fizzle out. Love’s career has just begun and it remains to be seen if he can have a long successful like Garnett.

  • DruNyce

    “You can’t handle the truth”

  • logues

    Allenp’s last comment hit it spot on. idk if love can ever surpass kg as the greatest wolf, its kinda like no matter what kobe does… alot off ppl are gonna say magic is greatest laker ever. he’d def have to win a chip and an mvp or something… even then idk. i mean, im a huge love fan(but a bigger kg fan) but watching what kg did in minny every night for 10+ yrs is amazing. his passing was ridic, i think he avg like 6 assists a game a few yrs as a PF!

  • logues

    and lets not forget, garnett’s best help was wally freaking szczerbiak for how long till an old a$$ sam cassell and aging sprewell came… and they still beat the stacked kings team that was overall way better team.. but we had kg

  • James Aka…

    The only basis for comparison of the two players is their scoring and rebounding numbers (other than the same team same position angle). Love likes to take big shots, garnett didn’t. Love has huge games and small games, while KG was steady. Love has a talent for using his body to get tip ins, KG used tremendous athleticism to do the same. KG was lighting quick of the dribble, love uses a lot of screens. Love shoots lots of 3′s, garnett prefered closer jumpshots. Garnetts length allowed him to operate in the post, love likes to back cut towards the basket for many layups. Garnett could dunk over people, love can’t teally. Garnett shot a high percentage, Love shoots in the mid 40′s like a good shooting guard. Garnett commanded a tonne of attention that allowed him to find people open for easy asists, love hasn’t really displayed that touch ever. Garnett shut people down all over the court or at least held them, from quick point guards, to brutes like barkley and malone, while love has trouble getting rotations correct. Love is a great player, but his shocking stats are undermined by inconsistency sometimes, and poor defence. He’ll have a very good career, but Garnett was revolutionary, and if he wasn’t such a dick all the time, we would remember that more often.

  • http://slamonline.com nbk

    lol we needed to be informed of this?

  • http://slamonline dan

    Maybe hes challenging him , this could motivate him a bit more? who knows why hes saying this

  • manu

    kg was gettin over 20 ppg, 10rpg, 5 apg, 1 bpg, 1spg for SIX STRAIGHT YEARS

  • 23

    why do people keep bringing up playoffs?? kg only had playoff success 1 year in minnie. 1 freaking year. tmac gets slammed constantly for his lack of playoff success, yet his teams consistently made the playoffs, and tmac raised his level in the postseason as well. klove doesnt get highlights like garnett, and he isnt as loud as garnett, and isnt as athletic as garnett was(remember garnetts monster dunks??!!) but klove is ARGUABLY the best power forward in the game. so idk why people “love” to hate on love. is his defense suspect? yes. does he rebound like crazy and score? also yes. has his team had success? not so much. but look at his roster….

  • RunNGun

    In the KG era, the Wolves pretty much made the playoffs every year but never really got out of the second round until 2004 when he finally had help with Cassell and Sprewell. If Stephon Marbury could have kept his ego in check, Minny would have been a respectable franchise with a KG-Marbury 1-2 punch. Also, the front office killed it for the Wolves with the Joe Smith signing.

  • http://slamonline.com nbk

    People keep bringing up the playoffs because Kevin Garnett got terrible rosters (like the current Timberwolves) to the playoffs on the regular.

  • startown

    Two different players, as a MN fan, they were and are both great! Love is putting up crazy numbers and will eventually surpass Garnett in offensive numbers, but Garnett is a better defender no doubt.

  • http://slamonline.com Allenp

    Garnett got to the playoffs by like his third year despite being drafted to a lottery team. And he kept them in the playoffs for years.
    Love hasn’t gotten there yet. And his team has been absymal with him on the roster at times.
    That’s why I brought it up. KG couldn’t get out of the first round, although it was somewhat understandable. But at least he got them to the dance. Love hasn’t even gotten his team to the dance. Next year he should, but he hasn’t yet.

  • http://slamonline.com nbk

    ^ The main reason I could give a damn about his ridiculous statistical production

  • http://www.reverbnation.com/tray24 T-Ray

    I think the reason he hasn’t gotten there yet as apposed to KG was the desire and drive that KG had. He seemed more likeable and a team player. At times KLove seems content with getting his ridiculous numbers while his team is below mediocre.

  • jay

    AI and KG wasted their primes on poorly run franchises.

  • -Mas-

    Kevin G. never had a solid and “stable” rotation while in Minn. K. Love NOW has a solid team to build around and maybe fight for a title down the road. Rudio, Nikola and Wesley are a lot more solid than KG ever had around him. I would be mad if I was KG that the org never built a good team around him. So many MVP years wasted. I feel his pain. $200 MM do not cover the empty feeling of losing. $540 MM does. Who’s playing the Mega Millions tonight?

  • bike

    I don’t quite get the whole ‘Love can’t get the T-Wolves to the playoffs’ knock. I mean, what more is the guy suppossed to do? Ten more points and rebounds a game above what he is averaging now?

  • http://slamonline.com nbk

    Be the catalyst to a winning team. (maybe play less selfishly, for example, play help defense, rather then hope the offensive player misses so you can get the rebound, that sort of thing)

  • http://www.google.com/news BETCATS

    I don’t see the debate here. KG was the mvp, took his team to the conference finals, and never got the talent he deserved put around him. Love is good, but he is just getting started.

  • Heals

    In addition to being on subpar teams he helped over achieve to even reach the playoffs, the other reason for his lack of playoff success in Minny was the competition. The PF position was stacked so he often played vs allstars. LA and SA won 7 chips, Sac was awesome, Dal and Por were talented too…

  • http://cechicagorilla@aol.com yada

    look man. for one love doesnt have the talent and size they kg has. its easy to wacth players when they get old and forget how they were in their prime. i remember ppl dissing shaq so bad last year and im thinking have they really forgotten that shaq literally made the game unfair? kg in his prime would probably be the best player in the league today

  • RunNGun

    People have to remember that KG didn’t win the big dance in Minny due to his enormous contract (which crippled the Wolves franchise in acquiring help and building around him) and due to the front office’s under-the-table deal with Joe Smith (which fcuked up the ability for the team to build around him).

  • http://slamonline.com Allenp

    That is a media myth.
    Garnett’s contract didn’t cripple the team. Trading Marbury for an injured Terrel Brandon, losing Gugs to free agency, handing out hefty free agent deals to Troy Hudson and Wally, and the Joe Smith debacle crippled the team. Not to mention failing to resign Chauncey as a free agent right before he went to Detroit and the unfortunate death of Malik Sealy.
    Garnett’s deal was no larger than the deal’s that Kobe and Shaq signed. And there were two of them. No larger than Iverson’s or Melo’s or Amare’s.
    That has always been a media generated BS excuse for why the Wolves suffered. You can complain that Garnett often struggled in the clutch. He did. Or that he wasn’t an amazing scorer who just went off for 50 like his talent suggested he could have. He didn’t.
    But they had him playing and guarding point guards for goodness sake! That organization failed to make quality decisions and had some poor luck. It wasn’t the contract.

  • RunNGun

    @AllenP Thanks for your response. I disagree about the myth. And I’m not saying it’s the fault of KG either. It’s both KG and the front office. You have to realize that LA is a big market and Minny is a mid-market; that’s like comparing apples to oranges as the economics will be different. If you’re a young guy, of course you’d realistically rather be in LA for the night life and what not rather than Minny. I can’t remember one big free agent signing during the KG era. Why? All the money was tied up to KG. IIRC at the time, Hudson and Wally got those contracts because of how they played. Hudson earned his in the playoffs. And Wally at one point in time was an all-star–don’t remember which year. They messed up letting Billups go–I agree. They (the McHale era) couldn’t help the Marbury and Sprewell mess. They also messed up by trading Brandon Roy for Randy Foye–or not drafting Rudy Gay, by drafting Ebi instead of Josh Howard, by drafting Rashad McCants instead of Danny Granger, and there’s so much more but the point is that the fault lies in both.

  • Tom

    People qualify the positives for Kevin Love but to win in the playoffs it takes a team. The team is headed to the playoffs but are on the edge the injuries killed them this year. The team can still step up and get in the playoffs this year!

  • Heals

    Da Kid!!!

  • Mario D

    You know… The last time I checked. Jealousy was the envy factor of KG with his relationships with teammates. Stat wise???? Kevin Love fills in stats if you compare them two in the numbers game.

    Garnett had players built around him already, and with positive drafts that the team is a playoff pictured franchise. There was Stephon Marbury and Tom Gougliota. After them two KG had Sprewell, Wally, and Cassell. Why that team KG had on didn’t last so long? Because of the money issues. Marbury wanted to get paid more because KG was that ‘Big Ticket’ after that MINNE-SNOW-TA comment, and the same went with Spree & Cassell. Sprewell told people that it’s not worth playing because they are not getting paid that much like they’re giving KG the money.

    K-Love on the other hand been playing with a franchise with a dumbass owner. Name a good draft pick recently that we all did not have to wait a year or over 2 years just like we all did for Ricky Rubio? It’s the same thing with Donatas Motiejunas, Nemanja Bjelica, Paolao Prestes, and Henk Norel. It’s like an international pool full of wasted picks where true potential is ready that can help out Kevin Love, Ricky Rubio, Derrick Williams, Michael Beasley, and now Nikola Pekovic. The only problem Love is doing a lot because he got the team on his back, and it’s not no LeBron James situation like it was in Cleveland. This guy is playing with the poorest franchise with stupid-dumb selections.

    That seperates the differences between KG & K-Love.

  • Mega

    If K Love can play 7 or 8 more years, even close to this level, while putting up three 30-20 games each year and win one or two playoff series. He will have had a more successful Twolf career then KG. Love has 7 30-20s in 4 years. KG’s not even close. Defense is of course in KG’s favor, but lots of bigs can d up. Not to many can put up KL numbers.

  • blah

    KG did lead the Wolves to the playoffs, but the Marbuy- Sprewell teams were pretty good and Flip wasn’t burnt out. If I had to take a young KG or a young Love, I’m taking Love. He’s a different type of player than KG, a big time scoring threat and board cleaner. I would know that I have to surround him with tough defensive minded players. I’m bothered that the GM would chuck Love under the bus when he is bringing them to a level they haven’t been at since KG. The Wolves franchise is known as a poor organizational franchise. They should be thanking God that Love decided to play for them.

  • http://www.dfhggf.com cheema

    garnett led his team to western conference finals and beat the then shaq led dominant lakers twice! Love hasn`t even reached playoffs, and wont this year either. and plus kg outplayed love in their recent matchup despite being like 34. conversation over!

  • haslem

    KG has every right to be angry at Taylor and Mchale, they basically threw away the prime years of his career with a series of the worst basketball decisions an owner/general manager tandem has ever made. Losing half a decade’s worth of 1st round draft picks in order to sign a backup journeyman power forward to an under the table contract just being the tip of the iceberg…the bottom line is every year KG had a couple of weapons around him he made it to the conference finals/NBA finals. If Mchale resigns Chauncey Billups the T-Wolves win a championship. If he didn’t balk at re-signing Sprewell a year after the Lakers imploded they could have won a championship. If they had traded Starbury who was at the zenith of his trade potential for someone other than the 30 year old Terrell Brandon, like I don’t know…Jason Kidd…then the T Wolves would have won a championship.