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Deron Williams ‘Probably’ Would Have Re-Signed if Nets Traded for Dwight Howard

by Marcel Mutoni @marcel_mutoni

In an effort to show him just how much he matters to their future, the New Jersey Nets have given point guard Deron Williams the unofficial title of “assistant GM.” Be that as it may, DWill could leave the Nets high and dry this summer, when he becomes an unrestricted free agent.

Williams has made it clear numerous times that he fully intends to explore all viable options during free agency, but this monstrous headache for the Nets could have been avoided had they landed Dwight Howard by the trade deadline.

From Yahoo! Sports:

“People get traded all the time,” Williams said. “They don’t get backlash as an organization. If [players] leave, we are not loyal, we are ungrateful. People say stuff to me on Twitter. They already think I’m gone. They are out there bashing me, saying to me I’m a traitor. I didn’t ask to be here. I got traded. I didn’t come here being a free agent. This is the first time that I’m a free agent in my career.”

While Howard was intrigued by New Jersey, the NBA’s most dominant center ultimately opted in to his contract for at minimum next season with the Magic. “It’s a decision he made for himself,” Williams said. “I really have no comment on it. He did what was best for him. I respect that. I’m still friends with him. Oh yeah, it definitely would have changed things. I’ve already made it known that if he would have come I probably would have stayed.”

Deron Williams goes on to say that, nearing 28 years of age, he has to be extremely careful about where he signs his next contract, as he enters the prime of his career and feels a desperate need to win, and win big.

Can GM Billy King convince Deron Williams that tying his future to this franchise is the best course of action for his career?

It’s going to be one long, stress-filled summer for the soon-to-be Brooklyn Nets.

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  • ALD

    LOL im a nets fan and cant be mad…. Because he never bites his tounge.

  • http://www.slamonline.com blackvictory23

    D Will is smart by exploring all options

  • Jetfuel

    Dallas, no question about it

  • crooklyn

    Deron should just take a hike. If some dude who hasn’t won anything wants to wait for another guy who hasn’t won crap, then they should go off into the sunset together and continue winning squat. REAL N@^$&% ONLY for BROOKLYN PLEASE

  • elmaar

    I will be surprised if Orlando doesn’t sign DWill
    Although if Otis remains the gm the possibility exists

  • ALD

    where a young team, if we dnt get dwill and dwight then so what…. If its a deep draft like ppl say then we’ll get someone good whether its a top 3 pick or 23rd pick… brooks, green and lopez are good players if the nets had lopez all year they would be in the 8th or 7th spot. But the future should be fine for the nets because the knicks will never win a ring lol.

  • http://cnbc.com JTaylor21

    Finally…an athlete says what most of us on here have been saying for years. Teams ship players out all the time (at times not even letting them know) and no one (media/fans) labels them traitors or critcizes their decision but as soon as a player does the same thing, he’s the second coming of Benedict Arnold.

  • JMM

    Why would or should he stay? He’s not forcing a trade. Dude fulfilled his contract, played hard and now wants to pick where he works next. People need to chill out.

  • http://slamonline.com raylan

    GS fans said something to the owner

  • http://slamonline.com Jones

    @ALD lol, remember how one of those picks is going to the Blazers since you guys panicked and traded for Gerald Wallace to try to reassure Deron Williams? Yeah, two young no-name point guards, a rookie who loves to chuck in Brooks, injury drone players like Wallace and Lopez and a former Kardishan. Wahey. Yeah, that’s a great team…

    Unless Green turns out to be as talented as Kobe the Nets are going nowhere fast.

  • abaci

    You got to love how Deron speaks his mind, i cant see him saying in Jersey. Seems like Dallas is the frontrunner to get him.

  • ALD

    @jones do you watch nets games… Kris hump is no scrub and their being cautios with lopez,he’s not really injury prone If he gets injured next season then he is injury prone… And i never said the nets wil be good right out the gate.. It will be a process but the nets will draft a pg and will be good in the future under Avery.

  • http://slamonline.com Isiah

    good for dwill

  • http://redoftoothandclaw.ca/ niQ

    He’s as good as gone.

  • RunNGun

    Dwight Howard ‘probably’ would have re-signed if he was traded to the Nets and it wasn’t so cold with subzero temperatures in New York.

  • Heals

    New York had the warmest winter in years. There really were no subzero temperatures

  • RunNGun

    @heals It wasn’t just NYK… the whole upper/northern Midwest enjoyed a warm winter. Next year, it won’t be the same. Anyone who says that people don’t wear coats in New York because it’s warm in the winter is full of sh!t. Don’t pee on my leg and tell me it’s raining.

  • Zabbah

    what is slam’s problem? why won’t it post my comments?

  • Heals

    I highly doubt the climate is keeping him from going to NY considering the fact that the Nets were so high on his list.


    aah Jones Mr Kardashian is a baller (14p 11r 1s 1.5b better respect those numbers) and Brooks has a high ceiling

  • ac

    ” I didn’t ask to be here. I got traded” this line annoys me. didn’t he askto be traded/if you’re not gonna sign someone big to join me in utah then i want out so trade me. like wth. he should at least be humble and thankful regardless of good he is as a pg.

  • Rainman

    He’s goin to Dallas

  • Rainman

    @ ALD: u traded ur top pick LOL which is top 3 protected, but in all likelihood isnt gonna be a top 3 pock because NJ isnt a top 3 bad team. So in other words…u guys are screwed. No real good pick in a deep draft…

  • http://slamonline.com Brad Long

    Dallas or L.A. Not sure Ramon Sessions is the full time answer.

  • bike

    For the record ALD is Mike Math. Having said that…Jake is crazy Lake is lazy, call me what u want but that ish don’t faze me. Say hi to ya mom cuz the trick just layed me. U can keep ya brother cuz it aint my baby. Ya mama jus finished messing with my boy Davey. Next up we gonna run a train on ya lady ooooooooow!

  • abaci

    I don’t see Deron and Kobe getting along

  • ALD

    @bike who is Mike Math ………..@Rainman how is their no good pick in a deep draft?

  • bdogg

    nets better hope the ping pong balls are kind so they can get MKG or they move to barclasy with humpy as the selling point..good luck!

  • http://www.slamonline.com/online/nba/2012/04/deron-williams-probably-would-have-re-signed-if-nets-traded-for-dwight-howard/ thePhoenix

    As assistant GM of the Nets, if Deron fails to re-sign himself this offseason, he is a lousy GM and should not be considered for any future GM positions.

  • http://www.google.com/news BETCATS

    I’ve said it once and I will say it again: Billy King is the worst GM in the NBA and Jim Buss is only in his first year but after hiring Mike Brown, trading Odom for a bag of Cheetos, and not allowing a trade for part of that bag of cheetos to Minny for Beasley (especially after they just signed the huge tv deal), he looks like a strong contender for worst owner. Williams should go to Dallas away from both of those clowns. Cuban is not my favorite person but he brings in talent and treats them right.

  • Ldub

    Why is everyone saying Dallas is tops to get DWill? Yes its his home town, but who would be there next year? Dirk (for another 2 years at most)…Terry wants out, VC is old as the dust his beard is collecting. DWill going to Dal, will not get him the championship he wants. Im not sure where it would be best (perhaps LAL). But Dallas would be one of the worst places to go. Matching up with Westbrook, Cp3, Lakers, TP9…theyd be 5th seed at best. And Wouldnt get past many of those teams in the playoffs either.

  • http://www.stuff.co.nz/dominion-post/ thePhoenix

    As assistant GM of the Nets, if Deron fails to re-sign himself he is a terrible GM and should not be considered for any future GM positions in the NBA.

  • Jose

    I have complete respect for D-will since he’s being real. I mean as you have all mentioned. The guy has fulfille his contract. and it was not as if he wanted to get traded to NJ. . .The jazz shipped him out (sitll shocked about that trade even till today). D-will owes NJ nothing. Has the right to go where he wants

  • Justin G.

    JTaylor, I swear sometimes you either don’t read or don’t comprehend what’s being written. Naturally this falls back to the Lebron leaving Cleveland situation, in which case I really hope I don’t have to say it like this again. You don’t see organizations having one hour specials to embarrass the player the same way Lebron did. The owner or GM of the Jazz didn’t go on national TV and say “We’re shipping his talents to New Jersey” did they? Sometimes trades don’t happen until the last minute and there’s no time to inform the player. When one GM says to the other “Well, what if we throw in this guy?” does the other GM say “Hold on, I have to let him know we’re talking about trading him”? That’s ridiculous! And since when do GM’s and owners not get crticized for their decisions?

  • Mike From Spain

    I don’t like Deron that much but he’s elite. I’m really excited about the possibilities… Dallas, Orlando, Lakers, Knicks… look like good fits.

  • bike

    Justin I don’t know what country you live in but this is the U.S. Lebron was a free agent. He had no obligation to Cleveland AT ALL because he fulfilled his contract. Dan Gilbert embarrased himself. As you said, owners don’t even take the time to warm players who are UNDER CONTRACT that they are going to uproot the player and his family, so stfu with all your stupid suggestion that the Cavs were wronged. Lebron embarrassed himself, but who gives a damn about the Cavs? Gilbert didnt own Lebron. Deal with it.

  • Rainman

    @ ALD: u guys dont HAVE A loterry pick is what im saying. Ur crappy record is for nill pretty much, because u arent gonna have ur own draft pick, Portland will have it.