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Free Agent-to-Be Michael Beasley Hopes to Return to Timberwolves Next Season

Michael Beasley will be a restricted free agent this summer, but the forward has every intention of sticking around Minnesota. Per the St. Paul Pioneer Press: “Beasley is a restricted free agent after the season, and the Wolves have yet to decide if they will offer him an extension or pick up the $8.172 million he is due in the final year of his contract, in 2012-13. ‘I would love to come back and be a Timberwolf,’ Beasley said. ‘I love it here. I can genuinely say that from the bottom of my heart….From my teammates, to the city, the coaches, the staff. Everybody is so welcoming here. I’m just going to let the situation play out.’ Beasley appeared to be upset after the Wolves’ 113-107 loss at Denver on Wednesday night. He played only nine minutes, 56 seconds, and sat out the entire second half when the Wolves’ reserves, led by Anthony Randolph (28 points), battled back from a 24-point deficit and were in position to win. Beasley went scoreless and had no rebounds but was not critical of Wolves coach Rick Adelman. ‘One thing I’ve learned about being in this league a couple of years is that your minutes are not decided by you,’ Beasley said. ‘The coach plays who he feels comfortable with. Those guys made a run last night (Wednesday), and they kept the run going. He went with the chemistry and the flow of the game.’ Beasley, nearing the end of his third season in the league, had been starting for the Wolves until a foot injury in January cost him 11 games and led Adelman to bring him off the bench. He had 14 points and 10 rebounds in 31 minutes Thursday.”

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  • Marc

    I think he still has a chance to be a good role player on a contender.

  • ALD

    why not go to the nets ..

  • Old Long Johnson

    he needs to stop being a damn knuckledhead.

  • http://www.yahoo.com The Fury

    He’s too good to become a role player. He can be a great 2nd option because of the skillset he have. He should improve his shot selection though.

  • @boweezy24


  • He really should have stayed another year at Kansas cause Sposltra ruined his career from the start. Money wise this is not a good move. Rick Adelman has some irrational love for Wes Johnson (who is probably one of the biggest lottery bust in the last 12 years) and rewards him with more playing time while keeping Beasley and Derrick Williams on the bench. Beasley has actually worked hard to correct his game and has really improved his defense and passing and has more impact than any other sf on the wolves team. He should go play a year for a low ranked team, pad his stats like love, and get himself a good contract. Its almost sad how loyal this guy is, the coaching staff is ruining his career and he’s doesn’t mind it because he likes his team mates and the organization. His agent really needs to sit down with him and talk about the offseason

  • @boweezy24

    Get a New Coach.

  • http://nba.com GP23


  • Do Work

    @… you’re right, beasley should’ve stayed another year at a school that he didn’t attend, smh

  • RunNGun

    His shot selection is horrible. If he took it to the rim more often than settling for jump shots, then he might improve his game to another level.

  • @Do Work sorry I meant Kansas State, happy now?

  • http://www.michaelcho.com M Cho

    Minnesota’s got a lot of trees. Beas likes the trees.

  • http://www.fullc0urtpress.com KHOLIDAY

    Take your talents to South Beach Mr. Beasley. Be the go to guy on the second unit, play crunch time minutes with the first unit (Chalmers, Wade, Bron, Beasley, Bosh sounds good) and contend for a chip. You’d have to play some damn defense, but Lebron, Wade and Bosh would help in his maturity process. Why stay in Minnesota? It’s been a roller coaster for you.

  • @KHOLIDAY The problem with him going back to Miami is that Erik Spoelstra is there…

  • http://friendhour.tumblr.com/ cramzy

    Clippers? Nets? Magic? Somebody need to let Super Beas cook!

  • tknissen

    Please, go to the warriors …!!! Curry, thompson, beasley, lee and bogut is a dangerous team!!

  • http://www.fullc0urtpress.com KHOLIDAY

    @… you’re absolutely right, but if Pat Riley steps in and tells Spolestra to make it work, Spo knows wassup. Gotta be patient with these young dudes. Don’t know if Pat Riley would step in considering Beasley isnt a superstar caliber player, but its possible because his skill set wcould help Miami greatly. Just have to keep an eye on him. If not Miami, he should consider Sacramento. That seems to be the “Young Headcase Rehabilitation Center”. Keith Smart is like Professor X out there to these young renegades!

  • http://www.slamonline.com spit hot fiyah

    ‘I would love to come back and be a Timberwolf,’ Beasley said. ‘I love it here. I can genuinely say that from the bottom of my heart….From my teammates, to the city, the coaches, the staff…. the head shop, the weed man, the tattoo spot

  • Ja

    I check out the Timberwolves blog on SBnation, and I remember seeing a post about a guy who sat behind the T-Wolves bench one game. He remarked that Beasley was probably the most liked guy on the team and talk/joked around with everyone. I can believe he likes his teammates a lot. Who the fu** cares if he smokes pot, I mean seriously its his life, and he aint hurting anyone…

  • Ryan

    Beasley is honestly the nicest most outgoing kid you’ll ever meet and he doesn’t do it for any other reason then he’s just a sweet person. His teammates love him and all the guys around the team love him, the ball boys and the locker room staff he treats those guys as equals. The first time he went back to play in Miami, where he was basically ran out of, people on their staff wre waiting in line to see him and hug him, it was crazy watching their trainers and stuff cry when he came back to town because they developed such close relationships in just 2 years.

    The dude has a bad wrap, sure he’s gotten busted a few times smokin weed but the dude has never committed any kind of crime that has harmed anybody else.

    Beas is the classic example of what can happen to a young kid when the street runners get hold of you. The dude went to 6 high schools in 5 states, he’s been getting pimped out since he was 12 and unfortunately that’s about the age he quit emotionally maturing, If you ever get a chance to meet him it’s really odd, he’s this big dude with tats all over and pretty intimidating but then as soon as you start to talk to him you really feel like you’re talking to a really sweet freshman in HS or something.

  • MirChilly

    Amnesty Boozer, re-sign Taj and sign Beasley. Beasley under Tibbs would be great. He can easily replace Boozer Production on both ends while freeing up cap space to keep omar and taj and maybe adding a 5th big. But that is too logical to happen. A rose/beasley pick n roll would be retarded!

  • http://slam joseph

    Beasley is the man. STAY IN SOTA.